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🤩 Kemmy B. Gabriel Pres£nt Anoth£r Romance Novel: 🤩

💔 It Should Have Been Like Th¡s 💔

👩‍💻 Book Thirty-four: to be a moth£r aga!n 👩‍💻

💜 Lavender’s viewpo!nt 💜

Am I selfish? Am I not? Did I make th£ right decision? Or did I not? I knew what would happen a day before th£ competition, I knew through Zayne. h£ was unusually weak and quiet, and h¡s sk!n was pale. I am th£ir moth£r and I’d spent years watch!ng over both of th£m specifically and observantly. I knew th£ symptoms that h£lped me know who would [email protected]|| sick next or who is already sick. Zayne and Serenity had always been a means to know that.

Wh£never Zayne becomes quiet, weak and pale, it meant someth!ng was wrong with Serenity or someth!ng was go!ng to be. If it was Zyaire, h£ grows sudden rash. If it was Sera, h£ reacts by be!ng extraord!narily cl!ngy to h£r, and for Zachary, h£ tends to puke a lot. Serenity also react with ra$h£s wh£n it is Zyaire, cl!ngy to Zachary, catch a cold to Seraf!na and reacts th£ exact same way Zayne do to h£r. Sera only reacted to Zayne and Serenity which is always slight h£adach£ before $h£ pa$$es ©vt.

From th£ signs, I knew Serenity was not okay, but I thought $h£ was probably go!ng to have a fever, a simple fever. I could have stopped h£r, but I knew that if I did, $h£ would never forgive me. To me, I concluded $h£ would get treated. “It’s j√$t a simple fever,” I said. Now a simple fever is th£ reason I was fidget!ng at th£ edge of h£r hospital b£d, look!ng at Rom!nic try!ng to expla!n to h£r that $h£ can never be a professional swimmer or have anyth!ng to do with water. I chickened ©vt on be!ng th£ br!nger of th£ bad news, so Rom!nic had to do it as th£ always calm one.

Maybe if I forgot ab©vt h£r feel!ngs and stopped h£r, it wouldn’t have happened. But George said it would happen eith£r way and my method was better because th¡s way, $h£ understood how dangerous swimm!ng was to h£r h£alth. But it didn’t make shatter!ng h£r dreams any better.

“So what are you try!ng to say, Dad? I don’t get you.” Rom!nic glanced at me, and th£n sigh£d loudly.

“Stop try!ng to pet h£r, Dad, and come ©vt with th£ truth,” Sera blunted ©vt. Unlike th£ oth£rs, Sera was angry at Serenity for deliberately endanger!ng h£r life, j√$t so $h£ could dive !nto th£ water and die. $h£ was pissed that we weren’t scold!ng h£r for be!ng selfish and not th!nk!ng ab©vt h£rself and oth£rs. $h£ was right, but $h£ also needed to remember that Serene was softh£arted. $h£ was afraid of los!ng th£ one th!ng $h£ loved most all-over aga!n. I’m sure $h£ thought that $h£ could j√$t w!n one time and th£n quit, so $h£ could at least have a medal. Serenity didn’t need to be yelled at, h£r dreams were ab©vt to be squa$h£d.

“Sera, don’t…”

“I’ve said it and I’m still say!ng it, I’ll j√$t tell you right to your stupid face, Serenity. Uncle George said you can never swim aga!n because you j√$t had to endanger your life!”


“Way to hit th£ nail !nto th£ coff!n, sis, nice job.” Zyaire commented sarcastically.

“What?” Sera snapped angrily, “am I suppose to lie and pet h£r? $h£ wasn’t th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r life wh£n $h£ decided to go on even wh£n $h£ knew $h£ wasn’t well! Did $h£… Serene, did you th!nk for once what it would do to mom and dad if you die? For goodness sake! Zayne is like th£ oth£r end of your str!ng! Your side dies and h¡s follows. $h£ didn’t th!nk of me or h¡m or mom or…”

“Seraf!na, I said enough!” I yelled, mak!ng h£r p!n h£r l¡ps. “You are break!ng your sister’s h£art, can’t you see? h£r dream is ab©vt to be taken away from h£r, take it easy on h£r!”

“If it’s so pa!nful, $h£ should get anoth£r dream because a dead b©dy can never dream. I’m go!ng home, th¡s place reek of foolishness.” I opened my m©vth and closed it, unable to form words. I looked at Rom!nic for h£lp but h£ scoffed. h£ might not say it ©vt loud but h£ supported Sera and blamed me for not do!ng someth!ng if I knew it was go!ng to happen. I didn’t even know what to conclude ab©vt my decision, was I selfish or was I j√$t be!ng foolish?

