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🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 22


By : kebby NG

“Of course it still stands, the more the merrier” Beatrice said as she brought me back to reality

“Of course Max, Jack you can join us “Brenda added as they walked back to us.

“It’s a good thing that you guys are joining in, I kind of felt somehow that am the only guy amongst them” Geoffrey said

“But wait! Why do you two look serious and why are you towering over Andrea, you might just scare the poor thing” Geoffrey said as he pulled me

“I will be in charge of Andrea while you two should just pick a guy,It’s now a three some”Geoffrey said as he pulled me off

I paid all my attention at Geoffrey, I didn’t
Feel like talking to Max or Jack.

Max especially, he had been cold towards me this morning, so why is he suddenly being friendly today, I thought as I kept on laughing to the jokes that Geoffrey cracked

“Mind if I joined you guys?”Jack said as he came to walk beside me

” We do mind, so go away!” Geoffrey said and the look Jack gave him shrink a bit

“Just leave us alone Jack, am having fun with just Geoffrey, don’t come and ruin it”I said and i thought that won’t make him leave us alone but it did.

We finally got to the karaoke bar and while the guys chose a room, we went to get ourselves something to drink.

While buying the drink, I didn’t notice Erica and her friends who walked past us.

A room was given to us and as soon as we got in, the party began

I sat on the chair, watching the others take a mic to sing.

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Andrea sang every song being displayed, it’s like she knows all the songs, I thought as I kept on watching her dance.

Though she was here somehow, she was kind of far to me

She doesn’t want to talk to me, the little we have managed to say was just for her to be careful.

Her attitude was quite different ever since she asked me if I wanted to come to the karaoke.

Yes I had been quite furious earlier and that’s because I keep seeing Jack around her and that pisses me off.


morning I had waited for her by the gate only to find out that she has gotten to school

I was quite angry and maybe that’s why I treated her so coldly, seems like I am the one being given a cold shoulder now I thought as I stared at Andrea who kept swaying to the rhythm of the music.

I found myself watching only her, she kept singing and kept dancing and I won’t deny that she looks very beautiful and hot

As always I found my heart beating faster than usual and that always happens each time I am around her.

That night at the field, I won’t deny that I felt tempted to kiss her but I stopped and instead sneezed on her face.

No girl has ever made me feel the way she makes me feel, not even Rose, I thought as I kept on staring at her.

“Hey what’s wrong with your face, it’s all red, Is something wrong?”Geoffrey asked beside me and knowing that it was entirely up to a different issue, I stood up and left the room feeling so embarrassed.

I stayed outside trying to calm my flustered face and the fast beating of my heart .

Just what’s wrong with me, have never acted this way, each time I am around a girl so why now Andrea, even that Geoffrey can notice what’s wrong with me, I thought.

” A romance song, it should be about love, a song about our love for each other ” a girl said as she walked past me with a guy.

I smiled at seeing the expression the guy had on his face but what caught my attention the most was the girl who was with him.

She looks so familiar, where have I seen her before, I thought as I kept on staring at them.


then Andrea walked out and when she saw me the smile she had on her face died, she moved past me but I caught her hand and that made her stop.

“Why have you been avoiding me?”I asked

“Have I?”she asked

“Yes and you are being cold to me” I said

“You were the one cold to me this after noon,am just paying you back in kind” she said

“Okay I had been a total jerk when you came to ask me about going to the karaoke, I had treated you coldly and that’s because I………..” I stopped mid way.

I can’t believe that I just wanted to tell her that I was cold because I was jealous of Jack.

“You what?” She asked waiting for a reply

“Mom and I had an argument and you know how I get when am around her” I said and she sighed gently taking my hand in hers

“You shouldn’t be fighting with your mother, I think that whatever issue you two are going through should be talked about ” she said

“I know and I think we will someday” I lied to

I don’t think a day will ever come that I would want to stay around my mom.

