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Jupiter High episode 24 – 25


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💞(A high school rom-nce)💞

Episode 24

By: kebby NG

I stood still in his arms, listening to what he was saying.

“Max I……….” I didn’t get to finish my word because he let me go

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to…………”he stopped,feeling embarrassed

“I will go in now”he said and turned to leave but then he stopped and stared at me

“I meant what I said now Andrea”he added and then walked into the house.

For a while I stood in the garden trying to get hold of the situation.

My heart began to beat very fast and I felt my cheeks going hot.

This had happened once and it was when he saved me from falling and now it’s happening again.

Why do I feel this way around Max, I thought as I went into the maid quarters.

“From now on don’t cry if am not there, don’t be weak If am not there and don’t you take comfort from any guy, only take comfort from me”

His words woke up me, I sat up and sighed softly

Why do I feel bothered by his words? Even when he knew my secret, I didn’t feel this way.

“Hey get out of bed and get ready for school” my mom said

“Mom can I skip school today”I asked without thinking

“And why do you want to skip school today?”She asked

‘ I don’t want to see a certain someone’ I thought to myself

“Am feeling a bit weak”I said

“Don’t use that trick on me Andrea, Get out of bed and get dressed”She yelled at me.

Quickly I got ready for school and left the house, it was still early. I bet that Max would still be sleeping in his room but I was shocked to find at the gate,Already dressed for school and it seemed like he was waiting for me.

“Good morning Andrea”he greeted

“Morning”I replied feeling a bit awkward

“You woke up early?”I asked

“I wanted to take you to school” he said

“To school? You and I?”I asked

“Yes,you and I, If you are worried about being seen by the other students,you don’t have to, as you have said it’s still early in the morning, so no one will be there when we arrive”he said

“Max I………”

“Take the bus right?”He finished for me

“You don’t have to take that, just get in , I will take you to school”he said opening his car

Giving up the fight, I got in and when he got in too, he drove off.

We were both quiet for a while, I didn’t know what to say to him and if he was silent, he also didn’t know what to say to me.

“Andrea!”he called softly

“Yes Max”I answered

“About last night ……….. Don’t let it affect our friendship”

“You seem a bit awkward around me and I don’t want that, forget what I said last night and be yourself around me”he said and I nodded slowly.

We got to school and just as he said, there was no one around.

“Why do you have a sad look, Are you still………”

“It’s not that, am just worried about the maths assignment”I said


“Well when it comes to math, I am a bit………….. You know what i’m saying”I said and he smiled

“Am worried that I will not do well in it”I added

“Don’t worry Andrea, you will definitely Do well, all you have to do is to study hard”he said and Pat my head gently.

I looked at him and he gave me a smile before walking off.

Unknown to the two of us, Rose stood on the second floor staring at the both of us.

While the class rep gave everyone their assignment book, I held my book,not wanting to see the result yet.

” I got lower than I thought”Beatrice said as she looked at me

“Well I tried a bit? What about you jack?”Brenda asked

“What do you think, I did well”he said showing them his book

“What about you Andrea?”Beatrice asked

“I haven’t checked it yet “i replied

“Why haven’t you, common let’s see it” Brenda said

“Don’t tell me you did bad ?”jack asked

“Of course not and I don’t think we should see it now”I said as I tried to put it in my bag but Jack was quick to snatch it from me

“Oh no!!! After teaching you Andrea!”he exclaimed

I took the book from him and after seeing my score,I wished the earth will swallow me wh0le

“I need to drink something, your score has got me feeling thirsty”Jack said as he left the classroom

“What a jerk!”I muttered and remembering my score again, I put my head on the table.

“It’s not that bad Andrea, you got the same score with me ” Beatrice said

“But this won’t do? The exams will be here soon and if I keep on getting this score, I will surely fail “I said feeling so sad

“Why don’t we just do this” Brenda offered

“What?”Beatrice and I asked at the same time

“We create a reading group” she said

“That’s great”I said

“Since we have jack who is brilliant , we only have to get someone else who is also brilliant” Brenda said and we all stared at Max who was busy with his book

“I don’t think he will want to do it” Beatrice said

“And besides, he and jack are not on good terms”she added

“Then we will talk to them, we pick the place and fool them there , they will have no choice than to study with us” Brenda said

“But how will we get them to agree”I asked

“Leave that to Beatrice and I?”Brenda said

“Then what should I do?”I asked

“You head there and we will bring the guys along”Brenda replied, having a smile on her face.

