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Key to love episode 78

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Chapter 78πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


How can an angry person be observed biting on your l-ips each time you think of a previous problem you have to dissolve against your wish. Faith that wasn’t up to a teaspoon but means a lot been shattered without his knowledge.
He has heard about the story of overtaking, using power and strength to get your heart’s desires, what he didn’t know was someone stopping so low to get what never belongs to them.
He stopped the car abruptly in front of the building, “Get the car park very well,” he told to the driver, as he couldn’t wait to enter the house, because of his anger, he had to drive the car by himself home, he was already pissed off, and too tired to explain how faster the driver should drive.
Tiana had already fled away from the school, which made know that she was indeed a devil, coming home for her was the only thing on his mind.
Just painful for his anger to have lessΒ£ned, probably because he doesn’t see anything else different from what Tiana planned to do and a witch who kills innocent one. What he would do to her is already on his mind, he’s getting rid of Tiana today, and for all.
Assume it jumping, his steps on the tilled ground were fast, and steady while he marched impatiently into the house, “Where’s Tiana?” He demanded eagerly from a maid. “Ma’am has been in her room since she got__” He didn’t allow her statement to be completed before heading directly to her room.
The sounds of his footwear hitting the stairs h-rd could easily be heard, taking the left turn that leads to her room, he didn’t bother knocking before commanding, “Tiana, open this door,” he commanded, but she was to scared to reply.
“I’m losing my patience, and you better not try to increase my anger!” He warned as he rubbΒ£d his cold hand on his forehead, “This house belongs to me, extra keys are just a f-nger away from me, preserve your dignity while I am still ready to help you with it,” he warned and in the next minutes, he heard the click of the key from inside and in a swift moment, the door was slowly opened.
Tiana shamelessly showed her face to him from the inside of the room, standing by the door while looking at the ground, Dean stood right there in her presΒ£nce, shooting her a strong cold glare from where he stood outside.
As she wasn’t looking at his face, she had no idea how he was staring at her with disappointment, but even when Dean hasn’t said a word, she knows that she was doomed already.
Dean fully entered the room, taking hold of her wrist roughly before pushing her back against the wall, then he shut the door after them immediately as he doesn’t want any interruption, “I’m sorry Dean, please pardon me!” She pleaded even without him uttering a word.
He laughed coldly without a word, glaring at her face before speaking, “Sorry? I haven’t even said anything to you, why did you apologize?” He questioned but she couldn’t speak, she could only stare at his chest in fright since he was standing opposite her.
His cold laugh waste no time before transforming into an angry face, he kept his two hands back in his trouser pocket.
“Not a word? You can’t remember what you did?” He asked but she never answered with a word. “I will tell you what you did,” Dean stated.
”I should firstly say that being a lady must have been your luckiest star ever, I would have devoured immediately I set my eyes on you you weren’t a lady to begin with,”.
”You didn’t know what you did? Now listen attentively while I speak,” He commanded.
“Amelia was almost raped today by Brad, I thought Brad was an animal, he wanted to force what doesn’t want to be, depriving an innocent girl of her dignity because he’s after her body, with the help of a lady who never cared about anyone else except herself, being selfish and never refused to display the selfishness,”.
“I must have made a mistake taking your fake new identity to be real, I thought you changed,”
“You have always shown how imbecile of a human you are, taking my calm act for granted by wanting to impose on my life, your presΒ£nce frustrated me but I still tried to endure, you are my childhood friend and we had lots of memories to cherish,”.
“I hated you imposing in my matters, after I saw you throwing watermelon on the girl I love and I didn’t do anything, several times you’ve caused her pain, but you didn’t learn your lesson even after I warned you strictly not to go closer to Amelia, she’s my love!”
“You’ve lost all the humanity in you to the extent that you lured a fellow lady like you into danger, did you think about her reputation? What would have happened if I didn’t get there on time?”
“She was crying, yelling, and seeking help as her self-respect was in a rage of been taken for granted; you knew what was about to happen but you never made attempt to help her, how could you have helped her? You derived joy by seeing others in pain, did you think if Amelia was raped today I wouldn’t have found out your betrayal?”
“She has a good heart, and that was what happened not to be created like you,”.
”After everything, I tried making her speak, she never told me about your bad act, she didn’t tell me the killer even though I pestered her about how she ended up in the pool, you were solidly telling me she cheated on me with Brad, you were there to tell me bad things about her,”
“All that you did then to get Amelia off my mind are still in remembrance, I didn’t let go of them, it’s a love that can’t be thrown away,”
“If you once loved someone genuinely in your life, you would have known how difficult letting go is, as I refused to let go, you decided to kill her, did you know if I can live without her? Amelia was drowning and you were happy to know that she wouldn’t survive,”
“Tell me why you did everything? I’m giving you the last chance to speak before doing what my heart wants, I want to know why you attempted Amelia’s life!”
”Did you know how difficult it was for me to bear it anytime I see Amelia in pain? Did you care to know how heartbroken it was seeing the position Brad left her? Her dignity, identity, reputation, everything was at risk, but you choose to do nothing, what would have been done still? It was all your doing, you lied to her for your evil intention to be carried out,” Dean spoke in rage, his legs were not moving from where he stood but his body was giving at the language about how he feels.
“Speak now that I am urging you too because another moment of silence from you will force me to overstep all boundaries, I don’t mind hurting you badly till your pain surpass what my love is going through.” He threatened
”Why did you hurt Amelia? Why trying to murder her? What would you have gained by getting her disgraced?” Dean yelled.
“I was jealous, I don’t want you closer to her, I want you to be mine, I thought you would hate her after a video of her has been taken by Brad, I was desperate to be with you,” She sluggishly explained.
“You don’t deserve me, how could I have chosΒ£n someone as devilish as you over Amelia? You wanted to take a video? Do you know what love does? It needs patience, you should have appreciated our friendship instead of trying to murder the girl I love,”
“She cried’! Embarrassed, and all that came to your mind was running back home, you didn’t feel remorseful, everything you did seems right to you,” Dean responded.
“I’m leaving to see Dad, please arrange your things up before tomorrow morning, another day with you in the house will deprive you of your life, don’t bother about informing your parents or Dad, I will do everything by myself!” Dean stated and was ready to get out of the room.
“I can’t leave, I will stay here!!” Tiana cried out uncontrollably, her nose and eyes w€t already due to how tears have been dropping consistently on her face.
She feels remorseful, all she did was to get Dean, now she will be losing Dean in the twinkle of an eye, what will she tell everyone when she goes back to Germany? Her father will locked her up for days, the only savior for her there would be her mother, “f-ck you, Brad, you ruined everything for me!” She imagined in regrets.
“I am pained, I could have done something bigger to you, Brad has already been taking to the management, even you know what he would face with them, I am not having mercy on you by not going to report you also, save your identity by yourself,”
“Even Amelia that you wanted to harm doesn’t want me to come to you, I got angry after finding out through Mina, Amelia never told me anything,”
“You don’t feel guilty, if she sees you again, her mind would think about all you’ve done to her, and I won’t stand a second with Amelia’s sadness,”
“I would have asked about how ladies mind works, but after seeing what Brad did, I knew animals are living in some devilish men,”
“I’m booking your flight by myself today, if you don’t get your things ready, you will leave with nothing, don’t give me those teary eyes, you should have cared earlier, and you deserve more than I am doing to you,”
“My anger is still not in control, I can ruin things within the twinkle of an eye, if you refuse to go back to your parents, I will report the same statement of (Tricking someone into a means of being raped), you are aware of what that statement alone is capable of doing to your image,” He replied.
“I’m sorry! Dean, forgive me! I will apologize to her!” She ranted out loud behind him as he sets to leave the room.
“You can come with me to explain everything to Dad yourself, that will save me the stress of speaking over someone whom ghost which everyone thinks is scary happens to be angelic than, it will take you years to face Dad with the disappointment you’ve caused. Get your belongings parked already,” he stopped on a minute to say.