“It’s okay, Angel, you’ll be f!ne,” h£ wh¡spered to weep!ng Serenity. Would we ever be? Is th¡s th£ calm before th£ storm? What do I do now?


Two weeks, two awfvlly pa!nful weeks. Serenity was discharged but $h£ changed. $h£ rema!ned !n h£r room, rarely eat!ng, barely seiz!ng from cry!ng and never speak!ng a word to anyone. Th£ gifts s£nt by h£r school wasn’t any h£lp and Sera was still not talk!ng to h£r or anyone. Sera was quiet because $h£ was angry at h£rself, me and Serenity and Rom!nic wasn’t happy with me.

“So because you don’t want h£r to dislike you or be mad at you, you will!ngly watch your daughter offer h£rself to death. You knew that $h£ is j√$t a child and doesn’t know any better, that $h£ needs th£ right guidance but yet you let it slide because you didn’t want h£r to be mad. You forgot that $h£ is n!ne and h£r future does not j√$t depend on be!ng a swimmer. $h£ can do anyth!ng $h£ wants with th£ right encouragement and comfort but like always, you let your m!nd conv!nce you !nto mak!ng th£ wrong decision. Wh£n will you stop mak!ng mistakes, Lavender? Wh£n will you freak!ng start act!ng like th£ir moth£r once aga!n and not a confuse woman try!ng to get use to h£r stepchildren. Lavender, wh£n will you stop lett!ng your m!nd conv!nce you that th£y are big enough to take ¢ar£ of th£mselves? Th£y are n!ne, Laverne, give th£m a break. Zachary and Seraf!na might be an exception but notwithstand!ng, th£y are still what th£y are, kids.”

“It’s our job to parent th£m, not leave th£m to figure th!ngs ©vt on th£ir own. You used to take good ¢ar£ of th£m before I came, what happened? Why can’t you go [email protected]¢k to be!ng th£ir moth£r and not j√$t my girlfriend? Lavender, you are not j√$t my girlfriend but th£ moth£r of five so start act!ng like one. What would you have done if $h£ died? How would you have lived with yourself?”

Those were th£ bitter words h£ gently said to me after h£ kicked me ©vt of our b£droom because h£ can’t stand look!ng at my face. h£ was right. So I did th£ only th!ng I knew how to do best, I told Zachary I was go!ng to see my moth£r and left. With my [email protected]¢kpack stacked and ready, I went to h£r grave, aga!n. I’m please to announce I stayed !n th£ cemetery for three good days. I cried th£ first two days with©vt eat!ng, j√$t dr!nk!ng my tears and water. Th£n on th£ third day, I pondered on h¡s every word.

How much m©r£ mistakes would I make?

I was my moth£r’s only child but $h£ never made a mistake with me.

Every mistake I am is not from h£r.

I !ndeed had conv!nce myself that th£y would always be okay and even if th£y are not, th£y have oth£rs to ¢ar£ for th£m. What mattered was Rom!nic. How would I have lived with myself if $h£ died? How? h£ would never forgive me and so would th£ kids. I needed to start act!ng m©r£ like a moth£r than a girlfriend. I used my time to remember every s!ngle th!ng I could th!nk of my moth£r, to build [email protected]¢k my moth£rly !nst!nct. Th£n I remembered how I suffered with th£m, what we were and what we should have been.

I f!nally knew what to do.


I returned home, dirty and probably st!nky, but feel!ng different. I would not j√$t be m©r£ like a moth£r than a girlfriend, I would be both. I already knew how to fix my family, and it started with Serenity.

Ignor!ng Rom!nic !n th£ hallway, I walked to th£ room $h£ shared with Sera who m©v£d ©vt to camp !n Zachary’s. I opened th£ door quietly, walked !n and shut th£ door. Serenity was sitt!ng on Sera’s b£d, hugg!ng h£r cat whose name I don’t ¢ar£ to remember. $h£ lifted h£r h£ad and wh£n $h£ saw me, h£r eyes lit up with hope and w€t with tears.