Just what is she up to?, I thought as I stared at her.

It was a free period and while everyone was busy chatting, The teacher walked in, followed by Rose.

“Attention everyone”the teacher said and everyone gave him their attention.

“As from today onwards, Rose here will be studying in this class, A lot of you know her already, so there is no need for me to introduce her right?”he said and we all answered

“There is a seat at the back,why don’t you go there Rose”he said

“Yes sir” she said as she went to her new seat.

With that done the teacher left the class and every one continued with their thing

“Why the hell is she in this class?”Beatrice asked

“It’s obvious, she came because of Max”Brenda said

“What rubbish are you saying?”Beatrice asked

“It’s not rubbish, you know they were dating before and though Max ended it with her, she won’t give up, she wants him back”Brenda said

“Can’t we talk about something else”Jack said

“Why? This is more juicy”Brenda said and Jack stood up and left the class.

“What’s his problem?”Brenda muttered

“You should have just done as he said “Beatrice said as she stood up and went after him

“Is he angry?”i asked

“I don’t know, Beatrice will deal with him and so as we were saying, I think Max and rose will end up with each other”She said

“Why do you think that?”I asked suddenly feeling sad

“It’s simple, they are both rich and their parents are close with each other, Max father is away or he would have arrange it already”She said

“Arrange what?”,

“Their engagement, don’t you know that when it comes to marriage for rich kids like us, it’s the rich marries the rich” Brenda added

“Am sure that when Max’s father returns, he will get these two together”she added.

‘the rich marries the Rich’ Brenda ‘s words came back to haunt me as I stood in the restroom.

Why do I keep thinking about it? I am only a friend to Max , he will never see me in any other way.

And why do I want him to see in some other way, he is just a friend to me too.

‘ are you sure? do you really think of him
as your friend’ My conscience berated me.

If I don’t see him as a friend, then what do I see him as, I thought as I Shaked my head to get rid of the thoughts forming in my head.

The door opened and Rose walked in, she gave me a smile and I returned it out of politeness

“Andrea I will like to talk to you ” she said

“About what?”I asked gently

“We started on a wrong footing and I had behaved badly with you, I just want to say that am sorry and I would like to be your friend”she said

“My friend?”

“Now that I know that you are a cool person , I certainly will want to be your friend, if you are willing to accept me”She answered me.

Is she being sincere? I thought as I stared at her.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school rom-nce)💞

Episode 25


By : kebby NG

“What do you say Andrea, can we be friends” Rose asked waiting for my answer

She somehow seemed sincere though am still feeling doubtful of her

“Please just say yes, I really want to be your friend, I mean it”She said as she took my hand in hers

“Fine then, I accept to be your friend”i replied and she gave me a tight hug

“Thanks Andrea” she said again and left the restroom.

Why do I feel that I have just made a big mistake?

As soon as I got to the cafe, I booked a space for the five of us, that is if Brenda and Beatrice managed to convince Max and Jack.

While I was waiting, I brought out my book to Read because I still can’t get rid of the thought that Rose and Max will end up together.

I was still reading when they arrived, I turned to see Beatrice and Brenda, along with Max Jack and Geoffrey , seems like they managed to convince them and they also brought Geoffrey too, I thought as I gave them a welcoming smile

“Welcome”I said as they all took their seats.

With Max and Geoffrey beside me, the others sat together.

While Beatrice and Brenda seeked Jack attention, Max gave Geoffrey and I his

He began by telling us some formulas and then into some calculations.

He was so deep in his work that he didn’t notice me staring at him instead of what he was teaching me.

I found myself outlining every of his face, his eyebrows and lashes were beautiful,he had a nose that so many girl will die for and then his lips, his lips were just so perfect, everything about him is , I thought to myself

Just then he looked at me and I found myself getting mesmerised by that beautiful blue eyes of his, why didn’t I ever notice this before I thought as I stared at him

“Is something wrong Andrea, you have been staring at me for a long time” he said and that brought me back to reality.

