Island Of Langerhan

Island of Langerhan episode 4




💥 Elsie’s POV 💥

My father is from Midland and my mother is from the Rogia Kingdom
My father was a Commander in the Midland’s army, he was a warrior and Gia and I always looked up to him

But he died in a war and mother took us to her kingdom where we stayed for few years before she died too

Then Gia and I came back to Midland ourselves and we went to the Order and begged the master to take us in and he did, then we promised ourselves to do our best and stick together forever

We started training at the Order and we trained really hard cause we wanted to be like Dad, we wanted to be a strong warrior like him that was why I’ve always wanted to be a warrior for the royal family just like my Dad

But I was too blinded by my dream, immediately I got recruited into the palace, I forgot everyone and only chased my dream, I forget my friends, I forgot my younger sister, Gia

How angry she must be with me, I broke our promise, our promise to stick together forever…

I rode to the Rogia Kingdom and went to a popular tarven in the kingdom

This was where mother worked while she was alive

I walked to the counter to meet my mother’s younger sister, Aunt Brenda

“Aunt Brenda” I called and she looked at me

“Who…. Who are you?” She asked

“Can’t you recognize your Elsie anymore?”

“Oh my God, Elsie!” She said as she came out of the counter and hugged me

“It’s been such a long time, you’ve grown so much I could hardly recognize you” she said

“How have you been Aunt” I asked

“I’ve been good, things going well in the tarven as you can see” she said and I nodded

“Gia is here right?” I asked

“Yes, she comes here every night, but in the day she’s off to work” she said


“Yeah, she’s a Bounty Hunter now” she said

“Where can I find her?” I asked

“I don’t really know she goes to a lot of places, if you want to see her you should wait here, she comes here whenever it’s dark” she replied

“Okay, thanks Aunt” I said

“Come, let me take you to a room, you should rest before Gia comes back in the evening” Aunt Brenda said



It’s already dark and the tarven is closed

I came out of the room and sat on one of the chairs in the tarven, Gia should come soon

“Aunt Brenda!” I heard Gia’s voice as she opened the door into the tarven

“Who are you?” She asked since I was backing her and slowly turned to face her

“How have you been sister” I said

“Elsie?” She said surprised

“I heard you a Bounty Hunter now, it doesn’t really suit your personality” I said and she scoffed

“Draw your sword” she said as she took her sword


“Let’s duel” she said as she pointed her sword at me

“Come on Gia” I said but she she wield her sword at me and I quickly dodged

“Let’s not do this Gia” I said but she wield her sword forward again and I quickly brought out my sword and blocked it

She continued striking me and all I did was dogde and block

“Come on Elsie, don’t just block, fight me!!” She yelled

“I can’t fight my own sister” I said

“Says someone who abandoned her sister and never cared to ask about her!” she yelled again

“Am sorry Gia”

“You betrayed the team Elsie, you betrayed me, we promised to stay together forever but you broke that because of your selfishness” she said

“I know, am really sorry” I apologised

“I won’t let you off that easily Elsie, fight me!!” She yelled as she wielded her sword again and this time, I didn’t block nor dodge and it stroke my on my arm giving me a cut as my arm bled

“Oh no” Gia said as she let go of my sword and held my arm

She quickly took a scarf that was round her neck and tied it round my bleeding arm

“Why didn’t you dodge?!! What if I had directed the sword to your face!!” She yelled

“Because I deserve it, I didn’t dodge it because I deserve it, I was selfish and desperate, I was blinded with my own dreams that I forgot my own sister, am sorry for that”

“You are pathetic, meet aunt Brenda to treat the cut for you, am off” she said as she turned to leave but I quickly held her hand

“What must I do for you to forgive me Gia?” I asked

“Nothing Elsie!” She yelled “Absolutely nothing, a trust broken can never be repaired, our relationship can never be repaired, I looked up to you Elsie, you were my big sister and I always so you as some kind of god, I thought you loved me more than anyone, more than anything, we were going to be great warriors and we’ll fight side by side but you broke that, you only cared about yourself and you forget everyone else, do you know how lonely I felt when you left? Do you know how I felt when all our friends went their different ways? You were away pursuing your selfish dreams while I suffered but you didn’t care, so there’s no nothing you can do for me to forgive you Elsie, you know how I am, I don’t usually go back on my decision so just leave and go back to your dream job” she said and I sighed

I knew this wasn’t going to be and I do know Gia, she’s really stubborn, I wonder if she’ll ever be able to forgive me

“I can’t go back to Midland, not yet” I said

“Why, are you still planning on pestering me?” She asked

“Midland is at war with the Ice Queen” I said

“Ice Queen! Wasn’t she captured?” She asked

“Yes but she escaped and she’s now stronger than she was before, I was sent on a mission to get the sword that can kill her from the Island of Langerhan”

“Island of Langerhan? Well good luck with that” she said

“I need your help Gia, I need you to go with me” I said and she scoffed

“I knew it, you didn’t really come to apologise, you came because you needed my help”

“You are misunderstanding Gia” I said

“Am I?” She asked “then please tell me truthfully, would you have been here if the Queen hadn’t sent you on this mission?”

