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John episode 10


Episode 10
Written by Ekhosuehi Testimony
The video went viral around the school the next day. Students could be seen in pairs with their phones, watching and laughing in the school corridor.
“Look at the great Queen Hannah.” One of the students said, and the others laughed.

Hannah walked through the corridor, wearing a black jeans with a black crop top with white stripes,

looking ashamed. She couldn’t look at any student in the eye as she bend her head downwards, walking as fast as her leg could take her. Of course she already know what was going on.
“Hey, Princess. Aw. What’s wrong?” They mocked. She couldn’t say a word, the students hated her before so they used the opportunity to mock her. As she surged through the school corridor hurriedly, the school principal, Mr. Nathaniel called her.
РђюIn my office now!РђЮ he commanded, raising his voice which frightened Hannah,and walked to his office and Hannah followed suit, forcing her legs to walk her… They got to the office, Mr. Nathaniel settled down his his seat, adjusting his spectacles. Gray hair, mixed with black could be seen on his head, he’s a man in his late fifties, he wore a black sleeve, he had a red tie on his neck, coupled with a black plain trouser.

Hannah sat there, looking like a lost dog as Mr. Nathaniel busi-ly went through some files in front of him. Silence circulated the entire office as if they were in a ‘ silence’ competition.
РђюWhat happened?РђЮ he asked, breaking the silence.
“I-I don’t know what you are talking about, sire.” She retorted, frightened.
“What do you mean you don’t know? Your nude is in the entire school. And don’t know?!” He shrieked.
Hannah was shocked at the mention of ‘nude’. “It was just my underwear, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not nude.” She said inwards, ignoring Mr. Nathaniel who kept shouting.
“Now, I will ask you one last time. What happened? If I don’t get an answer you will be expelled!” He threatened.
“Expelled?” Hannah asked, confirming what she heard.
“Yes, you heard me. EX-Pell-ED” he repeated, stretching the word.
“But sir, I-IРђд” she stammered.
“Don’t buts me you teeny tiny itsy bitsy rotten child.” He said, harshly.
“Some one put a glue on my seat!” She lied, putting both hands on her face as tears dropped ceaselessly.
“OhРђд glue? Who did it?!” He asked, and adjusted his spectacles.
“I don’t know sire.” She lied,again.
“OhРђд I will find out, today!”. He said, as he hit the table with his fist.
“Now get out! You are expelled.”
“But sire, that’s not enough reason to expell me.”
“Get out!­Ъўа I don’t believe you. I want to see your father!”
Hannah stood up, picked up her bag and headed

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towards the door which was ajar. She stormed out, and bump into John who held her firmly, preventing her from falling.

“Hey. Why the rush?” John asked.
“It’s nothing, I have to go now.”­Ъўб Hannah retorted, and left in a rush.
“What was that all about?­Ъцћ” John asked rhetorically. He looked towards the Principal’s door which was slightly open. When wondered what might have transpired between Hannah and the Principal. “Oh, well. I guess that’s none of my business after all.­ЪЎё. Las las w€tin concern me?­Ъци He said to himself, and walked away.

Hannah was about leaving the school’s premises when

she was called by Lucy, who was running towards her.
“Where are you going?” Lucy asked, breathing heavily.­ЪўЋ
“Home. I was expelled. The Principal wants to see my father.”­Ъўб
“Then, tell him the Principal wants to see him.”­ЪўЋ
“You think it is that easy? My Dad will literally kill me if he finds out.”
“What are we gonna do?” Lucy asked.
“I do not know.”­ЪўФ

Hannah was about leaving when the school’s PA announced that every students should return to their various class rooms. This usually happens when there is an emergency or the Principal is about find out the cause of misconduct or someone guilty of an offense.

Hannah turned back to Lucy who was staring at her.
“Let’s go, it will be okay.” Lucy said.
“You are expelled doesn’t mean you should leave immediately. Just come.”
Hannah sighed. She hesitate to go. “But what could go wrong again?” She asked herself. “The worse has already being seen.” She thought inwards.

Hannah and Lucy both surged to the class, the Principal was already there, waiting for all the students to come in.
“It appears thatРђд” the Principal began.
“It appears that some of you have grown metal wings. You now have the temerity to harm a fellow student. No much talk here. Just tell me and we will settle this like civilized citizens, or else! We will have to do this the hard way.” He threatened.

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Students began to murmur and this created a disorganized atmosphere.
“Quiet!” The Principal shrieked.
“I am just gonna ask you just once. Who put a glue on the seat?” He asked, and used his eyes to search critically for any unusual movement.
“I did.” A voice came from the back which was not Hannah’s.
“It was my fault,

sir. I did it.” She said again.


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