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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 46πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


“Tell Dad we will be there.” Dean said to the guard who came to inform him about a message from his father. “Dad already sΒ£nt a guard to me, he has left to office..” He stated to Damon was busy with a collar in his hand when he stepped into the room.
“Wear your suit then and let’s get you properly dressed.” Damon replied while he dropped the collar he was holding in his hand on the bΒ£d.
“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t come late.” Dean complained while wearing the suit. “I was supposed not to sleep at all before running here. Am I supposed to be doing this for you?” Damon replied while he helped him arranged his cloth. “You’ve always call yourself my best friend. So why won’t you do it?” Dean sarcastically replied while raising eye brows at him.
“Have you tried talking to Amelia? When will she be here?” Damon questioned ignoring what he said as he helped him in tieing the collar down. Dean took his time before saying: The last time I called her it was Mina that picked. I was told she went to bath. “Have you called her after then? Who knows she might not be ready yet.” Damon said while he stepped away from his presΒ£nce after he’s done with the collar.
“I don’t want this to look like a burden to her, I have sΒ£nt the driver over to get her. They should be here after she’s done dressing. We still have like two hours before the meeting commence. Dean stated before fixing a magnet earring on his left ear.
“So why did you accuse me when you entered the room? I thought you are late for it!? Damon asked offensively
“I can’t remember when that happened. How did I look?” Dean asked instead. “Such a charming Heir.” Damon exclaimed after strolling his eyes around Dean who shook his head because of his reaction.
“Your dressing is perfect. I’m thinking we should make your hair fall on the right side of your face, that will make you look breath taking.” Damon suggested while Dean chuckled.
“Will that make me handsome or turn me into a lady?” Dean snapped before he sat down on the bΒ£d
“Your block head won’t allow you to yield by what is right.” Damon blurted after grabbing a comb then marched towards him on the bΒ£d where he was sitting.
“Get your head turned to that direction.” He commanded to him before he started working on his hair.
“It hurts slightly but I can manage with it.” Amelia stated while she returned the glass cup back to Mina after gulping the wh0le content in it down. “Can it be because of the food you took? Or has Tiana casted a spell on you?” Mina uncomfortably asked while Amelia laughed at her foolishness.
“I took too many sugary things nowadays, it might be the reason why my stomach is aching.”She stated only for Mina to shake her head in approval.
“I think my face look beautiful enough. what’s the need to apply those? ” Amelia complained as Mina insisted on applying make-up to her face. “Because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you should not try to advance your beauty. Don’t let your beauty just get guys drooling over you, let it also make them roll under your feet.” Mina replied as she continued applying them on her face. She closed her eyes tiredly before opening it to stare at Mina’s hand that was being placed on her forehead.
“So what help do you think doing this will offer to me? I’m not going to party but a meeting” Amelia reminded. “Who said you are going to party before? Tiana stays with Dean which means she would definitely see you after getting down from the car. I need to make you look so beautiful that everyone who sees you will fall Inlove with you, most especially Dean.” Tiana ranted while Amelia chuckled softly
“I’m done!! Now take a look at yourself in the mirror.” Mina stated while stepping away from her. “Wow! You’ve done a great job. I never knew I can be this beautiful.” Amelia applauded while smiling at herself in the mirror.
“You can’t because you never like applying make-up. Stay over there and let me steal few pictures from you.” Mina demanded while Amelia relaxed her back tiredly on the dressing chair. “What’s the need to take pictures? It’s not like I am celebrating birthdays here.” She refused while Mina gawked at her. After seeing that she dragged her leg to the free space which Mina had pointed at earlier. Letting out cute smile from her l-ips with her face which looked so adorable. Whom in her dressing looked like a bride who is ready to get wedded. Mina took some snaps before they both walked out of the room after handling over a pulse that matches with her shoe into her hand.
The sound of her shoe could be heard as she made her way down the stairs, the maids who were working in the parlour and had no idea where the shoe step was coming from all turned to see Amelia climbing down the stairs with Mina beside her all dressed in her beautiful dress while Mina was still wearing pyjamas. Sparing both of them some glances before withdrawing their eyes away as their movement was already closed to the stairs.
“Mrs. Lee. who was standing while she instruct the maids walked closer to Amelia that was standing few steps away from her.” She smiled sweetly at her before embracing her. “You look beautiful my dear.” She said in her sweet voice while Amelia smiled sheepishly at her alongside with Mina who was holding hands with her. “Thanks Aunty.”
“It looks like you are ready to go. Should I ask a maid to Inform the driver about getting the car ready?” She asked while standing in Amelia’s front with her hand placed in her shoulder. “That won’t be needed Aunty, Dean already sΒ£nt his driver over to get me.” Amelia informed while Mrs. Lee nodded her head in understanding. “I didn’t know about that… That’s good. I hope you enjoy your outing. Let me see you outside then.” Mrs Lee offered. As they were about going Arnold spoke from upstairs. “You came to me when you needed my help, but now you want to leave without me seeing your face.” He said before climbing down the stairs.
“You look beautiful sister.” He complimented after he got closer to her. She let out a smile before saying “I was expecting you to come check on me but you didn’t, so I thought that you are not awake yet. It’s weekend after all.” Amelia gave out her excuse. He smiled at her while they all walked her outside.
“Is there a way to watch the meeting from home? I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when they see you beside Dean.” Mina ranted endlessly as they walked closer to the car. Mrs Lee has returned back into the house after seeing Amelia to the free space infront of the house. “I’m suddenly feeling nervous, I don’t know why.” Amelia complained while she stopped walking.
Mina not knowing what to say shrugged her shoulder just then to hear Arnold saying: Probably because you are going to meet Dean. Is that the truth? He asked but she refused to say a word except from her eyes that looked anxiously away from him.
“I will hurry with things then return back home. Don’t forget to keep every details of what happens stored in your memory. If chance is given you should bring Tiana’s heart broken picture to me. I won’t mind doing thanksgiving if I lay my hands on it.” Mina informed before Amelia could enter the car.
The fear and her heart that wouldn’t stop pounding increased over time as the car drove into the mansion. She has been closing and opening her eyes that she didn’t take notice on what parts or ways the driver took that led them to the building.
“So this is the Stewart’s Mansion.” Amelia thought internally as a guard came opening the door for her. “This direction miss.” The same guard offered simply while he led the way into the mansion. Her eyes tolled around the environment has everywhere looks dazzling expensive and speaks of royalty. She never expected the house to be this heavenly made even after knowing how wealthy they are. She sometimes forget about who Dean is based on how he has taken his time to appear simple infront of her and maybe anyone who comes his way.
The steps which she was taking after the guard was quiet as nervousness proved much widened than usual. It must have been because they are almost entering the main house. Many maids or guard who she came around bowed their heads in greetings to her, even though they are not aware of whom she is but with her elegant dress and how it was the house driver that brought her, it’s obvious she is an important person.
Holding her pulse with one hand then using the other hand to hold some part of her dress in her hand. She walked behind the guard who only stopped walking after they have fully entered into the mansion. Appointing his hand towards one of the couch which Amelia went and sat down on. He said: “Please feel comfortable miss while I inform the young master.” He stated with his head slightly bowed before walked out of her sight.
“Tell me how I look. I heard you are best at aiding people’s beauty.” Tiana said to the make-up artist whom she has invited to get her prepared for the meeting. She hasn’t seen Dean talking to her about and she also hasn’t gotten the chance to speak about it with him, probably because he always excuse himself from her whenever she tries discussing about it with him. She finally concluded that he must be doing that because he was feeling shy to tell her about it. Why wouldn’t he be? After taking Amelia over and over her many times, and now he was told to come back to her.

