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Jupiter high Episode 26 – 27



🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 26

By : kebby NG

I sat in the taxi with Max, thinking about the day event

Remembering being taken by those guys got me feeling scared again

I closed my eyes and held the seat tightly, just then I felt Max hands on mine and I stopped to look at him

“Are you okay?”he asked

“Yes “I denied quickly and I turned to look out of the window only for me to feel Max head on my shoulder.

“What are you doing?”I asked softly

“Seeking comfort and giving one” he replied softly

I relaxed a bit and let his head rest on my shoulders

“Thanks for today Max”I said softly

“That’s why I told you not to be weak” he said

“Once they see that you are scared, they will keep on getting at you and there will be a time when you will be unable to bear it and…………”he stopped suddenly

“Well let’s just wrap it like that”he said and I smiled

“Thanks Max, I mean it, people call you cold but I don’t think you are cold, you are very kind, sweet and protective”I said feeling very happy

He raised his head and stared at me “who came to the conclusion that am kind, sweet and protective”he asked

“Me! “I said giving him a smile

“I think you have got all those qualities wrong”he said

“I haven’t, you really are kind to me and sweet at times and tonight proves that you are protective “I said a bit shy .

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Just then the car stopped and due to the impact, I fell on Max.

I looked at him while he did the same thing and quickly I got up

“Hurry and leave my Taxi, We have gotten to your destination” the driver said and quickly we left the car

I stood up and for went to the gate, using the entrance and not the workers


heart was beating fast and I wished that somehow it will stop, I could feel Max following me from behind and I kept on going straight, daring not to look back

Why did my heart have to choose Max, I thought as I hit my chest wanting the fast beating to stop.

Suddenly he pulled my hand and I stopped to stare at him

“Would you like to study privately with me?”he asked


“Whenever we finish with the guys, you and I will study more whenever we return “he said


that be okay, won’t you be tired?”I asked

“Tired? I hardly get tired”he replied

“See you every night at the garden by eight,good night Andrea”he said and walked off.

I found myself staring after him,smiling sheepishly to myself

Max wants to study with me, Max wants to study with me, I kept on thinking as I went to our room and unknown to us ,Max’s mother stood upstairs watching us.



I woke up feeling good, it’s been a while since we have woken up to feel this good.

And it’s all because of Andrea, I thought as I stood up from the bed and went to open the window

Yesterday’s ordeal had Been very scary. When I saw Andrea being pushed into the car,I got so furious that I lost my reason for a while.

It’s been so long since I got into a fight but because of Andrea I did .

I would never have done that for any one else, so why was Andrea case special, I thought as I kept on staring outside

Just then I saw Andrea, she had a bottle of wine with her and a lovely smile on her face.

She looks so gorgeous in her plain black tee shirt and a white short Jean.

My heart began to beat fast again and I found myself being mesmerised again.

Why do I only feel this way around Andrea?I asked as I kept on staring at her

“It’s because you are In Love” something in me said

“No it can’t be, I never felt this way even when I was dating Rose,I thought as I kept on looking at her.


then she looked up and when she saw me, she gave me a beautiful smile and then she mouthed at me

“Study session tonight, don’t forget” she added that last past while starring at her watch.

Then with one last smile sent my way, she walked off moving from my sight.

I walked back into house trying to calm my heart but it won’t stop beating

I must see her,I have to see her, I thought as I went out of my room in my pajamas

I was descending the stairs when I saw her going into the study, what’s she going to do there?

I got to study and I would have gone in if I didn’t hear my mom’s voice .

“This is the wine you asked for ma’am ” I heard Andrea say

“Tell me something, Are you close with my son” my mom asked

Why would she want to know if Andrea and I are close?

“No we are not”Andrea reply got me feeling down a bit .

Am I the only one who thinks that we both have gotten close.

“That’s a relief” I heard my mom say

“I will take my leave now” Andrea said but my mom stopped her

“I need your help Andrea” My mom said

“With what ma’am ”

“Can you help me keep watch over Max”she asked


“Most of the employees know the situation between my son and I, he hates me and wouldn’t let me get close to him, I hardly know what he is doing and I feel at a lost for it, can you please watch over him and report back to me” she asked

“But I ……….”

“Please Andrea, am not asking you as a boss but as a mother who is in dire need of your help”She begged Andrea

“Okay then, I will help you”Andrea replied

I wanted to go in and disrupt their conversation but an idea popped into my head and I went back upstairs.


