November 29, 2021

It should have been like this episode 15


It Should Have Been Like This 💔

👩‍💻 Book Fifteen: reunion (1) 👩‍💻

💜 Lavender’s viewpoint 💜

I moved in the kitchen like what you’ll call a gazelle. I was trying to get things in order. It was finally Sunday. The others would be arriving soon and I was yet to finish the cooking. Chef returned with his totally awesome daughter. My kids loved her already. From how she was dressed, I knew she must have spent a lot of times watching Rominic’s twin, or maybe it’s just her. The point is that she’s cool and the kids loved her. Well, except Zachary but you know how that one is.

Chef Russo got a sudden cold in the morning, leaving me to battle with the meal myself. Thankfully, his daughter knew how to cook and assisted me with the two maids Rominic had to call to come assist me. I didn’t thank him but I knew he knew I was grateful. If he doesn’t know, his problem.

“Mom! I think your friends are here!” Zyaire shouted. I gasped, grabbed a towel and wiped my hands.


“I’ve got it,” she said with a dismissive wave. I nodded, thanked her and ran outside. Well, I took off the apron of course, wouldn’t want it to ruin my outfit. I was wearing a simple strappy blue dress with white belt and a French cut going all the way up to my upper hips. I didn’t want to overdo it so I left jewelry and heels out, just had a pair of mini wedged gladiator sandals. I like it that way.

I took off my coat, threw it to the butler and ran my hands over the smooth fabric of the dress. Serenity was doing her door thing again. “Baby, step out, those bulldogs are going to burst in here in ten seconds.” I said as I ushered her back. I knew the boys too well. The waiting behind the door thing won’t end well. In ten seconds as predicted, the door flew open with the expected person standing there with a feverish grin, like he would rocket off anytime soon.

“Bitch! You really are alive!”

“Get out of my way!” Cameron shouted, bulldozing Gael out of the way and running over to me with Waylon. In a matter of seconds, I was crushed between them as I laughed wholeheartedly. I knew I missed them but I didn’t know I missed them that much. Tears rolled out like no man’s business; tears of joy and peace.

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“I’ve missed you, baby, I’ve missed you so much,” Cameron sobbed. I knew he would cry, both him, Waylon and Ferris were the soft ones. Gael would too but with a little bit of drama.

“You have hugged her enough, it’s my turn! My turn!” I heard Elias shout impatiently. I could also hear Maverick saying something about them taking all my me time. I laughed knowing what would happen next and it did. I spent the two minutes begin passed around and having my bones crushed. Ferris hadn’t come in yet, obviously trying to make Annalise promise to behave herself.

Gael was the last to hold me and when I said dramatic, I mean dramatic. He first played out a Shakespeare scene before pulling me into his embrace and trying to kiss me, to which earned him simultaneous smacks from the guys. Except Link who punched him of course.

“Where’s she?! Where’s she?! Where’s my right tit! The lips of my pvssy! The hormone that makes me horny!”

Ah, the moment has come.

“Anna, you promised me you would behave!” I heard Ferris shout but it fell on deaf ears. I stepped away from the boys and prepared myself by closing my eyes. The hit echoed in the living room, followed by my close eyes seeing dots before I staggered back. My cheeks stung from the slaps she gave me, but I knew I deserved it.

“Anna!” They all shouted.

“How could you! How could you die and not tell me! Then you undied and still didn’t tell me! I thought we were n!poles of our mother’s [email protected]! I thought we shared the same vagina…” I’m not sure undied is a word but I opened my teary eyes and smiled. I watched her ramble on before she broke into tears and pulled me into the tightest hug so far. We cried in each other’s embrace with her apologizing for things I didn’t pay attention to as I was looking at the other two females impatiently waiting for their own hugs.

Once I was certain she had hugged me enough, I patted her back and went to hug the others, though they squealed more than anyone. I should probably do some introduction.

