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Jupiter High Episode 20 – 21



🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 20

By : kebby NG


“Where could she be?”I muttered to myself as I also went in search of Andrea.

I don’t know why am bothering to do this but seeing Max going in to look for her also got me moving.

Just where did she go to ? I thought as I went to the room that we had been in earlier

I found myself remembering what had happened in the room.

It was worth seeing that look on Max face and it was worth having Andrea in my arms

What did I just think of, I thought as I began to head out.

Just then I heard some one crying, I followed the sound and I saw Andrea crouched on the floor crying.

This is the first time that I will see a girl cry, well it’s not like have never seen a girl cry but those were all crocodile tears and it had always pissed me off but seeing Andrea now got me feeling different.

Some thing in me wanted to go to her, to give her comfort and to make her smile again.

I was about to do so but I stopped when I heard Max call her name.

“I’m a loser Max, a real loser and it hurts, it hurts just knowing that” she said as she cried harder

Max went to her and pulled her into his arms, seeing her in Max arms got me feeling furious.

“It’s okay.” Max consoled her

“I must have seem pitiful to you right?”She said as she kept on crying


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you didn’t, you don’t seem pitiful to me “he replied softly

“Yes I am Max, if you hadn’t help me with your house and your maid, I would have been busted, the students would have known that am nothing but a poor devil”she said sniffling

I stood still listening to what she just said, So my assumption was right, she is poor but claims to be rich but why would she lie about it?


have your reasons for lying to them Andrea”

You are right I do have my reason and it’s all for mom and also because I don’t want to be bullied, not again”

She had been bullied because she was poor, I thought as I stared at her

“You won’t and no one found out your secret right? Every thing will be fine”Max said as he held her to him again.

I left as quietly as I came, i came to Jupiter only to find out Andrea secret and also to expose her and now that I know it, I don’t think I can expose the truth.


where is Andrea?” Beatrice asked

“She has some sort of head ache, I think it’s best that we leave, we will see her at school Tomorrow”I said

“But we …………”Beatrice stopped when she got a text

“It’s from Max and he says that Andrea is fine and that we should leave on our own, that rude punk, I wonder what he is doing with Andrea?”She said

“It’s none of our business, so let’s just go, let’s all leave”I said as I pushed Beatrice and Brenda off


I stood by the balcony watching Andrea as she tried to make herself look presentable again.

“Why bother doing that when it’s night”I asked

“If you think am doing it to look good for some guy then you better erase that thought” She said

“Then who are you doing it for?”I asked feeling happy with what she said.

“Mom, if my mom sees me like this, she will be worried and I wouldn’t want that” she said

“You must really worry about your mom a lot” I said

“Of course I must, she works her back off just to send me to a rich school, though she tries to hide it, I know that she gets tired from working too much”she said and I remembered when I had seen her mother at the kitchen the day she got drunk.

I doubt if her mom told her what happened,should I tell her or should I just keep out of it

I wasn’t able to think further because she turned to stare at me having a smile on her face


all done, we can leave now”she said

“Are you okay now?”I asked

“Yes, I must be okay, I hardly cry Max, so keep this a secret and I promise you that I wont bother you whenever I want to cry or any time I feel down”she said

“It’s not a bother to me “I found myself saying

“Don’t try to make me feel good, I know that my crying was too much for you and am really sorry for that” she said still looking a bit pale and sad

“What do you do to lift up your mood when you are sad?” I asked


“You heard me perfectly, just tell me”I said

“I doubt if you will like what am about to tell you ” she said

“Tell me Andrea “I said and she gave me a smile.

A while later we stood at a field and I smiled just thinking of Andrea had told me

“You don’t like it right?”she asked suddenly

“I do like it, i mean who wouldn’t like soccer but am quite surprised that soccer is the only thing that keeps you from being sad” he said

“Well not soccer alone, if I can also get a large bar of chocolate, it will definitely kill the sadness” she said

“You are full of surprise Andrea ?”I said as I took the ball from her and kicked it into the net.

“Wow, that is amazing ” she said

“You haven’t seen me play soccer for real, if you do you might just faint ” I said as I kicked another goal

“Never!”she said

“You will, that happens with other girls”

“But am not other girls and I can also play soccer well enough” She said as she kicked the ball from me

“Try getting the ball”she said as she began to head off with the ball.

I followed suit and began to fight for the ball, I didn’t know if it was my fault or Andrea’s but the next thing I knew was that I tripped and fell on Andrea.


