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Key to love episode 56

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 56πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


“Dean won’t be chanced to lecture you today, he isn’t feeling well,” Amelia announced to Arnold, where they all sat down in the room after dinner.
“I won’t say I don’t know about that, I noticed it when he was lecturing me yesterday but, I decided not to question him. What’s wrong with him?” Arnold asked while he stretched the tablet at Andrea who took it from his hand instantly.
“As he told me, he’s been having slight headaches.” “I’m sure he would be fine after medication. Although, he went home early from school today to relax. He should be better before tomorrow,” Amelia explained as she shrugged her shoulder hopefully.
“The game isn’t loading!” Andrea suddenly said. “I thought it would work after you check it out for me, “He cried out then he returned the tablet to Arnold who frowned tiredly before saying; “Just like you tried sorting it earlier, I have also tried fixing it for you.” He started saying;
“Get another game downloaded or take your mind off games, maybe it’s bound not to work for you, “Arnold instead of helping complained.
“But it’s working properly on your phone!” He argued. “Probably because it’s my phone and not yours,” Arnold said.
Andrea who was sober because of what Arnold told him angrily walked out of the sitting room to his room upstairs.
Since their conversation wasn’t in any way related to Amelia, she didn’t bother interrupting rather, she finds herself keeping mute with her mind thinking about Dean.
She hopes that he would be fine when next they meet. That was the thought on her mind as she closed her eyes tiredly.
“I hope that Dean would be fine,” Arnold whom she was not paying attention to after his conversation with Andrea spoke out what was on her mind.
She looked at him briefly before nodding her head. “Have you spoken to him about our trip?” He questioned then he picked the abandoned tablet from the couch where Andrea had angrily dropped it.
“I didn’t know about this as you’ve never told me all that took place,” Mina ranted as they walked into the lecture room together.
“You never asked me about it when I came back, so, what’s the need to tell you?” Amelia snapped at her.
“I was already worried about Dean, are you expecting me to still remember about that Devilish Brad?” She scoffed irritatedly.
“He said many words that I can’t remember it all, if you don’t mind you can go meet him for the remaining ones I forgot about, “Amelia irritatedly murmured.
“Now I have seen how far my training can go, you seriously dare to walk out on Brad, and now you are talking rudely at me!” Mina exclaimed.
Amelia rolled her eyes irritatedly before saying; “I did that with self courage, Also, I haven’t learned anything from you aside gibbering always,”
Mina chuckled softly at her words before saying; “You at least learned something from me, what can you say to that fool?” She taunted her but Amelia didn’t answer instead, she went ahead to have a sit.
“Elisa is resuming next week, are you seriously going to be away for a week? How should I cope with everything?”Mina cried out
“She’s your half-sister but, you worry about her mostly. Get your butt thrown towards Dean whenever you have a problem. He will be there for you,” Amelia advised.
“When are you leaving? What time is your flight tomorrow?” Mina rather asked,
“They don’t want me to see daybreak, exactly 7:00 am,” Amelia answered sadly which made Mina laugh.
“How was the discussion with Dean yesterday? Was he happy or sad when you told him?”
“He didn’t give me the chance to understand his expression, he complained of headaches and went home,” She replied
“Have you seen him around today then? Probably to know about his health, “Mina asked. “Seriously Mina, we have both been together since I got to school. I couldn’t have seen him alone,” Amelia snapped.
“So where will he be? He isn’t here!” Mina stated as she looked at everyone presΒ£nt in the class. “He must be hanging around somewhere in the school, he made me promise to see him before I travel,” Amelia informed.
“Let’s go check the hall, he should be there, since he isn’t here,” Mina suggested.
“He isn’t here either, where can he be?” Amelia worriedly complained. Inside the hall which they had expected Dean’s presΒ£nce to guest them rather, it was the empty air and silent atmosphere that welcomed them.
“I don’t know where he is, Have you seen Tiana around too?” Mina asked and watched Amelia shake her head.
“Can’t we just call him? I think that should help,” Mina suggested.
“Who knows? He might be somewhere around the school premises alone,” She added.
Immediately dialing the number, steady sounds from the background could be heard which shows that the phone has started ringing.
“He isn’t picking up,” Amelia sadly said. She tried calling two more times and just when she was about to give up, he picked up.
“Hello, Dean! How are you doing? Where are you?” She asked repeatedly before realizing the strange sound in his voice. “What happened to your voice? Is everything fine with you?” She asked before putting the phone on speaker so Mina could also hear.
“I’m__I’m fine, “Dean’s voice trailed off when he was speaking. “Are you in school? I didn’t hear you properly!” Amelia asked instead. “I’m not in school, my health worsΒ£n after I got home yesterday,” He managed to say.
“What happened? Was it the headache?” She asked but didn’t hear him speaking. “Hello! Hello!! Dean, can you hear me?” She called out consistently before realizing the call has ended.
“Why did he hang up?” Mina asked no one in particular as she took the phone from Amelia’s hand. “He isn’t picking up anymore, I think something is wrong with him,” She stated.