“No but…”

“I don’t want to hear anything else, and as for helping you, I decline” she said walking out

“Am not asking you to help me Gia, am asking you to help your homeland, your fight and anger is with me and not Midland, if we don’t get that sword the Ice Queen will conquer Midland and come for all the other kingdoms including here, so one or the other you will fight Gia, so why don’t you just come with me to get the only we weapon that can end the Ice Queen” I said and then sighed “I met with the others and they agreed to go with me, you can come to the shore of the Misty Ocean tomorrow in case you change your mind” I said as I walked towards the door, then I turned back

“You’ve always wanted to be a righteous warrior like dad Gia, this is your chance. Send my regards to Aunt Brenda” I said and I left the tarven

💥 Ice Queen’s POV 💥

“My Queen” my General, Castor said as he bowed

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“The have been lots of movements in the Midland’s camp, seems they are preparing to attack us” Castor said and I laughed

“Really? They must be really foolish, we’ve got them sorounded and we’ve killed almost half of their army in the last battle, they stand no chance against us, I guess Helga isn’t that smart anymore” I said with a smile

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“What should we do my Queen?” Castor asked

“Act oblivious to their plan but tell the soldiers to always be prepared and at alert and when they strike, kill them all and bring me Helga’s head” I said

“Okay my Queen” he said and left my chamber

💥 Elsie’s POV 💥

I went to Misty Ocean as I waited by the shore

I hope they come, all of them

I heard the sound a horse and I turned to see who it was

It’s Erik

He climbed down and walked up to me

“What’s up, are you ready?” He asked

“Thanks for coming Erik, but we have to wait for the others” I said

” Who?” he asked

“Our friends” I said and he nodded

Moments later, we saw Kali approaching

“Hey Erik” she said as she hugged him “Been a long time” she said

“Yeah and you haven’t changed a bit” Erik said with a smile

“Ready for the journey?” I asked

“Of course” she said

We waited for some time again before we heard the sound of a horses

Two horses were approaching and as the came closer, I saw their faces

Kiara and Leo

“What’s up guys” Kiara said as she climbed down her horse

“You guys came together?” Erik asked

“No we met on the way” Leo answered “and by the way you look great Erik, royal life must have been good for you”

“Good?” He scoffed “more like a nightmare”

“Isn’t Gia coming?” Kiara asked

“I don’t know” I said

“She’s still angry right?” Kali asked


“Am sure she’ll be here” Leo said

“Yeah, let’s wait for sometime” Erik added

Time passed by but Gia didn’t come

“I don’t think she’s coming, let’s not waste anymore time, we should get a boat or ship, this Ocean leads to the Island” I said and they agreed

“There should be a ferryman around here whom we can get a boat from” Kali said

We walked round the shore and we met a ferryman

“Can we buy a boat?” Kiara asked

“Just tell me where you are going, I can take you there” the ferryman said

“I doubt if you’ll want to take us to where we are going” Leo said

“We are going to the Island of Langerhan” I said

“What! Why will you go to such a dangerous place, no one ever goes there, whoever comes here usually wants a ride to the kingdom by the other side of the ocean and we only ride by the side of the ocean no one dares go to deeper into the ocean” the ferryman said

“Why?” Erik asked

“The Misty Ocean is called Misty for a reason, the farther you venture into the ocean, you won’t be able to see anything but white thick fog and many have lost their lives and drowned because of that and as you go closer to the Island, there’s said to be a Gaglor”

“What’s a Gaglor?” Kali asked

“It’s a sea monster, I heard it’s like a giant octopus and it’s very fierce so whatever might be the reason you are going to that island, I’d advise you to change your mind” he said

“No matter what deadly monster awaits us we must go to the Island” I said

“Thanks for your advice but we can’t go back, just sell us the boat” Kiara said

“Okay if you insist but your going through the Misty Ocean, if you use a boat you’ll drown before you even meet the Gaglor, what you need is a ship” the ferryman said

“Then sell it for us” Leo said

“Am just wondering if you’ll have enough money to pay for it” he said

“You can take all the horses, just take it and give us the ship, we won’t be needing the horses anyway” Erik said

“Four horses?, It’s a deal then, you can take the ship, you know how to ride it right? All you just need to do is roll the wheel to the direction you want to go” he said

“Yeah, we know thanks” Kali said

“Let’s go” I said and we all climbed into the ship

“Leaving without me?” I heard a voice and turned to see Gia standing by the shore

“Climb on” Erik said as he helped Gia climbed the ship

“You stubborn mule, we thought you wouldn’t come” Kali said as she hugged her

“Changed my mind in the last minute” Gia said

“Glad to have you back Gia” Kiara said as she hugged her

“Come hug me too Gia, I’ve missed you” Leo said and Gia laughed as she hugged him

“I can’t be the only one left out” Erik said as she hugged Gia too

“Thanks for coming” I said to Gia

“I didn’t come for you, I came for Midland, for Dad” she said and I smiled

“It’s not going to be an easy journey guys, but am sure we’ll survive any kind of storm that awaits us together, I’ll ride the ship” I said as I went to were the wheel was

I rolled the wheel and the ship started moving

💥 Nyla’s POV 💥

We all stood in front of the Ice Queen, ready to depart

“Am entrusting you all to this important mission, Helga’s warriors must not get their hands on the sword, no matter what, only return when you’ve killed them all” mother said

“Yes my Queen” we all said with a bow

“You may go, a great reward awaits we you when you return” she said

We bowed again and turned to leave

“Nyla” mother called as she walked towards me and put her hand on my shoulder

“Do not fail me daughter” she said

“I won’t mother” I said and I left with the rest of them

It’s been long I heard her called me daughter, I must not fail her

We climbed our horse as we rode towards the Misty Ocean where we will cross the Ocean to the Island of Langerhan

I don’t know who Helga sent but I gave Mother my word, I’ll kill them all, whoever they are

…….to be continued…….


And let the adventure begin🎊🎊🎊

I wish them good luck, all of them, even the foolish General leading the Midland’s army to their death

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