Key To Love

Key to love episode 41

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘kEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 41πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

✍️✍️ Authoress pov ✍️✍️

“Dean yawned lazily as he walked out of the restroom.” To his surprise, he met Damon also awake, though he was sleeping before he walked out of the room!?

“Come closer and stop staring at me like I am a ghost… Damon suddenly said to him”.How did he know that he was there?
“He rubbΒ£d his eyes with his palm then walked closer to him. Sitting down beside him then he peeped at what he was doing on the phone.”

“You are chatting with her by this time, are you not supposed to be sleeping?” Dean complained

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“You were chatting with her last night, even when you were supposed to be reading. You always read at night right?” Damon fired back

“At least I didn’t chat with her when I was supposed to be sleeping”. Dean fired back

“But you did when you were supposed to study. Even though she isn’t even your girlfriend. The one I am chatting with here is my girlfriend. I have the right to stay with her all night long.” Damon Answered

“You said all that? Just to prove you are right?” Dean asked while covering himself with the duvet.

To make it worst Damon heard but didn’t reply. Bored Dean roamed his eyes around the room. What should he keep himself busy with? He just wasn’t feeling sleepy.

“What are you two talking about? How can a lady be awake during midnight?”. He interrogated after keeping mute for a while.

“About our first date. Seems she’s in the mood to talk about romantic stuff tonight.” Damon answered the first question while he ignored the aecond question with a faint smile

“Can’t believe you just told me that, isn’t there something else to do? That you had to talk about that during the night? I thought you saw her before coming here last night?” Dean almost yelled

“So? We shouldn’t talk again because I saw her?” Damon snapped then returned his attention to the phone.” His face became frowned at the next minute as he started complaining
She angrily left because I couldn’t reply earlier” You saw that? He stated with a frown
“Clearly. I saw it clearly. Now I can finally discuss what’s bothering me with you.” Dean rejoiced while smuggling himself with the duvet. “It’s such a cold night”.

He hissed annoyingly then dropped the phone on the bΒ£d. Laying his back on the bΒ£d also, “he just wants to keep mute”.

“What discussion are you talking about?”.

**** THE NEXT DAY***
“Standing by the door for some time now, with his eyes just watching her as she arranged the place.” He Quietly walked behind her, he got closer to the window and started dusting it also, without saying anything to her.

“She barely noticed someone else’s presΒ£nce in the room aside from her”. Since her concentration was obviously placed on what sbe was doing.
“being aware was nothing closer to her sΒ£nsitivity, until the mixture and saint that was in the air seems different from the recent one that she has been breathing.”

” Someone is in here.” She thought and turned to check it out. To her surprise, she saw him by a side of the room dusting the window.
Dean… She surprisingly called out his name after a gasp escaped her mouth. He heard his name then swiftly turned to her with a smile.

Worried, and freaky_ scared Amelia walked fast-forwarding to where he was standing. She gripped his wrist and tried leading the way out of the quarter with him.
“He remained on the spot while she tried to make him leave. Finally realizing that he’s been using his strength to stop him from stepping out of the spot.” She tiredly let go of his wrist, then took her two hands to her wa-ist. Staring awkwardly at him, while he was busy smiling. Her reaction presΒ£ntly was so funny to him, well he didn’t expect something less than this.

“You know what will happen if Monitor sees you here? Do you want to land in trouble?” She fearfully Questioned

“Who’s the monitor? And why would I land in trouble for coming here? Can’t I come here too? It’s boy’s Quarter for crying out loud. You are the one that will land in trouble for coming here.” Dean filled the ground with his talk.

“I’m here because it’s a punishment. You haven’t come here to relax, why were you dusting the window?” She further questioned

“Because I want to help you. My friend is being punished by someone, so I am here to help her.” Dean replied politely

“So have you thought of what your punishment would be if they see you helping me? You shouldn’t do this. The punishment is mine, go to class from here.” Amelia continued nagging

“So are you coming after me?” Dean asked afterwards

“Excuse me!? I haven’t finished arranging, I still need to arrange those things”. She nagged while pointing at the scattered places

“Meaning I am not also going to leave now, I will be here cleaning also.” Dean shrugged nonchalantly

“Gosh!!! What if he comes? He would seriously punish you, and I won’t want that. Please Just leave I will join you in class.” Amelia begged nervously

“Why should I leave? You should come along with me to class. I will be bored without you there,” Dean confessed his mind
“Gosh!! You are so childish, Mina would keep your company, Tiana won’t mind staying with you too.” Amelia suggested
“Tiana is never an option for me. I don’t want her to keep my company” Dean refused what she said

“At least Mina would be, just go and I will hurry with these things, the lecture will soon commence.”

“Let’s do it this way, I will arrange things here with you today. And that will be all, I will try my best not to come tomorrow.” He suggested while she looked Confusingly at him.

