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Joshua the security officer episode 4


Episode 4
” Hahaaaa good girl. You have to maintain the standard. Look at us here. Those chics Dorah and Norah are all happy and married to handsome, jolly, loving and caring men with good profession. It’s always about following your heart. Marry someone who can build a good and respectful home with you and that person must be a lawyer, a journalist, a doctor etc. Your kids won’t even relax in their education because they know mummy and daddy are professionals. Hope you get me” Andrew advised.
“guys, guys, guys, listen! ..do you know I actually poured urine on a mechanic some years back?” Norah disclosed
“You don’t mean it! What did he do? Dorah inquired curiously as All the guys gave their attention to Norah.
“well this is how it happened. I didn’t mean to do it but I had to. There was this auto mechanic who used to service my car for me when I graduated from the university. I was eyeing my husband who is a bank manager and business tycoon. He had not proposed by then but I was actually interested in him and was expecting his proposal. I visited the bank the least problem I had with my account. I did that just to see him. I one day visited the bank to tell him I can’t remember my first bank account number..” Norah narrated.
The girls blurted out in laughter. They actually forgot their environment.
“you mean to say.. You actually went to the bank to tell them you have forgotten the first digit of your bank account? Hahaaa as for me Dorah, I chased for Elena and promised myself not to miss use opportunity” Dorah boasted.
“oh yeah…Lucky you Dorah, I sure did. In the pretence of seeing the bank manager” Norah replied.
Everyone laughed out.
“you still haven’t told us why you poured urine on the mechanic” Shilla asked.
“Wait Shilla…Actually every time I was in the banking hall, i making sure the bank manager notices my presence,
my mechanic approached me one day and was like ‘I want to marry you Norah’ he actually said that to me…”
“you mean that common dirty mechanics, I have been seeing at garages?” Shilla asked
“Those dirty mechanics. I wonder if they do bath after work… He kept disturbing my life until I decided to show him something small. I went to the shop one day having a two day urine in my boot. I called him to check my boot locker for me because it was faulty. There was nothing wrong with it though. As he opened the boot, I quickly removed the urine from the boot and poured it in his face. These were my words to him
‘next time, don’t propose to a lady of a high status. Yours are tailors, beans sellers, and sachet water sellers,
I entered my car and drove off. Till today, he has not crossed my path again. That was three years ago” Norah narrated.
The ladies blurted out in laughter. It was a loud roar of laughter that made everyone in the restaurant turned their attention on them.
“Norah, you are not easy. Next time, they won’t take ladies for granted” Shilla praised.
Just then, a waiter walked to their table to plead with them to lower their voices.
“Mr waiter, I will give my friend to you. You are such a gentleman” Dorah said pointing at Shilla.
They had fun for sometime and left the restaurant. Since they all had their cars, they parted ways. Andrew dropped Shilla at her home.
Shilla disclosed to her friend, the stress in the office.
” Stress?? Shilla then you need to get a driver because stress can cause accident” Andrew advised.
It was Monday morning.
Shilla organized and went to the office.
Shilla sat behind her laptop in the office with shaky hands. She tried to think straight and positive but it wasn’t working.
Shilla pushed the laptop aside and made room on the desk for her head. She put her head on the desk and closed her eyes to relax her mind. The memories of how she hurried to leave office that Friday evnin kept flashing in her.
Shilla had many patients to operate but the one she was about to do that Monday morning had no hope.
The little girl Gift was seventy percent dead and Shilla knew it would be difficult for her and the team to come out of the surgery room with smiles.
Doctor Arnold her assistant had given up already. He was only following her instructions. She realized it.
Her office door gently opened and and a nurse entered. Shilla lifted her head. ” Doctor..the little girl is now ready prepared at the theater for the surgery” The nurse said.
“_Its ok thanks…am coming shortly” Dr. Shilla replied.
Shilla put her head down on the desk again and said a word of prayer. She wasn’t a spiritual person but she realized the problem was beyond her.
Shilla dressed up for the surgery and joined her other colleagues.
She felt an inner hope that Gift would survive.
The surgery started.
The surgery was successful ” Ooh God thank you” Shilla said with a deep breath.
but 5 minutes after the surgery, as Shilla was undressing, a nurse cried out..” Doctor, it seems Gift has stopped breathing”
Shilla rushed to the bedside and checked Gift herself. She knew Gift was still alive.
” God why? ” Shilla said ” God don’t please take away my happiness” Dr. Shilla added.
Shilla couldn’t understand anything.
“Gift had passed through the surgery without dying. Why would she die after the surgery” She thought to herself.
Shilla checked to see if everything was connected well.