“So have I been forgiven for what happened earlier?”I asked

“You have been forgiven, you should smile more often, it makes you look cute”She said giving me a smile too

” I need to go to the restroom, I will back soon” she said as she walked off

I stood watching her until she left my sight, I smiled gently.

It’s been a while since I have smiled but ever since she came into my life, I have been smiling all the time.

What’s wrong with cold hearted Max today, I should keep up with my cold personality.

Andrea will be the one I never show a cold shoulder

She has gone through a lot at her former school, those bullies had been………..I stopped when something came to me

The girl that I had seen earlier who looked familiar was none other than one of the bullies who was bullying Andrea on the rooftop.

And she had passed through the same path that Andrea had gone pass earlier, they will both see each other and that will be poor torture for Andrea.

Without further thinking, I ran off in search of her.

I stood in the restroom washing my hand while I humed to a music

I felt happy knowing that Max and I have made up

But why should I be happy about that ? It’s not like we are that close, I kept on thinking and just then the door opened revealing two couples kissing.

At first I was shocked that a girl could bring in a guy to the ladies rest room just to have s£x but then i was more shocked when the couple looked up at me and I saw that it was none other Erica.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 23


By : kebby NG

I walked out of the rest room feeling quite good again

I can now go back to the karaoke room and show everyone the stuff I am made of.

All through the night I have been watching Andrea.

She had been perfect, her dancing had been right and her voice,just so great for singing.

She had been the best amongst the rest though I still don’t know why she is avoiding me ,I thought as I began to head to the karaoke room

“Answer me you fool!!!” I stopped when I heard a girl yell at the female restroom.

“I…I……don’t know” a familiar voice replied and I found myself wondering if the person is Andrea

“She just asked you a question,what the hell is stopping you from answering” A guy said this time and I knew that something was going on.

Why would a guy be in the female restroom and why would that girl be forcing someone to answer her.

This can only be bullying, I thought as I went to the ladies restroom

I stood by the door but they didn’t notice my presence and I was shocked when I saw that the girl being bullied is none other than Andrea and the girl bullying her was the same one she had been running from on that day.

“Tell us where your new school is?”She said as she kept on hitting Andrea on her head

Andrea was shaking and she could hardly reply, i felt my protective instinct stirring up in me

” Are you trying to be secretive, don’t you want me to come pay you a visit?”She asked Andrea

“Oh you must be scared that I will want to come visit you there right, scared that I will tell the rich folks there that you are nothing but a liar and the poor daughter of a maid “She added

“That was the same way you lied to us in the past”she said again

“And In return you and your friends bullied me “Andrea replied softly

“Oh you calling, giving you names, telling you to get us something to eat with your food allowance and making you talk to the class by getting you to do all sorts of work for us is bullying ? Common my dear, i went easy on you and maybe that’s why you had the gall to leave the school”She said

“Erica what should we do with her, we need to head back to the karaoke bar”The guy with her asked

“Give me your number, since you won’t tell me the name of your school, give me your number so I can call you “she said stretching her phone towards Andrea

Andrea stood still not collecting it but and suddenly the guy pulled her by the collar wanting to hit her and quickly I walked in holding his hand

They all turned to stare at me ” who the hell are you ” the guy muttered

“Am someone who hates bullies.” he said and pulled him to me, I gave him a punch on the face.

He fell on the floor and Erica yelled out in fright

“Get lost before I forget you are a lady and give you what you deserve too”I said to her and quickly she helped her boyfriend up and they both ran out of the rest room.

I stood staring at their retreat and then I turned to see Andrea crying softly .

Is this also a reason why she lies that she is rich?

She had said it was because of her mom and now it is also because she was scared of being bullied.

She kept on crying softly and I found myself moving towards her and I pulled her to me, giving her the comfort she needs unknown to the both of us Max stood by the door watching us both And as silently as he came, he left too.

It took a while for her to calm down and when she did she felt so embarrassed.

