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💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 13

BY : kebby NG

I stood there like a statue staring at all of them.

They would know the truth by now, I thought.

This is all my fault,if only I hadn’t got angry at him, I should have begged him not to say anything yet I had let my emotions get the best of me and I had lashed out at him.

It’s best that I just leave before anyone notice me.

“Andrea?”Beatrice called as she spotted me.

“Yes”I replied and everyone turned to stare at me.

“Why didn’t you tell us”Beatrice asked suddenly and i stared at Max but he was staring at his book

“Yes Andrea, Why didn’t you tell us, do you think we won’t find out somehow.”Brenda added

“I……I didn’t know how to tell you guys”I said knowing they were referring to my secret.

Max had told them and now everyone will hate me, I thought sadly.

“You guys should just cut to the chase and surprise her already”Geoffrey said impatiently and I wondered what he was saying.

Immediately Beatrice and Brenda hugged me and everyone screamed out a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

“Why didn’t you tell us that today is your birthday? If Max hadn’t mentioned it, we would never have known, “Brenda said.

My birthday, I totally forgot that today is my birthday. I was so worried about Max telling everyone the truth that I forgot my own birthday. No wonder Mom had asked me what I needed urgently, she is planning to buy me a gift.

“You are meanie Andrea, how could Max have known and we your friends didn’t” Beatrice asked and I didn’t know what to tell her.

I had also forgotten that today is my birthday.

How did Max even find out, I thought as I sneaked a look at him.

He had the chance to tell them yet he didn’t, Why? I thought as everyone made a fuss over me.


are going to have a party right! The last party was at Beatrice house and now it will be at yours right!”A student asked

“My house! “I asked, feeling nervous again.

“Yes, it’s your birthday Andrea and so you are suppose to throw a party”Geoffrey added

“I don’t party that much and I didn’t prepare anything for my birthday “I said

“What!!!”They all said in unison.

“You really are something, you didn’t prepare anything for your birthday?”Beatrice asked

“Have been thinking of something else lately”I said, staring at Max who kept on staring at his book.


then since you prepared nothing, we will do something for you”Beatrice said

“You don’t have to”I said

“Of course we have to, what about booking an exclusive night at the 67 CLUB”Beatrice said and everyone agreed.

“So it’s decided, all you just have to do is to show up at the club looking like the birthday girl” Beatrice said happily.

The teacher walked in and everyone went back to their seats.

I sat watching Max, why didn’t he tell them the truth and how did he even know that today is my birthday, I thought as I kept on studying him secretly.

As if he could sense that I was looking at him, he looked my way and quickly I averted my face.

I will just have to talk to him at school, I don’t know what he is up to and it’s best that I find out before it’s too late.

It was a free period and I sat with Beatrice and Brenda, listening to their plans for tonight and I was also keeping an eye on Max waiting for the moment that he would step out of class.

As if he could hear my thoughts ,bhe closed his book and headed out of class, this is my chance to know what his plans are.

Quickly I excused myself and went after him, it seemed like he was heading to the teacher’s office.

I got to him before he could get into their office

“What’s this?”he asked

“We need to talk”I said moving into his path so he wouldn’t walk off.

“I don’t have anything to say to you”He said

“We do Max, please just give me a sec”I begged

“No”he answered and just then I saw a teacher coming towards us and without thinking, I grabbed his hand and pulled him off, unknown to us Rose was watching us.


wasn’t until we got to the school hall that he pulled free.

“What’s your problem?”he asked

“We have to talk”

“I already told you, am not interested in talking to you”He said

“But I am, don’t you know that your silence is killing me, you made it clear to me that you will tell everyone the truth and you did nothing of that, just what are you planning?”I asked

“Nothing! I have to head back, the teacher needs me”He said turning to leave but I pulled his hand and knelt in front of him

“Please Max, don’t torment me any more”I said

“And how am I tormenting you?”He asked

“With you silence, to you I might look foolish but to me, lying is the only way I can survive, that is something you will never understand”I said

“And I don’t want to understand,Let go Andrea”he said

“Please Max, I will do anything, any thing, As long as you don’t tell anyone about me”I begged

“Anything?”he asked suddenly and I stared at him only to see him having a smile on his face.

“You will do anything just to keep me silent right?”He asked

“As long as it’s not something bad ” I said as I stood up quickly.

“Fine I accept”he said wistfully

“You do”I asked

“Yes, as long as you do whatever I ask you”He said

“Tell me what to do,”I said, feeling hopeful.

“There is something of mine with Rose”He began

“Rose, as in your ex”I asked

“Yes, my ex, I gave her a necklace of mine and it’s a gift from my late brother, I want it back, Get it for me at all cost”He said

“Do you know if she wears it or if she……..”

“I don’t know, just bring it to me before lunch time”he said and walked off.

I stood wondering how I would approach the famous Rose to get him his necklace.

“Have got to do this, it’s the only way to save myself”I said.

