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Key to love episode 68

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™CHAPTER 68πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

“I collided with you both at the cafeteria, now I am running to you again on my way to the park. Don’t you feel suspicious?”
“Suspicious you say? Running into people is a casual incident.” Amelia said as she hung her arm across Mina’s neck.
“I didn’t know. I thought this happens when one of the people has what belongs to the second person,” Alfred said cluelessly as they take their steps one after another.
“Nothing of yours is with me.” Amelia slumped
” Mina, do you have anything that belongs to him with you? Maybe you stole what is his,” Amelia called out
“Do you want to die?” Mina angrily quarreled before she realized what she said.
“I meant why,” She corrected her words forthwith
“Why? Why what?” Amelia poked fun at knowingly
“I don’t steal… Why will I have his things with me,” She managed to say
“I don’t know… You just hesitated even though you have none of his things with you,” Amelia teased her further while Alfred giggled softly at their naughty argument.
“I wasn’t stammering. My throat hurts that’s all!” She affirmed
“So you both argued continuously? How Awesome!” Alfred exclaimed
“She’s annoying so, why won’t we argue,” Amelia spat, then withdrew her arm from Mina’s neck.
“Carol is 0rg-anizing a birthday party tomorrow, are you coming?” She asked him
“So her name is Carol… I will come, so far there will be a chance to enjoy the atmosphere,” Alfred replied
“You should come with your girlfriend if you want a change in the atmosphere,” Amelia advised
“I would have done that if I have one… Lonely me, because I will be lonely,” Alfred responded
“You should get that if you want to look beautiful tomorrow,”
“Not only I will be attending but, you are on my neck like you wouldn’t need a dress too,” She nagged
“I got my dress already, let’s talk about you,” She likewise says
“I’m not the birthday girl, Carol will kill me if my dress should impress anyone there,” Amelia ranted
“Why will she do that? She invited you after all,” Mina said
“She didn’t ask me to be too classy, it’s not my birthday!” Amelia furiously yelled
“Don’t yell me, you can choose any dress from the ones I selected, after which we will leave”
“Come out of the car, do you want to stay in there while discussing with the driver?” Mina complained
“I’m not going to stay, I just feel nervous to step down,” She nervously murmured
“Why such? You ain’t the birthday girl,” Mina scoffed
“You didn’t think of that before dressing me up this way, I feel suffocated by everything!” Amelia complained tiredly
“Should we head back home? You can go wear your uniform if this makes you suffocate” Mina said with an eye roll
“I will manage with it… Can you help with your hand?” Amelia requested, in a jiffy Mina stretched her hand forward for her to hold.
She grabbΒ£d hold of the palm and after she eventually came out of the car, she refused to let go of it.
“Why are you still holding my hand? You can’t walk?” Mina questioned
“Let’s go in there together like this, I feel better this way,”
“Hello Dean, thanks for coming to my party!” Carol took a toll to where Dean was sitting quietly alone, his eyes roaming around the place like he was looking for someone.
“It’s my pleasure, here’s the gift I got for you,” He answered sweetly then passed over the gift which was on the table to her.
She giggled happily after collecting it before she handed it over to one of the servants that were with her. “Thanks a bunch.” “You didn’t only honor me with your presΒ£nce at my party but, you likewise brought a gift for me,” she expressed her gratitude
“My pleasure.” Dean simply said
“Hope you’ve been enjoying the day, when is the party starting? I think I came too earlier, I didn’t remember checking the time from the invitation card you gave me.” He rushed his words as she wouldn’t stop smiling at him.
“In a few minutes, I haven’t seen Amelia none Mina around, have you seen them?” She asked.
“I’ve been here all by myself… None of them has shown up yet.” Dean managed to say,
“Probably, they both planned not to come. But, I can’t conclude that they are absΒ£nt yet, they might be on their way,”
She let out, Dean didn’t utter a word, constantly he has nodded his head and sometimes faked a smile even when he wasn’t convenient with the discussion.
“All ladies are dieing for you, no one wants to take their eyes off you.” Carol spat out
“Can I request this now?” “Will you have a dance with me on the dance floor? I will feel honored if you can grant my request,” She childishly begged
“Sure.” He simply accepted after a thought.
“Thank You… I will go speak with the other guest, I will be back” She told to him with smile, he nodded his head slowly before eventually she walked away.
His head snapped forward due to the noises and murmuring which he knew nothing about the reason why everywhere became noisy suddenly.
His eyes which were looking around till it reaches the direction of what everyone was staring at blinked after he saw who entered.
