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Judgement on earth episode 4


Judgement on earth episode 4
Six months later, the notorious pant removal Professor Awude is still on the rampage among the female students. His new target happens to be no one but Akosua Dufie so he invites her over to his residence ostensibly to talk to her about her grades.
Prof: Akosua have a seat. I could notice you were not very comfortable in class today when we were dealing with the series of African Communication Skills, Lingual Franca and African Symbolic Structures?
Akosua: I must confess Prof, I was very confused. The very names of the topics are confusing enough.
Prof: That is why I say you should not hesitate to see me at home or anywhere else if you think you are having problems with my course.
Dufie: Thank you sir, I will always remember that.
Prof: Have you been hearing from your father lately?
Dufie: He rang me only yesterday sir.
Prof: Oh nice, I have not heard from him for sometime now, maybe because I myself have been to busy to give him a call. Anyway that is beside the point why I actually asked you to come here, I want to talk to you about your last semester exams.
Dufie: (smiles with confidence). So how was it sir?
Prof: They are unbelievable. I thought your father said you are a bright student, but am afraid your performance is not at all satisfactory. Indeed this is a secret, but I want you to know this first since I know your father very well. You are among the number of students to be dismissed for having failed the (FUE) that is the First University Exams. Here is the list.
Dufie takes the list and stares at it in shock and shortly begins to cry.
Dufie: Oh sir, am finished. I don’t know what I would do if am dismissed. I don’t know how my father will react if I lose this chance of a university education. I promise I will work harder henceforth.
Prof: How can I help you? I don’t think I am in a position to help you without endangering my own career.
Dufie: (on her knees). Sir please do something to help me. Please my hope resides in you now sir. Please don’t let me be part of the dismissal list. Please sir.
Prof: (after some thought). Well, lets see, I may be able to help but it will take some sacrifice on your part too
Dufie: If you help me sir, I promise you I will pay any amount you ask from me.
Prof: No, money is not my problem. But when I look at how nice looking you are, I am tempted to……………..
Dufie: Go on sir, I am listening.
Prof: Do you know you are beautiful Dufie? Now if you will bribe me with that beautiful body of yours. I don’t see why I shouldn’t do anything to make you stay on this campus still as a student despite your failure.
Dufie: (Understanding the full implications of the Professor’s speech) Oh no sir, not my body!!!
Prof: But you want me to put my career on the line and help you, yet you don’t want to sacrifice.
Dufie: But when my father introduced me to you, he asked you to take me as a daughter.
Prof: I see you don’t want to be helped. In that case you may go. I have some scripts of certain students to mark. Good day my dear.
Dufie: Sir so if I am to agree to what you are saying, when should I come to see you.
Prof: Are you ready to do business with me?
Dufie: I suppose so sir. I am ready.
Prof: In that case, there is no better time than now. Now that you are here in my house, we can enjoy ourselves and from here, I will go and do whatever is necessary to be done to get you to stay in this university
Dufie: But sir, if we do it, what will my father say?
Prof: Your father cannot know what happens here except one of us tells him which I am not sure neither of us is going to do. So what is your worry?
Hmmmmmmmm when the hunter is not afraid to shot any animal that comes his way in the forest, he ends up shooting the scared python. What goes up surely will come down and if you haven’t met your match you think you are the best and strongest. Trouble never searches for its victims rather its victims always chase after it.
An hour later…….
Prof: That was wonderful, I never knew virgins were still in this part of the world. Now you have to keep whatever has happened here a secret and everything will go on smoothly for you.
Dufie: Sir you have taken my pride of womanhood away, I would be disappointed if you don’t hold to your word and my father might here about our s£xual escapade if you promise and fail me!!!
Prof: I don’t go back on my promises. You can go now. Just consider yourself a student of this university still.
After Dufie leaves to her hall of residence, Prof goes for his diary once again to record his latest achievement. “Victim #563 and still counting”. On her way she meets her friend Tilly.
Tilly: Dufie, where were you? A guy came looking for you.
Dufie: A guy? What did he say his name was?
Tilly: Ermmmmm……… do I even remember. Yes, yes, he said his name is Dennis.
Dufie: Dennis!!!! Where is he now?
Tilly: I believe he’s gone back to wherever he came from of course. He couldn’t wait any longer after he had waited for about 2hours and nobody was sure where you had gone.
Dufie: Oh my God, Dennis. Did he say when he would be coming back anyway?
Tilly: He didn’t state when or whether he would be coming or not. But why do you look so agitated? If you know the guy, why don’t you just go there or better still ring him?
Dufie: (murmuring in her head) Oh God, this has been a really bad day for me. The only time Dennis comes to look for me on campus and this man seduces me. I couldn’t even keep myself clean for the guy I love so much.
Tilly: Why do you look so worried. Has something bad happened to make you feel that way, Dufie?
Dufie: No my dear, you leave everything to me Tilly. I can handle it.
A month later, Dufie goes back to the residence of Professor Awude.
Dufie: Prof, I came to see you.
Prof: Have you lost your manners Dufie? Not even a knock on the door and neither did you greet after entering the room. What if I was [email protected]?
Dufie: Manners? And did you say [email protected]? Very very funny.
Prof: Well I have been meaning to invite you here for sometime now to repeat that fantastic time we had the last time, but I just have been too busy.
Dufie: Too busy sleeping with the female students, hmmmmm no doubt.
Prof: I hope I am not discovering a tingle of jealousy in your voice.
Dufie: (laughs out loud). I will never ever get jealous over what you do with the other girls, having promise myself I would never fall into your trap again after that dirty trick you played on me. When you knew I had not failed my FUE, but you told me I had so that you could take advantage of me to sleep with me.
Prof: But you enjoyed the experience, didn’t you?
Dufie: Whether I did or not its none of your business. I am here on a different mission anyway. A mission that should give you a lot to think about. I want you to know that I have missed my period. My menses haven’t been in for a month now.
Prof: (alarmed with what he just heard). Now wait a minute. What exactly are you trying to insinuate?
Dufie: I mean am PREGNANT.
Prof: Pregnant? That means you have been sleeping around with all those silly boys on campus. When we tell you not to run around with those boys on campus you think we are talking nonsense. Now look at what you have gotten yourself into. I will have to call your father to tell him this. (Attempts to reach the telephone on his coffee table).
Dufie: I will call it a bluff. Just pick up that telephone and call him and listen to me as I tell him you are responsible for my pregnancy.
Prof: Wait a minute girl, don’t tell me I am responsible for your pregnancy?
Dufie: That is exactly what I am telling you. Do you think I am that cheap to be sleeping around just like that? Let me tell you Prof, I had never slept with any man before you lured me to bed and of which you can atest to the fact that I was a virgin when you slept with me. I was keeping myself pure for my boyfriend Dennis and now you have spoiled everything for me. Since you are going to let me lose Dennis and perhaps my education as well, I will also make sure you don’t go scot free.
Prof: (now sweating badly). Do you want to tell me that just after a round of s£x in my house has caused you to get pregnant? Are you sure you have not been sleeping with that Dennis you just mentioned his name? Or is this a blackmail to get back at me?
There is a looming trouble on the mountain. Prof is about to encounter his greatest challenge. Dear reader if you think you know what is next then am afraid to let you down.
Please try leaving your comments behind after reading every new episode of this story. Ur views and comments gives me the inspiration and motivation to think and imagine more to write.
…to be continued

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