S!nce I was now us!ng my h£ad, I f!nally knew what was go!ng on !n h£rs. $h£ wasn’t sad ab©vt h£r predicament but what $h£ did to cause it. Serene was blam!ng h£rself for everyth!ng. $h£ cried because $h£ thought Sera hated h£r and would never want to be h£r sister aga!n. $h£ cried because Zachary was disappo!nted !n h£r. $h£ cried because Zyaire didn’t show much concern towards h£r. $h£ cried because $h£ knew h£r fath£r was mad at h£r and me because I let h£r be. $h£ cried wh£n $h£ saw Zayne because th£ guilt of what $h£ would have done to h¡m was unbearable. $h£ was wallow!ng !n guilt and regret.

$h£ blamed h£rself for ru!n!ng th£ family and to h£r, h£r fath£r would kick me ©vt of th£ house because of h£r mistake. $h£ was afraid everyone would hate h£r and sad because $h£ nearly killed h£rself. All $h£ needed was a$$urance.

“Serene,” I called softly, climb!ng !nto th£ b£d. $h£ shifted away from me a little. “You know I can never hate you, right? I can never hate you, not after everyth!ng we have been through. I know how you feel. You are imprisoned by guilt, regret, and fear, I completely understand, but no one will ever hate you.”

“Sera does,” $h£ murmured, th£ first words $h£ had spoken !n weeks.

“No, honey, your sister doesn’t hate you, $h£ is j√$t mad that you almost died. Sera loves you, baby, with th£ wh0l£ of h£r h£art and that’s why $h£’s angry. $h£ almost lost you, h£r only sister, h£r joy. $h£’s mad at h£rself for not pay!ng attention to your h£alth or keep!ng a close eye on you. $h£’s mad at h£rself because $h£ feels like $h£ failed !n protect!ng th£ one sibl!ng $h£ loves th£ most. $h£ is angry because $h£ imag!ned a world with©vt you and it broke h£r h£art, especially wh£n you almost made it happen. $h£ doesn’t hate you, $h£ is j√$t angry at h£rself and you.” I should have thought ab©vt that earlier, but I didn’t because I wasn’t th!nk!ng. Serenity burst !nto tears, scar!ng h£r cat away with th£ sudden ©vtburst. Th£ little th!ng ran under th£ b£d.

“I didn’t mean to, Mommy, I didn’t mean to. I was s¢ar£d to give up. I thought that if I gave up, I would be a failure and a weakl!ng and never be able to make you, dad, Zachary and Sera proud. If it was Sera, $h£ would never give up…”

“If h£ was Sera, $h£ would have stopped. Do you want to know why Sera is always ah£ad?”

“Because $h£ th!nks and I do not,” $h£ cried, “I know that now. I shouldn’t have hid my sickness wh£n I first cough£d blood, I should never have. Because of my happ!ness, you tried to cover for me and now, dad hates you too and would leave you…”

“Your fath£r is not that shallow, love,” I wh¡spered, ₱v||!ng h£r to sit on my laps. I hoped h£ wasn’t, I wish so. “h£ loves me, h£ loves you, your sister and broth£rs. See!ng you like th¡s is what’s mak!ng h¡m so mad, and th£ fact that I ignored h¡s ‘daddy !nst!nct’,” I rolled my eyes, hop!ng $h£ would giggle and $h£ did. “!nstead of keep!ng quiet, you should have tried to fix th!ngs. See!ng you like th¡s makes th£m sad, baby, you should do someth!ng ab©vt it.”

“I bet you regret giv!ng birth to me,” I [email protected] at h£r utterance. I slapped my palms on h£r w€t ch£eks and shook h£r violently.

“Never say that to me, Serene, never! After everyth!ng I went through, I would be !nsane to th!nk of you as a mistake. Don’t blame yourself but blame me, blame me for fail!ng as a moth£r. I’ve neglected you and your sibl!ngs enough, and it’s time I change. So start!ng from now, you will… We would both fix our mistake. Go to Sera and apologize…”

“I can…”

“No,” I f|¡¢ked h£r foreh£ad, “you can, you will and you must.” I said as a matter of fact.

“What if $h£…”

“$h£ won’t, $h£ loves you and th¡s would prove it.” I stood up with h£r, not giv!ng h£r time to protest. I carried h£r ©vt to th£ garden wh£re I knew Sera would be slaughter!ng th£ flowers and Zach stand!ng a safe distant to keep an eye on h£r. I was right, only that Zayne and Zyaire were th£re too, h£lp!ng h£r destroy th£ Gardener’s work. I dropped h£r wh£n I was close enough and ₱u$h£d h£r forward.

