Jay episode 19 – finale


Chapter 19 (Finale)

Okay, I forgave Jardel..

He promised me alot and swore never to hurt me again.

I still love him and if you can remember quite well, I cried for my mom to make him come back to me and yes they did it for me.

They brought Jardel back to me.

Even though Jay seemed like he got quite a place in my heart but I guess he showed up just to bring Jardel back to me.
Now, Jardel and I hold hands at the back seat while Jay is the one driving now.

We are driving out of the forest..

I can’t thank him enough.

We promised to come see him soon with lots of gifts…

He only smiled and said we won’t be able to see him again.
“I love you Nana.” Jardel whispered into my ears as he squeezed my hand lightly.
I smiled.
#Jay’s POV
We drove to my house and there were cops.

My mom and Vitoria with Rekado! and my other friends in Handcuffs.

They all stared as we drove in.
I got down, followed by Nana and Jardel and my mom scre-med my name and rushed forward and pulled me into a tight hug.
“Jay. Where did you go!” She yelled, hugging me tighter.

“Im gonna explain everything mom.” I said, and k-ssed her cheek.
Vitoria just stood watching us and I withdrew from mom, walked to her and hugged her.
“You gotta explain everything, you punk!” She said and slap my head.
I smiled as I withdrew and then looked at others.

The three cops and my three friends.
“You are mr Jay Danne right?” One of the cops asked.

“Yes.” I said.

He nodded.

“Do you know them?” He asked, referring to Rekado, Bran and Leo.
I nodded.

“My friends.” I said.

“Your friends have something to explain.” They said.
I looked at Rekado, Bran, Leo.
They all had their face down.
“Rekado. What’s up? Why you guys here in handcuffs?” I asked.
Rekado looked up and got his face down.

“We did the shit.” He said.

“What shit dude?” I asked, confused.
He didn’t say anything again… So the cops had them go into the car and zoomed off with them.
I turned to mom.

“Mom, what’s that. Im going to release them. They got nothing to do with what happened to me. Even if they are. Im back and they got to be freed.” I said.
“The cops wouldn’t have arrested them if they got nothing to do with what happened to you.” Mom said with tears in her eyes.

“So what did they say?” I asked her.

“They drunk you and threw you into a forest because you had s€× with one of their girlfriend. Is that true Jay?” She said.
I sighed. That wasn’t true. Yeah that was Rekado’s girlfriend, Babra. But I didn’t do that shit, even though I wanted to.

Babra could have lied to Rekado that I had s€× with her!
I looked behind and Nana and Jardel are behind me.
I sighed and turned back to mom.

“I never did that. She could have lied to them that I did. I can’t believe they wanted me dead cos of Babra.” I said.
Later that day, I narrated everything that happened to me to mom and Vitoria. Nana also introduced herself and narrated her own part.

Jardel did too.

And mom just kept shedding tears.


I was happy to be home.

I was happy that mom could see me and Vitoria too.
Im no more a f-cking ghost but a human again!

I was grateful to Nana and grateful to Jardel too.
Maybe Nana wouldn’t have gone to the forest alone with me if he never showed up.
Outside, as they headed back to the car to leave.

I took Nana’s hand.
Jardel saw us but he walked on into the car.
I stared at her till she let out a sweet smile.
“Nana.. Thanks for everything. Im a human again cos of you. You did this and I owe you so much in this world.” I said as we stared at each other.
She smiled, “Im happy you are back as a human. And im happy you made me get Jardel back. Cos you did this.” She said.
I sighed.
“Promise me something Jay.” She said.


“That you’ll become a good dude.” She said.
I smiled and pushed my hair back..
“No late partying, no sneaking out without mom knowing. You just gotta learn from what happened to you and learn not to trust your friends too much.” She said.
I nodded.

“I will.” I said.

Then I brought my lips to her forehead and k-ssed her before hugging her.
“I love you Nana. If he try any shit. Call me.” I said with a smile.
She hit me slightly.

I withdrew the hug
“Bye Nana. I’ll come around soon.” I said and she smiled, turned and walked into the car.
They zoomed off.
I breathed.
#Writer’s POV (Rejoice)
Few days later, Jay was able to bail his friends.

He forgave them but cut off his friendship with them…

Such friends are not worth to have..
And few days after too, Jardel proposed to Nana.
Kiania was really happy that she’s gonna become a flower girl soon.
She went with Nana to spend some time at Jay’s house and Jay couldn’t wait to be the Best man.
But who will be the Bride’s maid?
“Jay would need to find a girlfriend soon.” Vitoria said and they all laughed at the dinning while they ate lunch.

…They All Lived Happily Ever After.

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