November 29, 2021

It should have been like this episode 17


It Should Have Been Like This 💔

By Kemmy B. Gabriel

👩‍💻 Book Seventeen: just for the plan 👩‍💻

💜 Lavender’s viewpoint 💜

I sighed for the umpteenth time, tossing again on my side of the bed. It wasn’t because I was reckless, I was just very excited about the master plan Phineas and Rylee gave me. It was the perfect plan, the very, very, perfect plan. Rominic would murder people by the time the revenge is completed. Blood will flow and I’d be satisfied. I couldn’t wait, I just couldn’t wait. The anticipation of it was making it difficult for me to sleep. My mind kept giving me wonderful scenarios of how it would turn out and I accepted them with a wide grin.

Rominic sat at his own side of the bed, his fingers hitting the keyboards with speed, accuracy and grace. I knew I was starting to annoy him with my tossing and turning, but I couldn’t help it. I needed to get all the energy out so I could sleep. His typing wasn’t helping my ministry because it sounded like music in my ears and I wanted to dance so badly. My legs were starting to ache from me resisting the urge.

“Okay, why are you so excited?” He huffed out finally. I turned to my other side so I could see his face. He hadn’t lifted his head from his laptop and his lips were still pressed into a annoyed frown. His eyebrows were knitted together and not from concentration.

“I’m bored.”

“If you want to dance, dance. I can see your legs tapping,” I sat up and wiggled my toes. “But I also know that rush of energy is from something else. I don’t want to ask because you won’t reply, so I’m just going to tell you to go dance. There’s a Just Dance machine in the playroom.”

“Dance with me.” I blunted out. Phineas told me to try to make him feel hopeful so when I strike, it would hurt him more. So, I chalked my bluntness to Phineas’ advice. I shrugged my shoulders and tilt my head, asking him if he wanted to dance. He lifted his laptop to show me he was busy but I pouted.

“Lavender, I wasted all day at your ridiculous party, I can’t…”

“I thought your finger is broken? How are you still typing?”

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He shrugged. “Not the first time Rylee broke my fingers,” he shrugged again, “I’m use to it. You should go, I’m fine.”

“I don’t care if you are fine, just dance with me,” he tilt his head thoughtfully and pinned his lips shut. He nodded after thinking about it for seconds. “Yay!” I jumped to my feet and ran out of the room. Rominic and I used to dance a lot. He was an incredible dancer and dancing was one of the things we loved doing together. It was the one moment… One of the moments that connected us together. Rominic was always so perfect to me. He might not have been a terrific singer, mainly because he didn’t care enough to practice, but his voice was breathtaking. I’d always wanted a man that could sing for me once in a while and dance with me every night. Rominic knew how to do both.

Another thing that captured me was his swimming. Being a lady with no grace with water, I wanted someone who could swim so my children won’t drown like I always do. I don’t know what’s with me and water, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t swim. I tried and I tried and when it wasn’t working, I cried. But then Rominic came and flaunt his grace to me. He moved in the water like the water itself. It was one of his most mesmerizing activity–next to when he’s gyming of course. He taught me how to not die in water, but I was still a bad swimmer.

What else could he do that made me swoon? Draw. Rominic could draw a dragon with his eyes close. He could draw me in the dark. According to him, he learnt how to draw with a blindfold because he was fascinated by a blind man that could draw so well. He wanted to learn how to draw like him and he did. It was remarkable and only three of my children got his skills. Zayne and Zachary were a natural, as well as Serenity. Zayne could draw better than both put together. I was so happy when they started drawing.

We really created a lot of memories in our time together and I wished it didn’t end. But there we were, living in pain and misery. His misery is about to get worse.

I started dancing on my own while waiting for him, but the idiot never showed up. After dancing for a while, I got bored and went back to our room to see what he was doing. I expected to see him working but he was asleep. He must have thrown himself on the bed to rest for a second and slept off. I picked up his pillow and began beating him with it.

“What… Lavender? Lavender… Hey, hey, hey,” he tried to call me but I kept hitting him. Rominic grabbed the pillow and yanked it forward, forcefully, pulling me along with it. Somehow, the pillow wasn’t in the way to stop me from crashing on his body and narrowly escaping kissing him. I tried to jump away instantly, but he had other plans.

“Rominic, what are you doing?” I hissed, trying to get out of his hold. He gave me a boyish grin that made my heart skip a beat.

God, not this again! Please, please, no.

“Nic,” I drawled warningly, “let go of me,” instead of letting go, he tightened his arm around the small of my back and relaxedly folded his other under his head. The slight adjustment made his curls sprawl on his arm and face, completing his innocent boyish look. “Rominic, what’s your damage?”



“Yes, you. Did you really think a guy like that would get me jealous?” I frowned because that’s the same question Phineas asked. “He is nothing compared to me. He can’t even buy my left shoe and you think I would envy him? Baby, you know I’m a one in a million catch. You’re gonna have to try harder if you want to get rid of me.” I pulled my lower lip into my mouth. Rylee said the exact thing. They were right, it would take a lot to get Rominic both angry and jealous. No man I knew could pull that off. Ferris could, but he was married and it made no sense. The more he spoke, the more I was convince I made the right decision by going to Rylee and Phineas. I had no idea who they would prepare for me, but I knew whoever wouldn’t disappoint me.