“I was able to hear him saying his health worsΒ£n. How can we reach out to him? I have to see him before leaving” Amelia asked while she closed her eyes helplessly.
“I don’t know what to say? Anything crossing your mind?” Mina asked too. “I don’t know what to say, he made me promise to see him before leaving,” Amelia murmured to herself.
“Mister please, I need you to be fast in driving so we could escape the traffic. You get the address?” She questioned the driver impatiently.
“Yes ma’am,” the driver simply said as he concentrated on the road. It seems luck isn’t on their side as her fear finally came through when they ended up being stuck in traffic for some hours.
She rubbΒ£d her hair furiously as her eyes were closed before she realized the car that has been stuck on a spot after hours going forward. She immediately snapped her closed eyes open before it occurred clearly to her. “Thank Goodness,” she muttered gladly under her breath as they’ve finally drove the car out of the traffic.
Her body relaxed when the car was finally driven into the building “The driver has successfully brought her to the right house. ” Even though she has only been there once, her brain was still very intact to recognize the building.
“I will be back,” She said to him before she made her way into the hefty building.
As she was eager to see him and find out, why did the call suddenly drop? And why was he not picking when they called back? Has something gone wrong?.
A little discussion with the guard and they let her into the house “it isn’t like they’ve not met her before.”
Her steps were fast and steady, having different thoughts running on her head, the traffic had made everything worst and now!? The cloud is turning dark. “It’s getting late already,”
Unknowingly and out of consciousness collided with him since she was not concentrating on her way, “MR STEWART!”
“Good afternoon sir. Sorry for my mistakes,” she hurriedly apologized while staring guiltily at him.
“Beautiful Amelia!” The father instead of getting upset called.
“I can see that you’ve finally come to visit as my guest,” he added with a kind smile.
“No sir, I have come to check on Dean, he told me about his health,” She replied nervously. She wasn’t able to hide the truth that she was surprised that he called her name. “He still remembers up till date?” And his nature? He’s very humble;
“I’ve always told him to rest but, he wouldn’t listen to me. I’ve got the family Doctor check on him, he’s getting better after all the treatment that he received,” He explained to her.
She breathed out with easiness after hearing him. At least Dean is doing well!
As they were not able to reach out to him through phone calls, Mina encouraged her to visit Dean.
When she had to ask Mina to come along, she gave her the excuse that, it was her who needs to see him as she would be traveling the next day and wouldn’t get the chance to meet him again.
“I’m on my way to a meeting, I believe we will discuss properly whenever you visit as my guest,” He stated and she nodded her head shyly.
“I should get going. Ask any of the men (Guard) to show you his room Incase you find it difficult to locate it,” He said and she nodded her head with a smile.
“Thanks for the concern you’ve shown to my son.” “I’m happy knowing he has friends who care about his well-being,” He complimented her.
“Thank you, sir,” Amelia managed to say.
“Why don’t you rather refer to me as “UNCLE?” He suddenly said
“That isn’t a much request to demand right?”
He could feel his vision becoming blurry due to the light dizziness which he was feeling. His body temperature running higher than usual at the moment.
How everything suddenly became this serious is a surprise to him. He never knew the slight headaches that he was having could result in him lying on the bΒ£d.
Handling over the glass cup back to Tiana who collected it from him instantly. She had insisted on staying with him, even when he declared it himself that he wanted a maid around him instead.
Tiana boldly refused and, according to her, they might do something bad to him, that was a lie to allow her stay close to him after all.
He changed his sleeping position, then relaxed his back weakly on the bΒ£d, with his eyes staring at the ceiling;
“She’s leaving tomorrow and I wouldn’t get to meet her before she leaves,” He worries;
“Have you plugged my phone for me please?” He asked Tiana who was sitting beside him on the bΒ£d.
“I did after you gave it to me earlier. Do you need it?” She asked while dropping the glass cup on the tray.
“I have to call Amelia, we were on call before the phone went off,” He shared with her. Her face after listening to him is nothing to write home about, as it turned into a frown, but with the fact that she’s a clown, she had immediately faked a smile.
It was her who made up the lie that the phone doesn’t have enough battery, so he wouldn’t be able to reach through to Amelia.
“Even during the time that he isn’t in school, that witch, (Amelia) still won’t allow him to be for her,” She murmured
“The phone hasn’t changed yet, you will be able to call when it does,” she said to him then he nodded his head.
Taking his eyes to the plasma by changing his sleeping position once again, “Do you need anything?” He heard her asking.
“I’m fine, just tell me when the phone has changed, I need to speak with Amelia.” He answered without sparing her a glance.
It feels nice staying in the same room with him, and also sitting beside him. As he couldn’t have sΒ£nt her away just like he would other time.
Unlucky for him today, he doesn’t even have the strength to do so. That means she would be the only person around him. Not even a maid will be allowed to come in between them;
Surely, she can still have him, all that needs to be done is to detach him from that slut “Amelia.” just like she had done today. And boom!!! Dean would her hers;


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