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Just us batch 16


(Do you believe?)
~ Bella ~
Fynn remained quiet for a while before he sat up and turned to me.
“Why aren’t you saying anything?” he asked calmly.
“What do you expect me to say!” I giggled nervously.
“Well you don’t have to say anything, just let me be with you.” Fynn said and leaned closer.
Why the hell is he so close. I’m not used to things like this.
But still I kept my cool.
I turned to him and his glossy eyes held mine firmly.
“I know you don’t know what to say but can I kiss you?” Fynn asked and I felt my chest dropped to my stomach.
Of course he can.
I said nothing as my head slowly reached for his, I’m reaching out to him cause I want to and there was no stopping, Fynn with a smirk on his face, placed his hand on my face and brought his head closer to mine.
I mean it was just a kiss we’ve both done it before but as our heads got even closer, my body starts to boil and I almost burst out of… I didn’t know if I should call it excitement? But it was far greater than excitement.
Finally our lips touched and he opened his mouth to take me in. I reciprocated that action and before we know it we were both drowning in the warmest kiss ever.
The hotness never let my body as we both let our feelings pour into the kiss. It was a feeling I had never ever felt before.
As we both kissed my hands slowly moved up to circle his neck but I stopped halfway still not having the gut. I know I’m crazy.
Fynn felt my tense hands stopped and placed his hands against mine and slowly help me lift them up to curve his neck. That gave me enough confidence that he wanted more and I pulled him closer to me.
We had both start to lose our breath but we didn’t dare to stop.
I didn’t know when I got up and straddled him on the bed and let his hand slip around my waist.
The kissing was so intense I never wished for it

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to stop, but we had to catch our breath before we’d both pass out.
I rested my forehead on fynn’s head and we both rested to catch our breath.
But that was it, we were both satisfied,
Fynn hugged me around my waist
and sighed.
“I wish we can be like this”.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
He sighed, Again “I don’t know how to explain, but I never want to let you out of my sight.”
Oh my…
“Oh” I said as I let my cheeks heat up.
“I wish you can stay here and not go back to your own world. I mean we’ll make a lovely family.” Fynn said and I let go of him immediately.
“whoa.” I laughed nervously. “We just had a kiss, doesn’t mean you should start counting families”.
He laughed. “I
was just joking.”
“I should get going, it would have passed my bedtime by now.” I said and he opened his mouth to say something but I quickly placed my hand over his mouth.
“And don’t you dare say I should stay here for just a brief moment.” I rolled my eyes.
He moved my hand from his mouth and smiled. “You know me too well.”
“Okay then, you should go, it’s probably not past your bedtime but let’s go” He said and got up from the bed, his height towering mine.
I suddenly remembered the first day I saw Fynn outside my balcony when he was chasing Jojo and when we stood together, I could remember I we were the same height, he looked younger too, but now look at him, he’s already towering me by far.
We both walked towards the door we both came through and Fynn turned to me and ask.
“Are you sure you want to leave?”
He’s got to be kidding me.
“Yes! Yes I want to leave!” I laughed and he laughed too.
I have a twin to take care of. I don’t know if they’re asleep but I hope they are. They’re both old enough to look after each other, but it’s not funny when they start to fight.
Fynn opened the door and we both walked in and came out in my room.
What the…
“Yeah another exit leads to your room, I don’t know how that’s possible but.” Fynn laughed nervously.
Magic is confusing, full of tricks and unpredictable.
“Okay then Fynn, it’s night over here, so goodnight” I smiled.
“Goodnight Bella.” he smiled.
He moved closer to me and held my
What does he want again. Cause anytime our skin comes into contact I always try not to lose it.
“This is Goodnight for real and-
I shut his mouth with a kiss, cause I kind of predicted that’s what he wanted to do and he reciprocated.
The kiss was brief but it held a lot of astounding feeling like the other kisses.
Like the other kisses. I laughed at my head for that and watched Fynn leave with a smile.

I tired on my bed and adjusted the loose pajama pants on my waist, am I getting skinny or what?
As I pulled my blanket over my body the door to my room opened and despite the whole house being completely dark I could tell it was Jane.
Her scent, she applies this strong body lotion before going to bed and well we’re all used to the smell now.
Smells like vanilla and some kind of other smell I can’t seem to decipher.
“Bella. Are you asleep” I heard her voice from the door.
“No” I replied lowly.
“Oh good.” she said and turned on the light.
I sat up and watched as she walked up to me.
