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Is P0rn0graphy A Good S£x Help For Married Couples?


I and a married man were arguing with some ladies in my former church, while returning from church to our various houses. The ladies supported that porn is good for marriage, but I and the married man were against it. Some people may see porn as a good enhancer for sex, but to me, it is a wrong move for marital sex or even normal sex. P0rn makes people become sexual beasts, and if married couples watch it to boost sexual appeal, they could still use such images to look for outsiders that suits the p0rn; “all for extreme satisfaction”.
Imagine two married couples watching p0rn, and the wife sees a huge penis or the husband sees a busty lady. If the two couples discover that their partners are deficient in what they are watching, it could lead them to seek such outside.
P0rn is dangerous for you.

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