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Joshua the security officer episode 10


Episode 10
” Ooh Doctor Shilla congratulations this is something I yearned to hear, so soon I will visit Soroti for the first time” Arnold told her how happy he was for her.
” Shilla am not against the relationship as you thought earlier, but I always advised you to be careful with men, if you meet someone for the first time, don’t show excitement, don’t even tell them you are single, this will make the pretend, that’s just my say. ” Dr Arnold said.
” Dr Arnold do not bring back the past here, The two doctors had fun in the office.
Shilla and Alvin’s relationship grew faster than a fertilized seedling. She felt grateful to God for replacing Philip with Alvin who looked more responsible.
The young man Alvin took Shilla to Mbale and introduced her to most of the radio presenters at STEP FM, OPEN GATE FM. Shilla got the privilege to meet her favorite presenters too.
Something kept Shilla thinking. Anytime Alvin introduced her to someone, all Alvin said was “meet Shilla. She is my doctor friend” and also, Alvin didn’t make any attempt to take her to his house something that always scared her.
Shilla decided to confront him about the matter. She did and all that the young man told her was not to worry about anything because there was nothing there to worry about.
Alvin told her not to be so haste in following him home because he was not in the relationship for s£x but for marriage.
He promised to take Shilla to his house when time was due. The words of the young man calmed Shilla’s heart. Her heart was laid to peace.
One evening, Alvin went out with Shilla to have dinner at a restaurant that had good live band.
While they were enjoying the music, food and the atmosphere.
Alvin laid his head on the table.
” Whats the problem? Whom are you dodging? ” Shilla asked.
The act made Shilla assume that Alvin was trying to cancel his presence from someone.
” Is hope you are fine?” Shilla asked him again.
” Am OK, all is well” Alvin replied.
” Then why you had put your head on the table? Its very weird, don’t you think?” Shilla asked.
The young man Alvin kept silent.
He placed his phone on his right ear and pretended to make a call.
Shilla felt ashamed for judging him wrongly.
Shilla was wrong! Everything happened with the speed of light.
” Alvin Alvin Cheeiii …is this you” A lady screamed as she stood behind Shilla.
Shilla was furious, turned only to see a pregnant lady looking very furious and too worried.
The look on her face told Shilla there was something wrong that very moment.
The lady swiftly got closer to where Alvin was sitting and held his shirt.
“Oooh so you think I’m not good enough for you right? You married me to put me behind doors, and hang out with bitches right?
Alvin tell me, what don’t I have? which that Lady has? ” the lady screamed on top of her voice which attracted a number of people who tried to calm the situation.
Some too had their phone cameras on. Shilla felt very embarrassed.
She wished the earth would open and swallow her up that very moment.
Hell was all following her.
Shilla had her dignity to protect but can she get out of the scene created without being disgraced?
Shilla stood up and silently tried to walk away but unfortunately for her, the lady grabbed her dress by the neck and her bag fell down.
“You want to run away right, madam husband snatcher, we have to finish this here, Didn’t you see his wedding ring before chasing him with your p—y? Or you think yours has sugar? Can’t you get any other man to sleep with you aside following people’s husband? So you have been the reason my husband returns home late? ” the lady hissed still holding Shilla’s dress.
The lady tried to slap Shilla but the people around held her.
” Madam don’t blame this woman, first blame your husband, he’s the causer of this, women rarely chase for men, but men chase for women ” One man said as he separated them.
Shilla being freed from the grip of the pregnant lady tried to walk away from the place but she didn’t get it easy.
The lady followed her with shouts of insult alongside clapping..” Oluluuu shame upon you b—h, devil sent on earth to disorganise people’s happy families. All women watch out and be careful with your husbands” The lady was so loud that everyone in the area heard her and realised the lady she was hooting at was having an affair with her husband.
To make things worse, the Lady was pregnant and anyone could easily identify with her since she looked vulnerable.
The crowd that gathered was huge. Some started pointing fingers at Shilla.
” Woman of today over what do they want? Very nice face and body but can’t get a man, instead chasing other women’s husband’s ” one man in the crowd said, something that entered in Shilla’s ears so well.
