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Key to love episode 57

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Chapter 57πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
✍️ CHAPTER TITLE ✍️: THE k-ssπŸ’‹

“I was scared when I suddenly could not hear you speaking and, after several calls you refused to pick up!” She complained non-stop where they both sat down facing each other.
“My phone went off when we were speaking,” “Were you really scared?” He asked. “Scared? That was a short definition.” She scoffed
” I was terrified that I had to rush down here immediately” She blurted out.
“I sΒ£nse that, now that you are here, how do you feel?” He asked then waited eagerly for her response.
“I feel less bothered knowing that you are indeed doing well and no harm has happened to you,” she answered with a smile.
Sharing from her smile then saying; So you wouldn’t have bothered seeing me before traveling if the call didn’t mess up?
“I would have.” “How can I leave without hearing from you?” “A good friend will never do that,” Amelia replied.
“You are right. So how will you prove to me that you are a good friend?” Dean’s question made her mute for seconds before saying; “By being there for you whenever you need me, just like I have done today,”
“What the hell are you doing here? What do you want?” She roared from where she was standing in the room as she saw her enter.
Marching closer in anger to avoid Dean waking up. “I asked you what you are doing here!” She questioned as she stood in front of her by the door.
“The one who I own such explanation has asked me, and I have given him the right answer.” “I could get in here with his permission. Do you feel less concerned now?” She answered effortlessly, then crossed her hands below her bre-st.
“The guard is not in the right position to allow you in here, you are not welcome to stay,” Tiana said.
“I don’t remember mentioning guards allowing me here when I was speaking.” If it’s a must you know then I will tell you. Stay close to the wall so you would fall over after hearing this,” Amelia stated sarcastically.
“Mr. Stewart, sorry, he just told me to stop referring to him as MR.” “UNCLE gave me the permission to come in here,” She clearly said. Her words did the job that she wanted on Tiana’s face, her l-ips went parting, and her face? It was horrific.
“I don’t believe you, as you will do anything just to get close to Dean. Uncle will never do that, he doesn’t even know you,” she argued.
“Seems you’ve forgotten that I followed him to the meeting instead of you as the lady by his side; Do you have a phone? Or maybe his number? Give him a call then sort yourself out,” Amelia fastened her words.
After enjoying the displeasure on her face before Tiana could retaliate, she entered properly into the room, her eyes sighted Dean where he was sleeping peacefully on the bΒ£d.
She smiled briefly about going closer to Dean, Tiana grabbΒ£d her hand from behind, and just with a swing which Amelia did, her hand got freed.
Walking forward to the bΒ£d, it was too late for Tiana to stop her as she already sat down on the bΒ£d beside him. “Dean!” She called his name lightly but it could wake him up.
She doesn’t want to interrupt his sleep, but if she doesn’t do that, Tiana would create more problems for her. “Dean!! I’m here,” She said as she $tr-oked his hair.
Amelia was already sitting beside Dean, there was nothing Tiana could do any more than to stay there and watch.
He flickered his dizzy eyes open after he heard someone calling him repeatedly. He rubbΒ£d his eyes with the back of his palm lazily.
“Amelia!” He called lightly, his voice coming out low due to the nap which he took.
“Are you here Amelia? Or I am still dreaming about you?” He asked while his weak eyes stared closely at her. She smiled softly before saying; “I’m here Dean, do you feel better?”
He doesn’t know when he felt, as his emotion worked against his body. His eyes which were staring shockingly at her stared furthermore.
Gazing faintly before raising one of his hand to her back, he pushed her closer to him unexpectedly and this made her head, and chest falls flatly on his body.
Immediately that happened, Dean w-rapped his hands around her body, “I was dreaming about you. It’s difficult to believe that you are here, in case this is a dream, allow me to do this please,” He managed to say while he kept his jaw on her shoulder which was closer to his head.
No one bothered about Tiana who was standing in the room watching the scene that was happening in her presΒ£nce.
Her plan was smooth and almost succeeding, she thought she has separated her from him as for today, only for her to wander back here. And Dean!? Must he always do this to her? If this continues he would fall in_love with Amelia and that’s her greatest fear.
