Just A Little Sin

Just a little sin episode 17

Episode 17

Konji told me that the previous church program he wanted us to go together was already over since a week ago but there’s another one we can still attend.

I agree to go with him and he sent the details of the program to me which will take place in four days.
Konji also mentioned that this new church that we will be going to is more like the new generational church and the pastor is not local like the first church we wanted to go to.
Our holy drama should not be too intense but organized so that we don’t end up scaring the members.

And although he prefers the first church because he can fall and scatter chairs, fall on the body of the members and they will understand what’s going on and attend to him kindly but this other new church has bouncers as ushers who will come over once they noticed any sign and hold the person tight, limiting movement and freedom to scatter things.

The two are different but so is the money too. The new church will give more money, more connection more than the first church.
And I have to act moderately and listen to every instructions, our holy acting start immediately the pastor announced is time for prayer.
Konji said that whenever he winks at me, pinch me or whispers to my ear then I should know is time to start the act.

I agreed and we left, when we arrived at the church gate I noticed it was indeed a big Church.

Konji pointed at the parking space, showing me different types of big cars and the calibre of people walking into the church.
Wow, is a beautiful site and I was already loving it
I remembered back in my village, we have about three churches, one was close to the market square while the other one was built separately in the outskirts of the village.

The third church was not yet completed, the building was close to the village primary school and few members goes there to worship.
Despite all this three churches, some people still prefers worshipping in the traditional ways.
Mother goes to church but she isn’t very serious in her worship or services, she attends any of the churches she feels like going.
But she prefers the one built separately in the village.
Although is far off the outskirts of the village but she still choose that particular one and she does not go all the time.
Sometimes she stays home most Sundays and went only when she feels like attending.
I don’t usually go with her but my two sisters does and she used to take Oni along back then.

I’m never a church boy and don’t believe whatever they’re preaching or selling, maybe because I haven’t really paid attention to them.
I never believed it back then neither do I now.
Mother also believe in humanity more than the occasional church she attends.

Yoara’s mother is a serious believer and she even holds some post in church.
I have heard her praying severally anytime I pass by their house and I sometimes wonder what she was casting and binding

It could be because I haven’t paid real attention to all this church thing, and I don’t know if I will ever be ready for that.

We entered inside and it was a big auditorium, the chairs is more like a parlour chair, it looks very comfortable and the air conditioner was chilling entire place

Beautiful ladies and well dressed guys were at the door, welcoming everyone that’s walking into the church
Their smile were contagious and Konji asked me to check out the beautiful ladies, he asked which of them do I prefer.
“None, They’re beautiful and all but I will rather focus on the reason while we aren’t here..” I replied

“While focusing on the assignment, I will still try to shoot my shot. You might get lucky and one of them will decide to be mine…”Konji said
I didn’t reply to that.
“..look..Tom, one of them is staring at you…”
I turned to look and marvel at the resemblance, I almost mistake her to be Oni if not that Oni was buried right in my presence.
she looks so much like Oni except that she was more chubby but Oni is skinny and tall. The usher had same height with Oni, she had a beautiful smile just like Oni, although Oni hardly smile.
Same height, same physical appearance, same eyes except body size and shape.

Is this a coincidence or this is Oni in a beautiful different body shape.
And the disturbing part is that she was staring at me, she kept staring at me with a beautiful smile

“.. look at you, you and that pretty usher are doing staring competition now. I thought you said you were not interested? Imagine the way you kept staring at her, your eyes is almost falling off. it seems you haven’t had encounter with a pretty lady before, The bush you came from must have affected alot of things in your head. Let’s go, we will sit in the same place so that you don’t miss out on my signals and also on the direction..”

I looked back one more time and she was greeting a man with his family.

I followed Konji and as we were about to sit, a male hefty usher came and kindly asked us to follow him.
He showed me a place to sit, which was between an elderly man and a young woman.

Konji was trying to let her know that we were together and need to sit in the same place but he explained that they are instructed to make sure all empty chairs are filled up in front.
The usher kept apologising for the separation but Konji was not interested in his apologise.
Konji was trying to argue but I told him that is okay, I will sit wherever they offer me.
Konji wasn’t happy about it, he expected me to start arguing too until they put us in same place but I don’t have the strength for that.
I’m not a problematic person and I appreciate any seat they gives to me.

Before Konji was taking to a different seat row on my left side, he asked me not to forget what we discussed and I should keep my phone close by.
After sitting down, i looked back again if I will see Oni’s look alike usher but she was at a far end with other ushers and I can’t see her clearly from where I sat

The service started with singing and almost everyone chorused the songs.

I love the harmony nature of the church, is warm and very friendly.

After singing, they read the Bible, more worship song followed before preaching time and then prayer began.
I looked at the area Konji was sitting he was giving me sign to check my phone.

I brought out my small phone and there was a text message sign in the screen and two missed calls.
Just then another call from Konji came in and as I was about picking the elderly man hush me.

“You’re in church young man, all mobile phone should be turned off. In the presence of God there is no distraction..”

I was still holding my phone when it began to ring again, Konji was calling back.

Just then the elderly man waved at an usher and it happens to be same lady, Oni’s look alike

“Hello sir.. I’m sorry but the prayer is ongoing and no one should be disturbed at this point. Kindly switch off your phone or put it on silent for now until the prayer is over, if it’s much of emergency then you wait until the prayer is over before going outside to call the person back. You can’t be walking around or taking calls while prayer is going on..”

There’s similarities even in the sound of her voice but this lady’s own was well coordinated, smooth and sweet.

I stared at her as alot of things kept flying through my mind.

“Attend to your phone and stop with the stare..” the other lady sitting beside me said annoyingly.

I turned from the usher and looked at her, she sighed and went back praying.
I switched off my phone.

With all that’s going on I’m not sure I can do any of those stunt or acting that Konji wanted us to do.
I wasn’t sure initially if I’m capable, now I’m very certain that I’m not capable, especially not with Oni look alike in the same church

I turned and looked towards her and she was praying with her eyes open while standing at a close pew.

I heaved a sigh and try to focus, I was begining to feel uncomfortable. I can see Konji has started his own acting, he was deliberately shaking little by little as men ushers stand were already on standby.

He appeared childish with his behavior and I was getting annoyed with the whole sight and decided to excuse myself and go outside.

As I was walking out of the church, I looked back and saw Oni’s lookalike usher following me.


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