First, you already know Ferris and his wife, Annalise, a blonde green-eyed force to be reckoned with. Then there’s Link: dark copper hair, ivory skin and cornflower blue eyes. Tall, as in very tall. His feature suits his name a lot. He owned a sport company, or something like that. The last time I was alive, he had a girlfriend I didn’t like but since he was so in love with her, I stopped talking after he snapped. Next is Waylon, the one I almost gave a kidney. Sky blue eyes, porcelain skin, brown-black hair. Tall, but not too tall. The woman I found for him was Veralina, cute black haired girl with dull black eyes and dark skin. There wasn’t anything entirely unique about her, and that’s what makes her perfect for him. Waylon was an hotel manager the last time I checked and Vera, a nurse.

Gael, my sweet idiot. God! He’s gorgeous. His steel blue eyes held charms none could fathom and his voice, oh, please don’t let him sing for you or you would divorce your husband. He had everything in packs, abs included. His skin tone was alabaster and his hair, light blond. But, he was not my type. Gael is the most cheerful and stupid one, a cunt chaser and sucker for his own good looks. He is dumber than a box of rocks. But he was the most generous person I’d ever met, next to sweet shy Cameron of course. Gael is a model, don’t be surprise by his profession. And his family owned a magazine company of sort, which I found out was his now.

Elias, unexplainable weirdo. Kind to the core, sarcasms best friend and a jolly teaser. His job was something related to civil engineering, but I could never remember. He had dark blond hair, olive skin and bottle green eyes that added to his weirdly stunning beauty. The guy creeped me out some times, but I love him. My awesome cupid powers got him Ginger as his wife. She was everything her name explains. Ginger hair, reddish brown eyes, salmon pink lips and slightly hairy with reddish skin hair. She also had some cute freckles here and there, and she was just the right spice to balance Elias. Ginger was a dance instructor, a big time one when I checked few days earlier. She had done well for herself.

Cameron, my shy honey cake. He barely used his words because he found it difficult to use his words and mostly too shy to say a word. Cameron was a composer and owned a dance studio. When he dances and compose a song, that’s when you can really understand what he wants to say. At least, that’s how he was when we met him, but he learnt how to speak with us. Cameron had chocolate brown eyes, hair and caramel honey skin. Everything about him was food related and he lived up to that. I got him a woman, Coco, but I wasn’t seeing her around.

Maverick, the hulk of the team. Himself and Link used to play sport back in high school. While he played football, Link played basketball. He was what you’ll imagine a football giant to be, macho and all. His family runs a underground fight club, a legal casino, club and bar. So yes, his body suited his job. Maverick was a golden brown skinned handsomeness with dark golden brown hair and honey brown eyes. The woman I found for him was Morgana, a porcelain doll with bright ocean blue eyes and a smile that could scatter worlds. She was beautiful, the most beautiful of all the women I found for my friends.

So there, remember them.

“Hmm, where’s Morgana and Polly?” I asked Maverick and Link. “And Coco?” Their faces fell. I looked to Gael for answers.

“Polly cheated on Link as predicted so they had a divorce, three years now. Coco decided that marriage and kids weren’t for her so she returned Cameron’s ring…”

“Since when? I thought she…”

“She became friends with ‘the’ Bithynia and became one of her models. You know how all of Bithynia’s girls act. As for Morgana…” Gael trailed off as he looked at Maverick, asking for permission to speak the next words. Maverick nodded with a fake smile. “She died during childbirth.” My lips formed into a “O” as I blinked.

“But he has me now,” a voice announced. I searched for the voice and almost choked when I found the owner of the voice. It was Terra, a professional con artist and my friend. Our friendship was weird. We always met at our favorite coffee shop and we liked each other. “Hi, Purple, nice to see you again.” She said with a wide grin. Terra looked even more breathtaking than before. And classy, very classy.

Terra had black and blond hair, with silver eyes and warm olive skin. She usually wore a funny looking goggle glasses with blue lipsticks that catches attention wherever she went to. Apparently, she still had her weird goggle and lipsticks on. And that extra massive glitter on her eyelids.

“What in the name of…”

“I still don’t know why I love her.” Maverick said with a sly shrug. She frowned and gave him a playful glare.

“You are telling me the story later, I want to hear how I played cupid without even being there! Am I great or… Oh my fvckhole! Sussy Furrow! It’s bloody Sussy Furrow!” I screamed when my eyes fell on the woman walking into the house. She froze on her steps in alert and fright. She was wearing a thin blood red calf length tulip skirt, a cold shoulder corset top and black jaguar printed pumps. She looked really hot in it and the way her ginger brown hair was held up and few strands scattered allover her neck, I could only imagine what men would think about doing to that neck.

