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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(Its in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 30πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

✍️✍️ Authoress pov ✍️✍️

I’ve been searching everywhere for you. Tell me where have you been? Did you go to see Brad?? Mina complained after bumping into Amelia on her way back to the classroom.

That was not a good guess. Why would I go to see him? Did he ask of me? She asked nervously

It was just a guess, where were you then? She asked anyways

Are you living in Ghana, need to buy stuff online? is the best option.

I was at my usual private base. Why didn’t you come to check me there? She asked before she finally stopped walking.

My mind didn’t think of going there… Nevertheless I have something to share with you… Let’s sit over there.. Mina beamed before dragging Amelia with her.

On my way back from the library. I bumped into Dean… She said immediately they both relaxed on the sofa.

So? Anyone can bump into someone… Amelia shrugged. That really upset Mina.

At least learn skills from patient. You need to know how to be patient. Actually I bumped into him, then he was looking so tired. We were both discussing and during our conversation he said something. Guess what it? She explained.

I wasn’t there. Maybe he told you to Get lost…. Amelia joked.

Yes that was what he told me. Now I am also telling you to get lost. There’s no need of discussing anything with you… She angrily said. Followed by different hisses from every corner of her mouth.

It pains when a small legend gets teased… Sorry then, tell me what happened. Amelia sluggishly said

Such a big fool; Mina cursed before saying anything

We were talking so then he told me, that he considers me and you his friend. That was so surprising. I felt like recording it when he told me… She joyfully explained.

Okay then… Amelia simply said, she doesn’t find the information interesting.

Can she ever gets tired of killing people’s joy? Hearing this Mina flinched, this isn’t what she expected Amelia to say.

Just okay … Ain’t you supposed to be glad? Dean Stewart just considered us his friends. Do you know what that means? She ranted while Amelia just watched her drama.

She really felt the need to tell Mina, everything that took place between her and Dean few hours ago. But Mina isn’t a good type. She would tease Amelia with every line of the information. ” that she couldn’t bear to experience”

Maybe she would tell her later…. It’s not a good idea to inform her now…

I don’t know why I always tell you things. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t reply nicely. You don’t even keep male friends in the first place. I was the only one interested in being Dean’s Friend. Mina gibbered irritatedly

Amelia sure doesn’t keep male friends, Probably because of the slight Hatred she had towards Brad and Chris has made her to dislike all males.

She feels the need to stay away from them, they are all dangerous. How could she forget that? She agreed to be Dean’s Friend without thinking Everything all through. He doesn’t mean any harm Right?

What are you thinking? Are you jealous that he told me that before you? Come on Amelia. You won’t be jealous of your best friend… Mina foolishly interrupted her thinking

Do you know what I was thinking? I feel I should interact better with him. Who knows he might fall Inlove with me. That would hurt Tiana and I’m ready to make that happen… She suggested and that made Amelia to release a smirk.

How will Dean fall Inlove with her, when he’s madly in love with someone else..



I have brought a strange news for you. Dean Stewart just asked for my friendship. I didn’t expect that to happen. But I wasn’t surprised.

Everyone sees one him as a mighty young heir, but I saw the weak part of him today diary.. He cried and wailed in my presΒ£nce.

The sight wasn’t a thing to hold on to. I was sad but I couldn’t help him. I know little if not all how girls are crazily crushing on him.

Even my two cousins ain’t excluded. But the one his heart crave for died. For a moment I tried understanding his pain. But then I couldn’t understand him better.

He doesn’t even have any recipe to heal the pain that he feels. Diary you know something? I don’t like guys company. Strangely today I feel entitled to him.

I want to help him with everything that I can. I want to make him locate his happy self once again.

More like I feel the need to help him heal his pain. With that I feel that will erase all the h-rd and heart saddening experience in his mind.

After that he would be himself once again and finally be able to enjoy his status. Just tell me what I should do diary?

Little from Tiana’s secret got leaked today once again. She was soaring herself in the thought that Dean loves her. She isn’t even the one that he loves.

I really don’t know what her problem is. I feel the need to spank little sΒ£nse into her skull. She just doesn’t know how to understand things that happened in her environment.

Like Always diary, I’m still battling with Brad’s punishment of arranging. Strangely He hasn’t been taunting me as usual. I also haven’t gotten any issue with him.

I really want to say something but I don’t know how to presΒ£nt it. I think I need to relax my head now. Many things happened today, that stressed me out.

Having splendid night before embarking on a new day journey won’t be too much to ask for.

Goodnight Amelia’s Diary.

She finished writing before finally closed the diary, before placing it under her pillow as usual. Hoping to Get herself falling asleep by reciting A poem in her head.

It all lasted for some minutes, during then she was hoping to finally sleep when she got a barely lasted quick beep from her phone.

Since the phone was placed beside her she was able to know that a message entered.

Forcing her slightly heavy eye flickered open to check the message…

HELLO AMELIA, ARE YOU SLEEPING? She confusingly read the message out. It was a text message from unknown number.