“All I do is cry these days, am sorry Jack”she said as we both stood by the karaoke balcony

“Why are you sorry?”

“For you witnessing that kind of stuff, Apart from the part that she bullies me, did you hear any other thing ?”She asked

She wanted to know if I heard about her being poor

“No I didn’t” I replied wanting her to feel secure that her secret is still safe.

“But why Andrea? Why do you let those bullies treat you like that, you should have fought them back”He said

“I did try but when it continued on a daily basis, I couldn’t fight back And I let them have their fun with me as their amusement “she said smiling wistfully

“Didn’t you tell any one?”I asked

“Back then I didn’t want to bother my mom and so I kept it a Secret but there was a day that I summon up my courage and went to tell a teacher about their bullying but Erica and her friends managed to convince him that I was the liar, I even got punished because the teacher thought I was giving him a fake information” she said

“And yet she finds you and wants to continue from where she stopped?” I asked, feeling very angry.

“As long as she doesn’t know my new school and also where I live, I will be fine” Andrea said

“I hope so” I thought as I remembered what Erica had said about her mother.

Could her mom really be a maid, I thought as I kept on sneaking glances at her

” I think we should head back now, the others might be worried?” She said as she began to head in.

She stopped and turned to look at me ” promise you keep it a secret ?”she asked and I found myself nodding.

In return she gave me a beautiful smile and then walked off

I could feel my heart beating fast again, why is this always happening when am around her , I thought as I followed her back in


I stood outside with an Andrea bag in my hands waiting for them to appear.

I feel so sad that I had gotten to her too late, seeing Jack comforting her got me feeling sad.

I want to be the one protecting her, the one being there for her and most importantly I want to be the one by her side but all that can’t happen, I don’t think it will ever happen.

I wonder how Andrea sees me ,I thought as I paced around a bit

“Max!”I turned when I heard her call.

She came down the stairs along with Jck who gave me a malicious look.

“Where are the rest?”Andrea asked as she got to me

“They all left, I decided to stay to give you your bag, you had said you were going to the restroom” I asked

“Yes I went there”She said as she took her bag from me

“What about my bag, you didn’t leave them there right?”Jack asked sarcastically

” Beatrice took your bag with her, she said if you need it, you know where to find her” I replied

“Okay then I think I should head home too”She said

“Do you want me to escort you” Jack asked

She stared at me then at Jack , she gave him a smile and shakes her head.

“I can go home alone, good night guys”She said and walked off

We both stood staring at each other, I felt like hitting him but I controlled my anger and I turned to leave.

“You like her right?”He asked and I stopped to give him an angry glare

“Yes I like her, don’t tell me you like her too”I asked

“What if I say that I do like her?”He asked

Angrily I went back to him and pulled him by his shirt

“Don’t mess with Andrea, mess with me all you want but leave Andrea out of this”I yelled at him and he kept on smiling

“I don’t think I will be able to do that, I don’t know, I have this urge to have her for myself, it was the same thing you did to me with rose, I think it’s time that I pay you back”He said and pulled my hands off

“Good night Max!”he said and walked off

I walked into Max house, still thinking about what happened today.

I was happy and carefree at one time and at another I was sad and scared.

Why did I have to see Erica again, why today of all days and why am I always scared of her. If Jack hadn’t shown up, they might have forced me to tell them the truth and that is something I don’t want to happen.

Life is just so unfair, I thought as I walked through the garden heading to the maids quarters.

“Andrea!” On hearing my name I turned to see Max coming towards me.

I would have liked it more if he had been the one who saved me from Erica but it turns out that it was Jack.

Not that I am being ungrateful, I just wanted it to be Max.

“You got back earl…………..”I couldn’t complete my sentence because Max hugged me

I tried to pull away but he held me to him “stay still and listen”he whispered

“From now on don’t cry if I am not there, don’t be weak If I am not there and don’t take comfort from any guy, only take comfort from me, okay!”he said and I stood still in his arms.

Why is he acting this way!!!.

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