Who is Sussy Furrow? An opera singer and a freaking awesome yoddler. We met at one of her shows when Rominic took me out and instantly became friends. Somewhere along the line, she saw my friends and was instantly drawn to Cameron. She wouldn’t shut up about him and became a stalker. I know this because I entered her bedroom once.

Sussy rolled her eyes. “Do you have to be so dramatic? Now hold still so I can come over there and smack you.” I blinked in shock. I can swear I didn’t invite her.

“Did I unknowingly invite you? Or is this Rominic?” She gave me a sly smile before advancing towards me. I watched her steps cautiously, a look of disbelief and awe at how majesty her steps was. She walked pass me and went straight to blushing Cameron. And boom! They kissed.

Wow, I’m good.

“Lots of people, lots of people,” I grinned and turned to look at Phineas who was nodding his head. I went over to him and gave him a hug while he laughed and said something about me missing him. He surprisingly knew my friends really well and was in good terms with them. Sussy and him were friends too.

“Why isn’t anyone introducing us?” A tiny voice asked in annoyance. “Daddy! It’s not fair, we are important too!” I did not notice the pack of pups standing in the living room too and impatiently waiting for introduction, including mine. Well, Zachary was trying to shift away from a girl looking at him with wide eyes as if she was seeing a Disney prince sitting beside her. Sera and Serenity were giggling at what they were looking at in my phone?

The tiny girl in question was cute, so cute and looked exactly like Terra. “Wow, so many pups,” I said and they laughed. I walked over to her and bent a little while she blushed shyly. “Hello, I’m Lavender, what’s your name?”

“Laverne,” she said and hid her face behind her small palms. I looked at smiling Maverick over my shoulder with shock. He shrugged while Terra winked. They named her after me… Well, sort of. “It’s so nice to meet you, Aunty Lavender.” I turned my head back to her and immediately scooped her into my arms. She was seven, I could tell.

“You are so cute,” I cooed. She had Terra’s skin tone and hair, but Maverick’s honey brown eyes. She was so cute.

“What about me?” Another voice cried, the person pulling at the skirt of my dress. I looked down and squealed when I saw the puffy little muffin. “Hello, I’m Jamila, mommy said my name is your middle name.” I dropped Laverne and picked up her sister. I knew it was has because this one looked like Maverick but had Terra’s eyes. I hugged her too then hugged their two years old son.

“My turn! I’m Stephan, but my mom is annoying and calls me Stephanie,” the boy glared at Anna who laughed immediately. I could see the resemblance. “I’m eight, can I be his friend?” He asked, pointing at Zachary. And that’s when all shit broke free. In a matter of seconds, they were pinching my kids’ cheeks, kissing and hugging them to Zachary’s and Serafina’s dismay. They all fuss over Zayne and Serenity the most because you know, they are adorable.

I used that time to know their kids. Ferris had two kids, boys. Stephan and his six years old brother, Wren. They both looked like Anna and took absolutely nothing from Ferris. I knew that would hurt his pride. Link sadly had no child. The child he thought was his wasn’t and her father took her away. Polly really messed him up. He was thirty seven and had no child and I knew he must have tried a couple of times. Link loved children, really. But because of the illness from years ago, the doctors confirmed that his chances of having one of his own was extremely slim. I knew I would have to talk to him later and lift his depression if I still have the right to.

Waylon had three cute girls, surprisingly triplets. They were five and had a very strange habit of staring with wide unblinking eyes. They scared the shit out of me. They had big sky blue eyes, dark skin like their mother and brown-black hair. They were pretty, but scary, and identical. One of the girls was the one creeping the life out of Zachary.

Elias had a son. He took his mother’s ginger hair, father’s bottle green eyes and olive skin smoother than any of the kids. His eyes were filled with curiosity as he watched me like he hadn’t seen anything else in his entire life. He was just four but I could tell his curiosity gave him vast knowledge. Cameron had two daughters, pretty precious mini hims. Six and five years old diamonds.

