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John episode 13


Episode 13
Written by Ekhosuehi Testimony
John ran into a busy road panting heavily, he wanted to wrap things up before his mother finds out that he left the house. He held the paper that has Bruce’s car plate number written on it. “This must be the 6th street.” He said to himself. He looked around for clue that would lead him to

Aunty Grace’s house. “Oh God” he said, “I hope I’m making the right decision.” He added. He walked down the street looking left and right for any Akura XDX that matches with the plate number. He was also being cautious as to not be grabbed by anybody. He walked endlessly for 20 minutes, almost giving up. He was about to leave for home when he heard familiar voices; laughing and chatting from the nearby bungalow house. Bruce’s car was not in that Vicinity, and John wondered where the car must have being parked. He walked stealthily towards the house. It was a small modern bungalow, painted with milk. It has well furnished brown wooden doors. The windows were open, and the front door was left ajar. Little wonder John was able to hear their voices. John walked to the window side, peeping through it. He saw Bruce and Hannah, and a woman he assumed to be Aunty Grace. They were having dinner, seated round a round table with each of them occupying a seat. He had the thought of going inside, uninvited, but he knew it will be rude and childish, and who knows whichever drama Hannah would put up. “That witch. She ruins everything.” He said inwards, and turned to leave, but saw a child in front of him. The little boy was staring at him strangely with catarrh on his nose. “Go inside” John whispered. “It’s not safe out here.” He added, but the boy kept staring at him. He wanted to leave but the kid turns his head to whichever direction he went. “Go now, chop-chop.”John said using his hand to push him. John paused as he heard footsteps close to the door, he guessed it was someone, probably looking for the child because he has stayed outside for too long. “Mama!” The kid shouted, thereby, alluring the attention of the mother who quickened her steps. John wanted to run away that moment to avoid being seen or worse, branded as a thief which he is not. He was half way out of the compound when he was halted by Aunty Grace’s commanding voice. “Stop!” She shouted as Hannah and Bruce ran out of the house. “Who are you?” She asked. “I uhmm. I’m nobody” John said as he turned around slowly which made Hannah to see his face clearly.
“John?” She said.
“Hey, Hannah!” John said,

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smiling. Trying to make it pure. He knew his life was in Hannah’s hands now.
“Please, please. Come and hug me as usual.” John prayed inwards. Fortunately, Hannah ran towards him and John spread his hand widely as if he has loved Hannah from day 1. They hugged for more than 15sec, John held her tight because his life depended on it.
“You know him?” Aunty Grace asked confusingly, as she recognized him at once.
“Yes, he’s my friend.” Hannah retorted as Bruce moved forward to get a closer look at John. He recognized him as he saw his face.

“Isn’t this the weird kid from school today?” He said inwards.

“You are James, right?” Bruce’s asked.

“No, I’m John.” John said as he turned to Aunty Grace. “Oh… she’s the Aunty Grace. This woman has been staring at me whenever she seems me on the street. I wonder her relationship with Hannah.” He said inwards and adverted his eyes.

“Oh, yes. John. What are you…”

“What are you doing here?” Hannah cuts in, preventing Bruce from completing his question.

“I was just strolling and I heard your voice so I decided to visit.” John lied.

“Why were you running away?” Aunty Grace asked nervously, waiting for an answer.
“Well, I was not invited so, I tried to leave without being seen. Nothing more, nothing less.” John lied again, but Aunty Grace didn’t buy it. “Does this mean he found out?” Aunty Grace asked herself.

“Well, since you are here. Come have dinner with us.” Hannah requested with smiles on her face.

“No, thanks. I was about to leave. I only wanted to say Hi.” John turned down Hannah’s request immediately.

“Are you sure you don’t want to have dinner with us?” Bruce asked.

“Yes, yes. Thanks for your kindness. I’ll be on my way now.” John said as he turned to Hannah.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” He said.

“Yeah. I’ll see you when I see you.” Hannah said with smiles.
John was about to leave when he noticed Hannah’s necklace, he was looking at it, trying to remember where he saw it.

“What? Anything?” Hannah asked, showing concern.

“No, no. Nice necklace.” John said smiling and bid them farewell which they reciprocated.
He ran home as much as his legs could take him, but he couldn’t continue running. He decided to stop and catch his breath and that was the moment he saw a sign board on the ground near a

welding shop. It was obviously the signboard was made there, and it is not suppose to be placed there, and besides, the welder is not done. “Alberta Nolan street up ahead.” He read it to himself and sighed. The day was getting darker, he decided to continue running home. He ran out of 16th street to the street where his home is. The roof of his house could almost be seen at the far end. “Almost there.” He said and continued running.
John arrived at his house by 9:35pm, hoping his mother would be asleep. He opened the door silently, and stepped his foot inside, then the other followed. He successful entered without making a sound. “Phew. What a relief.” He said and sighed as he turned to see his mother, folding her hands with a scary look on her face.

“Where did you go?” Mrs. Monroe asked furiously.

“Geez. Calm down. I went to a friends house.”

“To do?”

“Duh. To get a textbook.”

“Why didn’t you wait till tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday.”

“Well, I was eager to do my assignment.” John said and turned to leave for his room.

“This your friends house, where is it located?” Mrs. Monroe asked.

“Mom. Why these incessant questions?” John asked angrily.

“I asked you a question, Johnny boy. Where?”

“Alberta Nolan street! Now, leave me alone!” John said as he went straight to his room and banged his door angrily. He lied about the address, he didn’t want to give her the real street address so he gave her the one he saw on the signboard, but unfortunately, that was the street Bruce and Hannah live.

“Alberta Nolan street.” Mrs. Monroe muttered. Of course she knew it was the street Bruce and Hannah live. She picked up her phone from the center table and dialed a number which started ringing almost immediately.
“Hello?” The receiver answered.
“Bruce, we need to talk.” Mrs Monroe said.


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