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Episode 11
Ekhosuehi Testimony
The whole class directed their eyes towards the person that said she did it; wondering the reason for such inhuman act. Some were murmuring while some kept quiet, waiting for the Principal’s reaction.

Beads of sweat began to drip from the Principal’s face.
“I did it, sir.” She reiterated, trying to maintain her composure. The class began to murmur words that couldn’t

be heard. Of course, it was because Lucy was the Principals daughter. Everybody knew he was gonna take it lightly with her. Was he expected to expel his own daughter? Since that’s what he is good at.

“Oh… Lucy” he began, knotting his tie properly.
“why did you put a glue on a student’s seat? As my daughter, you are expected to be familiar with the dos and don’ts of this school.”

“It wasn’t intentional. I brought the glue to school so I can use it on my books. Hannah also needed it.” Lucy replied boldly as she sighed, waiting for her father, the Principal to say something.

The Principal was quiet for a while, thinking on how to handle the situation. The whole class waited for him to pass judgment. They all wondered if he was gonna punish her for it because he punishes people for mild things. Of course, majority knew he wasn’t gonna do anything, some expected him to punish her, while some; otherwise.

The Principal turned to Hannah, not knowing it was actually her plan to put the glue on the seat.
“Is it true?” He asked Hannah who gave a positive answer with immediate alacrity.
“Oh, well.” He sighed and adjusted his spectacles.
“Meet me in my office.” He concluded and left the class. Some students knew he wasn’t gonna do anything, but they couldn’t do anything either.

“Thanks.” Hannah began…
“Thanks for having my back.” She said to Lucy, calmly.

“You are welcome. Maybe if you stop treating us like crap, we would have had you back when you were in trouble. You are just so full of yourself, Hannah. So, so full of yourself.” Lucy complained as she adjusted her chair, allowing her to freely stand up from it. She looked at Hannah for some seconds and turned away.

“I’m going to my Dad’s office.” Lucy said without looking back.

Hannah relocated to her new seat, of course she knew she’d be in trouble if Mr. Chadwick catches her in another seat. She sat in silence till their teacher came in…

“What do you think is wrong with her?” Oliver asked John who began bringing out his books from his bag.

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s feeling guilty. She still finds it hard to believe that Lucy would cover up for her.” John retorted.

“Cover up for her? How?”

“Remember the other day? When Eastern high came for a football challenge?” John asked as he

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search his bag ceaselessly, looking for his pen.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Vivian came to me. Asking me who would want to hard her cause she found razor blades inside her bag. We both know that the seat the glue was on was formerly Vivian’s seat. So? Connect it with Hannah. She’s a witch, that’s for sure.” John explain smartly.

“So, you think Hannah did this?”

“I know Hannah did it. She must be angry for seeing Vivian and I together.

“I think you are right.”

“I’m always right.”

“Don’t get too excited, brother.”

“Got an extra pen?”

“No, bro.”

“Then, I better go get one.” John stood up and took

permission from his teacher. He went to the door and grabbed the door knob, turned it leftwards and pulled back. He left the class in a hurry, he knew Mr. Chadwick was being nice for letting him out during his teaching hour.
As he walked towards the corridor, he heard footsteps from his back. He wanted to ignore whoever it was, but the sound of the person’s step became louder which means the person was drawing closer. He turned back to glimpse and he saw a man, but something didn’t feel right about him.

“Excuse me.” The man said, thereby, alluring John’s attention the more. He turned back to take a proper look.
“Yes?” John said. Looking at the man critically, he was an advanced man who he thought he has seen before or a matching description of someone he thought he knew.

“I’m looking for my daughter. She was suppose to call me as soon as she got to school.” The man said, looking straight into John’s eyes.

“Who is this daughter of yours?”
John asked boldly.

“Hannah.” The man answered.

“Oh… this must be the father of that witch.” He said inwards.
“Just meet the Principal. He’ll send for her.” John replied, as he tried to remember where he had seen him.

“Okay. Thank you.” The man said as he left for the Principal’s office which was right in front of them. Of course it was obvious because the door of the office has an inscription on it. ‘The Principal.’

John wanted to leave, but he didn’t know when he called him back.
“Excuse me, sir?” He called.

“Yes?” The man said as he turned to John.

“What’s your name, Sir?” He asked boldly. The question was quite shocking to the man, but he answered anyway.

“My name is Bruce. Bruce Regan.” Bruce replied as he wondered why

John asked.

John’s body became cold, as he remembered his mothers words…


“Fine! You wanna find him? His name is Bruce Regan, he should be 49 years old by now. He is tall, dark in complexion, afro hair cut, broad shouldered and wears suit most of the time!” Mrs. Described with gestures.
“Good luck finding him.”


“Oh, my God.” John exclaimed as he realized who the man was. His father.


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