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Killer prostitute episode 10 – finale


(s£xy😍 but dangerous 😈)
Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚
Chapter 10
I opened my eyes slowly staring blankly at the ceiling. I tried recalling where I was but I was short of ideas.
I turned my head to the side slowly and i saw a drip attached to my hand. I first looked at it in bewilderment before remembering I was shot down by Ronnie.
“Baby.” I mumbled as I eyes widened.
Babe!!!!!!” I yelled and I felt a sharp pain in my tummy. I looked at it and I saw I was bandage and I could still see stains of blood on it.
“Babe!!” I called again in fear and the door opened revealing a nurse and behind her was the love of my life carrying a nylon in her hand.
She ran to my fearfully and knelt down beside me holding my hand.
“I am here baby.” She said smiling at me.
“I thought I lost you babe.” I said tearily and she hugged me tight.
“I will always be here.” She mumbled in tears.
“I will excuse you guys.” The nurse said moving out of the ward.
“How did you do it?” I asked looking at her.
“It doesn’t matter anymore Mark. All I know is that, we are free from Uncle Ronnie.” She said pecking my lips.
“You killed him right.” I said grinning.
“Yes I did. Can’t just watch him get away after shooting you.” She said smiling.
“How is your leg?” I asked sitting up and looking at her.
“Fine, it didn’t take 2 days.” She said stamping my feet on the floor.
“2 days? How many days did I go unconscious?” I asked.
“A week.” She said and my mouth dropped in awe.
“A week? Where are we?” I asked looking outside the window.
“Canada.” She said grinning.
“Canada? How and when did we get here?” I asked in shock.
“Don’t stress yourself about that. All I want now is to get married to you and start a life I have always wanted.” She said kissing me.
“I love you.” I mumbled on her lips.
“I love you more.” She said hugging me tight.
“Ouch.” I said as I felt pain in my tummy as she did.
“Oops, sorry.” She said giggling.
….. 💃After A Year💃…..
“Honey time for breakfast!” I yelled from the kitchen.
“Will be there soon. Andrew isn’t making things easy for me!” He yelled back making me laugh.
Since we got married and gave birth to my handsome Andrew, I have known boundless joy. I couldn’t stop imagining what I would have missed if I kept giving blind by vengeance.
“Hey baby.” Mark said holding my waist and kissing my neck.
“What took you so long? Where is my little Angel?” I asked facing him and kissing him on the lips.
“He is in the cradle.” He said grinning.
“Good job. I need to bre@stfeed him soon, he will also be hungry.” I said serving his food.
“Won’t you eat first?” He asked sitting.
“Not when my Andrew isn’t fed yet.” I said smiling.
“Why not bre@stfeed me first.” He said pulling me to sit on his leg as he placed his mouth on my n!pole from my silk night gown.
“C’mon stop it Mark, you are not a baby.” I said hitting him slightly on his shoulders but instead he pulled me to him kissing me deeply while his hand kept trailing my bre@sts.
It was getting intense so I quickly stood up and ran off.
“Babe.” He called but i didn’t answer him.
“I will Feed you when I am done with my Little Andrew.” I yelled as I got to where Andrew was laying.
I carried him feeling great joy in me. I sat on our bed as I began to bre@stfeed him. I stared into his beautiful face as I did.
“Thanks for coming into my life. I love you so much.” I said as he held onto my finger smiling at me.
I thank God for the grace and opportunity given to me to end this story. He alone own all the praise.
I also thank the people who stood by me from the beginning of this story. I love y’all and God bless you.
As I always do, I will be listing out the moral lessons in this story.
1. Let God fight for you. No matter what anyone does to you, never let vengeance pull you to the extent of killing.
❤ Fine, justice should be served, but never take it in your hands.
2. Never give up on true love.
❤ Mark never gave up on true love which made both parties enjoy the outcome.
3. Commemt something you have learnt from this story.
©Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚

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