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Key to love episode 13

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 13πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

✍️✍️ Authoress pov✍️✍️

In anger and frustration Mina marched into the classroom going towards Tiana. She’s going to teach her lesson today.

She was about to spank her desk when Amelia suddenly called her. She turned hoping she’s fine but then saw her gesturing with her hand that she should let Tiana be.

She fumed in anger but still hit her desk anyways… Who does that girl thinks she is to take advantage of Amelia’s kindness.

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Tiana seeing someone hitting her desk stopped what she was doing and looked at Mina angrily.

My Friend saved you now but I am coming back to get you… Mina threatened and went to meet Amelia .

Why did you stop me from teaching her a lesson? Why are you being nice to her? After doing this to you…Mina Ranted on Amelia

I feel it doesn’t worth it, she didn’t mean to do that… Amelia replied silently

She meant everything, I am sure she wanted to throw the phone at me, I wish it touched me, I would have rip her head off… She boasted and Amelia laughed

She’s still a newbie.. Reporting her will create a scene and I actually don’t want that.. Amelia said wincing slightly in pain

it’s obvious that I don’t care about that… You always try to create peace, well I didn’t report her because of you. Her brother came begging me and you know how handsome he is, I can’t say Sorry to him… Mina said and winked

You are being too nasty Mina…. Tiana just needed attention. Why else will she do that? Amelia asked?

She did it to make us believe she’s special, because she came from Germany. I wished I get to give her a slap… Mina fumed in anger

You don’t have to start getting angry now… Everything is sorted out and see me here. I’m fine… Amelia shrugged

Yes it is sorted, that bandage made you look so cute… Mina teased making Amelia to furiously glare h-rd at her.


I love it when I was in Alfred’s hands, I felt like a bride… Mina, You know I framed being unconscious because I wanted someone to carry me, then God sΒ£nt Alfred over… Amelia Teased creating tension in Mina’s body. She knows where to get her.

You know what? I am the one who followed you home. That’s why you have the chance to make fun of me. Now I am leaving…. She said and tried leaving

Seriously Mina. When you told me I am cute with this bandage I didn’t complain. Why are you complaining now?? She asked but didn’t get a reply from Mina.

Okay then I am sorry… I am not comfortable in his hands, I would have preferred Dean since he’s charming more than Alfred… She stated

Silly girl… Mina murmured.

Just then they heard someone knocking Amelia’s door. Before Amelia could speak the door went open with Arnold entering.

Amelia what’s wrong? Aunty told me you came from school with a bandage. What happened? Arnold questioned and sat down beside her.

I’m fine Arnold it was just a slight injury. I will be fine… Amelia assured

You must have had a deep cut, that’s why you are wearing bandage right? Should I inform Mom and Dad? He asked worriedly

It was just a little bump and it’s healing so fast. You don’t have to tell them. I will be fine in few days, Where’s Axel? She asked changing the topic

He’s downstairs… I came here quickly because I was scared. I’m happy you are fine…Arnold said and Amelia nodded her head stroking his hand.

So now I wished that I do have a brother… Mina who has been watching them lamented causing everyone to laugh….

Arnold left to prepare for his lesson, since Mina has decided on leaving. Amelia got herself something casual to wear and walked her out of the room.

On her way back she spotted Dean sitting and operating his phone… Is he waiting for Arnold?? She thought

Dean saw her and stood up going to meet her…

Hello… He said to her staring at the bandage on her head.

Hi…. Are you waiting for Arnold? He should be in his room.. Amelia stated

No… I have seen him, I’m waiting for you to come…. How are you feeling? I’m sorry about what Tiana did to you… Dean apologized after which they talked frequently and parted ways.

****AT NIGHT****


Diary how are you? Seems I am back as usual. Forgive me diary there’s no sweet News to inform you tonight.

I got into a fight with someone and presΒ£ntly my head is bandaged.. it doesn’t really hurt. But it doesn’t suit me.

