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💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 7


By : kebby NG

“I can’t believe that he is in our class”Beatrice said as we all sat together in class.

It was a free session and every one was doing their thing.

“I heard that he asked for the transfer”Brenda added as they kept on giving max one glance or two

I couldn’t join in their conversation because I was busy thinking of some thing else.

Why did he have to chose this class,From what I know,The school has plenty of class,So why choose the one am in,I thought as I kept on starring at my book

“Oh my,He is starring at us”Brenda and Beatrice said and I turned to see him starring at me instead.

Quickly I looked away and prayed silently that the bell for lunch would be ranged

Just then the door opened and a girl who looked so beautiful walked in.

She went straight to max and stood in front of him.

“What do you want?”

We all heard max ask her and she closed the book he was reading

“We have to talk ” She said and went out side, Max also stood up and went out side with her.

“Who would volunteer to eaves drop on them”A student who is known to be the funniest guy in class asked

“You of course”They all answered him and he gave them a nod and went out to do the eaves dropping

“I hope Geoffrey brings back some juicy gossip”Brenda said

“Who is that girl?”I asked


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temple, She is the school queen and she was once Max girlfriend”Beatrice answered

“But ever since Max brother died,They broke up”Brenda added

“Maybe she is the reason why Max changed his class”Beatrice added

“Any news Geoffrey?”A student said as Geoffrey came back in

“I couldn’t hear what they were saying and besides,It’s not good to gossip”Geoffrey said and went back to his seat.


soon as max walked in the bell was ranged and quickly I left the class with Beatrice and Brenda coming after me.

I sat with my tray In front of me,I couldn’t eat neither could I chat with my new found friends, All I was thinking of was Max.

The cafeteria was a safe place to be with out feeling threatned by Max presence.

“You have been quiet ever since Max showed up in our class,What’s wrong?”Beatrice asked

“Nothing! Am just thinking about some thing”I said quickly


if it has to do with your parents then it’s best that you don’t let it get to you,Live your life Andrea and let your parent handle their own affair” Brenda said

Just then Rose walked in with her group of friends.

“Here comes the snob”Brenda muttered

“It’s best that we leave before she sees us”Beatrice said

“And why is that?”I asked

“Believe us when we say that Rose is a witch and you won’t want to get on her bad side”Beatrice answered as we stood up to put our tray away.


The bell was rung and every one left the class to head to their respective house.

While Beatrice and Brenda packed,I wondered how I will get into the house with out being spotted by Max.

“Shall we three go out”Beatrice asked suddenly


“I can’t,I still have my part time………..”I stopped when I realise what I was about to spill out

“Your part time what? ” Brenda Asked

“My part time class”I lied quickly and unknown to us Max was eaves dropping

“Can’t you skip that today,Let’s hang out together,Hang out with us Pretty girl”Beatrice said

“We want to show you off”Brenda added

“Fine “I said.

If I skipped work today,My boss wouldn’t really mind, He knows that I wouldn’t miss a day.

Together we went to the zoo,To the cinema and then to a game bar.

Have never had this much fun in my life,I thought as we three began to head home

“Am going to save this day Always”I said

“Why?”Beatrice asked

“Because it’s the day that I got the most exciting friends ever”I said and they both laugh.

“There is our car”Brenda said as she point at the two different car waiting for them

“What about your ride home”Brenda Asked

“Have given my chauffeur a call,I will just wait for him “I said as I waved them off.


soon as their car left,I took the route that led me to the bus station

As soon as I got to Max residence,I made sure that no one will see me and I got in through the back entrance.

I went straight to the maid quaters and changed my uniform

Feeling a bit secured in my clothes,I went in search of my mom

I found her in the kitchen cooking as always

“How was School today?”She asked after I greeted her

“Good”I said nonchalantly

“At least am not hearing I wasn’t to drop out”She said

“That’s because I made friends and the students there treated me well”I said

“That’s great,So Jupiter high is the right one choice for you right?”She asked and i nodded

“What can I help you with”I said

“Nothing in particular,Am through cooking supper,You just have to help me take this food to the young master room”She said


“You heard me Andrea,so common take it to his room”

“Do I really have to,Can’t I just do some thing else”I asked

“There is nothing you can do for now,So just do this one instead” She said giving me the tray.

On shaky feet,I went to Max room, All my effort to avoid him today have just been for nothing,I thought as I knocked on his door

There was no response and when I put my ear on the door,I could hear the shower running.

Seems like I will go through this ordeal without being caught.

Quickly I went in and put the tray on the table,I was about to leave when some thing caught my eye.

It was my resume,I had submit it with Mom, That was the criteria for me to live in the house.

It was suppose to be with his mother,After all she hired us ,So why is it with him now,I thought as I took the resume and stared at it.

“Didn’t they tell you that I don’t like people touching my thing”He said suddenly and I turned to stare at him.

“I didn’t mean to,I just came to give you your food,I will leave now”I said

“Stop right there Andrea”He said and I stopped

“Sir!”I answered as I stared at him nervously

“Take the food with you,I don’t want to eat”He said

“Yes sir”I replied turning to leave but he called me again

“The food?”

“Oh right to it sir”I said and quickly went to carry the tray and then I left his room.

All through the way to the kitchen,I kept on wondering if he knew the truth about me.

If he knew i was the same person he saw on the roof top and also the new student at Jupiter high.

“What’s wrong?”my mom asked

“He said he doesn’t want to eat”I said as I put the tray down.

“That kid need some one to talk to him,Why don’t you offer him some jui……..”

