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Joshua the security officer episode 18


Episode 18
“Shilla am here to advice not to decide for you, so now tell Moses you driver to leave for good, if you think he is not good enough. If you think there is a better driver out there than him, just tell him to leave” Dorah said to Shilla and waited for her reaction.
Shilla had a confused look on her face.
She tried to be tough but Dorah knew without doubt that Shilla can’t tell Moses to leave.
Shilla, was speechless, she left them and went upstairs without saying a word.
Dorah turned to Moses.
and asked him…” Moses may you prepare the car and take Shilla your boss to work. ” Dorah said.
Moses stood quietly for a while before exiting the sitting room.
Moses didn’t blame his boss too much, he knew what she went through the period of time they worked together.
He knew the lack of a good man in her life was making her not think straight.
Moses went to the car and made sure everything was in good condition.
He sat in and tuned the radio to Salt FM for Morning Melodies 105.4fm to listen to gospel.
A few minutes later, Shilla and Dorah came out from the sitting room fully prepared for work.
They joined Moses in the car and they drove in silence to the hospital.
Shilla dropped from the car and without saying a word, She entered the hospital.
Moses drove to drop Dorah to her work place.
” Moses am sorry for everything that happened but I need you to have patience with your boss, just know she’s going through a trying moment ” Dorah advised.
” Don’t worry Dorah I understand, though it was really very unfair and unfortunate on my side” Moses said.
” Moses you come and pick me after work so that i can go for my car at Shilla’s home, you know she vomited inside so I told the gate man to clean it” Dorah said as she entered her office.
Moses drove from Dorah’s office to go and get something to eat.
After eating, he decided to relax at the restaurant for a while before going back to the hospital.
He had three hours for himself before his madam would need him to take her to have lunch.
While Moses was relaxing, something struck his mind which kept him thinking.
It was something his wife said.
He recalled his wife telling him …
.” Sweet heart you have an important role to play in your boss’s life.”
Moses tried to recall and understand the words with his brain but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t understand what she meant by those words.
He decided to ask her when he got home from work that evening.
Later that evening,
” Sweet heart why did you say I have an important role to play in Shilla’s life? ” Moses asked his wife.
The wife smiled and said …
” Just have patience, it will happen with time.”
Moses was not convinced with the explanation he received but kept cool.
He knew his wife to be a dreamer and he was sure she had had a dream about his boss.
He hoped it wasn’t a bad dream.
Few weeks later, Shilla and Moses dropped their differences and became closed as they were before.
The three friends of Shilla helped her to forget about Aaron and also convinced Shilla’s parent’s that the young man was not the right guy for their daughter.
Shilla got over the incident and moved on with her life.
Five months down the line,
her father called her home and introduced her to a young man by the name Shadrach.
He was very handsome and he was a graphic designer.
Her father disclosed that the young man was his friend’s son and knowing how good his friend was to him,
his son too would be a good man and therefore advised his daughter to hook up with him because he was looking for a wife.
Shilla gave it a try because to her, a graphic designer wasn’t a bad profession.
A few weeks later, Shilla discovered that Shadrach lied about his profession.
Shadrach was just a ordinary painter instead.
Shilla was so angry with herself for wasting her time with the painter.
Shilla decided to live her life alone.
She decided not to date again.
Some weeks later, Moses lost a relative and since the funeral was to be held in his hometown of Katakwi which was about 50 kilometers from Soroti Shilla’s home district.
Moses asked for permission from his boss.
Before leaving for the funeral,
he introduced a friend who was also a driver to the boss one day at the hospital.
“Madam Shilla, am sorry but i would like to put to your attention tha I will be away for one week and I thought it wise to let this friend of mine take over my duty till I am back. He is Called Aaron, he’s a muganda from Masaka, He is equally good as I am” Moses said not too sure whether his boss would agree to work with his friend who shared a name with her bad ex boyfriend.
“and Moses what makes you think I will need the service of another driver?” Dr Shilla inquired.
Shilla scanned Moses’s friend called Aaron thoroughly.
“Eeeeh madam I’m sure you will need his service please. Adding driving to your work is kind of harmful to your health. In as much as I earn money for a living from driving you, I think a lot about your safety. Aaron is not a bad guy. He will execute his duties as a driver perfectly” Moses assured his boss.
“if you say so, I hear Aaron but I hope he won’t do things I don’t like” Shilla said.
” Don’t worry madam, I will do the right thing till Moses returns from the funeral.” Aaron said.
” But what’s your other name, besides Aaron? ” Dr Shilla asked.
” Am called Musoke Aaron ” He replied.
Two days later, Moses left Kampala to his hometown Katakwi.
Musoke took full charge of his duties.
Shilla’s friends tried all they could to convince her to date again but her mind was made up.
Shilla was in no position to go in for another guy who would break her heart again.
She invested her time on her profession and children.
Doctor Arnold was not too happy with her decision not to date again.
” Shilla refusing to date again isn’t the best option, in fact its not a solution to your problems, the best option is for you to change your mind concerning love and profession ” Dr Arnold advised.
” Arnold i stand on my ground, there was no way i can let someone with a bad profession date me” Shilla said confidently.
One evening after work, Shilla ordered Musoke to drive her to Gift’s house so she could check on her and also find out from the little girl’s father,
what he wanted to discuss with her.
Shilla and Musoke got to close along because the young man was very gentle and nice like Moses.
He was humble and obedient too which made Shilla like him.
Shilla secretly made plans for him to get a driving job with one of her friends who has been disturbing her to get him a good driver to drive him.
Because she was not sure where she could get a trust worthy and respectful driver,
she kept telling the rich friend to have patience for her.