Now, where’s Gael’s daughter? I patted their heads as I looked around. I spotted a small figure standing in front of Rominic at the stairs and looking up at him. I walked closer to them and smiled at the weird but amazed smile on his face. From how w€t his hair was, I knew he just came out of the shower. His w€t curls were free and untamed. Every single strand was back in their natural curly glory. The rich creamy blonde locks almost looked like milk with it w€tness, curling down his face, over his cheeks and onto his lips. He looked super breathtaking, especially with that expression on his face. Remember the taper fade with curly tips hanging down the right side of a man’s face, over his eye and down to a his face imagination? Well, it got a whole lot better. I don’t blame her for looking at him like that.

When I got closer, I bent and looked at her face. She’s Gael junior alright. She definitely had the charming eyes and the lips. Her small lips were parted as she gawked at him like the most unique piece of art she has ever seen. Her steel blue eyes glimmered with such bright curiosity, adoration and amazement. She had a skin that made me think of floral white. Her skin had a faint pink tint to it. Her lashes were quite long for a little one.

She tilt her head in awe and Rominic did the same thing, causing her to giggle. She clapped her hands with joy and stretched her hands out to him to carry. Rominic smiled and accepted her offer. She was four. He wrapped his hands around her waist while she cupped his cheeks and laughed. I turned to see that literally all of them were watching the scene in utter shock and disbelief.

“Daddy, look, it’s the water prince!” Her voice was really small but adorable. The shock from the audience left a heavy tension in the air, but Rominic and the girl didn’t seem to notice as he spoke to her in a whisper and she giggled and laughed like there was no tomorrow. When I looked back at Gael, he was crying. Anna had her hands over her mouth as she’ll sobbed silently. Let’s just say the ladies were crying or close to tears.

“Stop it, I’m ticklish,” she said as she laughed. Rominic hummed and started climbing back up the stairs, not paying attention to anyone else. I folded my arms and gave them all questioning look.

“That’s my baby, Jewels. She hasn’t spoken a word since she was two.”

“What? Why?” I asked quizzically.

“She had an accident that almost destroyed her vocal. Talking then was just too painful for her, so she stopped. By the time the vocal healed, she had gotten too use to not talking and the fear of feeling pain if she speaks helped. My baby hasn’t even smile or giggle for two years and she just… How? Why him? I’m her dad!”

“Gael, calm down before you freak her out,” remember how I said Elias, Maverick and Link are too manly to cry? Well, this is an example.

“You guys shouldn’t ruin this party for us, now let the party begin!” Serafina declared all of a sudden. And indeed, the party started. We tried to get rid of any sadness and enjoy the reunion. Serafina and Zachary went upstairs to change their clothes from the too many touching, and when they returned, Zachary had Jewels on his hips, smiling and giggling just the way his father was minutes ago. I knew instantly that they already adopted Jewels as theirs.

Rominic joined us, but he sat alone, away from everyone and focused on his phone. Well, until Phineas went over to torment him. I almost pitied him when he cried out that Phineas leave him alone, only for Phineas to say something else that made him hit his head with his palms. I averted my eyes to Terra who was telling me the story of how she met Maverick. So Morgana died eight months after my faked death. Maverick got depress for a whole year before he found himself at the coffee shop. There was nowhere to sit so he went to sit with Terra who was staring at her phone. When he got closer, he saw that she was sobbing quietly to the selfie I took with her on her birthday. That’s how they started talking and boom! Married.

As for Sussy, since she was stalking Cameron, she knew when his fiancee fvcked up and immediately did everything possible to move from New York to stay in Chicago. Then she made her manager hire him to compose a song for her, and tried everything until she won his heart. Call it desperate but it worked. I still took credit for that.

The guys joined us, Phineas pulled Rominic to us too. We turned out teasing to Gael to cheer him up since he was still incredibly sad. That’s not a Gael thing to do. Nothing was working to lift his mood. He was happy Jewels was talking, but sad that she didn’t talk to him. Then I tried something that worked.

“Size nine! Size nine!” I shouted. As if on default setting, they all–excluding Rominic and Phineas–shouted.

“Size freaking fvcking nine!” Everyone shouted in unison. We burst into laughter while Gael glared at everyone his eyes could rest upon.

