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Episode 19


By : kebby NG

“I’m so stupid, why would I forget my book?” I berated myself as I ran back to class.

I got there only to see a lot of students surrounding our class, wondering what was going on,I walked through them only to stop when I saw Max holding Jack by his shirt.

What’s wrong with them? I thought as I went towards them.

“What are you two doing? stop!”I shouted.

“Speak of the devil and she appears”Jack said and Max pulled him roughly again

“You both should stop.”Rose said as she walked towards us

“You just resumed today and you are causing problem and you, I thought you knew how to control your temper”She said handling the situation well.

I felt kind of bad, I could do nothing to stop them and if Rose hadn’t shown up some thing worse would have happen

“What are you looking at, go home, there is nothing to see”She said to the students who had been watching.

They began to leave and she turned towards Max

“We have to talk Max”she said

“We have nothing to talk about and you! You have been warned, don’t mess with her, I mean it”Max said to Jack and then he left.

I wondered what Max meant by Jack not messing with some one.

“You shouldn’t have meddled Rose” Jack said

“I couldn’t stand by watch you two, isn’t it time you two forget what happened in the past? “Rose left that question hanging as she walked off.

“What brings you back Andrea?”he asked as he finally gave me a glance


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came back to take my book”I said as I went into the class.

“You could have come for it tomorrow”

“I have to do my assignment “I said as i found the book, I turned about to leave when I decided to ask him the question that have been troubling me


you and Max always been like this”I asked

“Been like how?”She asked

“Always fighting ” I said

“No, we were once friends but some thing pulled us apart” he said

“Would that be Rose?”I asked

“That’s all I will be telling you, now shall we head to your party”He asked putting his arm around me

“We will head to my party and you will see for yourself that am not lying when it comes to being rich”I said

“Really? We shall see”he replied having a smile on his face

Angrily I pushed his hand off and began to walk fast.


/> “What a beautiful house you have” Beatrice yelled as I took her and Brenda on a tour.

I stood starring at the house, I never would have thought that Max villa would be this big and beautiful.

I didn’t want them going to the house, so I decided to set the party outside but Beatrice and Brenda insist on wanting a tour, I had no option than to oblige them

“Miss Andrea, would you like us to serve more drinks to your guest” one of the maid asked as she walked in

“Sure, but don’t serve much, they will be leaving soon”i said to lady and she left.

It had been a surprise when we arrived only to see a long line of maid waiting to serve us.

I knew that it could only be Max doing, he did not only let me borrow his house, he also hired maid to make it all real.

“Am so full, I can’t possibly eat more, is this how they feed you Andrea”Brenda asked

“Of course, they feed me well”I replied

“We better head downstairs, now that we have seen your house, we can be more at rest” Beatrice added

“Why do you say that?”,

“You are our friend Andrea, more like a sister, Brenda and i both know each other homes just to keep in touch and be of help to one another and now that you are in our midst, we had to know where you live, in the future if you need our help, we will know where to find you”Beatrice said and I felt so bad for lying to them

“Brenda, Beatrice I………” I began only to stop when I saw Geoffrey going up the stairs.

“You guys should go ahead, I join you in a bit”I said as I ran after Geoffrey


are you going?”I asked as I caught up with him

“Checking out the house, this is great, your house is magnificent, your parents have great taste”he said

“Thank you,let’s go back, the party is down stairs” I said

“What! Are you sending me out?” He asked

“No, am not , it’s just that mom doesn’t like people roaming around the house, it’s best that you go back outside”I said

“Well if you say so, I will leave but I saw the class rep and some of our friends heading upstairs a while earlier”Geoffrey said as he left the house

Oh no, why won’t they stay outside, they might see some thing that they should not see, I thought to the empty room, looking for them.

But I found no one, is Geoffrey even sure, I thought as I ope ned the last door only to see Jack in one of the rooms.

“What are you doing in here?”I yelled at him.

