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Key to love episode 75

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🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

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💙💙💙Chapter 75💙💙💙

“I have numerous reasons to be happy, but I feel miserable because the pres£nce of Elisa wouldn’t stop suffocating me!” Mina let out.
“How much do you despise her? You are getting upset even without her here,” Amelia let out a ghost smile after saying that.
“I don’t despise her, I just don’t like seeing her, her pres£nce reminds me of how Dad cheated on mom, how many times should I explain again?” Mina furiously latched
“I was shocked when Amelia told me she’s your sister, you both have nothing alike, “Dean expressed.
“We can’t have anything alike because, she’s illegitimate while I am legitimate,” Mina told to him.
“I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t say it out,” Dean confessed.
“Who doesn’t know Mina will refer to her character as being selfish,” Amelia chimed in.
”Just as it seems to me, only you want to reign as the only child,” She added.
“I’ve always wanted a sibling but, I never requested for an illegitimate, Mom stopped giving birth because she was warned not to birth another child!” Mina conceded sharply.
“The one she birthed ended up being a parrot!” Amelia poked fun at knowingly. Mina raised her brows at her, she was about to fire back a reply when Dean declared; “You both shouldn’t start now,”
Mina’s shoulder that has raised high relaxed but she doesn’t only stop at anything, she threw Amelia a dead glare before taking her eyes away.
“I’m heading to the car before my head will get cut off by Tiana’s glare,” Dean Informed.
“Stop driving to the school with her, isn’t she rich enough to get herself a car? All she knows is to rant like a parrot,” Mina noted.
“I will be coming over tomorrow, you can inform Uncle,” Amelia announced before he could leave.
“Why are you visiting? Is a wedding going to happen behind my back?” Mina asked.
“Speak well once without being silly!” Amelia grumbled before answering; ”His Dad requested for a visit, that’s why I am going. Will you like to come along?” Amelia asked and while looking at her face for an answer, Mina’s eyes ran into Dean that was pleading for her to decline.
“I don’t have anything to do tomorrow,” Mina replied while Amelia grinned softly.
“I would have loved to come along but, I can’t tolerate Elisa and her boyfriend’s madness when I am back,” She confessed.
“So you ain’t coming?” Amelia curiously asked. “I will next time,” Mina pleaded as she received a thump up from Dean. “What is he up to?”

“I said I would come, I never mentioned you coming to pick me up,”
“That isn’t the best way to welcome me,” Dean offensively replied.
“You never told me you are coming!” She snapped.
“I was less busy at home, I thought coming to get you wouldn’t be a bad thing to do, after all, I have always remained a sweet boyfriend!” Dean responded.

“Hi, Amelia!” Tiana waved as she sat down on the couch in the sitting room.
Amelia looked surprised but after seeing her smiling sheepishly, she had no choice but to also waved back at her even though, they were never on good terms.
Dean noticed Tiana’s action and he was surprised to the core, he admitted instantly if she was in a good mood today.
“Is Dad in the reading lodge or his b£droom?” He asked the guard that was pres£nt in the living room but before he could get an answer, Tiana interfered,
“He has gone out for an important meeting,” She said to him. Dean looked relatively upset, “Get my phone for me!” He commands then Tiana informed; ”Uncle asked me to tell Amelia sorry on his behalf he promised to make it up next time,” her words still came with a smile, her sudden nature isn’t expected which is why Amelia found it strange believing her kind gesture. “What changed her suddenly? She was never like this!”
He turned around to face Amelia as he met her staring softly at the ground, “I’m sorry you didn’t meet Dad,” he apologized then took hold of her hand.
“It’s okay… I can always come back,” She answered with a faint smile.
“This will be your last visit here Amelia,” Tiana thought randomly in her mind with irritation.
“Should I get going now then? You can tell Uncle that I left already when he’s back,”
“How could you leave with me here? You can just spend your time with me!” Dean disturb£d.
“Dad may come back soon, since it’s during the weekend, and he doesn’t stay late at work,” Dean added.
Amelia stood there reluctantly so she could comprehend, Tiana’s eyes not leaving them, she was about to speak but then Dean started climbing the stairs with her.
“Where are we heading to?” Amelia asked nervously.
“My room will host you if Dad can’t, leaving soon won’t be considered!” He responded with a grin.