I stood outside spreading some bed linen and my mind drifted off to the help I will be rendering to Max’s mother.

How will I be able to watch max and then report everything to her

I feel like a spy who has been asked to watch over someone,I thought sadly .

Just then I turned to move a linen only to find Max standing there.

“My God!!! you scared me”I yelled at him

“Go and get dressed, we are both going out”he said

“Out? To where?”I asked

“Somewhere, just get dressed “He said and walked off.

For a while I stood there wondering why he wanted to take me out but then I thought about the time I would be spending with him and quickly I rushed back into the house to make myself look beautiful.

A while later I stood outside the gate waiting for him to drive out in his car but instead he came out with out his car, he looked so dashing in a black jean coupled with a grey shirt and along with it was his cap and camera

“Let’s go”he said as he began to walk off

“Where is your car and where are we going?”I asked

“Have this”he said giving me his camera

“What should I use this for?”I asked

“Use it to take pictures of me and then report back to my mom”He said

“What?”I asked in surprise

“I heard your conversation with my mom and am just helping you “he said

“Max I………..”

“Don’t explain, just do as she says, watch me and report back to her”He said as he walked off, I stood back looking at him.

“Common let’s go, we have so many place to visit today”He said as he stopped to stare at me

“Yes, yes am coming”I said as I ran to him,still holding the camera In my hand.

“Take a picture of this for me”He said as I took the picture of the sunflower

“Now do it with me in it”he added and I took his picture too .

I never get tired of taking his picture, he is just too handsome even when taking pictures.

We have been walking around the town, visiting the zoo, the amusement park and also the flower garden

Every opportunity he gets,he makes me take his picture and at first I found it a bit irritating but when I realised that he was doing it so we can have fun, I enjoyed it.

Though I am still wondering why he chose to visit a flower garden out of all the place in the city.

“Nick always wanted to come here but I never gave him that chance, I always made him go to my place of choice and always tell him that the place he asks me to visit is always boring ”

“When he died I began to visit the places he wanted me to go with him back then and I found it interesting, I regret not ever going with him” he added sadly

I went to him and held his hand “he will be happy seeing you here In the place he loves and why don’t we make more memories”I said


“You and I should make more memory of the place he loves so much”I said again

Did I just say that to him, I thought as i wait for his respons.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 27

By : Kebby NG Media Services

“First let’s take a picture of each and every flower around This place”Andrea said as soon as I told her to do what she could to make more memories in honour of the places Nick liked to visit

I watched her hop around, taking pictures of the flowers and other plants.

She made the place look so lively and I am sure that with her being here, we will make good memories.

“Common Max don’t just stay there, come pose beside this flower”she said

I did as she said and while I was posing I realised that have been making her take all pictures of me and I haven’t even taken one of hers

I must admit I made her take pictures of me and follow me around because I wanted to punish her for accepting my mom offer,have been a meanie, I thought as I went to her and took the camera from her

“What’s going on?”She asked surprised

“You have been taking the pictures,let me do some”I said

“But am not complaining”

“And you are not taking pictures either, go stand over there, let me take pictures of you “I said

“No! No Nick, I don’t like taking pictures”She said as the smile disappeared to be replaced with a frown

“Why don’t you take pictures?”I asked

“Let’s just go, where is our next destination?”she asked changing the subject

“It’s the sea, we will be visiting the sea next” I replied

“Great, I love the sea, though I have never been to one, this will be my first time Max, common let’s go”She said excitedly and pulled at my hand.

I would like to know why she doesn’t like taking pictures but since she doesn’t want to tell me,I Better let her be .

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………….it’s the sea!!!!!!!!!!”Andrea yelled as she ran towards the sea

I stood back watching her, she ran to the sea and when it was coming back towards her she ran away from it and when it moved back she will go towards it again

It was fun alone watching Andrea, I thought as I sat on the sand

She had a smile on her face and this is the first time I will see her being carefree.

Maybe it’s all because this is her first time at the sea.

“This is so much fun !!!!!!”she yelled again and I found myself smiling.

She is just so cute, I thought and taking the camera, I turned it on and secretly took her pictures

I know she would not like it once she sees it but I didn’t care, I want to have something of her and I will have it.

