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Judgement on earth episode 13


Judgement on earth episode 13
I applied for admission into the premium university of the country and I gained admission to study Business Administration. I paid my fees as requested by the school authorities and I reported to school on the appointed day of reporting in my latest black Volkswagon beatle car(Apotro car). Every eye was set on me when I got down from my car and made way to the administration building, other people were in a queue doing their registration but I by passed all of them and went to the registration room to do my registration. Some of the people threw insults to me but I fell on deaf ears to all the negative utterances they made to me because I knew very well I was at fault. On my way back from the registration room I started targeting the nice ladies in the queue, I smiled to some of them and most of them couldn’t hide their joy with the smile I showed to them. I located my department shortly as I left the administration block and I entered the first year class to find a seat for myself, I met some few people in the class and immediately made some few friends with some of the guys in the class who couldn’t keep the eyes off me, they stared at me because of my fine boy features, you can imagine if guys couldn’t take thier eyes of me then what could be the reactions of the ladies. After class that day one girl approached me to know me better and she ended up warming my bed that night, in fact she claimed she had a boyfriend but was willing to break up with him just to be my girlfriend, she painted her boyfriend black to me and said awful things about him thinking I was a saint from heaven myself, little did she know I was the devil’s reincarnation being. In no time school academical activities took full flight after the orientation and studies started vigorously, aside my charming looks I was academically sound and that gave me a big advantage over the guys in the class. Almost every girl in the class wanted to be next to me so I could help them with assignment and project works, I even heard some of the girls who were close friends fought over me whiles I hadn’t proposed to any of them yet. No matter who you were and where you were from, Obed will draw your skirt down, in my department I had even slept with some of the young female Teaching Assistants (T.A). For the young guys the best thing you could do to save your relationship from wrecking with your girlfriend on campus, was to come and beg ME to have mercy on you with your girl. If you failed to do so and you rather confront me rudely or harshly, then you should consider yourself in a rat race with me. My friends nicknamed me with a lot of accolades. Some called me Choppa Chups, Mr No, Nonsense, Pant Holder, Hot Cake, TwePapa, Mediwo, whiles others called me Bie Gya, Cunt King and some many names I have even forgotten about. I was the cause of many broken relationships on campus, the funny thing was that after I think I have had enough of you, I dump you for a different person. Per my calculation, I think in my first year I slept with 1/3 of the ladies I matriculated with and by my second year, I had conquered all of them including some of the 3rd and 4th year female students. What annoyed me most was to see a too known girl on campus, no matter what amount I will spend on you just to have you in my bed, I will spend so I get you and when I do I have a hidden camera in my room that took secret shots of our s£xual escapades, I will then blackmail you with it to extract the money I spent on you before you considered my proposal. For some ladies I even went on bet with other male friends of mine before I made the approach on those ladies and at the end I won the bet by bringing picture of me sleeping with those girls in question. Because I was leaving in a luxurious duplex alone every lady who had the chance to enter my small empire didn’t want to leave. Some ladies fought brutally because of me on countless occasions, some in my house, others on campus and some also at the school cafeteria.