“So what if he comes? I don’t want to implicate you.” Amelia sadly said
“I don’t see that as an implication, that’s a way to keep myself busy too. If he gives me the punishment of arranging here also, then we will both be here arranging things. That will be so fun!!” Dean happily clarified

“Seriously!! You want to get punished because of chit-chatting with me?” Surprised Amelia asked
“What’s wrong? Moreover it isn’t punishment. It doesn’t seems like to me. Me and you alone in this place, imagine that. Can’t you see that it would be fun? I would tease you freely. Also, I have something to discuss with you.” Dean finally remembered
“What’s that? Did another drama happen between you and Tiana?” She asked narrowing her eyes
“Not that… Let’s finish this, I will say everything to you during lunch.” Dean promised while putting his l-ips into thin line.

“Fine then! I would go continue arranging, but stop cleaning with your handkerchief. You could have asked for the rage meant for cleaning.” Amelia advised

“I didn’t want you to know that I am here, so I was cleaning it secretly. I can always get another one.” Dean replied while he continued scrubbing the window with the handkerchief.


“Are you getting your snacks before going to meet him? ” Mina asked Amelia as they both walked towards the old hall
“Do you think that I should get it? Let me just go and see him, he should be there waiting for me already.” She replied while she swayed her hair behind her back

“Did he tell you what he wants to talk about? I’m having a strange feeling.” Mina asked
“Seriously Mina, will I go to him if I know what he wants to talk about? I just hope he didn’t use that as an escape route” Amelia pointed out

“Escape route!? What do you mean?” Mina asked cluelessly

“You know when he came to the boy’s Quarter and I told him to leave. That was when he mentioned having something to tell me. Who knows? He might be joking.” Amelia concluded

“I still don’t understand what’s going on between you two, why are you guys getting closer every day? It’s strange to me. Well, I have been happy seeing how you’ve been helping to banish Tiana.” Mina shared

“We are not close, just being harmless friends, moreover you advised me to help him. So??” Amelia asked while furrowing her brows.

Can you ask if he meets any lady yesterday? Like showing her around. I want to confirm something. Mina suddenly stated

“He did… I could remember him discussing walking around the school premises with a lady yesterday. What’s wrong?

“So it was Dean Elisa was talking about. I should have known.” Mina mumbled
“What’s that?” Amelia asked
“While returning home yesterday, Elisa was on a call with someone. I told you she came with me to school?” Mina asked while Amelia returned her answer by nodding her head.

“I overheard her telling the person about meeting a guy, who showed her around. Blabbing nonsΒ£nse from every corner of her mouth.” Mina explained

“I’m sure she was the one that Dean told me about yesterday. Did she mention his name?”

“Why else would I be interested in eavesdropping on her call if not that?” Mina snapped
“Don’t be harsh… Moreover, what’s wrong if he shows her around? Are you mad because of that?”

“I have just been curious to confirm. Also, I don’t want Dean to associate with her. I will talk to Dean about her.”

“What are you going to tell him? That he should not talk to her anymore?” Amelia questioned

“I still don’t know what I will say to him. But I will come up with something.” Mina replied tiredly


“See who has been here waiting for my arrival.. Amelia teasingly announced as she marched into the building”.
“I was thinking you wouldn’t come. Where have you been?” Tired Dean beamed immediately when he sighted her.
“So it’s the matter of questioning. I have been with Mina. Do you have any problem with that?” Amelia asked while taking the space on the sofa beside him.
“Why would I? And why didn’t Mina come over here with you?” Dean asked her
“Because I thought you have something to discuss with me. I can call Mina over if her presΒ£nce wouldn’t disturb the conversation.” Amelia joked

“I’m not demanding for that. Although her presΒ£nce wouldn’t prevent me from telling you.” Dean stated

“I’m all hearing, ” what do you want to talk about? Amelia asked while car-ssing her hair

“The way you asked made me feel scared of telling you. How about you make a promise not to give me a negative answer? That will help” Dean nervously requested

“I don’t know what you want to talk about. So I can’t make any promise on it. I can only assure to give truthful answer..” Amelia answered then she took her gaze away from his direction

“Sounds better. At least you won’t refuse it right?” Dean asked for confirmation
“Maybe, maybe not. I will decide after listening to it.” Amelia shrugged nonchalantly

“It is just a simple but h-uge request. But I will explain it in a way you will understand me better. My Dad is org-nizing a meeting with a company this weekend. Sorry if telling you this makes you feel uncomfortable.” Dean said

“As the Heir to the company, I must attend the meeting,” I have agreed to attend but Dad advised that it would be nice for me to attend it with someone by my side…. He explained further

“Although he suggested Tiana for me, I don’t want to go with her.” He stated and that made Amelia to return her gaze back to his direction.

“I have thought of what do severely, that now I feel I need to inform you about this.”

“I am humbly requesting if you won’t mind attending the meeting with me?. I WANT YOU TO BE THE LADY AT MY SIDE..”



Now that Dean helped her in arranging. Will Brad find out?


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