“What’s with the size nine?” Rominic asked in confusion.

“We don’t know.” We chorused between our laugh. Nic looked at Gael for explanation but he rolled his eyes. I chuckled when Nic smirked, loving the challenge. I tapped Ferris frantically to watch the scene that is about to unfold. Ferris tapped the other and the other tapped the other until we were all paying attention.

Rominic walked closer to Gael and leaned his face closer to his, giving him that irresponsible smile that made me do stupid things. “Gael, right?” Rominic asked gently, carefully and mesmerizingly picked up a lock of his hair from his forehead. Gael’s eyes followed the movement in confusion and somewhat dazedly.

“We haven’t truly met before,” I watched as he wrapped Gael’s blond hair around his finger. I have no idea why it was so mesmerizing to watch, but it was. “Look into my eyes when I’m talking to you,” Rominic said with a delicate chuckle, so delicate and soft it made my heart skip wildly. The chuckle was playful but I was use to it and knew it was a command, one Gael followed which signed his doom.

A smile spread across Rominic’s beautiful face. He trailed his finger down to Gael’s jaw and daintily held it in his grasp. “Now, what were we talking about just now?”

“Size nine?” Gael asked dazedly. Rominic smiled wildly and smoothened his hair with a gentle pat, something that made Gael blushed.

“What happened to size nine?”

“Oh, it happened when this guy and his sister walked in on me and his best friend and somehow, we ended up agreeing on a foursome. I had no idea the guy was gay and his intention was for me. The guy was nine! Freaking nine! And I really pitied the best friend because obviously, he won’t touch his sister. Little did I know it was me, but the moment I knew I was the target, I bolted. He wanted me to try it. Why should I? Size nine! Size nine…”

“Size freaking fvcking nine!” Anna and Ginger shouted before their laughter broke us out of the trance. I smirked as I saw their faces, their gobsmacked faces. Their jaws were down and eyes as wide as a saucer. Rominic stepped away from him with a satisfied smile, his hands buried inside the pocket of his shorts.

“Wh…wh…what just happened?” Gael asked in shock.

“He did his thing on you,” Phineas said with a smile, “it’s hard to resist and she has it too.” He pointed at Serafina who was sweet-talking Stephan into surrending his toy to Zayne. Her face was close to his and his eyes were wide apart, just like Gael few seconds again.

“So that’s why you ditched us, now I get it.” Elias said before laughing. Then Waylon reminded us of the foursome and we teased blushing Gael. The doorbell rang. I went to answer the door. Behold, it was August and Micah holding unnecessary stuff animals.

“Hey, guys,” I smiled, turning my smile to a grin as I ushered them in. August started talking about this hot chick they saw outside and how Micah almost ran into a wall. I assume the girl was Roxy. August halted with a gasp when he saw Phineas. He started doing his opening and closing mouth thing. Micah was looking at him with pity until his eyes fell on Rominic who was scowling at him. Yes, I had our arms interlocked.

“Hey, guys, I want to introduce you to my boyfriend, Micah. We just started dating few days ago and he was excited to see my friends I’ve told him so much about.” I nudged Micah to behave.

“Yeah, few days. Nice to meet you… Sussy Furrow?” He gasped.

“Sussy Henderson,” she corrected, “I’m married.” She showed him her wedding ring by wiggling her fingers on her face.

“Hmm, babe, why is Mr. Verlice here?” He asked nervously.

“I’m suppose to be her husband,” Nic said through gritted teeth.

“Huh?” Micah squeaked.

“Don’t mind him. I just happen to be the mother of his kids but we were never married. Those are our kids, Serafina, Zachary, Zyaire, Serenity and Zayne. Kids, this is your future stepfather, Micah. Micah, that’s Rominic, our boss and my ex fiance.” Okay, maybe I should have used August instead, but you can’t blame me, August was “busy”. After I said that, Micah had a stroke and almost died. We were trying to revive him when the door opened with a bang and the last people I expected for the day burst in.

“Where’s she?! Where’s she!!!” Rominic joined Micah with his stroke. Because at the door was his greatest nightmares; his twin, Rylee, and his cousin, Tyra.

Oh, let the reunion begin.


To be continued.

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