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Joshua the security officer Episode 15


Episode 15
Moses had to sit back and watch his madam suffer and learn her lessons the hard way.
One Saturday afternoon, Shilla as usual was enjoying her serie ” THE HAVES AND HAVESNOT ” produced by Katty Perry.
she never liked how Amanda Daddy’s daughter went wild, How Mr and Mrs Tim Cryer battled with their govnor political ambition which was almost buried by their only son who knocked ordinary kid to death,
Worse scenes of David a son to Tim Cryer’s political frontier whose behavior was a gay.
The serie was at its c—-x when Shilla heard a car horn in the compound.
She shifted the window curtains and peeped through.
It was Aaron’s car.
Shilla delightedly rushed down stairs and came out to meet Aaron with a hug.
Michael was with him and it was his first time to be at Shilla’s place.
Shilla took them indoor and offered them drinks and water.
” Shilla before I take this drink guess what???” Dr Aaron said.
” I can’t guess…tell me now?” Shilla asked with pitiful face.
” OK …we are going to see my parents” Dr Aaron replied.
Though Shilla was happy with the idea, she tried to protest but Aaron told her she had no option.
She reluctantly went to her bedroom to change into something better.
He joined them and Aaron took her to his parents residence at Wobulenzi in Luweero.
Aaron’s parent’s received them warmly.
” Aaron come we talk” Aaron’s mum said.
” Don’t tell me she’s just your friend, because from now we need someone exactly of that kind,who is she? ” Aaron’s mum inquired as he was restless and eager to know.
” Relax mama..every will be fine” Dr Aaron replied as he went back to where Shilla and Micheal were sitted.
” Mom and Dad…meet my best friend and wife to be… Shilla the lady i have been talking about, She’s a doctor like me, so if you fall sick when am out of the country, don’t worry she’s the right person, Shilla works in Kampala” Dr Aaron boosted as Aaron’s parents were all happy.
” Webale nyo mukama….oooh God thanks for answering my prayers ” Aaron’s mum said as she danced while hugging Shilla.
” I have collapsed, happiness has killed me ” Dr Aaron’s dad joked as he fell gently on his seat and being a very funny mzee.
Everyone laughed because of how the mzee acted.
Aaron’s mother was more than happy because for the first time, her son had presented to them the lady he wants to marry.
Shilla was received into the family with much love.
” Madam Dr Shilla thanks so much for accepting to marry our only son Aaron, I really pray God to bless you too” Aaron’s dad thanked Shilla.
” Shilla this world is all about endurance, I want you to have patien with him no matter how bad he is, at last family is family” Aaron’s dad advised.
” Papa and Toto thanks for accepting me into your family, I promise to endure my man, so as to make a better family tomorrow, and in Teso we say ‘Eyalama noi noi’ meaning thank you” Shilla thanked Aaron’s patents as everyone laughed.
They had a lot of talks till food was served.
They had fun till late in the evening.
Aaron promised to send his parents to see Shilla’s parents in Soroti when they were ready.
The old parents told their son to hurry with the marriage plans since everything needed was there and because they were dying to touch their grandchildren.
Aaron drove out of his parent’s house. He dropped Shilla at her home and drove out.
A few minutes after Shilla had taken her shower,
her phone message tone beeped.
Shilla smiled.
” This must be a message from my one and only Dr Aaron.” Shilla thought to herself.
Shilla guessed wrongly this time around.
She was eager, Shilla opened the message and read ……..
Shilla read the message several times to make sure it was real.
She got confused and scared for a moment.
She went outside to the gateman.
“Don’t open this gate to anyone.. Are you hearing me?” Shilla shouted.
” Yes madam, but is there any problem? So that I can alert police and nearby Askari’s to be alert.
” Am saying don’t open for anyone, apart from my driver Moses” Shilla said.
Shilla reflected on everything Aaron’s parent said and realised the message wasn’t from a female.
Shilla recalled Aaron’s mother telling her she was the first lady their son had introduced to them in the name of marriage.
” this must be someone closed to me trying to pull my legs as well as frighten me, they don’t want to see me happy, that’s all I know now” Shilla thought to her own self.
More so, she had known Aaron for three months and the last thing the young man spoke about was women.
He was a gentleman that wasn’t a womanizer.
He was a decent doctor.
Shilla remembered what Aaron’s secretary told her when they met.