Imagine Mina told me I am cute with it. Do you think that she’s telling the truth?? I didn’t believe her because she always tease me..

I got my new phone yesterday… I would have been happier but Dad got me the same product. I don’t feel the need to be too happy. Although it’s nice having it back.

Anything I do Mina kept on frustrating me about Having a lover… With what I have learnt so far Diary. There has been no feelings from me to any guy.

I need that feeling and crave of love before I can love someone remember diary? I feel suffocated whenever she’s discussing that with me. I seriously want to strangle her…

I think I should discuss about this with you diary… Dean came to lesson Arnold as usual and he…. Amelia kept on writing in the diary and only stopped when she feels the need to.


You look different in my eyes… Probably because I haven’t gotten the chance to see your face in awhile now. I miss you my COMFORT.

Did you miss me? Having you once again In my hands feels like I have gotten everything I wanted… Damon deprived me of having you.

He gave me many task if he would return you back to me. I completed everything and that’s he returned you back to me.

Forcefully I am starting to accept the faith that I can’t see you again. You didn’t think of how I will feel when you left me right?

You should have known better not to leave.. it took me awhile to figure out my love for you and just when I thought of confessing you left. I can’t just stop staring and remembering your face.

My childhood crush that I always tell you about is back. And guess what MY COMFORT? She has changed alot. She used to be so sweet and now I can’t explain how arrogant she can be.

She got into a fight with a girl today and even though she was wrong, she refused to say sorry. I urged her to say it but she declined.

Why do people change so much? Dean talked and talked to the image. Anyone who’s there would think he’s losing it.

Why will someone decided to talk to an image that can’t even answer. Doing that gives him joy and he never seize to do that…

Having one last stare at the image he kept it in his wardrobe and locked it. He can’t risk dropping it carelessly once more.

Who knows what task Damon would ask him to do if he lay his hands on it once again.

Dean made his way out of the house, entering the car he met Tiana already seated in it.

He’s not surprised but seeing her reminds him of how wicked she acted yesterday.

He sat down and ordered the driver to start driving.. Tiana did everything to get his attention but he didn’t care.

I told the maid to trash the wrist band… It’s too cheap and I’m sure you won’t like it right… Tiana told him and even though he was upset he didn’t show it, he just looked briefly at her and took his eyes away.


Dean walked into the Martin’s Abode with few books he would be needing for the lesson.. Apart from lessoning Arnold he’s so concerned about meeting with Amelia.

She didn’t attend school and he couldn’t be less worried. What if her head has worsΒ£ned? And that Tiana didn’t seem to care about anything. She should be thankful that Amelia refused to make a report.

Arnold already told him not to bother knocking when he comes, which is why he twisted the door knob directly and entered, with the fragrance speaking wealth welcoming him.

He entered fully and met Amelia watching movies. He felt relieved knowing she’s fine. A lady that everyone thinks she’s his sister did this to her so for that he can’t worry less.

I can see you are getting better… He said and walked closer to her. Getting Amelia somewhat surprised to see him.

Yes I am… Thanks for helping yesterday… Amelia said and smiled.

I am glad seeing how you are improving. I’m sorry for everything that Tiana did to you… Dean apologized

It’s okay… She was just upset and I understand. It’s nice that she at least has a nice brother to apologise on her behalf… Amelia stated and offered him to sit.

Dean would have love to inform her about Tiana not being his sister but he feels that’s not needed now..

Why didn’t you attend school today? I have planned how to make Tiana apologize but then I didn’t see you. Dean asked

I couldn’t wake up early because I slept late, also I felt weak So then I decided to rest at home today. I will definitely attend tommorow… She replied giggling

That’s needed… You should take care of yourself and please don’t hesitate to inform me if you need my help. Tiana created this mess, and it’s the same as when I created it. Dean clarify

No problem thanks… Arnold should be waiting for you upstairs and I don’t want him quarreling with me for chatting with his favorite Teacher, we could talk better before you leave….. Amelia joked.


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