“What are you doing here, why aren’t you asleep?” I asked.
“I can’t sleep, so I decided to come here, have a word or two and maybe get sleepy” she said and I nodded and ordered her to turn off the light before joining me on the bed…
I left the night light on, it wasn’t too bright but at least the room wasn’t entirely dark.
My bed which I thought was small, surprisingly took the both of us in, but that was it, it was a two person limit bed, unlike theirs which could contain a whole city.
Jane and I share my blanket and we both stared at the ceiling quietly.
“I’m bored.” Jane said.
“And I’m sleepy” I yawned.
“What.? Don’t fall asleep without me.” she whined and I laughed.
“I’ll try not to.”
We both remained quiet again so I started a conversation. “So how’s Sean?”
A weird conversation.
“uhh? He’s fine.” she said awkwardly.
“Sorry for asking about him.” I apologized immediately.
“It’s okay, but anyways Sean is old news, honestly I still like him, but I like myself for not actually caring about that little feeling I have for him. I’ve moved on” Jane boasted and I smiled.
“So, how’s Fynn.” Jane suddenly threw the question.
“What?” I was flustered.
“Don’t play dumb, you and Fynn definitely have something going on.” Jane snickered.
“What do you mea-
“Oh please. Remember I caught you two kissing the other day.” Jane said teasingly and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“If you’re going to talk about that tonight, please feel free to walk out of my room.” I said and turned to my right backing her completely.
“Hey don’t be like this, you asked about Sean first.” Jane said as she placed her head on my shoulder.
“Well now I regret it, so let’s just fall asleep and forget about it.” I sighed.
“But I’m not sleepy” Jane said and wiggled my body.
She’s such a pest!.
“Okay fine… Fynn is great and you want to know something, we even kissed tonight. So you happy now?” I huffed and she laughed in a creepy and weird way.
“I knew it, so are you guys dating?” Jane asked resting her cheeks against mine…
“Seriously Jane. You’re such a pest” I said and pushed her off me.
“Yes I know,” Jane laughed.
Honestly I’ve never seen this side of Jane before, very playful, sweet and whiny at the same time. I’ve known her to be calm and self centered sometimes egoistic.
I sighed. “No were not dating!”.
“What? why? But you both obviously like each other so much” Jane said.
“Well I don’t know if I like him that way.” I said.
“Don’t lie to yourself, it’s written all over your face. You really like Fynn” Jane said.
I remained quiet as that statement laid in my head.
And I finally said. “well… I Don’t know”.
“Well… You have to know.” Jane mimicked my tone and laughed after it.
Jane grabbed my hand, placed it around her neck, and moved closer to body, holding me around my waist she started.
“You know Bella, when you first came here, I didn’t like you, i was already feeling Jealous of how pretty you were and how you also looked like one of us, I mean we’re family but not related by blood at all but I could still see my mom’s face in yours and my face too, I thought mom was going to start treating you nicely and forget about us, Jennifer and I talked behind your back like our life depended on it, we were stupid I agree. And then mom starts to treat you in the least way we expected and we were overjoyed, we never talked to you, not knowing you were the best to talk to. And now thinking about the days I hated you for no meaningful reason, I hate myself, and I want to apologise.” Jane said.
Oh my. She’s so sweet.
“It’s okay”, I tighten my hand around her shoulder.
“And now, it’s you I love the most.” she said and my heart danced.
“More than Sean.” I teased.
“Seriously” she rolled her eyes.
“I was just joking.” I laughed.
“I know” she said and let out an heavy sigh.
“Goodnight Bella. I’m getting sleepy now” Jane announced.
“Looks like I made you fall asleep” I giggled.
“I’ll make sure to check in your room every night” Jane said and that was the last word she said before falling asleep.
I couldn’t sleep it was like I transferred my sleep to her. I started to think about random things and then my head stopped at Fynn.
Do I like him.?
Was the question I had in mind before falling asleep.
But before really falling myself I remembered Jane’s word and took it in.
“Don’t lie to yourself, it’s written all over your face. You really like Fynn”.
The next morning Jane and I woke up at the same time due to my morning alarm.
“Ugh I hate morning.” she said as she shoved her head Under my pillow.
“Just get your morning ass ready. It’s Friday” I said and got down from the bed.
We all got ready and the twins made it in the car in time for me to drive us all to school.
I got to school, let the twins out and of the car and Parked the car, Jane strangely showing her sisterly affection towards me, kissed me on the cheek before leaving me.
I got to class and surprisingly bumped into Sophie.