I went through the guest at the party but I couldn’t find Andrea amongst them

Where could she be? I thought as I head into the house

I was heading up the stairs when I ran into Geoffrey

“Oh its the great Max, the only handsome guy at our school” Geoffrey said

“Are you drunk?”I asked

“Just a bit?”

“How did alcohol get in here?”I asked thinking of Andrea

“Where is Andrea?”I added

“Well I played a prank on her”he whispered softly

“What sort of prank?”I asked

“Well I told her that the other students have gone up to the room upstairs but that’s a lie”he said laughing

“What did you do Geoffrey?”I asked getting angry

“Well the students are not the one upstairs but it’s Jack, I set her up with Jack, aren’t I a genius?”he asked and I pushed him out of my way, heading upstairs.

The other rooms were empty, the last room at the end of the hall was the only room that I haven’t checked yet.

As soon as I got there, I saw Jack starring at Andrea, though Andrea is un aware of him watching her

“Have showed you that am not a liar and that am rich, so now you can feel assured and I hope that you transfer out of Jupiter high”she said

“Why should I? ”

“You said you only transfered there to know what am hiding and now that you know that am not hiding a thing , you can leave” she said

Jack was speechless for a while, judging from his expression, he didn’t know what to say.

Just then he looked up and saw me standing there, then he stared at Andrea and at me again.

He gave me a dubious smile and moved towards Andrea

“I can’t leave”he said as he faced Andrea to him

“Why can’t you?” she asked

“Because I think that I want to know more of you” he said looking at me

“I think I will be having a whole lot of fun” just remembering his words made me clenched my hand in anger

“What are you say……….” Andrea could not finish her word because he pulled her to him, hugging her tight

“I want to know more about you Andrea and that’s because I like you” he said this looking straight at me.

I took a step, wanting to go in but I stopped, what’s going on with me? Why Am I acting this way, it’s not like Andrea belongs to me, she is just some one am helping out, so why the hell am I getting jealous.

Taking a step back, I left as quietly as I came.

I stood still in his arms still not sure about what Jack meant.

I pushed at him and he let me go immediately.

“What was that for?”I asked

“Sorry,I just said it out of impulse, don’t take it to heart” he said

“You are totally crazy”I said and left the room in a rush.

I didn’t feel like going to the party, so I went to one of the empty balcony.

What’s happening to me? First it was Max and now Jack.

Max had been an accident, I tripped and he caught me but Jack?

” That’s because I like you”

Remembering what he said got me having goose bumps.

Just then my phone rang and I answered because it was my mom.

“How is the party?” She asked softly

” Good” I replied

“Hope they aren’t making you feel uncomfortable “she asked

“No they aren’t mom”I said

They didn’t make me uncomfortable, instead I was the one feeling uncomfortable, Because I was the one lying to them.

“Are you sure, if you are, just come back home, I don’t want you to be amongst them if they arent treating you right”she said

“They are mom, I mean it”I said softly

“Fine then, get back home safe and please don’t drink any thing alcoholic”

“I won’t, I promise”I replied and cut the phone.

I stood by the balcony gazing out at the sky and I didn’t when the tears began to fall.

“Where could Andrea be?” Beatrice said as they all stood by the entrance, ready to leave.

I stood there with them too but my mind wasn’t really with what they are saying.

I was still thinking about what happened earlier.

Jack had returned to the party but Andrea never did, could some thing be wrong? I thought

“I will go get her”I said and went back to the villa.

She wasn’t at the room where she was with Jack

Where could she be? I thought as I began to head outside but I stopped when I heard some one sniffling.

Followed the voice only to see Andrea crouched on the floor crying.

I didn’t know why but it break my heart to see her cry.

“Andrea?” I called softly

She looked up at me ” Am a loser Max, a real loser and it hurts, it hurts just knowing that”she said crying harder

I went towards her and pulled her up and Then I gave her the only thing she needed at that very moment and that is a shoulder to cry on and also a tight hug.
To Be Continued 👇

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