Mr. Stewart removed his glasses away from his eyes, raising his eyes to glimpse at Dean where he was boiling in anger, all that Dean just finished telling frightened him.
” Tiana did all those?” He repeated unbelievably after dropping his glasses on the desk.
“She has always done lots of evil to Amelia, I knew about many, but I thought she would change, I wanted to treat her like my friend and sister,” Dean answered.
“Have you talked to her? How’s Amelia doing? Is she alright?” He kindly asked, his face expressing his feeling about all Dean told to him.
“Amelia is being attended to at the school clinic, her condition was worse before I left, she wouldn’t stop crying, and all Tiana could speak of when I asked was a rant about being jealous, ” Dean frustratedly replied.
“Jealous? How could she have done such a bad thing, when did she become such? She was never like that!” Mr. Stewart disappointed said.
“You shouldn’t have allowed her to live with us Dad, I understand our relationship together but, her staying with us makes her think she has any right to me, Amelia could have died in the pool if I didn’t get there on time,”
“A life would have been lost, she means a lot to me,”
“I can report Tiana to the school management, I am not doing this because Amelia attempts to stop me from confronting her,”
“Nevertheless Dad, I have told her to arrange her things, Dad please get Tiana return to her parents tomorrow morning, another day with her would tempt me to kill her,” Dean said to him.
He wouldn’t deny being shocked beyond measure, Dean has never been this angry, he couldn’t just stop thinking about how Tiana could have done something of the sort, such a bad way of disappointing everyone.
He remained silent for seconds before uttering; “Her father would be so disappointed, allow me to speak with her. Can you pardon her this time?” he gathered some words to say for Dean would be appeased.
“I will inform Uncle on my way out,” He wasled towards the door as he soeaks.
“Tiana is leaving tomorrow, Dad please don’t do anything to stop this, the life of Amelia is at stake,”
“Dad, you weren’t happy about the death of Flora, I can assure my health too if anything happens to Amelia.” Dean threatened, his father’s mouth went apart, he knows Dean always gets what he wants, he’s kind but not enough to pardon Tiana for what she has done. What should be done?
“If Tiana doesn’t leave Dad, I will drop a statement that will disgrace her,”

