Just A Little Sin

Just a little sin episode 16

Episode 16

I stare at the flyer when I got home, I checked the program and Theme of the program Is “taking over from the enemy” The Theme of this program appears suspicious but that’s not even my problem. I can never be able to do this because it does not feel right and is not manly enough to be falling down and doing such acting, rolling on the floor or falling on chairs just for how much?

I will be soiling my garment as a man just for a token
What if the man of God is real, what if they found out that we were only acting.
How can I even pretend around that kind of thing.
Of all the whole hustle in this world, why will this man choose this particular one.
Konji is his name, he wrote it together with his mobile number.
Yes, I’m saying it again that his name appears unserious just like his appearance and his crazy hustle.

I’m still struggling to come out of the trouble I got myself into, maybe Oni would have still be alive by now if I had not followed the ill part of revenge.

The nightmares reminds me everything I should have done differently. Everything I should have avoided and leave revenge for karma
It was first a fight to deal with whoever was behind Dunfi’s mysterious death, the girl from my college days I loved but she was way beyond my league and didn’t hide it. She said to me that my breath smells, she hates my name and I can never measure in. If I can wait until she was done dating all the boys she likes then probably she may consider me but even at that she was not certain that it will be possible.

I have ran to Larry asking him if my breath truly stinks and he said that is not all the time except whenever I eat my Mama’s bean snacks
I stopped eating it, I try to appear more organized and charming but Dunfi wouldn’t give me a second look, she refused to consider or look at my side and all the changes I made because of her.

Her boyfriend then, Juru the guy I still hate even till date said I can’t measure up to his dog, if his dog has a pet then that will be me. Insult of the highest order.
Dunfi dated other guys like Koni, another big boy like Juru.
I thought he was the one behind Dunfi’s mysterious death. I ambushed him but still did not get the exact thing I seek.
My other suspect was Juru who was already dating Oni.
He didn’t even mourn Dunfi before moving to Oni
Oni was one of the most beautiful girls in school who does not smile.
You can hardly see Oni smiling but it never affected her beauty.
Dunfi was beautiful and smiles alot, she plays too much and talk too loud.
I like her kind of humorous nature, she was too exposed for her young age.
Juru was way bigger than all other big guys in school and he wore the pride like a garment.
I was hurt because of Dunfi’s death and wish her choices were different
I left Dunfi alone back then and try to forget everything about her and move on but suddenly her death knocked me off.
It took me by surprise, I was shocked to the bone.
It led me into wanting to get back at Juru when he deliberately rubbed his new girlfriend again on my face.
I promised him that his girlfriend who happened to be Oni will be mine.
He laughed, insulted me and said it can never be possible.
I was ready to go to any extent to make it happen and I went to the highest extent and made it possible, proving Juru wrong and also putting him to shame but now, Oni is in the grave all because of me. She left a little girl behind and asked me to be a father to her.
I never liked Oni initially, I didn’t want anything with her and wanted her gone when the whole thing became intense
But after a little while everything changed, I began to have a deep feeling for her and I couldn’t wait to make her my wife.
She could have be my wife but her father and step mother spoilt the show, making her change her mind at the dying minute

Oni, I miss her alot and can’t stop blaming myself for all the agony and pain that her death brought to us

My father didn’t show much sympathy, maybe he was trying to be a man in the means of everything.
Sometimes, I wish I can get a better father.
Mama said his weakness are women, Odez mentioned it too and few others
He had three wives yet not satisfied

Mama is his second wife, Yoara’s mother is the first.
They both have a separate houses he built for them.
His third young and beautiful wife lives with him in his fine house and I’m not sure father is satisfied.

Mistakes of the past were out of ignorance, I’m not sure I want to remain blinded by wrong things that appears right.

I asked Yoara how their deliverance section works and he explained that they do things according to the leading and direction of the Lord.
Deliverance does not come often, only when the Lord orders it. Yoara said.

His explanation wasn’t clear, maybe he answered according to the question I asked.

I wanted to know what happens to a person if encounters the real anointing or deliverance.
I really wanted to know alot of things and is not because I’m interested in his religion or anyone else
I love this quiet lifestyle and my religion is humanity and communicating to God directly without having a bridge
I really don’t know how all this things works and sincerely I’m not interested.

Yoara told me that he was going for one week ministers program and won’t be back until the following week.

I understand he couldn’t spare much and just within three days all the food in the house finished.
The little cash with me I used it to transport around in search of a job but I returned home empty.
The third day i was asked to resume in a factory.
Without wasting time, i happily started but I realized that the factory job was way beyond me. I was transporting twenty five bags of the factory production to the warehouse, placing them on my head and sometimes I carry them on my shoulder too.
Twenty five heavy bags not even fifteen which was still hard but achievable.
I have to meet up with the targeted number everyday so that I can get paid. After a week of trying so hard, I could only attend twenty one which was my highest number so far.
I had head aches, neck, shoulder, back aches. I was in serious pain all over and I know if I should continue with this kind of job my death will come sooner or I will turn an old man quicker before I even get to a forty years. I will be walking around with a hunch back and walking stick.
I reject such thing and not just rejecting I had to stop the job.
They paid me peanut for the one week and two days worked
I decided to take a rest before knowing what else to do with my Life.
While at home I remembered Konji and his flyer.
I decided to give him a call.


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