“No mom! Please not again”I said as I quickly went to our room and lock myself in

I woke up still feeling agitated and restless and it’s all because of what happened last night

I couldn’t even sleep well,I thought as I got ready for school.

As usual I woke up early and got ready and then I left the house.

I got to school early ,There were hardly any students in the school and I preferred it that way.

Seeing that there was still much time before the first period,I decided to sleep a bit.

I woke up a while later and the first person I saw was Max,He was starring at me from his seat.

I sat up and went to the ladies to wash my face.

“Has he recognised me”I whispered to myself

“What am I going to do if he does recognise me,My life is over “I said aloud this time

“Stop being noisy,Some people would like to use the toilet in peace”Some one said behind me.

I turned to find rose standing in one of the toilet starring at me

“Am sorry,I will leave now”I said and turned to leave.

“You are the one every one is referring to as the angel right?”She asked


“Put some thing on your face before you leave,You don’t want people running away from you”She said and left the ladies.

I went to stare at myself and I saw that I look different with out make up.

Quickly I put some shade on my face and when I was back to my old self,I went out of the ladies only to stop when I saw Max waiting for me by door

“Have been waiting for you”He said As he stared at me

“Me? Why?”I asked feeling nervous

“You know me right? “He asked

“What?”I asked staring at him in shock.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 8


BY : kebby NG

“Tell me, have we met before”He asked again and I gulped down my saliva.

Does he know some thing I thought as I wanted to cook up a lie

“Never mind! Now that I look at you closely,I doubt that have seen you before”He said and walked off .

I could finally breathe properly when he left , That was a close one I thought as I head back to class.

“There you are! I wondered where you were when I saw your bag in class”Beatrice said as she came to give me a hug.

“I just went to the bathroom for a while”I said to her

“I posted our pictures on my social media page yesterday and guess what?”She asked


“I got a lot of followers and it’s all because of you”She said

“Because of me?”

“Yes,Look they really think you are pretty and They want to meet you and so have organised a party in your honour” She said

“What?”I asked

“A party,A party for the beginning of our friend ship and also to introduce you to other wealthy student like our selves”She said

“You didn’t have to do that”I said

“But I want to do it and besides it’s been so long since have organised a party and I miss doing it,Say you will come ,please”She begged

“But I …….. .”

“Is there going to be a party?”Geoffrey asked

“No there is……..”

“Of course Geoffrey and you are the first that am inviting”Beatrice said interrupting me

“Yippee!!!!! There is going to be a party guys”Geoffrey called out and every one yelled out

“It’s going to happen at my house and so everyone is invited “beatrice said

“And it’s going to be in honour
Of Andrea”Beatrice said and at that moment Max walked in

“Max will you be coming to the party we are having in honour of Andrea” Geoffrey asked him

“No”he answered as he walk past us and went to his seat.

Just knowing that he won’t be there made me feel relaxed a bit

“Just say you will come uh?”Beatrice said as she held my hand.

I stared at Max and saw that he wasn’t staring at me.

“Fine,I will come”I said and Beatrice hugged me.

Through the whole class,I kept thinking about the party that will be held at Beatrice place.

What clothe would I wear,How would I behave, This will be the first time I attend a wealthy party,I thought as I lost track of what the teacher was saying

“Why don’t Andrea tell us what the capital city of Canada is?”The teacher asked suddenly and i stared at her

“You seem lost my dear? You weren’t paying attention right?”She asked

“Yes”I replied softly

“Just answer my question then,What will be the capital city of Canada?”

“I…… I …. Don’t know”I replied

“You can leave my class,Go and think of what you were thinking out side ” She said and resignedly, I went out of the class.

Things aren’t going the way it should,I thought.

Should I just say that am sick,I said as I stood by the wall hitting my head on it gently.

What am I going to do at the party,I thought sadly.

“Just wear this! It will be good on you”My mom Said as she picked a beautiful gown for me

“I don’t know,Wouldn’t it look out of place,I mean it’s a party for the rich……oh I don’t know, it’s best if I don’t go”I said

“What nonsense! You will go to that party,It’s in honour of you,”She said

“Let me skip it please”I begged

“You always stay indoor with me,You hardly go out and have fun,So just go to this one and have a lot of fun,I have a feeling that it will go well”She said

I stood up and began to get dressed ,I just hope that it turns out right and that mom feeling that it will go well will surely make it go well,I thought .

Finding Beatrice house was some how difficult because i had to get there using a taxi.

As soon as the taxi driver stopped a street away,I got out of it only to bump into some one

It was a guy all dressed up and was looking quite dashing.

“Oh am really sorry”I said

” Are you blind?”He asked suddenly


“You heard me perfectly! Why can’t you just watch before you got out of the taxi,Look at what you did to my shoes,He cost a fortune”He said

“Am sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you”I said getting angry myself

“What ever,it’s not like you can pay for it,After all you are some one boarding a taxi”He said and gave me a evil smirk before walking off.

I stared after the arrogant guy and wished that I could punched him but by doing that will only waste more of my time.

Quickly I walked the rest of the way to Beatrice house.

Just from the noise,You can tell that there were a lot of people there.

Looking at myself for the last time,I walked into the party and soon I was being introduced to other students from other school.

I was quite shy at first but when I began to get used to the crowd and to the party itself

Beatrice told me she had to introduce me to some one very special to her and I went with her only to stop in my track when I saw who it was.

It was none other than the rude guy earlier and to make matter worse,He saw me getting out of a taxi.
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