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Jupiter High episode 18



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Episode 18


By : kebby NG

(A year ago)

“let’s end it here Jack” Rose said as she pulled out the ring I had given her as a sign of my love for her

“But why?, Why have you suddenly come to this conclusion”I asked her

“I just don’t want this again and I want to tell you this before you find out”

“What?”I asked

“Am now dating Max, Nick brother, I like him more and have given him a chance”She said not looking at me properly

“So you left me just for Max ?”I asked

“Don’t fret over it Jack, let’s just part in a good way”

“No way, I won’t let Max take you from me” I told her as I stormed off

“Where are you going Jack” she called as she ran after me

“To see the bastard who wants to take you from me”I said as I got into my car.

I didn’t see Max at home but I did found him at our usual hang out.

“What’s going on Jack, you look terrible”Nick Max brother asked as soon I walked into the club

“Have come to settle some thing with your brother”I said pushing Nick out of the way

As soon as I got to him ,I gave him a punch making every one around us stare at us

“Hey what was that for?” Max asked


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bastard, how could you steal Rose from me”I said as I tried to hit him again only to be hit by Max himself

“I didn’t steal her from you”he replied

“Yes you did, you knew that we were dating yet you began to date her”I said as I went towards him but Nick and the other guys were already pulling us apart


and I love each other, you weren’t treating her right and when I came along, she chose me”Max said

“I will kill you!”I yelled at him Rose arrival stopped me from doing a thing

“Just stop it Jack, I love Max and have chosen him, just accept it and leave”She yelled at me

Just hearing the girl I love tell me that she loves some one else made me realise that have lost her.

Shrugging Nick away, I left the club.

It had been hard back then to forget Rose and that was why I left for the states, I thought as I walked around the school, trying to get to know it better.

Just then I saw Rose, Max and Andrea by the court yard.

Seems like Max is getting attached to Andrea, I thought as I stared at their linked hands.

Why don’t I have a bit of fun, with that thought in my head, I went towards them and before he could pull Andrea away , I held her hand.

“She is apologising , at least give her an answer before you leave “I said starring at Andrea and Max

“Andrea would have forgiven her if her apology was at least a sincere one”Max replied

“And how are you sure that her apology is not a sincere one”I asked

“You should know, you dated her too”Max said

His reply caught me off guard and it got me feeling angry.

“Why don’t you deal with Rose, while I take Andrea with me”Max said pulling Andrea away but my hold on her didn’t drop.

“I also have this urge to suddenly take Andrea with me, what will you do about that”I asked and judging from Max expression, he was totally pissed.

Max moved towards me but Andrea words stopped him from saying any thing.

“Max and I have to talk about some thing, I will talk to you later”she said and pulled her hand out of mine.

I stood watching her leave with Max and some how I got angrier.

“Don’t tell me you are also into that girl” Rose said behind me and I turned to give her a look

“And you still long for Max right? Tell me what broke you guys up, did you find some one else and dump him or did he find some one and dump you”I asked


doesn’t suit you”

“Since you are avoiding my question, then it must be that Max dump you and don’t worry, I won’t ask why, am not going to pry but I like it, you have also experience the same thing you did to me, have a nice day Rose”I said and walk past her.

I sat on the pillar while Max stood by the balcony starring down at the students who were walking about.

We had chosen the school roof top to talk because we didn’t want any distraction and we also did not want any to listen to our conversation.

“The villa on its is big and spacious, it has five bedrooms, two kitchen, two sitting room and a large hall, the guys can stay in the hall for the get together tonight and………….”he stopped suddenly to stare at me

“Have you been following me”he asked and I nodded

“I doubt that”he said

“Of course I have, this is very important to me and so I have to do my best”I said showing him the book and pen I had held with me

“Tell me something , what will you do, if the truth comes out some day” he asked

“I haven’t thought about that yet and I don’t want to think about it, I only want to focus on the present”I said

“And thanks! Thanks for helping me back in class”I said as I stood up and walk towards him.

“I didn’t do it for you, I did it because I felt bad towards the other kids, you keep on leading them on with your lies”he said and I smiled

“It’s the only thing I can do and even if you are not doing it for me, I still want to thank you “I said

“You don’t have to, shall we continue our discussion, you need to know more about the villa”he said and I nodded

I turned heading back to pillar only for me to trip on my sneakers lace.

I would have fallen if Max hadn’t caught me, I thought as I stood still in his arms

“Are you okay” he asked as he turned me in his arms

“Yes I am”I replied starring up at him.

We both stood still, looking at each other , this is the first time am standing very close to Max.

Suddenly my heart began to race fast and I could feel my cheeks going red.

Quickly I tried to pull out of his arms but he held me back

“You have some thing on your face” he said as he gently wiped off some thing from my face.

His touch sent shivers along my body and quickly I pulled away from him.

“What’s wrong?”he asked

“I……….I think have learnt enough with this, I will see you in class”I said as I left the roof top in a hurry.

I walked through the path that led back to my class, thinking of what just happened a while ago.

Why was my heart beating so fast and why was I feeling Hot, it’s not some thing I ate right, I thought touching my stomach

“Hey! What have you been up to with Max”Jack said as he walked towards me

“None of your business”I replied as I kept on walking

Just then an idea popped into my head , I stopped and turned towards Jack

“Hey! hold my hand”


“Just hold my hand”I said again

“Why would you want me to hold your hand “he asked

“Just do it and stop asking me questions”I said

“Fine”he said and took my hand in his

I felt nothing, my heart was still beating normal and I wasn’t feeling hot.

It might just have been the weather, I thought as I pulled my hand out of Jack

“What was that for?”he asked

“I just wanted to confirm some thing”I replied


“That am perfectly okay ”

“What does that mean”

“You will never understand”I said as I walked off.

“I want my assignment first thing tomorrow” the teacher said as the bell got closing was rung.

“Yes sir” we all answered and as soon as he left, we all began to pack our stuff.

“Time to party” Beatrice said as she stood up also packing her stuffs.

I looked at Andrea only to see her looking pale and a bit with drawn.

She should be feeling happy right? I had lied just to make her feel relieved , she knows every thing she has to know about the Villa, every one would not know the truth about her and so why is she still looking sad.

She looked up and found me starring at her ,she forced a smile on her face and from Beatrice pressure, she stood up and left the class.

I stood up too, putting the rest of my book in my bag and just then Jack walked towards me

“What now?”I asked

“You are coming to the party right?”he asked

“How does that matter to you?” I asked

“Just wanted to know so I can prepare a surprise for you” he said

“Tell me, did you come to this because of me”i asked

“You are not that important and I came because of some one else”he said

“Don’t you want to know who it is?”he added

“It’s none of my business, do whatever you want”I added as I began to walk off

“I came because of Andrea”on hearing what he said,I stopped

“What?”I asked

“Seems like Andrea is your business, I think I will be having a whole lot of fun”he said and feeling angry, I went back to him, pulling him by his shirt.

“Dont mess with Andrea”I said

“What can I do? I can’t help but to want to mess with her”he said smiling at me.
To Be Continued 👇

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