Shilla realized everything was perfectly done. It was maybe God’s plan.
Shilla remembered the words of the Gift’s parent ‘she is our only child’… The words sunk deep into her heart and tears started hitting the floor.
It was against the profession. A doctor or nurse is not supposed to shed tears when a patient loses his or her life but Shilla couldn’t hold back her tears. It flowed on her cheeks…as she recalled all the conversation she had with Gift’s parents.
Doctor Arnold took Dr Shilla to her office through the back door.
He just couldn’t understand why she was so glued to the fact that the child must at all cost survive while they were aware that the child was seventy percent dead before the surgery.
“Shilla, you are behaving weird today. What is wrong with you. Why must you shed tears because we lost a patient. This isn’t the first time someone has lost his or her life and besides, it’s not our fault. Heaven knows we did all we can to save her but..” Dr Arnold said.
A nurse opened the door and entered the office…..
“Doctor… Gift is breathing again”
Shilla got up from her seat and wiped her tears.
She rushed to the theater to see if what she was told was true.
To her surprise, Gift’s breathe was stable.
“this is unbelievable….God we treat but you heal” the words came out.
Shilla turned to face Doctor Arnold.
“We made it. We made it” Arnold said Shilla.
and there was clapping from the nurses who were in the theater.
Dr Shilla felt very happy and proud that the girl had survived. She was taken to a ward.
Shilla decided to go back to her office this time around using the front route which meant Shilla would pass through the waiting room.
Just as Shilla reached waiting room, the parents of the girl who were standing moving around and restless in the hall rushed on her.
They rushed to her with so many questions.
“Doctor how is my daughter?” Mum asked.
“Doctor please is Gift okay? ” Dad asked.
“Doctor please say something to us” Gift’s mum begged as Dr Shilla was still quiet.
“please relax. Your daughter will be fine. We are still doing what we can to save her. Continue praying for her” Shilla said and left them to the office.
Shilla sat on her chair and gave out a loud sigh of relief. She raised her hands and thanked God for a successful surgery.
Just then her phone rang. Shilla picked it and checked who the caller was. It was Dorah. She answered quickly.
“hey girl, what’s up this Monday morning” Shilla asked
“you sound happy this morning. What is the secret” Dorah inquired
“well, I just had a very successful surgery on one of my patient’s who had no chance of survival. It’s amazing” Shilla disclosed.
“that calls for celebration. We have to celebrate it on Friday after work. What do you think” Dorah said.
“Dorah, you are so right. This calls for a celebration” Shilla Supported.
“Shilla, I have directed one of my husband Elena’s friend to your hospital. He’s called Phillip, he complained of tummy upset due to a bad meal he had last night.
He is Accountant by profession, Phillip is strictly single. I mean very single. Make use of the opportunity when he comes to the hospital” Dorah disclosed.
“Wow, I can’t wait to welcome him and give him the best reception ever. Who knows, he could be my luck. Thanks so much for thinking about me always. Life without a serious man isn’t easy, and my years are going” Shilla said.
“I understand Shilla…don’t mention it girl. You would have done same if I were in your shoes. Let’s talk after work” Dorah said and hanged up the call.
Shilla searched through her bag quickly and brought out a small mirror and make up kit.
Shilla made her face well to look good. She smiled to herself when she realized she was looking good… Getting hotter and better as usual.
A few minutes later, a nurse entered her office
” Doctor there is a gentleman in the consultation room who insisted on seeing you” The nurse said.
Because of tension and excitement Shilla was in…..
“please tell the gentleman to go back and come after five in the evening. This is working hours” Dr Shilla said to the nurse
“Doctor.. he is actually here to seek for medication but insisted on seeing you” the nurse clarified
“oh really? I thought he is just here to See me. I will be there in a few minutes time please” Shilla pretended to the nurse.
“okay Doctor” the nurse responded and went out of Dr Shilla’s office.
She dropped the mirror into the bag and went to the consultation room. There were lots of people waiting to be checked by the doctor and nurses. Shilla pretended moving around the patients and spotted a gentleman in a fine coat.
He was fine looking. He was fair in complexion. His hair was Afro but decent. His baby looking face added more handsomeness to his features.
Dr Shilla put on a smile as always to welcome the patients. Because the young man was first in the waiting list, he was called by the nurse to go to Room 8 to see the doctor.
The man got up and went to room 8, knocked, entered and sat.
Shilla later went to her office. She entered and sat with a smile like never before as the gentleman looked at her with apple eye.
“Good afternoon Madam……Are you Doctor Shilla?……… (Part of text missing)…….
……to be continued.
Coming up Episode 5.

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