The lady disclosed to her that she was a very lucky woman if her boss had proposed to her.
According to her, her boss was always busy with either work or male friends.
There was not a single day her boss introduced a lady to her as his woman.
Shilla having recollected all this events, calmed herself from the earlier fear.
She realised the message was from someone close who wanted to play stupid games on her
“What if it’s Aaron that is trying to test my love for him??” Shilla was thrilled by that thought. She even laughed.
” If its Aaron that is testing my love for him, then he has failed because am very much in love with him , a doctor and a perfect personality….ooh Nooo Aaron am yours ” Shilla thought to herself as she smiled.
Shilla tried to figure out who was playing the dirty game.
She called the number several times but there was no answer.
Besides Aaron, Shilla suspected Two other people who knew and who never liked her relationship with Aaron,
they were Moses the driver and Doctor Arnold.
Among the three men, the person she suspected hundred percent was doctor Arnold.
Shilla decided to use her own means to find out who sent the message.
She didn’t really take it serious.
Michael hit his hand hard on the wall a few minutes after Aaron had left his house.
Before Aaron left, Michael tried all he could to make his partner see the sense in not going in for a woman.
He explained that she would be a huge barrier between them but Aaron assured that his relationship and marriage with a woman won’t have any effect on their relationship but Michael wasn’t okay with it.
Michael tried to remember Aaron all the promises they had made to each other never to make any woman come between them.
” Michael you have to bear with me because my parent’s are on my nerves and neck to get a wife, you even know it and you have heard me talk to them on phone several times”Dr Aaron pleaded.
Michael was not very happy with the response.
He realised his partner’s mind was made up and nothing could change it.
He therefore decided to use the hard way.
Michael sent Shilla a threat immediately Aaron left.
He bit his lips hard and decided to end Shilla’s life should she not listen to his warning.
Michael went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of hard liquor and swallowed it down his throat.
Back to the office on Monday morning, the first thing Shilla spoke about was the visit to Aaron’s parent’s house when doctor Arnold entered her office.
She was bent on finding whoever was behind the message.
Shilla decided to ignore Moses the driver because she was not too sure he could do that.
The response he received from doctor Arnold made her happy.
” Shilla am very happy to hear that Aaron actually took you to see his parents. Its a good move, it shows hes serious, What amazed me is the fact that the young man’s parent disclosed to you Shilla that you are the first lady their son brought home. ” Dr Arnold said.
” But Shilla soon you will become a mum, I advised you to change the mentality on love and profession even though you have gotten a perfect young man.” Dr Arnold still advised.
” Shilla that Aaron is a gentleman because he proved it, even when i first met him though i was scared the young man might behave the same way your other previous guys behaved because of your mentality which I didn’t like ” Dr Arnold advised.
” I was somehow convinced that the young man was real and ready to marry you Shilla because he had taken her to see his parent’s” Dr Arnold added.
Shilla had wanted to disclosed to her colleague what someone had sent her but since she suspected him, she kept quiet on the matter.
During lunch that day, Shilla called her father in Soroti to disclosed that she would come over during the weekend.
Shilla’s old parents were very delighted because their daughter had been away for long.
” Dad tell mum to prepare my favorite boiled chicken well because am going to come home with someone special….hahaaa dad don’t ask me who? Don’t tell mum, I want to surprise her” Shilla said to her dad.
As the days went by, it was now weekend, Shilla took Aaron to her parent’s house to introduce him to them as the man that wants to marry her.
Shilla’s parent’s were equally happy because it was their desire for their first child to get married.
Shilla’s two brothers being younger than her were all married which made her parent’s worried about her.
Her parent assisted them in choosing a date for the engagement and wedding as well when Aaron’s parent went to Shilla’s parent’s to make an official proposal.
Norah, and Dorah fought over who was the perfect lady to be Shilla’s brides maid.
Shilla had no intention of choosing herself because if she did, the other one would feel she loved the person she chose more than them.
Shilla gave them the opportunity to choose who they thought was perfect to be the brides maid for their friend. They fought till they finally agreed that Dorah should be the brides maid.
Dorah was Shilla’s favorite so she was happy they agreed on her.
The wedding plans went faster than one could imagine.
Shilla ignored the threat she received from whoever sent it and focused on her future with Aaron………………………………….
…………..to be continued.

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