Even if I have to beg rose for it, I will,I thought as I went in search of her

Luckily for me, A lot of students weren’t there and so they were few and Rose and her friends weren’t there either and their belongings weren’t there.

I thought I could get to her bag and check for it first but nothing.

I went to look for her and when I did saw her and asked for the necklace, she was very rude to me

“I just need it because it’s very important” i said

“Why? Don’t tell me that Max sent you ”

“Yes he did, please kindly give it to me , it’s very important to me”I said again

“I won’t! If he wants his necklace then he should come and get it himself”She said

“Rose I……..”

“Stop it, You made it clear to my friends that you weren’t interested in him, don’t let me think otherwise Andrea”she warned as she left .

I went back to class feeling down, I couldn’t get the necklace, what will happen now, I thought sadly

“What happened? Where is my necklace?”Max asked as he stood at the entrance of the class waiting for me

“I don’t have it with me, she wouldn’t give it to me , can’t you just give me something else”I asked

“No, I only want my necklace, find a way to get it for me and I will keep my mouth shut for good”He said and went into the class.

A while later, while Beatrice and Brenda planned my birthday party, I sat down thinking of how I would get Rose to give me the necklace.

Just then the class representative from Rose class came to me, saying the teacher was calling for me.

I went with him only to see Rose crying while the teacher kept placating her

“You called for me ma’am”I said

“Yes I did, Rose here claims that you stole her Necklace”The teacher said

“What? I didn’t steal any necklace”I said

“Yes you did, you planned to steal it, that was why you came to ask me to give it to you”She said

“But you didn’t give it to me and I didn’t steal it”I said

“You did, you are a thief”she yelled at me

“I might be anything Rose but am not a thief”

“Don’t listen to her teacher, She stole my necklace, the necklace itself has a butterfly pendant and it’s gold in colour, please tell her to give it to me,it’s very important to me”she said crying

“You are a new student here and you are already causing trouble, Rose wouldn’t lie if her necklace wasn’t missing, I want the truth now, did you steal it or not?” The teacher asked me.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 14

BY:kebby NG

“No ma’am I didn’t steal the necklace”I said feeling bad and sad that I have to go through something like this.

I might be a liar and I might be poor but I will never stoop to stealing.

“Just give me back my necklace, it’s a gift from Max” Rose said again

“If you have the necklace just give it back to her or you will force me to hand this issue over to the school head”the teacher said again

“I……”I couldn’t finish my sentence because someone dropped the necklace on the desk.

I turned only to see Max standing beside me.

“Why are you here Max?”The teacher asked.

“To show you the necklace Rose claims to be lost” he said

Both the teacher and I stared at it and saw that it was the necklace Rose had described

“How come you are with it?”The teacher asked

“It’s been with me always, I once gave it to Rose but it was returned to me by her a few months ago”He said and I stared at him in surprise.

“But Rose said she just lost it recently?”The teacher asked staring at Rose.

When Rose didn’t say anything the teacher apologised to me.

“Let’s go”Max said and I left the teachers office with him.

On our way to class, I kept on wondering why he would ask me to get something from Rose when he himself had it.

Feeling so curious to know,I pulled him by his hand and he stopped to stare at me.

“Why would you ask me to get you a necklace that have been with you”I asked

“Well I just wanted to see how far you will go at keeping me shut and I would say that you pass the test “He said

“You did this just to see how far I will go?”I asked

“Yes and you passed the test, you should be happy”He said

“Happy! Really ! I might have been called poor, a liar and every sort of name but have never been called a thief but just because you wanted to see how far I will go, you made them call me one today”

“You really are mean,”I said and left him standing there.

I could feel the tears threaten to pour but I held it in.

I won’t let him see me cry, I won’t ,I thought as I walked into class.

“Can anyone tell me what planet is before planet Earth? ” the geography teacher asked but my mind wasn’t in class to answer any of his questions.

I kept on staring at Andrea, ever since our discussion she hasn’t been looking good.

I was only trying to know how determined she is at making me keep her secret.

She really went far as to approach Rose for it , I know that because I was watching everything she did.

“You really are mean!” Her words came back to haunt me

Today she had been called a thief and that’s all my fault I thought as I kept on staring at her.

Just then she raised her head and stared at me, she had a puzzled look on her face.

“Max! Max, are you listening?” The teacher’s call brought me to reality.

I stared at him and at the students, they were all staring at me.

“Max!”the teacher called again and I focused on him once again.

“Sorry sir but my mind was somewhere else” I said

“Thinking about what exactly?, you know a competition is coming up soon, you need to be ready for it” The teacher said

“Sorry sir”I said

“The competition is far from his mind sir, Am sure that he was thinking about his new found girlfriend, aren’t I right Andrea”Geoffrey said and I turned to give him an angry look.

Andrea didn’t seem like she cared because she just kept staring at her book.

She would have said something or would have denied it quickly but now she is not even saying a thing, I thought as I turned my attention to the subject going on.

The bell was rung and I would have gone to speak to her if Beatrice hadn’t pulled her off.