Who could have sΒ£nt the message to her? She thought while sitting up properly on the bΒ£d.

She immediately switched on the light that she had off earlier.. Thinking it all through she decided to sΒ£nd a message also. Asking who the sΒ£nder was won’t cause her any harm.

HI, WHO IS THIS? Those were they words that she sΒ£nt. Before she would blink her eyes a reply came in.

She was surprised. Was the Person waiting for her to reply? Who’s messaging her during this late hour. She thought fearlessly

I’M SOMEONE. DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Another simple text message from the unknown person.

She was curious and had to crake her brain in order to remember who that person would be. What if it was Chris?

I WON’T ASK EARLIER IF I KNEW WHO YOU ARE… she angrily typed before sΒ£nding it over. Whoever it is should better be positive.

She thought a reply would come in early but it wasn’t so. Who ever was messaging her refused to reply and that Got her worked up.

She wouldn’t think about anything concerning the sΒ£nder. Who knows whether it was a wrong test. Anyone could make mistake with People’s Phone number. She would just assume it to be a mistake.

She finally concluded before Grumbling Crawling herself inside the big blanket. Resting her head on the pillow. With her eyes on the phone, hoping it would beep. Everythingthat happened during the Day narrowly found a chance in entering her thinking.


Dad, You are here Dad…. Dean said nervously while he moved closer to him.

I came to check on how my son is doing. Can I enter now? He asked while smiling sheepishly at him

Of course Dad… Good morning Dad, I was just planning on coming to you before leaving to school. Dean replied going ahead into the room.

It’s alright.. I have few things to discuss with you. That was why I decided to come see you myself… The father shrugged while taking a sit on the couch

I’m always proud of you and any choice that you make.. I don’t always have problem with any of your decision. And you know what you do always will make me happy right? He asked creating worried in Dean’s mind.

Excuse me Dad, I don’t understand what you are telling me.. Dean answered confusingly

Since you’ve been announced as the Heir Now, many People and companies has wanting to meet and have one or two words with you .. he explained further

You will be engaged in represΒ£nting the company in mostly in all places that we are needed. I have been receiving many calls from some demanding companiesTo have brief moment with you.

I didn’t get to explain all this to you before now. Above it all it’s needed to guide you all through the company activities and how things work in there. So far I know, you are still very naive about how things works overthere… He explained while he listen. Everything seems understandable to him now.

So I am thinking.. since you wouldn’t be available to carry out all the tasks. Should I get you a smart P. A? I’m aware you are not interested in handling the property and company. He pointed out

I believe with time you will sort that out by yourself. Will getting someone to work on your order be okay for you? That would make you feel less uncomfortable about everything right? He asked


He kept was gaze straight as he walked side by side with Tiana to their classroom. Everything she was saying sounded more like noises to his hearing.

He’s happy with the discussion that took place between him and his father. He had no idea that his father would understand him so much.

Now he’s free from thoughts about having to include The Heir title in his schedule. He would just be carrying the title. At least for now he doesn’t have to do anything.

That sounds good to him… He only wished for his father to likewise save him from Tiana. Is he not noticing how much he despises her living in the same house with him?

I’m thinking of travelling to Germany for my holiday. How about the idea? That was the first sΒ£ntence he willingly listened to among everything that she has been telling him.

It’s a very good idea, you will get to see your friend and spend time with your mom. You’ve missed her right? He included. Her traveling would be relieving.

Yes I do really miss mom and Dad quiet alot. I’m just thinking of this now, will you go with me then? It would be a better idea and Mom would love to see you after many years… She beamed hoping that he would concur.

He looked startled… But he didn’t let it show. He found one excuse and successfully declined her request.

Finally they both entered the class. The first thing that caught his eyes was Amelia. She was keeping herself busy with a novel he thinks. She didn’t seem aware of the noises going on among the students.

Letting out a smile after remembering what he did last night. He walked directly to her and unsuspiciously snatched the book from her hand.

Before she would talk, he had immediately sat down beside her.

Since Carol wasn’t in school yet, it was easy for him to sat down on the empty seat beside Amelia. With his eyes grinning heavily at her.

He has even forgotten that Tiana was with him earlier. His aim was to surprise his beautiful female friend.

Everyone in the room gasped after witnessing this… Nobody expected that. Even Amelia stared shockingly at him.

Amelia’s eyes ran into Tiana, her sight was nothing to write home about. Then she finally decided to tease Tiana.

It was something she doesn’t engage herself into. But if it’s to get back at Tiana for picking up a fight with her when she visited her house. Then she’s willing to be the news in each of every presΒ£nt student here.

After receiving a wink from Mina and looking forward to seeing Tiana bursting, It’s entirely percent sure that she would collapse after witnessing what she was about to do.

No even bothering about the friendly stare, she was receiving from Dean. She moved closer to him and without giving him notice she planted a peck on his right cheek, before whispering.

Good morning handsome… she whispered with her eyes on Tiana


I’m feeling jealous on jealous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Tiana would die today.

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