I took several photos of her and while I was looking at the pictures, she called out to me

“Max come on, let’s have fun”She said waving me to come to the sea

“I will pass”I said as I turned off the camera

She continued with the water and I sat by myself remembering Nick and his love for the sea.

“Common Max, let’s visit the sea, Am sure you will like it there”

“The sea? When will you grow up, we aren’t kids anymore, let’s just go to the club”

That have always been my reply to him, what’s worse I had said terrible things to him on the day he died, how I regret those things, I thought sadly, how I wish I can have him here with me again

“Max”I looked up to see Andrea standing before me

“What’s wrong ?”She asked as she crouched in front of me

“You look sad, are you thinking of Nick?”She asked and I nodded.

“Tell me Max, where was Nick buried?”She asked

“At a cemetery owned by my dad, Why do you ask?”I asked

“You know it’s always good to talk to the person you miss even though he or she is not with us” she stood up and stretched her hand out

“Common let’s go”she said

At first I was reluctant, it’s been a while since I went to Nick grave site, should I go now, I thought

“Common Nick, let’s make good memories” Andrea said still stretching out her hand

Getting encouraged by her, I took her stretched hand and stood up

Still holding her hand, I bent to retrieve my things.

She would have pull away but I held her hand tightly

She stared up at me and I gave her my excuse for holding her hand

“I need your strength cause I am not as strong as you”I said and she nodded gently.

We got to the grave site and at first I didn’t want to go there but I knew that I had to

“Common Max, go and talk to your brother, I will be waiting at that oak tree for you”She said as she walked off.

I stood in front of Nick grave,wondering what to say or how to begin

“Hello Nick, it’s been a while since I visited! On the day of your death to be precise”I said as I crouched in front of the grave pushing off the dried leaves from it

“Am sorry that I didn’t come to visit, have been a coward “I muttered sadly

“If only I hadn’t said those things to you, if only you hadn’t heard mom conversation on the phone,if only I had chose to forgive you instead of being angry towards you, you wouldn’t have taken those drugs and you wouldn’t have died”

“Am to be blamed Nick and am sorry for what happened, Am Really sorry” I said as my mind drifted back to a year ago


“Ahhhhh, stop it, just stop it ” a female voice which I recognise kept saying

“Come on, just another round, you know I can’t get much of you,” I heard Nick say .

I didn’t want to believe what my head was telling me,I thought as I walked into the villa our parents had bought for us

Nick won’t be that cruel as to sleep with her, he knows that she is……….she is………..

“Oh common Rose, just one more time, just one more”Nick called from the room and I stopped in my track

Rose! Did he just say Rose! I thought as I tried to get a grip of the situation

No it can’t the Rose I know, it must be someone else, I thought as I kept on moving.

I had to confirm with my own eyes, I had to know who Rose is .

I stood by the door and I could hear their m0ans coming from the room.

I pushed the door and saw Nick along with Rose,all [email protected] on the bed.

When they saw me,they quickly took the covers to protect one another.

“Max it’s not what you think !”Nick said as he stood up

“I might have been a fool not to have noticed you guys but I can’t be a fool when I have just seen the proof by myself “I said and headed out.

“Max! Max ! Max!” Nick kept on calling for me but I wasn’t paying him any attention, so I got in my car and drove straight to the club we always shared with the other guys.

I went to the bar ignoring everyone else,I just had to drink to forget what I had just seen, I thought as I kept on drinking.

Just then my phone rang and it was Jack. Answered it because he was the one who gave me a tip that Rose is having an affair

I didn’t want to believe him at first but when he made it clear that I will be seeing Rose lover today if I head to the address he gave me, I went, wanting to prove to jack that even though Rose left him for me,. she will never cheat on me or with any other guy but it turns out that I was wrong.

She did the same thing but not with any other guy but with my brother.

“Did you see her ?”Jack asked sounding triumphant

“Yes I did see her, she was all lovey Dovey with the guy but what you left out and didn’t tell me about was that the guy she was sleeping with is my brother “I said

“What? Your brother! Max I had no idea who guy was, I just knew that Rose was cheating on you ” Jack said

“It doesn’t matter, now I know who I should trust and that’s thanks to you”I said

“What are you going to do Max, Answer me!” Jack asked

“It’s none of your business, goodbye Jack”I said as I cut the call.

To Be Continued 👇

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