Key To Love

Key to love episode 76

🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi❤️💎

💙💙💙Chapter 76💙💙💙

Her breathing seized constantly where she lay horizontally facing him on the bed, “Have you ever thought of a future with me?” Dean closes up the silent moment.
Quiet for seconds more like being in thought before answering; “I never thought about it, my aim this day is being able to feel what love is,” She answered truthfully.
“Why such a huge desire? Have you kept that on your mind for a purpose?” He asked randomly, with his fingers operating the laptop.
“Call it curiosity, I have always loved searching about love since I was young,” Amelia simply replied.
“What sort of nature is that? I never knew anyone can be curious to research about love,” Dean pointed out.
“Maybe no one ever in the history, I have broken the record, I started making up a history ever since the crave built itself in me one day,” She told.
“It’s still strange listening to this. What have you learned so far?” Dean asked. “The feelings that revolve around love, how love hurts, how it gives joy, happiness can be derived from it same as sadness can be granted, I’ve learned all sorts of things, I read many books, but, even after having various knowledge about what Love is, I feel lost because my research isn’t completed yet,”
“Excuse me!?” He raised his brows confusingly at her. “I wanted to know what the feeling is like, having someone to refer to as your love, what does it take to get the feeling into your heart,” She briefed.
Dean processed her words carefully in his mind even though his hand had stopped moving on the keyboard, as her words were quite confusing, he never knew there was a being who enjoys studying about what exists better still till eternity.
“Does anyone know about this? Is there someone you do share your research with or just brief about everything?” He asked after minutes.
“My Diary! All I learned were stored in my Diary, you can say my Diary has been the best companion to me,” Amelia answered.
“Arnold once told me about your Diary.” ”Do you love the Diary more than me?” Dean asked. She formed her l-ips into a thin line while concluding on what to say, so they discussed her behind her!
“My Diary will forever get my love as an object, and you will forever get my love as my first love,” She admitted.
Dean who was receding his attention to the laptop fastly snapped his head in her direction, she was sitting opposite him on the bed with her elbow relaxing on a pillow, while Dean operated his laptop searching for an email that was requested by his father. He still doesn’t know why it’s needed to work during weekends.
“I’m your first love?” He asked like he never heard it when she first talked about it. Amelia faked a smile and then bounced her head repeatedly. He closed the laptop after that before he walked up to her on the bed.
“Amelia! You are Inlove with me?” He asked emotionally curious for her to speak. His heart wouldn’t stop raising while waiting for her to speak, up until now, he still feels entirely surprised, did she just confess her love?
“Won’t you proceed with your work? Uncle might call any moment,” Amelia tried distracting him, “I will listen to you, just answer me,” Dean persisted
“Thinking it all through, no doubt that I am Inlove with you, I LOVE YOU, DEAN!” She confessed to him. Her eyes which followed every of his reaction where she was on the bed,
“You are giving me another chance? Our fake relationsh¡p will be over? You are ready to be my girlfriend officially? Tell me all that is true!” Dean gently questioned, his eyes weren’t calm like previous anymore, each time she looks at him, all she sees was a high hope,
Calmly staring back at him, then sat down properly on the bed, she kept on gawking at him without missing a minute to find out his emotion through his eyes that were staring deeply at hers.
Even she doesn’t know what made her say what she said, only realizing her emotion revealing itself to her, how much she loves Dean’s presence around her, and what she feels whenever their body comes in contact with each other.
How her heart must miss a beat randomly whenever he’s staring deeply at her, now she wondered, does she want a day to come that he will be separated from her? Can she bear losing Dean? If her heart can’t stop wandering around him, Isn’t that what described love?

She never felt this way before, now that she thought about it all through, realizing that she wanted Dean to be hers, not just presently but forever. “What will a future spent with Dean feel like? Waking up to see his handsome face, and living in the same room just like now till forever with him,’ staring deeply at his eyes whenever she wants and, planning a wonderful future together.’
“I will be your girlfriend, I’m not giving us a chance for a short time, I want us to belong to each other forever,” She told to him with a smile. Dean’s anxiety lowered a bit as he crashed his l-ips on hers, devouring every corner of her mouth like he hasn’t done ever before.
What a dream come true! Amelia finally belongs to him, he did it! Yes, he did it! His love has crawled back into his shoulder. ”She’s Mine!” He thought for a second.’
“I love you! I love you so much Amelia,” he expressed after breaking the k-ss, his palms folded around her neck,
“I want to be with you, I want to spend my life with you, you see I don’t know how hærd telling me this might be for you, but this is the best news anyone could have told me,”
“Do you know I stayed late at night begging shooting stars to make my dream of you becoming mine someday come true? I don’t want you feeling reluctant when I hold you,”
“You never told me how uncomfortable it is being k-ssed often by me even though you have not accepted to be mine, although I was out of the trial, I just can’t stop my emotion from averaging me whenever I am with you,”
“All I have always reminded myself of is that I Love You, and will never give up on us,” Dean expressed and she smiled softly. Her fear has lessened and the anxiety that always crawled into her body whenever she’s around decreased,
She has opened the door that leads to love for herself, “Yeah! She loves Dean and wanted to be with him forever, her heart has opened gladly for him to dwell in, and if it’s not Dean, who else can win her heart over?”
“If it takes everything in a lifetime to express how I feel, I won’t mind spending my moment expressing myself to you as I love you very much Amelia, I will show you to the whole world!”