The lady kept screaming on top of her voice….” Please help me people lets stone her to death” She kept explaining to the people around.
” No we can’t kill her, cause you never know it wasn’t her fault, maybe your husband was a problem, she’s not a thief or a killer such that you say we should stone her to death ” One of the community elders around said.
In fact with tears Shilla picked a boda boda and was taken out of the embarrassing scene.
The lady went back to her husband who still had his head on the table. He felt very ashamed of himself for the act.
” Alvin my only husband am I not pretty enough or the pregnancy has made my body not attractive enough.” The lady cried out.
Alvin’s lady was beautiful. She was fair in complexion. Had the same height and body weight which was almost like that of Shilla, though Shilla had a big round booty.
The pregnant lady had s£xy eyes that can turn a guy on with just a stare. Even in her anger and tears, one could see she was was very pretty.
Alvin lifted his head looking very embarrassed like never before.
He felt he had wronged the wife.
He knelt down in front of the wife that moment and pleaded with her for forgiveness.
The wife left him at the scene without a word. She entered her car and drove off.
Shilla had to hire a vehicle to Kampala since money wasn’t her problem.
Six hours later, at around 12: 40 pm, Shilla was in Kampala, she entered her house feeling headache because of the great embarrassment she received that evening in Mbale.
She just didn’t understand why that married guy proposed to her.
After taking a shower, Shilla went and sat down to recall all the drama that happened.
She held her head and something ran in her mind.
Shilla recalled all what her Assistant colleague Dr Arnold once said….
” Shilla am not against the relationship as you thought earlier, but I always advised you to be careful with some men, iam not saying all men are bad, but if you meet someone for the first time, don’t show excitement, don’t even tell them you are single, this will make the pretend, and show like they are interested I you, Shilla you have such a nice body, this i will openly tell you any man would imagine just seeing your n@kedness for one night, and there those men who won’t give up, they will always try all and all they can to see they see you n@ked on bed, that’s the world we live in, or some will just want your money and not even sleeping with you, that’s just my say, me Arnold will always talk, you are my friend and senior, I respect you but I don’t have to fear you, I will tell you what’s good and bad ”
Oooh Jesus, Shilla took a deep long breath as she opened her eyes and lowered her head down.
Shilla decided like she should forget about men and focused on her profession.
Shilla tested enough stress in trying to chase a man of her dreams, She decided to forget about love and focus on her life and profession.
The following day at work was tough for her.
The negative thought she had about Dr Arnold being a discouraging guy and enemy of progress went off her mind.
She regretted if she always followed his advice full of bitter facts.
Dr Arnold was such an open guy and happily married and blessed with two kids.
Shilla buried her pride and disclosed to Doctor Arnold everything that had happened to her.
Her colleague was shocked because he thought Shilla was going out with Phillip.
” Arnold am just sorry, I just became shy to tell you what Philip did to me” Dr Shilla said.
” You see my Senior, the problem, is we fail to learn lessons in our lives, why you didn’t advise yourself? with Phillip’s issue but you went in for another guy, you could have healed from the heartbreak, i know you are chasing your dream, and you would love to be happy like any other woman outside there, but then character has to be adjusted” Dr Arnold said.
” Arnold my heart wouldn’t let it be” Shilla replied.
” Shilla I won’t stop telling you this, you have to be careful with some men and also change her mentality of going for someone with a good profession, this mindset can’t help sincerely speaking, Happiness can be got anywhere” Dr Arnold advised.
” wait wait Stop Arnold i would rather stay single than dating a low class guy.” Shilla replied angrily.
Doctor Arnold realised nothing he would say will make the young lady see sense.
” Its OK, let’s continue chasing our dreams, in life always advice but not decide” Dr Arnold said worryingly.
He decided to let sleeping dogs lie. He made fun of Shilla with what happened to her, the previous night.
“Shilla, can you describe to me? I mean what happened there between you, the so called Alvin and his wife” he said as he laughed.
Shilla realised Arnold had started his jokes again.
Doctor Arnold saw Shilla’s look and run out of the office while laughing………………….
…………..to be continued.

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