“Stand up from his body, he’s not strong enough for a load to be placed on him. Why will you fall on him?” She stated almost yelling. Even though she was there to witness how Dean himself made her lay on him, she still would blame Amelia.
Amelia who cwas still in shock because of what Dean did manage to rise from his body, it was impossible as Dean tΒ‘ghtened his hands that were w-rapped around her body.
“I made her lay on my body, she doesn’t need to stand up,” Dean said to Tiana who bit on her l-ips angrily.
“You are not strong enough, why would she lay on your body?” “I would help her stand up if she can’t,” she offered and was about dragging Amelia’s body when Dean warned;
“Don’t touch her!” It came as a warning but it was difficult to listen to. “But, I can’t stay here watching her being in your arms,”. She unknowingly yelled.
Truthfully, it was inconvenient for Amelia to lay on Dean’s chest but, remembering how Tiana runned her mouth earlier made her feel less bothered. Now she will get scolded by Dean. Even still, she can’t stand up without Dean releasing her as he was holding her too tΒ‘ght.
“It’s my choice to do that because I want to, “Dean’s replied which nobody expected.
“I’ve been here for hours but you didn’t even hold my hand,” Tiana soberly said.
Dean heard her words but he didn’t reply rather, he parted Amelia’s hair and whispered “I’m still praying for this not to be a dream,” Her heart skipped beats after she heard what he said.
“Get out of here now!” Tiana out of nowhere shrieked as she has started dragging Amelia’s hand. Dean doesn’t have the strength to struggle, he might have been speaking but, that doesn’t stop the weakness from taking over his body even still.
His hand loosΒ£ned from Amelia’s back and she was finally separated from his body, “Let go of her now!” He managed to yell
“I won’t! I want her to get out of this room, and this house now!! ” Tiana insisted as Amelia was also trying to free herself from her.
“But I want you out of my room instead, you should get out of this room because I want Amelia to stay with me,” Dean said.
She resistantly let_go of Amelia’s hand, her chest rising up and down. Her teary eyes dropped a tear which Dean doesn’t care about.
She stared at Amelia in anger and without saying a word, she turned around then walked out of the room.
“Show me your hand, are you hurt?” Dean instantly said as he got hold of her hand after Tiana left.
“Nothing is wrong with my hand, I’m fine,” Amelia said. She could see him breathing out easily before relaxing his back on the bΒ£d.
“Your body temperature is running high,” Amelia said while she stood up from the bΒ£d.
“I have always thought that you are a strong heir but, seeing you lying here weakly because of headaches makes me realize how lazy you are,” Amelia teased as she rubbΒ£d the cold towel across his head.
After she realized his body temperature, she thinks rubbing a cold towel would help since the doctor isn’t around to check on him.
She read it from a book that would help, she never tried it but, she hopes that it helps today.
“I’m not weak, I have always been strong, “Dean argued while staring happily at her.
“Until I see you perfectly healthy, and out of this bΒ£d, I won’t believe any of your words,” Amelia nagged. She dipped the towel in the water, then placed it on his head.
She couldn’t move the towel around how she wanted, as Dean’s hair won’t stop sticking to her w€t palm. “I need to get out of here then,” He muttered which made her chuckle.
“Mina sΒ£nt her greetings,” She informed. “Thank her but, why didn’t she come with you?” He asked after yawning lightly.
“Because I wouldn’t get to see you before traveling, I am leaving tomorrow morning, she doesn’t need to be here compulsory.” She started explaining.
“A promise was placed on my shoulder, so I had to come to visit you,” she explained. “Would you not have come to see me if you didn’t promise?” He asked.
“Maybe, I may come and not come,” she replied nervously, she could feel her throat drying due to how Dean was staring at her.
“I know all you are trying to do is detach Tiana away, but don’t you think that was much?” Amelia stated. He had no idea what she was talking about so he stared cluelessly at her.
“Why did you make me lay on you? The moment would have been embarrassing if it was not Tiana and, I likewise know what you are up to,” She ranted.
Uniformly, Dean in an instant got hold of her hand that was placed on his head. She was stunned as she had no idea what he was up to.
