Judas in the Church

Judas In the Church – episode 7

Judas In The Church
Episode 7
Note: I would be changing the name from Deacon Duncan to Deacon Douglas. Someone already started attacking me whereas I wasn’t even thinking of him when I started this story. So let’s go on. It will now be Deacon Douglas! Thanks.
It was the first Sunday since the ordination of pastor Chris as the new assistant pastor. The church was filled up as usual and everyone was excited to hear the new assistant pastor preach.
Pastor King came to the altar and announced that it was pastor Chris who would be rendering the message for the day. There was a loud clap from the congregation, as pastor Chris mounted the pulpit. Immediately he came forward he signalled to brother Chuks from the choir.
Brother Chuks jumped forward and began a worsh¡p song. As he sang pastor Chris raised his hands up to heaven, there was an heavenly opening and it seems like angels had come down from heaven into the church. Men and women were lost in the Holy Spirit as they began speaking in different tongues. Even brother Chuks had started singing in tongues.
Sister Happiness who was sitting at the almost the front seat had her gaze on brother Chuks. She was still wondering and remembering what the doctor told her. At a point, brother Chuks eyes met with hers, he smiled and continued with the worsh¡p. It was as if he didnt remember at all what had transpired between them, he acted like everything was normal. This got Happiness thinking a lot.
”How could his heart not even skip for once, here she was sitting and her heart beating like drum at just the mere sound of his voice, and there he was singing as if he was the younger brother to Jesus, how is he doing it?” She thought aloud. When she couldn’t get an answer to her question. She quietly let her mind divert to other things.
And then pastor Chris mounted the pulpit after a thirty minutes session of worsh¡p led by brother Chuks. He preached on what he titled ”WOLVES AND SHEEPS”.
”You can’t call yourself a christian, dead to the world, buried to the world, and then still live in the world, and do the things of the world. You can’t be a sheep and a wolf at the same time. It is either you are a sheep or a wolf”.
”For you to be for Christ, you must be a sheep, for a sheep beget a sheep, if you are a wolf. Then you can’t dwell with sheeps.”
”He further went ahead and summoned the church to state where they belong and who they are in Christ. Do not pretend to be a sheep when you are a wolf.” He made an alter call at the end of the message and so many persons stepped out to rededicate their life to Christ.
Happiness was really touched by the message from the pastor. She did not come out, but she prayed within her for God to help her to live as a sheep instead of a wolf.
To be continued
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