*The Next Day

A smile crept out on her l-ips, getting down from the car and then waiting for the driver to drive away. Her eyes roamed around the school premises, this is her first day in school after opening herself to Dean.
Dean has promised to announce to everyone that she’s officially his girlfriend, it was a surprise that during the short day if not hours that she told him, Dean who never associated himself with media dropped her picture on his handle.
Different people would have seen her pictures, everyone will be curious about the mystery girl whom Dean posted on his handle, she has been going through people’s curiosity and it’s obvious that everyone wants to know about her relationsh¡p with him. “She wondered if her two silly cousins has come across the picture!”
Mina is such a parrot! She couldn’t wait for Dean to announce before she called Amelia about what was going on, if shouting could make one ear deaf, Amelia wouldn’t have heard anything after her conversation with Mina.
Lazily adjusted the backpack properly on her back, it’s been relaxing in between her back and that alone makes her ribs hurt. Hissing randomly then marching directly to her lecture room, sorts glare at the students she came across.
Dean is an influential Young Heir, they all must have come across her picture on his handle, why else would they leave their works and start staring at her? She isn’t that popular!
She has walked almost closer to the lecture when Tiana called out to her, Amelia saw Tiana smiling as she drew closer making her worry, why has Tiana changed suddenly? She was never like this!
“Hello, Amelia!” She said after she was close to her. “What do you want Tiana?” Amelia instead of replying submitted a question to her. “I was just trying to be nice, you could have said Hi!” She offensively said while giggling.
“I’m surprised at your kind act, we’ve never been friends, and, why have you been nice to me? It’s not needed,” Amelia reacted.
“I don’t see anything special in what I did, I only tried speaking like a friend to you, I got tired of us nagging often, now I want to make friends with you if possible,” She answered, just like Amelia heard none of what she said, she stared uncomfortably at her before faking a smile.
“I saw your picture on Dean’s handle, he has never done something of the sort before, you must have agreed to be his girlfriend,” She discussed like they were ever friends.
Amelia maintained her silence, it feel uncomfortable speaking with her! Something just doesn’t feel right with Tiana’s new way of doing things! Has she changed? So soon?
“I’m happy seeing Dean happy, he was excited to inform Uncle that you’ve become his girlfriend and truthfully, I can’t remember the last time I saw Dean so happy!” She shared.
“Thanks for the words, can I leave now? I’m having a lecture in a few minutes,” Amelia tried to leave.
“Oh my! Pardon me, I was busy gibbering that I didn’t realize, I should have delivered Dean’s message to you,” Tiana hit her head like she made a huge mistake.
Amelia tilted her head forward after she heard Dean’s name, “Dean went directly to the hall after he came down from the car, he informed a guard to let you know, but now that I ran into you, I should just tell you,” Tiana said.
“He must be waiting for you at the old hall, you can go see him there, just in case the guard didn’t get to see you,” Tiana stated nicely.
She hummed briefly then nodded her head, “Thank You,” she mouthed to Tiana then she started heading to the hall, leaving Tiana alone on the s₱0t.
Still, on her way to the hall, she feels like informing Mina to also come to the hall so she messaged her right away, “Dean sent for me at the hall, can you come over later? I will be waiting, get a snack when coming” She simply texted, about keeping the phone when she decided to text Dean too,
“Why can’t you message me instead of sending someone to me? I would have preferred your message informing me, anyway I am close to where you are, how come you choose to stay at the hall so early in the morning? Don’t you have any lecture?” She texted him, smiling sheepishly as she let out a deep breath before slipping her phone into her backpack.
Giggling in sarcasm as she felt silly about what she did, what’s the need to text him if she’s going to meet him anyway? Maybe that will frighten him before she gets there, she concluded.
What would have been better than being welcomed with the sight of Dean in her presence? Her smile fades away when she couldn’t see him in the hall after she closed the door behind her.
There were books on the sofa which she thought must have been kept there by Dean, aside from that, what welcomed her was the large space that the hall contains.
” Did he hide after hearing her footsteps?” She thought then went over to the sofa, the books on the sofa were different from the ones she has seen with Dean before, if this book belongs to Dean, then where is he? Tiana said that he was here.