He drove roughly onto the premises, everywhere calm and brightening, it’s still during the school period, after all, everything happened earlier in the morning.
He doesn’t have enough time to spend listening to his father, how could he have thought Tiana deserves another chance,”
After he left the house, all that came to his mind was to be with Amelia, but he needs to get something done quickly before returning to her.
Taking different routes before getting to the last door that leads to the management office, his steps fastened as he doesn’t want to waste any more minutes trying to maintain his steps.
Just a few knocks, a voice ushered him from inside, he entered fully and he met Brad and a few of the school staffs presΒ£nt, Brad was sitting on a sofa, his face which was covered in bruise had been cleaned and bandage, he wondered who he dare treated him after all he has done!
His face was supposed to rot. He hopes no one would dare question him for beating him up, he deserves more than he has given him.
“Welcome Ms. Stewart, we’ve been waiting for your arrival,” One of the staff said. “Good day!” He replied.
“The girl has been visited at the hospital, we need to know what took place.” “Can you explain to us how this happened? He has refused to speak,” A staff spoke with him.
“I need to write a statement, I’m too worried to speak, get me a book and pen please,” Dean requested before throwing Brad a h-rd glare.
After he was done penning a few words down on the note that was given to him, he gave it back to the staff that was waiting to get it,
“He was about raping her?” The middle forties man that hasn’t been saying anything since he entered exclaimed after going through Dean’s write-up.
Dean rolled his eyes furiously like a lady, “Would I have beaten him up for nothing?” He wanted to sΒ’r-am that out for them to hear. Were they clueless about what took place, or they want to bury the issue because Brad is the school monitor?
“She hasn’t stopped crying before I left her, right thing should be done,” Dean boldly informed. It’s a right to speak, no one can deprive him of it,
” Another moment with this animal will make me a criminal too, pardon me for leaving,” Dean stated, he was already annoyed but, seeing the man pretending not to know about what took place increased his anger, he hopes the right thing is done else, he would take the judgment into his bare hand.
Brad can’t ever be spared, even Tiana would suffer the same fate as Brad if she doesn’t adhere to his words. THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE LOOKED FOR DEAN’S WRATH!

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