“Watch where you’re going next time. Don’t be a victim of stupid mistakes.” she said to me but I just ignored her.
I do pretty well with taking in cusses.
Someone suddenly hugged me from behind and I knew it was Fynn, his warmth and smell.
“Get a room, you two” sophie said in disgust and walked away.
I turned to Fynn and he had the most amazing smile ever.
“I could have asked how your night went but judging by your happy aura. I know it went great.” he said and circled his hand around my shoulder as we made it to our seats.
I sat down on my seat.
But he didn’t.
“So school closes early today, and I want you to come over to my house.” Fynn said.
“I want to but I can’t.” I shook my head at him.
“What? Why? Jojo and I have something to show you.” Fynn pouted.
“I have a house to take care of. Or you can come to mine. My aunt isn’t home.” I sighed.
“So? Is your aunt home magical? No it isn’t.” Fynn sighed.
“I don’t know what you have to show me Fynn, but it has to wait.” I said and kissed him lightly on the lips.
Wait. I didn’t want to do that, I didn’t even want to kiss him, I didn’t even do that on my own will.
Fynn grinned.
He actually made me do that. I don’t know what kind of spell or magic he has or posses but that wasn’t cool.
“I’ll kill you!” I said to him and he laughed.
“I’m sorry I’ll never use magic on you again.” he laughed.
“Bella” he called and held my hand.
“What do you want now.” I sighed..
“Guess my wish”
“Guess your wish? How can I? It’s your wish,” I replied.
“Just try to guess what my wish is.” Fynn smiled.
“Okay, to be successful…” I shrugged isn’t that everybody’s wish.
“I am successful, already!” he sighed.
“You are?” I laughed.
“I have everything. Including you.” he said and let my heart to do its crazy dance again.
I don’t know why I get flustered easily.
“Okay I’m not a good guesser” I said and slipped my hand out of his grip.
“Okay. My wish, is to be in a world where it’s just the two of us. Actually the three of us. You me and Jojo,” Fynn grinned.
“Just us?” I blushed.
Oh Good lord where did he learn how to make me feel like this.
(Do you believe?)
~ Bella ~
“Okay I’m not a good guesser” I said and slipped my hand out of his grip.
“Okay. My wish, is to be in a world where it’s just the two of us. Actually the three of us. You me and Jojo,” Fynn grinned.
“Just us?” I blushed.
Oh Good lord where did he learn how to make me feel like this.
“Okay everyone to your seats” we heard the teacher’s voice behind us and everyone in the class groaned. Well except for us.
Cause I was glad the teacher walked in. Who knows, I would have blushed to death.
Fynn sighed and made it back to his seat.
We had math first and then biology, English and Spanish before it was time for lunch break.
The student all breath a sigh of relief cause Spanish wasn’t a class you call fun.
“Come on!” Fynn said and pulled me up from my seat before I could even balance my eyes that was staring at the board trying to turn to Fynn.
“Aren’t you hungry?” Fynn asked.
“Not really” I said.
For the first time I wasn’t hungry… in school.
Well that’s a first.
“You’re not hungry?” Fynn smiled.
“I’m not!” I replied.
“Okay then come on.” He said, pulled me out of the class and we both found ourselves running through the hallway.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Where do you think.?” Fynn turned to look at him.
At least if we stop running it’d be okay, cause I’m almost out of breath.
“Don’t reply my question with a question.” I grunted angrily
Fynn stopped running as we made it to the back of the school’s building and I let my hand slide from his group and stood straight to catch my breath.
“Wow you’re pretty lazy.” Fynn teased. “Just a little run and you’re already tired.”
“Don’t make me hit you!” I threatened and he laughed.
“Anyways, let’s go home, we’ll be back before lunch break is over” Fynn said as he got close to me and kissed me, Before I could even catch another breath.
Okay, him kissing me without my permission is kind of… Well it’s surprising and makes my heart twitch a little.
I opened my eyes from the light kiss and surprising kiss Fynn gave me. And I was surprised to see the both of us standing in his room, like inside his magic home or whatever it is.
But we were just standing behind the school’s building minutes ago, and now we’re in his room..?
Fynn read my confused expression and sighed. “You’re not going to ask how we got here do you?”
“I was but… No Need, I get it, since you’re gifted.” I said lackadaisical and he laughed.
“So why are we here when we’re supposed to be in school and what if lunch break is over and we can’t get back to school in time to join the others in class.” I said.