“See you all at the party”Brenda added as she ran after them.

I guess I will just have to wait for her to return home, I thought as I packed up my stuff.

“Beatrice and Brenda aren’t going to bring alcohol to the party, should we just bring it instead”I heard some students saying behind me.

Sure, we will bring in some and add it to every one drink, No one will suspect a thing “another replied and they left the class room.

I just hoped that by the time Andrea comes back home, she wouldn’t be so drunk, I thought as I took my bag and headed out of the class.

I got home and went straight to my room. I didn’t feel like seeing or talking to anyone, especially my mom.

She will keep on trying to find a way to get me to coerce me with her words and don’t want that.

She killed Nick and it always stays that way for me, I thought as I brought out my book to begin my assignment.

I finished late, Stretching a bit, I stared at my watch, the party would still be on,I thought as I decided to go get a glass of water.

When I need the maid they won’t be around, I thought as I got into the kitchen.

Andrea mother stood by the table, she was holding the table like it was her life, could some thing be wrong with her, I thought as I quickly went to her

“Are you okay ma’am?”I asked as I held her by the waist

“Just help me to the chair”she begged looking pale.

I walked her to it and she sat down taking deep breaths

“Should I get you some thing to drink?”I asked and she shaked her head.

“This happens all the time, I will be fine , thanks “she said

I went to take the water I needed but still lurked around ,Incase of incasity, I thought as I kept on drinking.

“Ahhhhh……..I can feel my body being itself again”she said as she stood up

“Are you okay now?”I asked

“Yes,I am,it just happens all the time and I need you to do some thing for me”she said starring at me.


“Don’t tell Andrea what you saw here, she already has enough worries, I don’t want her to see me getting sick, she will think it’s all her fault”She said

“Is your sickness bad?”I asked

“Not that bad, don’t worry”she said and I nodded

“There is suppose to be a party, why aren’t you there?”she asked

“I don’t like parties”I replied

“Oh I see, am quite worried though, Andrea said she will be back by nine but this is past nine, would she have drink something alcoholic”she asked Talking to herself

“Why did you say that? The alcohol part?”I asked

“Let me put it this way, Andrea is allergic to alcohol, just one drop of it makes her do crazy things” she said

“Beatrice and Brenda aren’t going to bring In alcohol to the party, shall we just bring it instead”

“Sure, we will bring in some and add it to every one drink, No one will suspect a thing”

Remembering what those girls said made me realise why Andrea must be running late.

She would have drunk a cup or two, I thought.

“Should I just call her again?”her mother asked herself

“Did she tell you the venue of the party?”I asked and her mother stared at me…………

“Common guys……..LETS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!” On hearing Andrea’s voice, I turned to stare at her.

Though she was dancing well amongst the crowd, she looked totally drunk.

“Are you sure you didn’t give her any alcohol?”I asked Beatrice who stood beside me

“I didn’t, she made it clear that if she drinks a drop, it makes her go crazy and so I didn’t get us alcohol”Beatrice said

“So why is she acting this way?”I asked again as I stared at Andrea who Kept on moving to the beat of the music.

“Maybe someone brought in alcohol, you know these kids, just help me keep an eye on her,I need to get something”Beatrice said

“Hey why should I do that?”I asked but Beatrice was gone to hear it

I sighed as I stared at Andrea again, she looked great in her white attire,I thought.

The white jeans snug lovingly to her legs while her white crop top outlined her waist and her white sneakers finished the set up.

This is the first time I am seeing her being free, maybe it’s because she is drunk.

While she danced,she had a smile on her face, her first real smile,I thought as I headed towards her.

“Dance…..dance……dance”she kept on muttering as she swayed on the dance floor.

She moved and if I hadn’t gotten to her, she would have fallen.

In my arms she stared up at me and gave me a smile

“Oh it’s you!!!!! “She said looking cute

“You are drunk!”I said to her

“No am not, I only drank a cup of juice,am fine, just let me dance and party” she said as she tried to move out of my arms but I held her back

“You are drunk Andrea, let’s just go and take a seat”I said.

By being seated, she would be watched properly…..well until Beatrice comes back to watch over her.

“Stop being a meanie jack, let me party or I will do something you wouldn’t like” she said drunkenly

“What exactly will you do in your state?”I asked

“This” she said as she stood on tip toe and kissed my cheek

Due to the shock I let her go and she gave me a wide grin

“I told you I will do something you wouldn’t like, now let me go and party”she said turning to leave

I made a grab for her hand but I was late because someone else was at her side,pulling her towards him.

I stared at the intruder only to see that it was Max.

“You are drunk Andrea, I will take you home”he said but I held Andrea by her hand too and he stared at me

“Just who are you to barge in here and take her away”I asked staring at him angrily

“And who is to butt in my business?”Max asked as he held her hand tightly.

Apart from Rose, this is the first time I am seeing Max being concerned for someone else.

Just what is his relationship with her,I thought as I stared at the drunken Andrea and then at Max.
To Be Continue 👇




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