I turned to see everyone staring at me.

“It’s nothing, shall we continue”I said quickly as I faced my book

“Why is your face red Andrea?”Geoffrey asked

“Red? I don’t think so”I replied as I touched my face

“But it is red, what’s wrong with you Andrea ?”Beatrice asked

“I’m just feeling hot, I will use the restroom”I said as I left the table In a rush.

It took me a while before I came back to being normal.

What is wrong with me? I thought as I stared at the glass.

“Hey Andrea, are you alright?” Beatrice asked as she walked in

“Yes I am”I replied

“You are acting strange. Hope nothing is happening at home?”She asked

“Nothing is happening at home and am alright” I answered

“That’s good then”she said as she washed her hand

“Beatrice, a friend of mine asked me this question and I want to know what you think of it?”I said

“Go ahead and tell me”Beatrice said

“Well she said she met this guy, he is very handsome and if she is around him, her heart will always beat fast, faster than the normal beat of someone’s Heart, she also says that she will feel hot and would blush a bit and also…………”

“Say no more Andrea, your friend is Inlove with that guy “She said


“Her heart beats fast, she feels hot and also feels something like butterflies in her stomach right? Those are signs of some one Love, tell your friend that she shouldn’t waste time and that she should tell the guy that she loves him”She said

“And before I forget, The only method we used in convincing Max to come is that you were here, he didn’t want to come at first but when we told him that you needed his help, he changed his mind, that guy is such a pain in the ass”

“Hurry and come back to the table, the atmosphere is somehow tense with having those two guys together”She added as she left the restroom

I can’t believe that I am Inlove with Max, no! Beatrice could just be wrong about it,I tried to convince myself.

But remembering all the things he did for me and how I always feel around him made me realise that I was really in love with Max.

Have always wondered when I will meet a guy who I will fall madly in love with but I never thought that it would be with Max.

Why did it have to be with Max, I thought as I put my hand on my chest.

I got out of the rest room only to bump into someone

“Oh sorry”I said only to see the guy who had been with Erica at the karaoke bar yesterday

“You! I can’t believe that am meeting you here again”he said while his friends kept ogling at me

“That stupid friend of yours had punched me ,he had touched me, do you know that I had to go through pain the wh0le night” he said

“I need to leave “I said as I tried to move past him but he pushed me back

“Do you think I will let you go ?”he yelled at me

“Your stupid friend made me look like a fool infront of my girlfriend, he made me suffer pain through the night and for that some one has to pay and that will be you ” he said as he pull my arm

“No let me go, let me go”I said but they were already pulling me out of the cafe

What am I going to do, who is going to save me, I thought of all this as I was being dragged off

I need you Max, I really need you, I thought softly.

It’s been a while since Andrea has left for the rest room and she isn’t back yet, I thought as I pushed my book aside.

“So after our first session of the reading group, should we all go out to party”Geoffrey asked

“Sure”the other agreed except for me

“When last have you guys seen Andrea?”I asked

“I just left her in the restroom,she said she will be out soon” Beatrice answered

“I think something is wrong?” I said as I stood up and went into the rest room to look for her and there was no one.

I turned only to see Jack behind me, “is she here?”he asked

“No”I replied as I went outside with Jack and the rest trailing after me .

Where could she have gone to? I thought and just then we heard a scre-m.

Quickly I ran to where the noise was coming from only to see Andrea being forced into a car by some guys.

Feeling so angry,I rushed towards them and pulled the one forcing Andrea into the car and punched him hard on the face.

The second guy came at me and I punched him too

I looked up and saw Jack already hitting the one by the steering wheel.

Andrea was already drawn away by Beatrice and the others.

“Who are you to meddle”one of the guys came at me again and I kicked him that he fell down

“You were the bastard bullying her yesterday and now you have come for more right?’Jack said as he punched a guy

Knowing that he bullied Andrea made me feel so furious.

I pushed jack away and began to punch his face

I kept on hitting even when there was blood on my hand, I didn’t stop

“Max let him go” they kept on saying behind me but I didn’t stop

“Max please stop”on hearing Andrea voice I stopped and stared at her

She shakes her head begging me stop silently

I got up from the guy and went to her, giving her a tight hug.

To Be Continued 👇

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