One minute we were playing soccer and another i was on the floor with Max on top of me.

It had been embarrassing when I cried in his arms and it’s much worse now with him on me.

“Max I…..”I stopped when I felt a sneeze coming

Max wasn’t even trying to get up, instead he kept on starring at me, I couldn’t hold back the sneeze and i sneezed right on his face

“Ahhhhhhh! that’s disgusting Andrea” he yelled as he sat on the floor.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it back”I said smiling a bit

I still can’t believe that am here having a talk with the cold-hearted Max.

Well he is not really cold like every one thinks, what he did today have made me realise that he is nothing but a gentle person and his offer to make me feel good again just gave him a perfect 100 from me.

“Is this really funny Andrea?”he asked

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to and you tripped on me and wouldn’t get up on time” I said

He didn’t bother to give me a reply , he stood up and I knew that he was angry.

Quickly I got up too and when I would have touched him, he turned suddenly and pulled at my hand

I lost my balance a bit and he caught me by the waist, staring down at me.

Then he began to bend over me, bringing his face closer to mine, was he going to kiss me, I thought as I stood rigid in his arms.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 21


By : kebby NG


I stood waiting for the kiss, this is going to be my first kiss and I don’t know why I want it to be with Max, Is it because he has been kind to me? I thought as I stood waiting for the kiss But I was surprised when he sneezed instead

“Gross!!!”I yelled out as I wiped off my face

“Gross right? I was just paying you back.” he said and laughed out loudly.

For a while I forgot about the grossness and I kept looking at him

It is the first time I will see him smile and I won’t deny that he look so handsome.

“You know you should smile more often, it brightens you up.” I said and suddenly he stopped smiling, looking more like the cold hearted Max.

“I think we should head back now.”he said suddenly

“But we are still having………….”

“Remember we have to submit our assignment first thing in the morning, I still have to do mine”He said

“I had completely forgot that.”I said.

“What position were you in at your former school”He asked suddenly


“What position were you in ?”he asked again

“It’s better you don’t know”I said as I began to walk off

“It’s bad right?”he asked as he came behind me

Together we walked into his house and I felt so thank full towards him, if it weren’t for him , my secret will have been out and every thing will have got back to square one.

“Thanks for today Max”I said as I stopped to stare at him

“It’s nothing “he replied and out of impulse,I found myself moving towards him and i gave him a peck on the cheek.

He stood still, surprised by what I just did and I felt embarrassed too.

“Seems like you the guardian angel sent to me, thanks again for every thing and good night” I said as I waved him off and went through the maid quaters.



I got to school quite early the next day, I couldn’t sleep and I felt rest less just staying at home so I decided to come early.

As soon as I got to class, I never thought that the first person I will be seeing will be Andrea.

I found myself hiding by the front door watching her

“Ahhhhh…….why is it so hard”she kept on muttering as she stared at her book

I smiled at the way she kept on scratching her head, she really is some thing ,I thought to myself.

With out further thinking, I went to her and sat down beside her.

“You are still here?”she asked

“What? Don’t you want me to be here?”I asked

“I thought you said you came to this school to know my secret and now that you know that am not hiding a thing, you better leave” said.

With what she said, I found myself remembering what she said to Max last night.

“You are right I do have my reason and it’s all for mom and also because I don’t want to be bullied, not again.”

Shrugging that thought aside I said to her.

“Never, so stop telling me to leave because I won’t, I find Jupiter high to be so much.”I said

“Why? Is it because of me or because of Max?”she asked

“What has max has to do with this?”I asked

“You hate him and so you want to stay to piss the hell out of him”she said

“Stop saying rubbish and just focus on your work”I said

“It’s not rubbish and I think that whatever issue you and Brian have you have to talk it out, not to fight over it like babies”she added

“You really know how to get on some one nerves, just continue with what you are doing ,I will leave the class”He said

“No don’t!”

“Why?”I asked as I looked at her

“I need your help”she said starring at her book and I found myself smiling

“Don’t tell me you can’t solve that ?”

“Let’s just say math is my weakest subject, so are you going to help me or not.” She begged and I found myself sitting beside her and for a while I explained to her and when she did finally grabbed it, she turned to me and gave me her smile.

“At least you are good for some thing, thank you Jack”she said and suddenly I found my heart beating fast, faster than usual, quickly I got up

“I will just get some thing at the cafeteria, finish the rest by yourself “I said

“Of course I will , I have a great teacher, thanks Jake”she said again and produced one of her smiles.