“You know, Laverne,” I didn’t notice his hand already left my waist. He trailed the back of his index finger from my temple to my chin. It caused shiver to pass through my body from the rekindled sensation. I hadn’t felt my skin crawl with pleasure since Rominic. Just crawl in revulsion and fear. “I’ve missed having your beautiful eyes stare down at me like this…”

“You wouldn’t have missed it if you weren’t an ass.” Yay! I can still talk.

“Yes, you are right, you are all right. But I plan to fix that wrong as soon as possible.” I squeaked as he suddenly spun us around and my back was pressed against the soft mattress. My heart kicked into overdrive, faster than it had beaten for nine years. Okay, my heart has beaten in different ways but you get my point. If you don’t get it, forget it. I will not explain or I would accept what it means.

“I missed you, Laverne,” he ran his finger across my face to my lips and trailed my soft flesh. “Did you miss me, Laverne?” If he keeps calling my name like that, I would swoon. “Did you?” He whispered and I found myself nodding. If I wasn’t so dazed, I would have seen his face slowly coming closer. Even though my eyes glanced at his lips, I still didn’t notice how close his face was getting. My breath barely came and I was bewildered by how I was till alive. Okay, I confess I knew what he was doing and I knew it was not him just compelling me, it was my stubborn heart. I knew he was getting closer and as much as I wanted to chase him away, I couldn’t. My heart had manage to take full control of my brain, nothing else was working and my mind was blanket with lust.

I took in a deep breath when his lips brushed against mine for a moment. I knew the pause was him asking for permission or rather, just waiting for me to snap, but when I didn’t, he brushed his lips on mine again. My heart was hitting my chest so hard it was painful to bear but I knew it would be more painful if I stopped him. Seeing as I was not stopping him, he leaned down completely and covered my lips with his. I don’t know why I was surprise when I expected it, but my body stilled for a few seconds.

I’m letting the enemy kiss me!

He’s kissing me!

I need to stop!

Instead of stopping, I felt my lips moving against his. Only that action entwined us. He tucked his leg under mine and shifted us up in the bed so I’ll be more comfortable because I wasn’t. Rominic’s hands traveled up my body, lecherously over my neck and into my hair. He had a big weakness for my hair and would always knot his fingers in it. A small m0an left both our lips and we swallowed the sound. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him even closer, my legs jerking from the desire to lock around his waist. Space, so much space, too many space! The only thing I could feel was space and I wanted to eliminate it. So I pulled him closer, pressing my chest to him to get some friction or anything to satisfy my desire.

I ran the tip of my nails along his bare back, feeling his silky skin give way underneath it. I felt the scars on his back and I wondered how he got it, again. Rominic was maimless when I last saw him [email protected] but I was noticing some few scars on him, especially his back and stomach. Anyways, he groaned from my innocent action. I loved how our lips moved against each other, how it molded into one like we were one. I missed getting the feelings from him.

Rominic tugged at my hair and smiled on my lips when I m0aned into his mouth. I knew he was trying not to push his luck by touching my body, so my hair was just fine. His taste still hadn’t change, a sea of sweetness. He got his taste from his sugar obsession. He ate more junk food than his own kids. The taste always pulled me in for more and it was doing it again.

Fortunately, we both needed air so we pulled apart hesitantly. I tried my best to focus on the situation at hand, but my mind kept wandering back to the fresh plump lips I made swollen, his taste and his scent suffocating me in a good way. Neither of us tried to pull away, at least he didn’t try and focus on kissing my jaw line to my ears but careful enough not to kiss my neck as he didn’t want to push me too far. I was still trying to recover from my pant but my body was pressing against his, refusing to let go.

Think, Lavender, think!

Just chalk it up to you giving him hope so your strike will hurt.

Yeah, that’s it.

I gasped when his w€t lips pressed on my neck. He must have thought I was going to snap and tried to pull away. I felt something inside of me jolt when he tried to pull away. I grabbed the back of his head and automatically entangled my fingers into the back of his hair. I pressed his face back on my neck. As if he have been waiting for that move all his life, his hand slide along the back of my thighs, pushing my nightdress up. I tried not to think about where his hands were going to and focused more on his mouth on my neck.

His kisses, bites, sucking, everything was driving my mind wild. I knew hickeys would decorate my neck and collarbones but I would handle it later. I didn’t feel bad as long as I wasn’t thinking about the consequences of my actions. I m0aned so loud I feared our kids would hear it. Then he stopped. Rominic got off me so fast I barely saw him move. He stared at me with eyes wide from fear while I tried to recover from the mini high he put me.

“fvck! No, I’ve messed things up, fvck!” He ran his fingers into his curls, looking as if he just lost the biggest opportunity in his life. “I’m so sorry, Laverne, I didn’t mean to compel you, I just… I don’t know. Please, don’t hate me allover again. I promise, I won’t try it…”

“Are you sleepy?”