Serene looked at me still !n tears, but I urged h£r to go on. $h£ nervously crossed h£r [email protected] beh!nd h£r [email protected]¢k and walked towards h£r sibl!ngs, repeatedly look!ng over h£r shoulder to make sure I was still th£re. Zayne noticed h£r first, so h£ tapped Zyaire who !n turn slapped th£ [email protected]¢k of Sera’s h£ad.

“What th£ butt, Zyaire!” Zyaire smirked and po!nted at Serenity. Sera froze wh£n $h£ saw h£r cry!ng sister and as predicted, h£r [email protected] glare softened. Serenity kicked h£r foot shyly, star!ng d©wΠ at th£ gra$$.

“Sera, I’m sorry, please don’t hate me. I promise to never do that aga!n.” Sera found me, tilt!ng h£r h£ad !n question, h£r eyes start!ng to brim with tears. $h£ looked [email protected]¢k at sobb!ng Serene and shook h£r h£ad.

“You really s¢ar£d me, Serene. What am I go!ng to do with you?”

“Oh for th£ love of Pete, stop ₱|@y!ng sponge, Ice Queen, and j√$t cry!” Zyaire sh©vted, earn!ng a smack to th£ h£ad from Zayne and a glare from Zach.

“I’m sorry,” Serene sobb£d, “stop hat!ng me, I would do anyth!ng. I’m sorry I messed up, I’m sorry I disappo!nted you, big broth£r, sorry I hurt Zayne but I’m not apologiz!ng to Zyaire, h£ can go jump off a cliff.”


“That’s my girl!” Oh, now I get th£ reason for th£ last statement. I covered my m©vth and laugh£d as Sera sqv££sed h£r !nto a hug, a very t!ght one. Tears flowed d©wΠ freely because I was happy. I did that. I brought th£m [email protected]¢k togeth£r like I always use to do. Maybe now, Rom!nic would stop hat!ng me. j√$t maybe. “I would have cried too but can’t let that loser see it, and m!nd you, Zach is not your big broth£r.”

“Of course I am,”

“You are not, we were born on th£ same day.” Sera po!nted ©vt, smack!ng Zyaire’s [email protected] away so $h£ could have Serenity’s hug all to h£rself.

“You call me little broth£r every time!” Zach exclaimed, throw!ng h¡s arms up.

“Because you are little, and I am not. As th£ first born, I get to decide who’s older and who’s not. So I’m older, you are not.”

“Th£ only older th!ng ab©vt you is your stupidity!”

“Brave word from someone with a bra!n th£ size of my tennis ball,” Sera yawned. Zyaire narrowed h¡s angry eyes at h£r. I walked ©vt before th£y beg!n fight!ng. “Great, mom’s h£re. Mom, tell th¡s little boys to go s√¢k th£ir thumbs, I’m !n th£ middle of dropp!ng a !nspirational speech for my pumpk!n.”

“And what !nspirational quote do you have, Your Royal Madestity,” Zach said with a mock bow. Sera rolled h£r eyes.

“I said speech, idiot,” $h£ cleared h£r throat. “I get that you are sad that you might not have a future with©vt swimm!ng, Serenity, but you need not be. Pumpk!n, you are th£ most talented among us. You can s!ng, you can dance, you can write very good stories. You are a great freestyler which is a good recipe for a songwriter. You can ₱|@y m©r£ than ten musical !nstruments and above all, you smell better than Zayne.”

“Mom! Sera is be!ng mean to me!” Zayne cried. Sera shrugged while I h£ld [email protected]¢k my laugh.

“j√$t stat!ng fact. Now, like th£ great Zelmira Verlice once said…”

“Aren’t you Zelmira?”

“Shut up, Little broth£r, I’m talk!ng,” Zach frowned deeper. “As I was say!ng. Like th£ great Zelmira Verlice once said. If life takes away your joy, kick h¡m !n h¡s peanut and steal your joy [email protected]¢k…” Huh? “And if fate steals your f!ns, th£n ga!n some legs and dance. Th£re is m©r£ than one color !n th£ ra!nbow, so th£re is m©r£ than one possible way to end your life… I mean, future…”

“Sera,” Serene giggled.

“What $h£ is try!ng to say is that, Serene, would you be a darl!ng and s!ng me a song? Anyone? My h£art is broken and I need to h£al, your voice always h£als.” I don’t th!nk Serenity knew how good $h£ was at s!ng!ng and how happy it made h£r. h£r eyes lit up like Christmas after I said that and that was how we ended up !n th£ music room, $h£ with h£r guitar to s!ng th£ song $h£ has been rav!ng ab©vt. h£ard it on TV.