She walked elegantly in her beautiful dress, her face which looks more beautiful than usual, her cheeks will form into a brief smile each time she opened her mouth to speak to Mina that was holding hands with her.
If no one knows who the birthday girl is, they can mistake her to be the celebrant, as her beauty was rare and she looks more breath-taking than she was on other days.
More as if she was also searching for him, their eyes met and after sharing brief eye contact, Amelia was the first person to break the eye lock.
After then was when he realized he has been staring non-stop at her.
“She’s so beautiful!” “Oh my! Take a look at her, she looks takeaway!”
Noises from different sides of the party due to Amelia’s arrival.
Tiana who saw this where she was rubbΒ£d her head furiously before taking her eyes forcefully away from her. If she continues looking toward her then, she might be forced to damage her body features instantly without any remorse.
Alfred has been with himself alone before he eventually stood up from where he was, he ignored all the stares from the people as he walked closer to them.
After a brief discussion they had, both Amelia and Mina followed Alfred to where he was sitting earlier.
“You both didn’t only waste time before coming, you took the admiration instead of me when you came in even though, I am the celebrant!” Carol joked as she came to join their table.
“It was never intentional, after all, I didn’t dress for myself,” Amelia shyly said
“I don’t mind your look, it’s beautiful and! Everyone is aware that it’s my birthday because my pictures are everywhere” Carol responded with a smile
“You can rock your beauty while I rock my cake,” She added as they laughed together at her joke.
“I thought you guys wouldn’t come, I’ve gone to ask Dean but he said, he had no idea if you are both coming,” She discussed
“We are here now after all, what’s next to do?” Mina was the one who speaks this time.
“Hitting the dance floor.. luckily for me, Dean said that he would be dancing with me!!” Carol happily announced
“Your luck… Amelia and I won’t be dancing,” Mina informed
“Because you can’t dance or… There’s no one to dance with?” Carol teased
“I can easily pick someone to dance with her,” Mina snapped at her
“You don’t need to do that… I will dance with you,” Alfred who has been quiet joined the conversation.
“You all should go to the dance floor… I will be here watching your steps” Amelia told to them.
“There’s no need of watching their steps, I am available here for you to dance with,” He came from nowhere and joined the discussion
“Thanks for that but, I don’t want to dance,” She refused after she rolled her eyes irritatedly because of his presΒ£nce
“I thought It would be fun at your party, your friend wants to ruin your party by refusing to dance with your guests,” He said to Carol who furrowed her brows at Amelia.
“Thought dancing is a choice? You can choose anyone you will like to dance with here but, I am not stepping on that floor,” Amelia further nagged
“I must say that you look beautiful when you nag, I mistook you for the birthday girl,” He flirted with her,
“Just have a dance with me, then I won’t bother asking you for anything else again,” He added with a smirk
Amelia didn’t want to go with him but, after reconsidering it, she knew it was the best idea if she does.
Aside from avoiding Carol’s offense, she can cause him harm while dancing and silently revenge for herself.
“Okay. I will dance with you,” She finally accepted,
Mina who heard that turned abruptly to look at her, seeing Amelia smiling sheepishly at her but, that only made Mina worry further.
“Sounds great, let’s hit the dance floor then, shall we?” Brad asked then stretched his hand forward for her to hold.
She reluctantly stood up, placing her hand in between his arm that was crutched instead, Mina and Alfred already led each other to the dance floor with their hands locked together shyly, and Carol, she had already gone to meet Dean.
His heart broke when he saw them both dancing, he couldn’t even concentrate on dancing, as his eyes would not stop looking at them every moment.
If he knows the truth then, why does seeing her with him still hurts? He shouldn’t be feeling this way! She’s not his!
“Hello, I am Cherry!” A lady announced in front of him, where’s Carol whom he was dancing with? He wondered before he saw her dancing with somebody else.
He had no idea of when they switched partners. Although he forced his steps to go according to the beat but his eyes still looked at her at any given opportunity.
She smiled victoriously all to herself, she had hurt his feet badly, she’s sure he would never have expected her to do that but she did it anyway.
The only reason why she accepted to dance with him was to teach him a lesson, she has taught him a lesson by stepping on his feet throughout the dancing period, now she can enjoy the atmosphere after the pain she caused him made him feel terrible and unable to enjoy the party.
The dance was still going on, switching partners and eventually, Amelia got switched towards Dean, they both were firstly staring absΒ£nt-mindedly at each other without making a move to dance.