My heart began to beat faster and quickly I ran out of class.

As soon as I got to the cafeteria, my heart got back to being normal.

What just happened there, I thought as I held unto my chest……….

“Common Andrea it’s not the end of the world”Beatrice said as she Pat my back

“But I did my best this morning, how come am just having this little score”I said sadly

“You did better than me Andrea, so don’t take it to heart”Brenda added

“But I really have to do better, I have to “I said as I put my head on the table.

Unknown to me Max who was at his seat was listening to every thing.

“Am really disasapointed , after teaching you, you still had to get this score”Jack said beside me

“If you had taught me properly, I wont be in this mess”I said as I punched his arm.

“It’s not like it’s the end of the world Andrea, you did your best and that’s enough” Beatrice added

“Ahhhhh……….I really hate this”I muttered

“Why don’t we just go out for karaoke tonight?” Beatrice asked

“Really beatrice?” Jack said

“What? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”she said

“That’s total nonsense”Jack replied and i found myself smiling

“Let’s just go to a karaoke bar, It will lighten up your mood a bit”Brenda added

“Will it really lighten me up?”I asked

“Of course, the best place to visit when you are down is a karaoke bar”Beatrice said

“Fine then, I will come”

“Like for real, the three of you have gotten a very low mark and instead of reading you decide to go to a karaoke bar?” Jack said

“Stop being a spoil sport Jack, if you want to come with us, you are free to” Brenda told j

“Sorry but am not interested, I don’t have time to party like you girls”he said getting up and then he left the class.

Am glad that he chose not to come, I thought as I stared at Max

Ever since he got to school, we haven’t manage to talk to one another.

I thought of what he did for me last night and I smiled, maybe I should invite him to the karaoke bar, he has never loosen up before and I think by going to the bar, he sure will.

While some went for lunch, I decided to stay back and it’s because I had to ask Max if he wants to come to a karaoke bar today.

I left my seat and went to him, he looked up at me from what he was doing

“Hello Max!”I said

“What is it?”he asked sounding a bit cold

“I just wanted to ask you if you would like to come to the karaoke bar with us, you see I want to thank …………….”

“No, am not going”he said cutting me off

“But why?”I asked

“I just dont want to” he said and left his seat leaving me standing there like a fool.

He wasn’t like this last night, so why is he being cold again………………..

Did I over react too much, I thought as I solved my math assignment

No I wasn’t, I wasn’t hard towards her, she had made me wait a whole one hour by the gate this morning.

‘its not like it’s her you told her you will taking her to school this morning, so don’t put your excuse on that reason”my conscience admonished me.

Well am quite angry that she didn’t wait so I can take her school but what am more angry about Is her closeness with Jack.

It’s driving me nuts and I hate to see her with him, laughing and talking to him.

What the hell is wrong with me! I thought as I closed my book in anger, I can’t even concentrate and it’s all because of Andrea.

“Beatrice and the girls are having a karaoke get together, are you guys interested in coming”I heard Geoffrey asking some students

“No,we will pass”they all said

“Well then am glad “Geoffrey told them suddenly

“Why are you glad?”one of them asked

“I plan on asking Andrea out and the less guys to go, the more opportunity for me, see you all later”he said as he left the class room

I held my pen so tightly that I didn’t even realise when it break

Asking her out? Is Geoffrey kidding me?I thought.

After a long hard day, we began to head home.

“It’s karaoke time”Beatrice kept on saying as we all walked towards the gate.

I kept on thinking about Max, he had been sweet last night, more humane but now he is back to be the cold hearted Max.

“It’s a sad thing that Jack isn’t coming”Brenda added

“What? Will you miss his company”Geoffrey teased her

“Just shut up and why the hell did you have to invite this guy?”Brenda asked

“He said he wanted to come, so the more people, the merrier for us” Beatrice said

Just then I stopped when I saw that shoe lace was untied.

I bent to tie it back while they kept walking off.

“Wait for me”I said still tying the lace

Just then some one called my name from behind and i turned to see Max behind me

“Does the karaoke offer still stand” he asked as he came close to me and at that time Jack called me too and I turned to see Jack standing a few paces away.

“Does the karaoke offer still stand?” He asked the same question Max had asked and I stood in between the two of them looking at them.

What’s with them???????.
To Be Continue 👇

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