Just For Love

Just For Love – episode 4

Just for love
Episode 4

  Fiona POV
Was it just me or was d night too fast after talking to Jeremy I slept off I dreamt of d k-ss we were still k-ssing wen my stupid alarm started ringing meaning it was time for school I stood up half awake half asleep I went to d bathroom turn my tooth brush on and started brushing my teeth been I was done with DAT I striped my self make and took my bath and came out feeling brand new I went to my wardrobe chooses a rugged Jean a short hand top and a leather jacket Jeremy got it for me on my last year birthday I got dressed and went down stairs I found my dad reading morning papers(for some reason today was his off day) mom had already gone to work she works as an accountant in a middle popular bank( guys its not DAT d bank isnt popular but not very u understand right) after finishing my breakfast my dad came to the dinning table and told me my personal chauffeur had arrived meaning DAT Jeremy was already here I got use to wat my dad used because Jeremy was indeed like my chauffeur he had drove me to SCH from d first day till date I told my dad bye took my bag and left I meant him ( Jeremy) at d door I guess he was about to ring d door bell but in was already out.
Wen I step out he kept staring at me in an awkward way so I had to ask if something was wrong with my dressing
No or dress looks perfect he said I could help my self but blush
Thank you I said
You’re  welcome he replied.

Jeremy POV
Seeing her dress like dis she looked so gorgeous I was so lost in my staring dat I didn’t no wen she caught me staring she asked if they was something wrong with her dressing I told her no and even complimented her DAT she looked perfect I opened the car door for her’ started d car engine and drove off to school.

Fiona POV
D ride to sch was so quiet d silence killing me I was hoping Jeremy will come up with a topic like he always does but he didn’t and it made d ride quiet awkward because we kept glancing at each other but no oby said anything I was thinking about wat to say wen a thought hit me like a bomb wat if Jeremy regretted k-ssing me yesterday I felt bad knowing that I was d one who started d wh0le tin so I broke d silence. Am sorry for d k-ssing yesterday I regret doing it I paused looked at him as I was about to continue he interrupted me saying I never and will never regret k-ssing you I wanted to k-ss you for a long while never had d courage until yesterday wen u k-ssing me he paused he quickly parked d car held my hands and continued
I love you Fiona i always have since wen we were seven to know but couldn’t tell you am sorry hearing him say all dis I was very happy it was like my long awaited dream has finally come true I was over happy(if you get me na ) he pulled me close to him very close he was staring at me eyes to eyes and den he k-ssed me d k-ss was so passionate we k-ssed like too lovers who have not seen each other for a long while. Everything was so perfect he pulled out put his hands in his pocket and brought out a necklace with my name imprinted on it he said dis necklace stands for my love for you I made it in junior prom planning to ask you out den but was to scared so I kept it hoping and praying DAT one day I have d courage to ask you out and give u and DAT day is today I was so happy
After we broke d k-ss he started d car and we drove off to sch we arrived in sch a minute to d assembly bell been rung we went to our different class line but still kept stealing glances at each other.

Fiona POV
After confession section in the car between
Me and Jeremy the awkwardness in the
Air was gone although we didn’t say anything again
But still it seem normal I thought not like wen I first got in,side the car
We got to SCH pretty late compare to our usual time of
Arrive we got in,side d SCH immediately the bell for assembly
Was rang we drop our bags and left for d assembly
Since we weren’t in the same class we were not in the same line his
Line was a bit further than mine d assembly went smoothly after singing
Praise and worsh¡p the principal came out to inform we d final year
Student about our waec we were advised to start read so d we will pass
After assembly I was walking to my locker wen someone grabbed my hands
 Holding them firm I looked across my shoulder to see a smiling jeremy if I
Did know him I would have thought he was insane cos d way he was smiling was too
Pure he whispered in to my ear I love u n can’t wait to let d wh0le world knw DAT we were dating in my head I was like were we dating he didn’t even ask me out
Wat he did next  really surprised me.

Fiona POV
He pulled me into his hands lifted me up in bridal style and k-ssed me
The k-ss was very passionate and since it was a k-ss between the hottest guy in SCH
And a girl(see don’t get me wrong I am popular but not with d entire sch) people were staring some were taking pics some were videoing
He broke the k-ss whispered to my ears finally u are mind he ignored the stares and carried
Me to my locker he dropped me there waiting for me to get my book I pulled out my English book I told him let’s go he carried me again in bridal style I wanted to refuse but I couldn’t intact I wanted him to carry me forever I knew it was not possible he carried me into my class with all eyes on us even the English teacher was staring at us and I had to close my eyes cos d staring was making me feeling uncomfortable he pulled me into my favourite site k-ssed me on my lip and left the class became noisy as everybody kept talking about wat happened especially the boys while the girls kept staring deadly at me but I cared less the teacher was able to calm the class down and lesson continued I looked at my best friends and they kept giving the stare which when interpreted means you have some explanation to do.

Fiona POV
After d wh0le show in the English class everybody was busy talking about the news
It was was not surprised at the way news travelled like wild fire in the school
Going to a school fee led with gossipers u won’t be shocked but beside dis was not the first time it was d same way wen I started dating tyler it was already lunch time and I was going to the eat my lunch but I didn’t to go to my favourite hangout It was beside a tree in one corner of the school the place was quite peaceful and I knew dat nobody would disturb us there since students hærdly go there we got to the tree witted in one of the bench close to the the tree
So wat happened u and Jeremy seem to be dating I thought u were dating Tyler grace one of my best friend asked slowed down girl glad son said she was also my best friends they had been my besties since first grade just like Jeremy we told each other our deepest secret but till today they never knew I had feels for Jeremy and I never showed them I explained everything to same how Tyler broke my heart how Jeremy stayed with me through out and also the things after( the k-ssing at my door and the car conversation we had….


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