Some ladies fought brutally because of me on countless occasions, some in my house, others on campus and some also at the school cafeteria. Before I got to the third year I was the most popular and talked about guy on campus, I contested in all the fashion events on campus and I always came out victorious. They say the more your fame the more your enemies, because I had destroyed many relationships, I had chunks of haters who plotted evil against me. The first attack that came my way was, one of my cars was burnt at the school car park whiles I was in class one morning, that same day robbers broke into my house and 3days later I was attacked and stabbed when I was coming home from a disco with a new girl I had landed, if not for the intervention of a lady passing by who came to my rescue I would have lost my life that night. None of my numerous girls passed by to check up on me at the hospital all this while that I was on admission, not even the lady I was with that night when I got stabbed passed the hospital. The lady who helped me that night happened to be a nurse, she took me to the very hospital she worked and took me as her responsibility, she took great care of me even when she was not on duty she would prepare food and bring it over to the hospital. Her attention and affection towards me made me fall in love with her for the first time in my life I was in love, I mean genuine love this time around. I deleted all those girls I had in mind and my focus and attention was channelled to her, when I was about to be discharged from the hospital I told her what I felt for her but she bluntly refused my proposal. Honestly all my life I haven’t fallen so deeply in love that way before and the very first lady who got me to fall in love with her also refused my proposal, no lady has ever turned my proposal down but for this nurse she was the first lady to do so to me, there was something special and unique features on this lady I wanted to excavate. Funny enough she was that beautiful and also was not my spec of a woman but I just loved her, all she told me was that she was afraid of my handsome personality and that I could dump her anytime soon knowing very well that I nice looking more than her. She agreed for us to be just friends, she could come to my house and help me cook, clean and wash for me and that was the only point she could go with me if I agreed to her rules and regulations, I complied but secretly decided not to give up on her. I was back on my feet after some few days in the house so I went back to school and as I went I was a transformed person to all who knew me.
My dark and worse moment started when I taught I had left my past behind me, that week from Monday to Friday 17 different girls that I had slept with came to me with pregnancy news. Some were willing to go for abortion whiles others were adamant to abort the pregnancy, I gave some of them money to go and abort the pregnancy alone whiles others wanted me to go with them to the hospital and of which I agreed to their terms and conditions. Those I went to the hospital with had a safe and clean abortions done for them and for those who took the money and said they will go alone to the hospital went in for this local made concoctions which ended up damaging their wombs or creating a complication. I hid all this away from my new love fearing that, if she gets to know of my ugly past my chances of winning her heart was at stake, after the abortions for the ladies I tried my best to stay away from all those girls in a very polite and gentleman manner. The more I tried to abstain from sin the greater the temptations came my way, those girls who were giving me tough time in sleeping with them as I use to do first were now chasing me even when I was avoiding them.
Finally Hannah the nurse who took good care of me when I was admitted at the hospital gave me the green light, she accepted my proposal but gave me her conditions of her relationship. Her conditions were very simple to me as I wasn’t in my past attitude any longer, “No marriage, No s£x” was her condition and of which I gladly accepted. She was caring, calm, loving, understanding, supportive, sincere, hardworking, dynamic, cultured and God fearing. I went with her to see her family to let them know my intentions towards their daughter and how I wanted to settle down with her, my problem personally was that she was older than me but you know in the Western world age was only a number so I over looked it and more over my physical appearance always gave me the big boy look so it was not a bother at all. That night as we came back from her parents house Hannah the love of my life gave her body to me for the very first time without me asking for it, we made great love the whole of that night and surprisingly to me she was a virgin. This discovery sparked another level of love and respect in me for her, at her age I never believed there were virgins of her kind in the entire world. I knew nursing to be one of the baddest professions in the country but my sweetheart always gave me the cause to rethink about certain things always.
Her birthday was fast approaching so I planned a surprise party for her together with her family, I also decided to buy her a car as a token of my love and appreciation to all the wonderful things she has been doing in my life. The long awaited day came and it was filled with joy and excitement, everything planned for the party had been sorted out beautifully, we went to shopping that morning together and as we got back home, Hannah told me she had something to tell me. Apparently she was not feeling well so she went for a checkup only to be told by the doctor that she is 2weeks pregnant. This news brought great joy to my heart and life.
I was just waiting for night to fall so I send her to the party grounds and give her the biggest surprise of her life. To my love she knew I was just taking her out to give her a treat but what she didn’t know was a had a bigger plan ahead for her. She called her parents to break the news to them and they were also very happy to hear the news since she was their only child. On the way to the party the unexpected and unthinkable thing happened…………………………..
Set your sight on this page if you want to know what happened next!!!
No sinner will go unpunished. Be careful of the things you do to your neighbour today because what goes around surely comes around.
…to be continued

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