Just like he did earlier, he pushed her slightly forward and she fell flatly on him, with their l-ips few distances away from each other.
Amelia gulped down the air below her throat as what he had done caught her unaware. The towel which she was using earlier had dropped on the bΒ£d.
She raised her eyes from the towel to see Dean staring keenly at her “I didn’t do that because Tiana was there. I did it because that was what my emotion want,” he started talking.
“If Tiana had not grabbΒ£d your hand, I wouldn’t have allowed you to leave,” Dean explained as he locked his eyes with her.
“You are_not_ doing well, I need to get up, “Amelia managed to say.
“Don’t do that, who says that I am not fine? Tiana has gone, which means that I am fine.” Dean warned and tiredly, she let her body stay uncomfortably on him.
Her heart which wouldn’t stop racing faster, Dean took off the strands of hair that fell on her face, he tushed them to the back of her ear. And now? He had the chance to look at her without anything hiding her face from him.
“I was sad when you told me about your trip, up until now I haven’t been able to control myself from being sad each time I remember,” Dean started speaking with her staring at his nose as she doesn’t want to keep her eyes in contact with his.
“Sometimes it’s you and Mina that makes my day in school, and now you want to be away for a week. I find it difficult to believe that you are here with me at the moment,”
“I thought I wouldn’t get to see you before you leave,” he paused for a moment to see her trying to hide her face, he smiled softly before calling;
“Amelia, this is you in my arms right?” She shyly nodded her head. Seeing what she did made him chuckle before reaching her neck with his palm.
“I feel some kind of emotion running through my body,” he let out but she didn’t say a word as she was speechless.
She remained quiet and tried taking away the thought on her mind each time she looks at his l-ips when he talks.
“I tend to do things against my wish whenever I am around you, I once told you that?” She nodded her head.
“Well the feeling is back now, and I can’t express how I am feeling. Will you be mad at me if I do something now?” He asked but she could only stare into space, she doesn’t want her eyes to share contact with his l-ips again.
“Tell me, Amelia, will you be upset with me?” He asked while staring eagerly at her face. “I don’t know,” her voice sΒ£nt a cold $hΒ‘very down his body.
Staring deeply into her eyes, he forced her to maintain the same eye contact with him by appointing her head rightly in front of his.
As the eye lock which they share was intimate, no one tried to blink, they lost themselves into it. Steadily, and slowly taking their head closer to one another.
Dean found himself drawing her head towards him. They didn’t blink their eyes, the closΒ£ness became much till they could feel each other’s breath on their nostrils.
She closed her eyes when she couldn’t control how she was feeling. His l-ips touching the side of her nose made her snap her eyes open, before she could realize it, Dean placed his l-ips on hers.
Her stomach grumbled as she felt herself burning from inside, Dean’s open eyes went shut when he k-ssed her tenderly.
She wasn’t reciprocating as it was her first, staying quietly in the position while fighting h-rd with her emotion.
Dean’s l-ips moved deeper into her mouth, he roamed his hand across her back, as he take in all of her mouth which she unconsciously opened for him.
His t0ngue made its way directly into all the corner of her mouth, as he had already gained free access.
He took his hand that was around her neck to her [email protected]Β‘$t, holding them tΒ‘ghtly, likewise enduring the aches he was having on his head
He dragged her [email protected]Β‘$t closer to him and her body, his mouth didn’t stop moving around in hers. Enjoying the feeling which they never knew existed in them.
Losing themselves into the romance Dean whispered; “what are you doing to me, Amelia?” Amidst the k-ss which he didn’t want to detach.
Rubbing his hand all over her back, the feeling is new, he never felt that way before. He wants more of her, he wants everything to remain this way.
She doesn’t know when she mo-ned feebly at his touch, the romance went for a while until Dean broke the k-ss due to the sudden ache that he had.
Closing his eyes while taking in the pain, opening it to see Amelia nervously getting up from his body; “I-_ I want to__ I’m going to the bathroom,” She stuttered while she removed his hand from her [email protected]Β‘$t, then hurriedly ran out of the room.

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