“Don’t worry and relax, everything is fine and will fall back in place, I just wanted us to have fun and be alone here for a while, like I was getting devasted seeing other faces in class, I just wanted to see yours and be with you alone” Fynn poured out and my legs became weak.
“Do you really like me that much?” I didn’t know why I asked that cause his face suddenly went pale, like I shoved a burning dagger right through his chest.
“You don’t know how much I like you, do you want me to explain how cause I’m ready to.” Fynn said and I couldn’t help the warmth that filled my heart.
Someone likes me this much.
It’s such an honour.
“No it’s okay.” I smiled.
“And Bella.,” Fynn smiled. “I want to have that kind of relationship with you!”.
“What kind of relationship!” I asked. Though I know what he’s talking about but I wanted him to be specific.
“The kind you wanted me to have with Sophie, The kind where I get to kiss you whenever I want to, hold you, be with you all the time and definitely cuddle you whenever and also place my hand around your shoulder” Fynn said and my heart started to beat faster than normal.
This dude doesn’t know but he’s killing me slowly…
His words.
“So what do you say?” Fynn asked and I turned to him.
I was lost.
“So can we? Be in a relationship like what I just talked about?” Fynn asked.
Why not!
I mean yes!!!
Someone who likes me like this, this isn’t something you get to see everyday, so why not!.
I was literally screaming yes in me when I haven’t said a single word on the outside. I guess I am really a quiet and shy person like my dad had said.
“So?” fynn’s eyes was literally begging for my answer and for it to be positive.
I nodded shyly and his smile almost killed me.
I was surprised by the way he suddenly lifted me up in his grasping hug and I smiled and let my lips kiss his forehead.
So we’re currently in a relationship now.
How happy I am.
We both shared one of our best and warm kiss before being interrupted by a young boy who seemed to be around nine Years old.
“Jojo, please! Can you just remain a dog whenever she’s here” Fynn sighed.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys I was searching for the red book I was reading earlier.” Jojo’s voice was tiny and was like a normal nine year old boy.
I’m still wondering how my mind is still so calm blending in with all this magic and stuff.
“You can check my room, but do not leave it messy” Fynn warned and Jojo shrugged and walked passed us.
Time seemed to pass slowly as Fynn and I spent every minute together laughing at the comedy we were watching, we stuffed our faces with popcorn and all sort of chips.
Like I was so happy, it was like a closed book was opened up in my chest that has laid in there for a long time, I mean the feeling was just unexplainable.
I was happy being with him and still not knowing why he likes me, I could see the reason I liked him. A likeness I couldn’t see before, Jane had to tell me about it, I’m just too dumb to see things I like or hate in front of my eyes.
A strange bell started to ring all of sudden and honestly it made my heart jump.
Fynn laughed as his eyes looked at mine. “Don’t be scared, it’s time we get back to school.” he said and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
What a genius, so he devised a way to know when to get back to school.
Well he’s gifted after all. Gifted in everything.
I mean he’s great at his studies, his looks is A-plus, and goodness he’s crazily good with words.
Why didn’t I think of being with him sooner. I’m so dumb.
“So the only way to go back to school is if we…
” Kissed? ” I rolled my eyes at him and he chuckled cutely.
“That’s why you’re so smart, you get a hang of things too quickly” he complimented and I laughed.
The two of us got close together and I immediately kiss him.
I see why those cheerleaders are always around him.
You lose it when you’re with Fynn.
He gently moved his lips away from mine and smirked. “It doesn’t work when you kiss me. But it works when I kiss you”
“And what is the damn difference?” I stated and he laughed.
He bit his lips and slowly clashed it with mine, and slowly my eyes closed on it’s own as I enjoyed the warmth that followed our lips and my body.
It was so good. I never wanted to stop but I felt Fynn’s lips left mine and heard his sweet laughter followed.
I opened my eyes to see us at the back of the school’s building.
“Why don’t we just go back home since you seem like you want more than this kiss.” Fynn said flirtatious like and I almost melt.
“let’s head back to class.” I said.
I heard fynn’s laugh behind as we made it to the class.
We made it to class and we were Just in time, before the period teacher walked in.
School was… Okay.
I couldn’t almost breathe with the smile Fynn gave me anytime I turned to him.
We were both being a flirt to each other in class the whole day, well he started it and rubbed it off on me. I would either with a flirtatious smile and then he would make his even more deadly.
School was finally over, I made sure I had to give the car key to Jane and decided to take the bus with Fynn. But nope we didn’t take the bus. We made one of those magical trip to his house.
T. B. C

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