Gift’s father welcomed Shilla when the car stopped at the compound of his beautiful mansion.
” Doctor I was all smiling thinking this is Moses.” Gift’s dad said.
” Sorry ..Moses lost a family member, but will return shortly ” Shilla said.
” Ooh dear its a pity for Moses, sorry for the loss but if he returns back from the village let him come to see me” Gift’s Dad said.
He took Shilla and the driver to the sitting room.
Gift jumped up when she saw Dr Shilla.
She hugged her with delight.
Shilla held her in her arms and promised to take her to her house to spend the weekend there.
Gift couldn’t believe her ears.
Her joy knew no boundaries, she was all excited.
” Aunt Shilla who that guy you came with was, is he your husband? and where is uncle Moses your good driver? ” Gift asked.
” Gift he’s Uncle Musoke my friend, and uncle Moses will be back in 4days time” Shilla explained to Gift.
Gift’s father took Shilla to his study to have a business chat with her.
” Doctor I have imported a fleet of 20 buses for transport business here in Uganda but couldn’t continue with the transport business because my Security job in Dubai needed my attention.” Gift’s dad narrated.
” But seeing you are a very brilliant young woman, I have decided to dash all the twenty buses to you Dr Shilla so you can do the business for yourself besides your professional job of being a doctor” Gift’s dad added.
Shilla was shocked and advised Gift’s dad to find a trust worthy person to manage the transport business, because she had never done any business.
” there’s no one i can trust. More so, it’s a new business which needs much attention.” Gifts dad added.
Shilla tried all she could to make him get someone to manage it for him because she had no intention of going into transport business but Gift’s Father’s mind was made up.
Shilla asked for time to think about it though her mind was made up.
She wasn’t accepting the buses because transport business was something she had not thought of or had no intention of doing.
When Shilla was done talking to Gift’s father,
she returned to the sitting room to see Gift having a hearty chat with Musoke who was enjoying the beautiful art and home.
Shilla was not surprised because Musoke had a way of making people like him.
He had a sense of humor that makes people laugh and happy when with him, he loved talking and cracking jokes.
Shilla got closer to them and hugged Gift.
” am coming to pick you after work on Friday after” Shilla said.
” Aunt Shilla will uncle Musoke be around? ” Gift asked as Shilla got surprised.
She looked at her shoulders to see what Musoke’s mood was.
He had a broad smile across his cheeks which meant a positive answer.
Musoke promised to be with Gift though he had things to attend to.
“so Musoke tell me. What did you tell the little girl to make her so glued to you?” Shilla inquired on their way home
“nothing really. I was real and natural. That is what my daughter used to tell me to do when she was…” Musoke paused and focused his attention on the road.
Shilla realised for the first time that something was eating the young man up.
She asked him several times what the problem was but he brushed the topic off and brought up a new topic which made Shilla laughed throughout the ride.
Musoke dropped her home and left to his house.
Shilla decided to use the opportunity of Gift’s request to dive into Musoke’s life to see what was wrong with him.
She knew without doubt that behind his smiles, something was eating him up.
” Madam today is Friday, may i know the program? ” Musoke asked.
He knew very well what they were up to on that Friday evening yet he asked.
“Musoke, what are you expecting me to tell you huh? Have you forgotten our schedules for today?” shilla asked with a smiling look.
“sorry madam. I thought you’ve had a change of plans. Forgive my bad manners” Musoke pleaded as he laughed.
“well, this should be the last time you will call me madam. Just call me Shilla” she warned as she laughed.
“Madam, oh sorry Shilla, I will like to be called Aaron Sokie instead of Musoke” Musoke joked.
” Sokie is my nickname…from the name Mu ‘soke’ I prefer that one. It’s a request not an order” Musoke said with a straight face which made Shilla smile and laugh.
” Don’t worry because I will call you whatever name you wished ” Shilla replied.
Musoke drove Shilla to Gift’s house to pick her.
The seven year old girl was already prepared when they got to the house.
The first person she hugged was the driver which made Shilla a bit jealous.
Gift later hugged her.
Shilla spoke to the little girl’s father for sometime before they drove out of the house to Shilla’s residence.
Shilla had prepared a room for the driver because the initial agreement was for him to stay with them over the weekend but when they got to her residence,
the driver made a move to leave.
Shilla asked him if he had forgotten the agreement he had with the little girl.
Musoke disclosed that there was something he had to attend to.
Shilla got annoyed.
She was sure Gift would not be happy if she got to know the driver was planning to leave.
Shilla pleaded with the driver to stay because it was an agreement he had with the little girl.
Musoke promised to return the following day.
When Shilla realized the young man had made up his mind to leave,
she informed Gift about it and to everyone’s surprise,
Gift told the driver that, ” uncle Musoke if you leave, i won’t talk to you again.” Gift said as she rushed into the house in tears.
Shilla followed Gift to make sure she was okay.
She caught up with her in the sitting room and promised her they would have a great time together without him so there was no need for her to cry.
Shilla wiped her tears with the back of her palm.
She took her to the kitchen and took a bowl of ice cream from the fridge.
Gift smiled when she saw the ice cream.
Musoke cleared his throat huuh huum for them to know he was around.
Shilla and the little girl turned to see him standing at the entrance of the kitchen.
They ignored him and concentrated on the ice cream.
“if nobody wants me around, I’ve got to leave now” Musoke said and turned to leave.
Shilla and Gift turned to see him leaving.
Shilla signaled to the little girl Gift to tell him to stop or she will cry again.
Gift rushed to hold his hands and told him…” Uncle Musoke don’t leave let’s stay here with Auntie Shilla, I don’t want her to sleep alone” ……………..
………………to be continued.

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