“Will you remain standing, or probably take a sit? You’ve been here before, and I’m sure the room isn’t a new place for you,” Dean said to her.
“I will sit over there,” Amelia strongly said then she walked over to the sofa in the room.
“When I came to your room, I sat down on the b£d!” Dean asserted.
“You choose to sit on it, I can sit wherever I want to!” She replied harshly before crossing her hands.
“That was harsh but I don’t mind,” Dean said to her,
“This is your third time entering my room right?” He asked.
“I haven’t been here before!” Amelia joked then chuckled.
“Was that a joke? Isn’t this the same room we shared our first k-ss? Are you kidding me!?” Dean told and her eyes willingly blinked nervously.
“Come and sit over here with me before I try something nasty!” Dean threatened.
“What are you going to do? I’m comfortable sitting here!” Amelia answered stubbornly.
“I want you to stay beside me, this is my room and you shouldn’t be scared of coming closer to me!” Dean replied
“I’m still better sitting here!” She declined after dropping the bag beside her.
Just like her words controlled him, Dean stopped speaking then he relaxed his back on the b£d instead of with his two eyes shutting immediately his back touched the b£d.
Several moments have passed by without him uttering a word, each time she looks at him on the b£d she always realizes his eyes are closed which made her wonder if he slept off!
“Dean are you asleep?” She inquired but got no answer from him, his position remained unchanged.
She’s starting to feel lonely, he’s not nagging with her anymore, having no one to speak with aside from her roaming her eyes in the room made her feel suddenly bored of everything.
“Can you hear me? I’m leaving now!” She lied just to get his attention but he didn’t reply.
Biting her inner l-ips frustratedly then she was starting to believe that Dean slept off even with her in the room with him.
“He’s such a proud mouse!” She muttered beneath her breath.
Making a loud noise purposely by dropping her bag on the floor while exclaiming like it was a mistake, Dean never turned his side as well.
“He slept off!” She muttered sadly to herself, lifting the bag from the ground and then dropping it on the sofa before making her way closer to him.
She would look at his face while he sleeps briefly then leave to her house. Standing so close to him on the b£d, her eyes examined him with his eyes closed and his l-ips which were slightly parted open. “Oh, my handsome boyfriend!” She thought randomly.
She’s been staring at him for minutes without him waking up and when she decided to leave, Dean snapped his eyes open after which he dragged her up carefully on the b£d with him.
Gasping out unexpectedly as Dean crawled his arms around her immediately,
“I thought you were…” She wanted to tell.
“Ssshhhh… I’m not sleeping!” He placed his f-nger on her l-ips
“I saw you sleeping,” she gasped then bit his f-nger placed on her mouth playfully, then he took his f-nger away immediately.
“I only pretended to gain your attention, would you have gone if I didn’t open my eyes?” He asked then placed his hand across her neck.
“I- I- I thought you were sleeping!” She stammered then niggled her neck downward.
“Is there a need to stammer? You refused to come when I told you to, but you came to stare at my face when I was sleeping, how good are you at hiding what you feel?” Dean poked fun.
“I was not staring at your face, I only checked to know if you are asleep because I wanted to leave!” She whispered.
“Were you drooled by my handsome face after staring at me? Did your l-ips tempt you to k-ss me??” Dean flirted, she gasped out as she felt embarrassed before she closed her eyes instantly as her heart tugged on her chest speedily.
She and Dean lying down together on the same b£d isn’t something she thought would happen anytime soon, Dean w-rapping his hands around her like an item that would flee at any slightest moment makes her throat fry up immediately.
“Are you still thinking about k-ssing me? Here I will willingly k-ss you,” he said after then he tried k-ssing her, but she rubb£d her l-ips against the b£d instead.
Dean chuckled softly at her strategy before saying: “I wasn’t going to k-ss you, I barely wanted to tease you!”