“$h£ was 19 with a baby on th£ way
On th£ East-side of th£ city, $h£ was work!ng every day
Clean!ng di$h£s !n th£ even!ng, $h£ could barely stay awake
$h£ was cl!ng!ng to th£ feel!ng that h£r luck was gonna change
And, ‘cross town $h£’d take th£ bus at night to a one b£droom apartment
And wh£n $h£’d turn on th£ light
$h£ would sit d©wΠ at th£ table
Tell h£rself that it’s alright
$h£ was wait!ng on th£ day $h£ hoped th£ baby would arrive
$h£’d never be alone
Have someone to hold
And wh£n nights were cold, $h£’d say

Th£ world’s not perfect but it’s not that bad
If we got each oth£r and that’s all we have
I will be your moth£r and I’ll hold your [email protected]
You should know I’ll be th£re for you
Wh£n th£ world’s not perfect
Wh£n th£ world’s not k!nd
If we have each oth£r th£n we’ll both be f!ne
I will be your moth£r and I’ll hold your [email protected]
You should know I’ll be th£re for you…” I wiped my tears and cont!nue listen to th£ beautiful song and how well $h£ ₱|@yed h£r small acoustic guitar. Halfway through th£ song, $h£ jumped to h£r feet and said what we see hop!ng $h£ would realize on h£r own.

“I’ve got it! I’ve got! I’ll be a s!nger!”

“Wow, who would have thought,” Sera said with mock surprise.

“Mom, let’s have a karaoke night! I have to… Dad! Dad!” $h£ ran off, throw!ng h£r guitar which landed on Zyaire’s foot.

That’s my girl.

🧡 Rom!nic’s viewpo!nt 🧡

I rubb£d my [email protected] over my throbb!ng eyes, try!ng to bl!nk th£ blurr!ness or rub it away. My h£ad ach£d from th!nk!ng too much and worry!ng ab©vt my family. It was not easy ignor!ng th£ love of my life, but I knew I had to do it because Serenity is j√$t like h£r moth£r. Th£y both always need a ₱ush towards what th£y already knew how to do. I didn’t like th£ fact that Lavender was abandon!ng th£ children and focus!ng only on me. That m!nd of h£rs really needed to be destroy. h£r problem has always been one th!ng and would rema!n that one th!ng.

h£r m!nd.

h£aven knows how $h£ managed to build h£r m!nd to that level or how th£ m!nd built itself to that level, but h£r biggest enemy rema!ns h£r m!nd. $h£ needed serious psychological h£lp. I love th£ woman, but th£ way h£r m!nd works is delirious, completely and stupidly !nsane! How can someone’s m!nd be set on destroy!ng it b©dy? And how can $h£ always let it happen? $h£ always knew wh£n $h£ was do!ng someth!ng wrong; always knew wh£n h£r m!nd was at it aga!n. But j√$t like a crim!nal bent on break!ng laws, $h£ let it go on and let h£r m!nd conv!nce h£r that it’s okay. How is that even possible? I j√$t needed h£r to start act!ng like th£ Lavender I know, not th£ one I broke.

Yes, th£ one I broke. It has always been my fault.

Notwithstand!ng, that was !n th£ past. We both needed to m©v£ on and $h£ needed to get h£r priority straight. Even if $h£ gives m©r£ attention to th£ kids, I don’t m!nd. Even if $h£ loves th£m m©r£, I still don’t m!nd. It has always been th£m and h£r and it should rema!n that way. Th£ little time $h£ has for me, I’ll manage. As long as I get to see h£r; as long as I know $h£ loves and would never leave me, I am f!ne. It was better than th£ past, better than th£ pa!n kill!ng me from th£ |ns!de. Lavender was th£ k!nd of person that pays m©r£ attention to who $h£ loves most. So let th£m be who $h£ loves most, I’ll manage !n th£ [email protected]¢kseat.

As long as $h£ don’t leave me.

“Dad! Daddy!”


Th£ girl !n question ran !n. I stared at h£r as $h£ ran towards me, smil!ng like $h£ was not th£ reason for th£ gloomy atmosph£re. “Dad!” I caught h£r as $h£ jumped !nto th£ air, lift!ng h£r up and dropp!ng h£r on my th¡ghs. “Dad…”

“You have said that enough,” I chuckled, “what’s wrong?” $h£ tilt h£r h£ad with curiosity glimmer!ng !n h£r eyes. “What?”

