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Just for love
Episode 5

Fiona POV after explaining everything to them grace seemed to be sad but she faked a smile knowing her for so long I knew she was not happy with my news but didn’t want to press on about why she wasn’t happy for me unlike glad son who kept on smiling giggling and congratulating me like I just won an award I was so happy.

Grace POV
After she finished tell her story i was dumbfounded I couldn’t believe DAT the guy I have been in love with for years now turns out to be in love with my best friend Jeremy had always been d one in my heart but I couldn’t tell him dat I felt dis why for him since junior SCH but I guess he those feel for me but for my best friend and my best friend loved him too I felt like I had been stabbed in the back the pain I was feeling felt so really it was like something pierced through my heart I was keeping myself from crying so I faked a smile.

Glad son POV
I knew grace wasn’t happy with the news Fiona told us but I just behaved like I didn’t know I knew that grace had been in love with Jeremy for along while but I just kept shut like I didn’t
Fiona POV after the bell was rang we all left to class grace excused her self DAT she wanted to visit to visit the bathroom I knew something was off with her since I told her about wat happened yesterday but didn’t want to offend her but pressing more on the matter because we asked her wat d problem was but she said nothing dat she just wanted to do something in the bathroom I wanted to esc-rt her but she refused so I dropped the case.

Fiona pov
After grace left me and glad son went too class we had to stop at our individual locker to get our civic education book since glad son look was the closet locker we stopped there so she can get her book she got it and we set off to my locker we got there I took my book and we set out tho the class we were about to leave wen Tyler showed up blocking our way he was looking sad and he had an injury on his face he stopped us (but to be exact me) he said he wanted to speak to me he even forced gladson to leave us but push her away I quickly gave her a sign to go and call Tyler she understood and left after she left Tyler faced me held my hands and dragged me roughly to the roof top of the school wen we got there she let go of my hand he was trying to explain that d k-ss (between him and d hottest cheerleader) was forced but I didn’t believe him cos from the look of time we I caught them he was k-ssing back so he couldn’t justify his action he kept begging but I told him that even of I forgave him we would never together because I was dating Jeremy at d mention of Jeremy he started laughing he was just laughing like a mad man so I decided to leave to my class as I was about to step out to the stairs which I could take to down floor which my class was he caught me dis time he wasnt smiling he pulled me closer to him to k-ssing he I kept trying to free my self but I couldn’t his hand were to strong pur face were so close wen somebody pulled him backed giving him two punches on the face.

Tyler POV
I was sitting in my class I just finished writing my apology letter to the school administrative u may be wandering y the reason is that I got into a fight with Tyler in gym class he was calling Fiona a slut and was telling his friend someother bad time about her I got angry and told him to stop then he punched me I retelliated and we started fight at first nobody separated it was our gym teacher DAT separated us so we were taking to the principal due to d fact DAT my dad was d owner of d school he didn’t suspend me he told us to write an apology letter to the school which I just completed.

Jeremy POV continuation
We were taken to the principal he would haver suspended us because fighting is prohibited but he pardon us because exam was close and maybe because my dad won’t allow and he wouldnt to make a fool of him self so he told us to write a sincere apology letter to d SCH I was busy writing d letter through out break I wanted to go and hangout with Fiona but I knew I had to first finish d letter and I did but it was after break period and I knew she had class so I didn’t want to disturb her I quickly dash out to d principal’s office I was about to enter his office worn glad son one of Fiona’s best friend she drag me quickly I questioned her about Her strange behaviour she told me that Fiona is in danger that Tyler is trying to force himself on her she said she knew were they were that they were in d roof top with that I dash out tho d stairs taking it four at a time rushly with my letter to the/ principal still in my hands I got to d roof top I could hear Fiona voice telling Tyler to stop trying to push him away I tried to open d door but it was locked with anger I kicked d door and it opened I dashed at Tyler pulling him back from Fiona and gave him a hærd punch still with d apology letter in my hand he fell down and quickly scanned Fiona she was OK I looked at Tyler gave him two punch he was bleeding as he was trying to get up I was about to punch him again wen I heard a voice say stop I turned back to see some teachers the principal and VP I withdraw.

Jeremy pov
Seeing d principal some teachers and gladson was something I didn’t want to happen because I wanted to beat d hell out of the punk (Tyler) I quickly turned to my back and so dat fiona were shedding little tears it pained me to see her cry like dat I held tyler up again and gave her one mighty blow his bleeding increased making my hands to be stained with block but I didn’t care I stood up and went to fiona held her close to my chest patting her hair telling her to calm down d male teachers took tyler to the clinic to get treated for his bleeding nose d principal told me fiona and gladson to follow him to his office wen got there he sitted and ask us to explain to him wat happen I explained my side of the story so did fiona who had stopped crying as well as gladson d principal dismissed us to our class I couldn’t leave fiona again I even had to fake identify to d teacher sat down close to her I even cracked some jokes which made her laugh I was happy seeing dis sch was about to closed wen d principal summoned every one to d hall we were called out (me fiona gladson and a nose stitched tyler) the principal told d sch wat happened tyler was expel from d sch but he was allow to finish his exam as 4 we we didn’t get off easy we were given detention for two weeks for 3 hours everyday but other than day everything else seem Ok.

Fiona pov
After tyler incident I got even more close with Jeremy we literally did everything today grace also told me about her feelings for jeremy but promised to get over it everything was perfect.

Derek pov
Here I was standing at her porch ringing d bell as I waited for her impatiently I kept changing my clock expecting her to come out soon and she finally did she came out wearing a pink designer gown I don’t know d designer but I knew it was a designer’s dress and a pink high heel with a mini pink purse she was all pinky to day and I loved it I forgot I was staring at her couldn’t say anything it was after she coughed I gained my self back I gave her d flowers I was holding and complimented her on her beautiful she looked she said thanks and also told me I looked really handsome I had my hand out held hers and we walked to the white limo I brought we entered d back seat and I signed d driver to drive I drove to our sch it was a fifteen minutes drive and every 45 or 50 seconds I kept complimenting her on how beautiful she looked and she would allow say thanks blushing wide I wished we would be like dis forever but I knw it wasn’t possible we got to d prom venue she was about to step out wen I told her to stop I brought out a emerald necklace I bought for her I gave her d necklace she seem to love it It had her name embroied on it I wore her d necklace and we went out to d venue we stepped out to find a crowd of people people gave way for us like we were d king and queen everyone eyes were on us they gave way for us.

Fiona pov
Prom was d best everything was like a dream I saw gladson with her date james one of jeremy bestie they were currently fating and grace with a guy named danny he had been asking her out so decided to give him a choice everything went well we were crowned king and queen of prom we took a lot of pics d days was finally over it was a dream come true si was graduation day we all passed our exams jeremy and I got admission into d same university we stayed as a couple through out we finally became graduates he got a job as a medical doctor in one of d best hospital and I became an actress.

 …… we got married two years after we graduated it was wonderful with scott as jeremy best man and gladson as my main in honour we went to dubai for our honey moon
One year later
I was currently seven months pregnant I was going to grace marriage gladson had married james d upper year two months after my marriage I am so happy I have a rom-ntic and caring husband and had a baby boy on the way I was more than happy I was grateful to God cos he was able to do this.

THE END. Thanks for reading, pls remember to comment.

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