He must have been shocked when his father suggested her to him. “It’s a good thing uncle didn’t know about Amelia” she thought while she heard the lady saying to her “I’m done with your face miss. Should I have your hair resting one your shoulder or let it in ponytail?” She was quiet more like giving it a thought before saying “Park it into ponytail.” She commanded while the lady nodded her head as she get to work.
Up untill now Tiana has always enjoy letting her hair rest on her body, but she wouldn’t make use of that today. If it’s ponytail that’s making Dean wanting to develop likeness into Amelia then she’s prepared to get herself dressed like her. “I’m done miss.” The maid informed while she looked at herself in the mirror. She doesn’t like how she’s looking as the way her hair was parked made her look like a pleasant. Shaking her head angrily she stated:
“LoosΒ£n it, I don’t like my look.” She stated while forming her l-ipgloss filled l-ips into thin line. The lady as immediately loosΒ£n the hair, she hasn’t spent enough time with her but with how she’s been acting, she was able to identify Tiana as someone who’s grumpy.
She checked herself out before smiling sheepishly at the lady. “You’ve done a good job, I will get your money doubled.” She said while the lady smiled in awe appreciating her gesture while she packed her things setting to leave. “You can leave Tiana said then she continued admiring herself. She bowed her head before walking out of the room.”
“Now let’s go give Dean a surprise!!” Tiana muttered before stepping out of the room with her gown swaying behind her while she walked with confidence.

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