And just as when Dean was about to hold her [email protected]Β‘$t, Tiana walked up to them, their both eyes blinked repeatedly, before they know it, Tiana had already taken hold of Dean’s hand while she dances forcefully with him.
She was sad! Broken and hurt at the same time! even Dean could see the disappointment in her eyes.
Not wanting to show the pain which she felt in their presΒ£nce, as there was no one to patch herself with for a dance, everyone is dancing with their partners and, only her was standing alone on the dance floor.
Without bothering to look at him again, she simply turned around then walked out of the stage alone.
Since the dance has ended, everyone went back to their seat including Dean who sadly returned to sit, his mood has already been ruined all thanks to Tiana.
He would have at least gotten the chance to dance with her, he would have held her hand if she didn’t interrupt. What was with the sadness he saw in her eyes when Tiana was dancing with him?
She was happily dancing with Brad so, why was she disappointed?
Soaking himself in his thoughts while his eyes searched around for her but, he couldn’t see her.
Dean closed his eyes lazily, he only opened them to spot Tiana coming over to where he was.
“That was such an awesome dance Dean, I never knew you to be a good dancer,” She complimented
“Why did you switch with me in place of Amelia? I was supposed to dance with her,” Dean asked without looking at her
“Was it that easy to discover? Well I did that because I knew you both are not in good terms and, I won’t allow her to touch you after dancing with her boyfriend,” Tiana shamelessly spat
“I never mentioned wanting to dance with you also, if I can’t dance with Amelia then, who are you that I will be pleased to dance with?” Dean coldly asked
“I’m a human and, I am after all better than Amelia who you showed love but bite you in the back,” Tiana responded
“I haven’t come across any mark on my back, where did you see it from?” Dean asked
“You think I don’t know what’s going on? Amelia played with your feelings,” Tiana answered
“Was that what you heard from me?” Dean slowly asked
“I heard it when you were discussing with Damon at the park, you shouldn’t bother about her, I already revenge for you by disgracing her,” Tiana confidently answered
“Not after all she made me go through, I threw the watermelon on her because she hurts you and… I was hurt too,” She added
“Which means you have no humanity left in you and, Amelia is better than you,” Dean after being mute said
“Amelia has never been better than me,” Tiana offendedly said
“She is… I might have deserted her but, I will still prefer her presΒ£nce around me over yours” Dean stated
“I didn’t hurt you as she did, I have always proved to you that I am good.”Tiana declined
“I can’t see your prove as none matches your wickedness, you’ve never rectified your mistakes,” Dean replied
“I did that to revenge for you, I just wanted to see her in pain,” She nagged in anger
“That’s how you turned yourself into a beast.” Dean raised his voice at her
” Over everything, Amelia is still better to me than you, as you have no idea of what it means to be good!” Dean’s words rubbΒ£d her on the face
Tears dropped controllably from her eyes, his words which went directly into her mind then hurt her mindset in return.
How could he have said all that to her when all she ever did was craving for his affection? She never knew all her effort wouldn’t be appreciated by him and all thanks to Amelia for showing up beautifully like that today.
She had lost her sanity and didn’t know when she took a route of where she knew nothing about where it led to in the building.
Going further into the compound, she wiped her tears with the back of her palm as already she left her handkerchief in her bag outside.
Even though the tears kept on p-ouring, she shoved forward into the empty space.
An unexpected sight behold ahead of her and a devilishly smirk escaped her l-ips when she saw the one who put her in this position standing not far away from her.
Anger crept into her body and built a h-uge burning mansion already in her mind.
All she wants to do was to create another problem, the one which is bigger than anyone she ever created.
If she couldn’t find joy in Dean, she would get joy from seeing her dropping her last breath in the water.
The place is calm and, no one knew where she was! She would fulfill what she wants and then watch her drown deeply into the water without anyone coming to her rescue.
Taking her steps slowly, and quietly closer to where she crutches beside the pool.
She grinned devilishly when she got to her back, and as she wanted to turn because of the footsteps that she noticed.
Tiana as already pushed her forward into the water before she realized it.
Amelia had started flowing on the water with sympathy calling from her.
“She doesn’t even know how to swim!” Her breathing hitched while she tried keeping her head flowing on the top of the water but it wasn’t possible.
Her body constantly drowning deeper into the water, this made her close to being breathless.
“I hope no one comes to your rescue and, you ended up drowning deep down into the water!” Tiana spat out where she stood by the edge of the pool.


Amelia is dieingπŸ’”πŸ₯Ί
Who will help her?

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