Yeah, what? What are you doing, Lavender?

Giving him hope.

Yeah, that’s true.

“Are you sleepy because I’m not. Wanna bake some cake for the kids? I can teach you how to make the boys’ and girls’ favorite. The boys love double fudge chocolate cake and the girls would die for strawberry cheesecake and mango caramel cake. Wanna help?”

“Er…um…yes,” he stammered, “bake.”


Because I’m trying to give him hope for the plan, I let him join me. Because I’m trying to give him hope for the plan, I laugh and played with him in the kitchen. Because I’m trying to give him hope for the plan, I let him stand close to me and instruct him on how to assist me. Because I’m trying to give him hope for the plan, I converse with him about my life in Vegas. Just for the plan.

“Okay, so this Mr. Miller, wouldn’t he be worried about you for not coming to work?” I told him everything about Mr. Miller and how he have helped me.

“I was fired so he’ll know that, and I did leave an email explaining what happened. I didn’t go into details though.”

“Okay, do you have the names of the men that touched you? Especially the one who scarred you?” I don’t know what I was thinking when I told him their names, but maybe I wasn’t thinking as he was just too close. I was trying to focus on mixing the flour for the chocolate cake and not get distracted by his colognes.

“I don’t know all their names, I wasn’t paid to know but I did get few of their names, especially that rapist. Brandon Moore, Elijah Weber, Henry Ynurritegui, Santiago Colmenarejo, Samuel Domenico, Oliver Sandro or Santosh, I’m not sure but I know he owns a construction company. And William Williams. Yes, that’s his name. Those are the only ones I know and remember.”

“What kind of name is Ynurritegui?” I shrugged. He murmured something under his breath and then hissed and cursed about knowing the Colmenarejo I mentioned and making his life hell. I don’t know, I didn’t pay attention. I finished mixing the ingredient and put it in the oven. I wiped my sweat and walked over to the counter. Rominic went out to make a call.

My phone rang that moment. I opened the message and smiled at Anna’s message. “pvssy, come online, now!”

I chuckled and logged into my WhatsApp account. I immediately saw an invite to Hottest Women Club (Baddest puss in town)

I joined it and immediately saw a message from Sussy.

Sussy: don’t even ask who created this group, the name is obvious.

s£xy Sucker: yeah, that’s right. (Cool emoji)

Me: Anna, must you be weird?

Sussy: yes.

Ginger: what else does she do with her life?

Victoria: is that even a question? (Laughing emoji)

Terra: she’s Annalise, what else screams weird?

s£xy Sucker: I’m not weird, just honest. For example, bitch, when are you going to ride that Verlice d!ck once more!

Sussy: I agree, you both look starved of your favorite ice cream and lollipop.

I bit my lip sheepishly and looked at the door to make sure Rominic wasn’t coming.

Terra: yeah, when last did you get genuinely banged? Like s£x you really enjoyed?

Ginger: I’m guessing, not since the quins.

Victoria: and we all know he hasn’t fvcked for years. Babe, the tension is going to start building up.

Me: shut up, everyone! I want to make him feel pain, severe heartache. Phineas said to make him feel like he has a chance before I strike. So for the plan, I let him kiss me.

Nobody replied for a minute before Annalise did with a voice note.

“Call me a peanut and fvck my mother! You did what!”

Me: shh, no voice note.

Terra: you just officially took the s£xual tension to a new level. Now, he won’t stop wanting you!

Me: even better.

Terra: let me rephrase that, now you both won’t stop wanting each other!

Me: oh.

Sussy: yes, oh, very oh!

Ginger: did anybody hear the crickets few minutes ago? Epic!

Victoria: shut up, Ginger.

Me: but it’s just for the plan.

s£xy Sucker: Jamila, you are doing that self-denial thing again, you always do that.

Victoria: yeah, you convince yourself that it’s this way so you can have an excuse to do what you are not suppose to do. If you are not ever going to accept Rominic, don’t push him.

Terra: don’t hurt yourself more than you already have because I assure you that you will end up more hurt because you would hurt him and along the way, hurt your kids. Those children deserve a happy home.

Sussy: except if you are doing this just to get her attention and make up with him, don’t do it, Lavender, I’m warning you.

Me: you guys are spitting bullshit. I don’t want Rominic and I will never want him. All I’m doing is to get revenge for what he did to me. Since I can’t hurt him, this would do just fine. I’m tired, goodnight.

I logged out just as Nic made his way back in. I tried to convince myself that they were wrong and I was right, but I knew they were. Maybe I just wanted him to suffer or maybe I really did want to be with him again but for that to happen, I needed to put all things behind me after my anger is spent. But being me, I refused to accept they were right and convince myself that it is just for the plan of revenge.

So just for the plan I smiled at him, just for the plan I followed him back to our bedroom and just for the plan I let him leave a lingering kiss on my forehead and went to bed in his arms. Just for the plan, I slept peacefully for the first in a long time.

To be continued.

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