Key To Love

Key to love episode 40

🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️
Written ✍️✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

💙💙💙 Chapter 40💙💙💙

✍️✍️ Authoress pov ✍️✍️

“Is that your girlfriend? She was asking about your whereabout right?” Elisa asked Dean promptly when he dropped the phone call that he was making.

“Was our discussion like lovers?” Dean sharply inquired. He hates it when people intervene anyhow in his matter, not to talk of a lady that they just met.

“Scarcely… It was just a guess though;” She responded sweetly while he just nodded his head. What he did that for wasn’t clear to her. Was it the answer to her Question? Or the reply to her explanation? She thought but didn’t say anything further. He wasn’t ready to talk about it.

“They continued walking around the school premises,” He has shown her many buildings and amazing things located in the school compound. He didn’t hesitate to show her all the places Dean got to know since he started studying there.

“Why is the school so quiet? It wasn’t like this where I came from?” Elisa raised an alarm after they’ve strolled past some buildings.

“I don’t know what to say. Are you saying that there should be noise?” Dean sarcastically asked

“That isn’t what I meant.” It’s normal for a school to be quiet… She confessed

what are you talking about? You just complained about the quietness now” Dean let out to her.
” I just want to experience the same vibe as the one I attained in my previous school,” it wasn’t this quiet over there; I feel maybe the population over here isn’t much… She bragged endlessly.
Dean watched her in confusion, while she was talking and couldn’t find anything to describe her. Is she here for the crowd, or to study?? He imagined while looking at her jaws that wouldn’t stop gibbering.

“This is a school premise. It’s meant for studying and learning. If everyone is making noise, who would listen to what the teachers have to share? Who would understand the purpose of inventing a school?” Dean explained while leaving her with a question to answer.

“Dean, seems you are not getting what I am saying?” She called out his name. Well, he told her his name ahead when she asked for it.

I meant like everywhere should be fun!! She expressed

“There are fun hours. But I don’t think anyone would come here because of that. It’s a place of studying, so everyone should study. There’s a goal to achieve”. Dean further clarified. While she just watched him talking in silence.

“I get it now. Maybe my previous mindset wasn’t right. Thanks for explaining how things work to me. That’s so kind of you, I appreciate your intelligence”. She praised him, and all he could do was just nodding his head.

They continued going, as the gentle young man that he is. He kept his hands in his trousers pocket. Elisa kept on roaming her eyes around, she was so eager to know everything. They’ve gotten to the basketball court, she was exclaimed about how beautiful and wide it is.

“Wow!! The view is such a mind-blowing one.. She let out while marching forward ahead of Dean”. He watched her hurrying towards the court then let out a breath. He’s tired of walking around, he’s sure would have missed like two to three lectures. He hopes that the driver has gone to deliver his Dad’s message.

“When do they normally come here to play? Are you a player?” She asked him.
“Twice in a week, I’m not a player.” He replied in short sentences.

“I’m a player where I came from. I enjoy playing it but not in school.” She started talking, now Dean Is standing beside her.

“Where else would you play if not at school? That’s where it’s being played”. Dean asked

“I do my playing and learning at home. But I have never dreamt of going outside.” She replied
“Why didn’t you play it outside? Are you shy or what’s wrong?”. Dean asked confusingly

“It was a silly excuse but I will say it. She firstly mentioned

” The master, that gives the training to them happens to be my crush. Whenever I tried going to join them in training. The thought of losing and making me a loser in his presence Always s-cks my blood.” She explained with her eyes staring at a distance.

Dean stopped himself from laughing out loud, but his inner self wouldn’t just listen to him. He suddenly broke down in uncontrollable laughter.

She watched him laugh childishly, then wondered what was funny in what she said.

“Is there something funny? I was just telling you what happened.” She irritatedly muttered after watching him laughing crazily at her.

“Pardon me for laughing at what you said. I find it funny that’s why. Why would you keep your passion indoors because you don’t want someone to witness your failure?.” Dean asked

“I couldn’t help it. He was my crush, making fun of myself in his presence wouldn’t be a better way to make him have interest in me.” She muttered, but he heard her.

“Why do you care about his interest in the first place? Why are you making that a hindrance to your passion?” He inquired of

“It wasn’t an easy situation for me… I just did that to avoid creating a scene.” She shrugged nonchalantly

“That made you careless about what you enjoyed doing. Truthfully you might have failed then in his presence. But he would have helped you to overcome the failure.” “Hiding just wasn’t the best thing to do”. He might even start having an interest in you after that. Dean continued explaining even with the fact that they just met.

Dean is the type that loves talking and enlightening other people. He tends to make people stronger than he would to himself. This is why he could explain things to her like a long-time friend.

“Thanks once again, I would get myself engaged in the training over here then.” She assured and her reply made him smile. At least he was able to put her through.

After allowing her to admire and talk about the basketball court for a while, Dean decided on rounding up everything. The little he was about to show her would help right?

“I think you’ve known many places around the school premises already. I have missed three lectures already, and I’m having another lecture in thirty minutes to come.” You should try calling your sister now. She should be able to help with the remaining places we haven’t been to. I should return to class now… Dean rushed his words as they both walked side by side out of the court.

