Just For Love

Just for Love – episode 2

episode 2

the principal called all d particip-nts in d competition out to d stage (including fiona and i) wen we all went there he told d students 2 clap for us dat we did very well everyone soon started clapping including teachers we were very happy d principal congratulated us 4 our great performance n wished all d students a happy new term after dat we did our national and sch anthems and left 4 our classes.
fiona went to drop some books in her locket while i went 2 mine I later esc-rted her 2 her class but we add a little gist before we got 2 her class i was about to leave wen I saw grace fiona’s best friend wat her girl best friend sorry “so u were about to leave without saying hi it’s not fair oo” she said then I replied “I thought u were not in sch am sorry” she then said “apology accepted” i kind of forgot fiona was still around wen I turned i saw her smiling I give her d wat face and she said nothing but I knew she was thinking about something I left them n went to my class wen I got there no teacher had come so I decided to catch up with James n Scott but scott was not yet in class so me and James started gisting scott latet came n joined us we were nw complete we talked 4 about 15 minutes before our class teacher came miss joy we greeted her had our seats listened to her announcement ans out names in d register n she left 7 minutes later d bell was rang 4 2 period which is biology we all went to d lab after 3 other period it was lunch time i went 2 fiona class 2 invite her 2 join me 4 lunch but tyler was already dere they both Invited me to join them 4 lunch but I refuse saying i had something to do . I got to d class feeling d
sad d moment James n scott saw me they both chorused ” tyler is already dere” n started laughing n i joined them 4 some reason maybe be cos dey new about my problem before I told them

at lunch i was able to glance at fiona although she didn’t see me
she looked really happy, tyler was telling her something in d ear and they were both laughing
though I didn’t no wat dey were talking about I smiled because I was happy to see her happy even if she wasn’t with me .
after lunch we went to class we had physics one of my best subject after checking my time table I told scott n James “wat d f-ck, no it can’t be” they both chorused. They both dislike physics saying that the subject was to hærd n dat our teacher Mr Larry was 2 strict but I don’t agree with them. as we were about to go 4 class i saw tyler he was coming to me smiling I excused myself from scott n James n went to meet him he was on gym wear he asked me y i was wearing my gym wear dat it was gym period I told him dat my time table has been changed he mood suddenly changed i think hw was sad dats because I promised to teach him a football trick I told him sorry he said no problem thanks anyways he left me told 2 my class

I got to class and explained everything to james and scott after explaininv everything to them day seem somehow disappointed by my news maybe it’s because day feel bad for tyler I thought.
school soon ended and we all went out I waited for fiona outside after five minutes later she comes out crying and at her back was tyler following and calling her name she ran to me got in,side d car and abeg me to please drive fast cos tyler was coming to us and she didn’t want to talk to him.
I quickly started d engine and drive off before tyler could come on our way to her house she told me that she caught tyler and a cheerleader name grace k-ssing and not to brag or like anything but she is one of my ex after fiona told me dat I was so angry u no dat feeling wen someone u really care and love is hurt by someone I was feeling dat pain and to see her cry was like someone broke my heart.
I confronted her she told me to drive to a cliff in d city which I did wen we got there she got out and just lay on d car I joined her although she was still crying it wasn’t dat obvious it was more like she was sobbing I felt pity for her and great hatred for tyler
  fiona pov
seeing tyler k-ssing a girl was like a dagger had been pierced in my heart and I was so sad so to cool off I asked Jeremy to drive to our favourite s₱0t a cliff in d middle of our city it was beautiful n I just wanted to stay they wen we got they I laid on top of Jeremy car to feel d wind Jeremy joined me I could see d pain he was experiencing in his eyes I dont no want happened but I lost control of my self and needed up…



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