She should give him a call; she thought and was about to get her phone from the backpack when the cold voice spoke behind her, “I’m over here,”
She flinched at the impression of whom the voice belonged before turning around to see who talked to her. Her heart raced in fear when she saw him standing a few steps away from her, his two hands kept in his trouser pocket while he let the evil smirk stay coldly on his face.
“You look surprised to see me, were you expecting it to be someone else?” He spat out more like questioning her.
“Where is Dean? He told me to come over,” Amelia fought against her fear as she asked him bluntly.
“He isn’t coming here, because he wasn’t here in the first place!” He replied with a dark smile.
“Dean was here, this is his books! If he left then I will go find him!” She told to him, picking up her backpack from the sofa and then set to dash out of the hall.
A step which she took to his side was what it takes him to grab hold of her wrist, turn her around then propelled her closer to the wall.
“What are you doing? Let me go!” Amelia s¢ræmed fearfully at him, her wrist hurting as Brad rough-handed it behind her back. “I wouldn’t have come if making you go is all I came here for,” Brad grinned devilishly.
“I’m not here to look for you, let go of my wrist, it hurts!” Amelia battled with him. Instantly, he let go of her wrist, letting her catch a rare breath before pressing his body closer to her on the wall.
She was scared beyond core as her breathing hitched in fright, struggling to free herself from him but he was just too close, his hands had already been wrapped around her body.
“What are you doing? Let me go!” She cried out uncomfortably, getting irritated by his breath on her face as it smelt cigarette.
“I’m making my wish come true, you shouldn’t have acted stubbornly. Do you know I wasn’t planning to be hærd on you? You’ve always been stubborn but today, I will have what I want,” Brad replied then he started moving his hand lustfully around her body.
Her head snapped to look at his lustful eyes, which were staring at her body. what will happen? Was it a lie that Dean sent for her? It was all a trap? Tiana’s trick was to make her come here to meet Brad! She wondered in her mind. Feels the need to s¢ræm further than she has done but it’s obvious, that no one will hear her!
“Let me go! Please don’t do this!” A tear dropped from her eyes as she struggled with him, he hasn’t only been touching her body s-ductively, he has started unbuttoning her shirt,
She couldn’t help herself, her hand has already been caged with his strong left hand, “Nice b**bs*” Brad lustfully muttered after he unbutton the upper part of her shirt.
Amelia shook her body in fright, reality wanted to occur to her but she didn’t allow it, “Brad is trying to take advantage of her! He wants to rape her!”
Her breathing hitched when Brad threw his hand in,side her br××st, cupping her left round, but big br××st in his hand, as he bent down to s-ck on it before he placed his mouth on her neck.
His hand that was cupping her br××st didn’t stop pressing it hærd, he pressed it like it would produce food for him, feeling pleasure running through his vein, “This is all you’ve been keeping for all the years, how can you be so selfish?” He mo-ned as his body aroused heavily by just the sight of her br××st, Amelia’s heart was still speeding.
“Don’t do this to me, I won’t disobey you ever again, please let me go!” She pleaded weakly, her sanity is leaving her, her head couldn’t process what was taking place, If she isn’t attended to soon she would lose her breath! ”Oh Dean! Where are you? Someone, please help!” she murmured in tears.
“I don’t need you to tell me, I’m aware that you are a v-rg-n, I should have a taste from you before that block-headed Young Heir will,” Brad removed his hand from her br××st reluctantly.
In the twinkle of an eye, he has successfully removed her shirt with his right hand, her bossom expose itself clearly to him and he couldn’t wait to devour her, rubbing his palm on the b**b’s, he licked his tongue in pleasure as he could feel his di*k trying to force its way out of the trouser.
“Oh shit!” he mo-ned in pleasure as he closed his eyes for the pleasure to run through his adrenaline.
“Stay still, I can make the pain unbearable if you act stubborn,”. He warned.
“Let’s get this done! We can both enjoy ourselves while having a hot s*x on the wall,” he lustfully teased before pulling her skirt downward, she’s almost naked in his presence, even his di*k couldn’t wait to penetrate her tight pu**y already.


Somebody is ready to die😣😣

Will Brad succeed in raping Amelia?

Who is kind enough to purchase a casket before the next episode comes? Let’s get a beautiful casket ready for who wants to die in the next episode pls, I will contribute $20 dollars😆

Imagine if Dean and Mina is on their way!! 😢

Brad and Tiana💔. Someone pls say a word for them! 😥

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