“Yes, I will ask my sister about the remaining places. I can as well get to know about it when I get admitted here.” She responded with a sweet smile.
Her beauty is overwhelming just like every other Ladies beauty would. Each time he saw her smiling, her cheek’s dimple would always remind him of Amelia’s deep chin dimple.
“When are you resuming? And what grade are you?” Dean asked friendly.


“So what were you two talking about? Did you show your secret place too?” Amelia Teased Dean as they both faced each other in the class. Carol has happily exchanged her seat with the young heir. Now Amelia and Dean shared the same seat.

“It has been such a fire-burning decision for Tiana since she couldn’t tolerate the sight of Dean and Amelia together. Now that they’ve both decided to share the same seat. She would always find something to interrupt their conversation anytime she has the chance to.”

“Mina also would never stop acting as their bodyguard, she always makes herself available to wrestle Tiana if needed, whenever she tries disturbing Dean together with Amelia’s peace. ”

I didn’t show her our secret place, but I took her to the basketball court. Dean replied as well teasing Amelia also.

“She nervously looked at before turning to face her front.” He has started making her feel nervous as usual.


“It hurts! It hurts!! It hurts!!! It hurts seeing the one you love and care about being snatched away by another guy. The sight Always looks terrible and saddening.”

“His heart aches as he watched her laughing and smiling at him.
“He wished: she would look lovingly at him someday.”
“He wished: she would admire him from afar like he always does to her.”
“What would it feel like to have her ranting into his hearing alone all day long.”

“What a heart pleasure sight it would be to have her stare at him every moment.”



“Mina irritatedly kept herself busy with her phone on the way back home.” Being in the same car with Elisa is making her wanting to suffocate herself.

“She can’t imagine her coming in the same car with her to school henceforth.”

“Why didn’t Dad just send her to a faraway place? Why did he agree to let her stay with them? Keeping her from her would have made the rest of her life freely interesting.” She thought over and over again.

“She was still busy with her thought when she heard Elisa communicating on phone with someone.” She wasn’t interested in whatever she was talking about, nothing good will come out of her skull anyways.

“She annoying rolled her eyes, getting irritatedly by her voice alone when she suddenly heard her mentioning Dean’s name.”

“Her ear stretches closer to Elisa by itself, just to listen to what Elisa was saying.”

“I didn’t snap with him. But I love his personality, he talked about a lot of things to me. Even the ones I never thought could be solved.” Elisa explained to whoever was on the line.

“Yeah. He took me to many places in the school. Although everywhere was annoying quiet, he was able to solve that too. “He’s amazing”. She continued talking. During the moment Mina was busy listening to the discussion.

“Just Dean, I did ask for his surname. Why would I ask him anyway? We just met. Although I can’t stop thinking of how friendly he was to me, he looks wealthy and outspoken. It’s better off walking around with him than asking some fools here for it.” She ranted non-stop, purposely mentioned to upset Mina.

“She would suffocate me. She suddenly yelled

” Though I am not pleased with our grades. Yeah, we didn’t get to be in the same class.” She continued ranting.

“The hell!!, I’m not crushing on him ” I’m just telling you everything that took place earlier…. Elisa concentrated on her call, sometimes Mina would look annoyingly at her through the rear mirror.



Amelia Dried her hair with a towel as she walked out of the bathroom with another towel tied around her chest.

“She walked towards her dressing mirror, then she took a sit infront of it”. She finished drying with the towel then she proceeded into using the dryer.

“She had to do the drying by herself even though it was so difficult for her hand to reach part of her hair.” Once again the soberness of being the only girl hit hærd at her.

“With the little parts her hand could reach, she stopped drying, and further packed her hair into ponytail.

Afterwards she put on her pyjamas”. In the next minute she was already lieing down on her bed.

“Roaming her mind on what to do. She wasn’t feeling sleepy. She would have prefer talking to the diary but she has nothing to discuss about.”

She thought of a nasty thing. What if she tried doing it? Would it make her night fun? Would it be a bad thing to do?

Curiosity to find out what will happen made her to start thinking of carrying it out. She grabbed her phone from where she was charging it, and immediately started typing.

“HEY HEIR, HOW ARE YOU DOING?” She sent the message after blinking her eyes rapidly.

What will he say after getting the message? She imagined as she kept on waiting for a message to be sent in.

“DID YOU SEND A MESSAGE TO ME AMELIA, OR IT WAS MY IMAGINATION?” Dean after seeing her message unbelievably replied her.


“IT WAS JUST A QUESTION. YOU TOLD ME YOU’VE NEVER LIKED LATE NIGHT MESSAGE”. Dean simply replied. Damon who was discussing with him earlier watched him as he concentrated on his phone. The only thing he could notice from him was a sheepish smile.


They both kept on intEr×¢ting with each other through messaging. It was a great night to both of them as they got the chance to talk about other things.

“Who was that?.” Damon Questioned after Dean dropped his phone.

” Amelia, what’s wrong?” Dean asked while eyeing him

“I knew it!!!. Who else would make you blush foolishly by this hour?” Damon pointed out.

“Anyone can. Even your girlfriend isn’t left out.” Dean replied by shrugging his shoulder nonchalantly



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