“First, Daddy, are you alright? You don’t look too good.”

“I’m f!ne, j√$t dizzy and miss your moth£r,” I answered truthfvlly. $h£ nodded, shyly fondl!ng with h£r f!ng£rnails. “I don’t hate you, Serenity, but I am mad. I mad at th£ fact that you did not consider your family wh£n you decided risk!ng your life for a medal is much m©r£ important. I’m mad at th£ fact that even though you have such great potentials, you always hold yourself [email protected]¢k and expect your broth£rs and I to always ₱ush you forward. Serenity, I would love to tell you that we would always be th£re for you, but that would be a lie…” $h£ wh¡mpered, grabb£d my shirt with gla$$y eyes. Okay, that came ©vt wrong. “What I’m try!ng to say is that we would be th£re as a family, we would always love you no matter what, but we won’t be th£re always.”

“Why? You hate me…”

“No, we do not and will never. Serenity, one day, Zachary would be busy with work as th£ h£ir because we all know your broth£rs choice of ¢ar£er is far from th£ family bus!ness. h£ would have an empire to deal with and th£n h£ would [email protected]|| !n love, get married and $h£ would be h¡s priority. Same th!ng goes to Zyaire and Zayne. Th£y both have such wonderful future and opportunities. Do you know that Zayne’s teach£r from th£ private art cla$$ called and !nformed us that h¡s pa!nt!ng has been selected to jo!n th£ir next exhibit? If h¡s artwork can make sales, your broth£r’s ¢ar£er would beg!n. Now, will h£ be able to focus if h£’s worried ab©vt h¡s older sister?” $h£ shook h£r h£ad vigorously. “And Zyaire, h£ is go!ng to be a great actor someday, if h£ can get h¡s h£ad away from videogames. If h£ gets th£re, how would h£ concentrate if h£’s worried ab©vt you?”

“I’m sorry, Dad, I’m very sorry,” $h£ sobb£d, “I would work [email protected] to be !ndependent and make everyone not worry ab©vt me too much. I’m sorry I came b£tweeΠ you and mom, I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, I did that to your moth£r as punishment for not properly tak!ng ¢ar£ of you and your sibl!ngs. Oh, and because I said be !ndependent, it doesn’t mean you have to carry your burdens alone, okay?” $h£ nodded. “Promise me that if th£re is anyth!ng both£r!ng you, you would come straight to me or talk to Zachary, your moth£r or Sera, and God please, don’t ask my sister for advice, no matter what situation you are !n,” $h£ giggled profusely. I p!nch£d h£r soft w€t ch£ek and ₱v||ed it. “Now tell me, what has gotten you so excited?”

“Oh!” $h£ exclaimed !n excitement. “Daddy, can I get a private music teach£r, please? I want to work on my voice, my musical !nstruments and I want to attend Aunt G!nger’s dance school. Can you h£lp?” So, $h£ f!nally figured ©vt what h£r true call!ng is.

“If that is what my angel wants, th£n that is what my angel would get,” I blew a klzz on h£r ch£eks, almost mak!ng h£r [email protected]|| off me as $h£ giggled un¢©Πtr0|lably. I tickled h£r side, chang!ng h£r giggles to a loud laughter.

“Daddy! Stop! I’ll w€t myself!” I let h£r drop to th£ floor with a ‘oomph’, $h£ gave me a cute glare, caus!ng me to laugh at how adorable $h£ looked. Someone cleared h£r throat. I turned to look at h£r, still laugh!ng. Lavender stood !n front of my desk, h£r [email protected] crossed beh!nd h£r [email protected]¢k and b©dy sway!ng !n embarra$$ment. I quirked a brow at h£r, result!ng to a h°t blush $pr£@d!ng across h£r nose.

“Hi,” $h£ murmured $h£epishly, avoid!ng my eyes by star!ng at h£r !nterest!ng feet, “um… I j√$t wanted to tell you… I mean, Serenity that we are go!ng ©vt, all of us, for karaoke and th£n th£ c!nema to j√$t watch someth!ng random. Serene has to dress up and y… If you want to go.” $h£’s so cute. I wanted to laugh and hug h£r, tell!ng h£r that everyth!ng was okay now $h£ has taken [email protected]¢k h£r moth£r position, that I missed h£r too and ignor!ng h£r hurt me m©r£ than it hurt h£r. But, let’s make h£r work for th£ stress.



To be cont!nued.

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