She would have raised her head to give him a h-rd glare but she doesn’t want to, Dean is mischievous and who knows if his l-ips were not far from her neck,
“Instead of giving those to me, you decided to get me feeling jealous by placing them on my b£d, such a nice cheat in my pres£nce!” Dean Buttered and she were forced to raise her head at him.
But before she could comprehend what was going on, Dean hurriedly stole a k-ss from her l-ips then smiled at his smartness,
Amelia glanced at him in shock as she wasn’t expecting him to act mischievous so quickly like that, “Your mouth won’t speak now because you are close to me, it’s a good thing Dad isn’t around, at least you are close to me now,” Dean made fun of her before he released his hand from her [email protected]¡$t.
“Don’t move if you don’t want me to try something nasty!” He warned when he saw her trying to leave the b£d, her body relaxed after hearing that, she doesn’t want him acting mischievous else her heart would drop out of her chest, so she remained on the b£d.
Her eyes blinked every minute since Dean wouldn’t stop staring at her, many times she has covered her face with her palm but Dean never relax about taking it away each time she does that,
He wouldn’t stop staring, and she just can’t bear everything altogether, being so close to him, with him staring at her just made her feel uncontrollably nervous.
“Why are you staring at me? I’m not a clown with a funny diagram on my face!” She forced herself to say.
“I’m curious to know what’s going on in your head, I want to know if your mind is roaming around me as mine is roaming around you,”
“Won’t you let me go home now?” She asked.
“Why do you want to leave so soon? Do you feel uncomfortable having me around you? Because we are lying on the same b£d?” He asked, she was about speaking but, her l-ips went shut on second thought, “I will listen to whatever you say,” Dean assured her as he realized the anxiety on her face.
She forced the thick liquid in her mouth down her throat before looking up to stutter;
“I-I- I feel uncomfortable with the way we are!” She managed to say. He chuckled softly then he stared at her briefly, without a hint of what he was about to do, he shifted closer to her, covering up the remaining space between them.
Amelia’s eyes blinked nervously as she could feel his breath on her nose, she was still complaining to him, did he hear the wrong words?
“I’m close to you, you are close to me, let’s feel each other’s breath, take away all the negative thoughts on your head, they won’t matter pres£ntly because I’m responsible,” Dean assured with a grin, her stomach grumbled immediately as she threw away the thought that tried crossing her mind, she has faith in his words.
Dean’s hand moved from his side to relax on her [email protected]¡$t, she gulped down slowly then lowered her head, her head hit against Dean’s nose, but even though it was painful, none of them flinched as they’ve lost each other in their stares.
“Do you think there’s a reason why I love you so much, Amelia?” Dean asked without blinking his eyes. She was mute for seconds before shaking her head cluelessly.
“I will say there has never been a reason, care to know why?” He rubb£d her cheeks with his palm.
What he was doing was making her feel lost in herself but she managed to reply “Yes I want to know,”
“If I fall In-love with you because of a reason, I’m scared the love might less£n once the reason stops attracting me closer to you,”
“I don’t have any reason to love you, My heart opened gladly for you to reside in it without a reason, I want my heart to contain your love, and the same goes to your heart too,”
“If there’s a key I have been finding, then it should be the KEY TO LOVE, I had to go through pain before realizing that the KEY TO LOVE resides nowhere than IN MY HEART!” Dean explained with a sweet smile, then she nodded her head.
She just got an answer to one of the questions about the feeling of love. So the KEY TO LOVE IS IN HER HEART!
“Will you keep on staring at me, or allow me to hold you t¡ghter? I’m responsible like I told you earlier, I will not try anything nasty, for us to begin with,” Dean jolted her out of her thought.

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