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Killer prostitute episode 2


(s£xy 😍 but dangerous 😈)
Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚
Chapter 2
I sat in front of the white board paying rapt attention to what Mark was explaining.
“So we attack at night.” He said dropping the marker on the table.
“Got it.” I replied smiling.
The door opened and Donna walked in grinning.
“Am I disturbing?” She asked when she saw us

in that position.
“No, we are done.” I replied standing up.
“Okay. Hi Mark.” She said waving to him
“Hi Donna, how are you doing?” He asked smiling.
“Tired. I have been so worked up with rehearsing how to be balance when holding the rifle.” She replied tiredly.
“Wow, I could teach if you don’t mind.” He said sitting on the table.
“I don’t think that is necessary, Jasper is teaching me already. Moreover Babe is yet to handle one too, you cab put her through.” She said looking at me and smiling.
“I don’t think she would want me to.” He replied sadly.
“C’mon Mark, she will. It is nothing more than teaching right?” She asked me widening her eyes.
“Yes.” I replied knowing exactly where she was pointing at. That is Donna for you, she knows how to force you to do things, without you even knowing she forces you.
“Done! So we meet at the field tomorrow!” She said happily storming out of the room.
“I will be in my room.” I said coldly standing up.
“Thanks for letting me teach you.” He said smiling.
“It is nothing, it is just teaching nothing more.” I replied walking out of the room.
Oh God, what do I do about Mark? Anything time I look at him I tend to fall in love with him again and again.
And that is bad for this job.
“Babe!” Donna called startling me.
“Donna! You wanna kill me?” I asked opening the door to my room.
“Startle you? That is strange. You are always at alert. What were you thinking?” She asked as we both walked into my room.
“It is nobody Donna.” I said locking the door behind us.
“So it is actually a somebody you were thinking about. Who is that?” She asked as she sat on my bed.
“Donna I don’t want to talk about it.” I said sighing as I sat beside her.
“Babe. I know you were thinking about Mark, you don’t need to keep it from me.” She said sadly.
“I know and I am sorry. I just don’t like thinking or talking about him.” I replied laying on my bed.
“Why? That guy is crazily in love with you.” She said staring at me.
“I know and I do love him too. But you know very well this job doesn’t accommodate love.” I said rolling

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my eyes.
“Babe don’t get this twisted. We kill bad a**es, not the innocent ones. We can love the innocent so far this job is concerned. Trust me Mark is a good man.” She rapped while I stared into space speechless.
“I really don’t know right now. My Uncle Ronnie said I shouldn’t fall in love in as much as I am still into this killing of a thing. He should it would be a distraction.” I said.
“A distraction only if you allow it. Babe, Mark is everyday, that guy loves you! Don’t because of this job loose one

true love!” She said holding my hands.
“Okay Donna, I will think about it.” I said smiling.
“Enough of the thinking, act on it.” She said smiling.
“Okay, I will. Can we put that aside now?” I asked and she nodded grinning.
“Okay so tell me about Jasper, how are you lovebirds doing?” I tasked smiling.
“We are doing absolutely great. He never wants me out of his sight, but what can we do. This job is something else.” She said rolling her eyes.
“But we do love what we do.” I said.
“Yes we do, those bastards don’t deserve life after forcefully taking the innocent ones.” She replied angrily.
“I am going on an operation next week.” I said.
“That is great news. You always comes back with good reports , so no need to worry.” She said.
“Mark and I are partners.” I said sadly.
“Wow! That is lovely, why are you sad?” She asked .
“I can get distracted by just looking at him, and I may ruin all the plan.” I said looking at her.
“Babe look here, when you get to business try to face it. Try controlling your feelings when you get there. It is you, you are Babe and you can do it.” She said cupping my face.
I nodded smiling, That is Donna, she knows how to use words very well.
“Thank you so much Donna.” I said hugging her tightly while she kissed my hair.
The sound of gun shot woke me up very early in the morning. I sat up on my bed yawning slightly.
Throughout the night, I kept seeing Mark in my dream. This is getting too much for me to bear.
I sighed heavily getting out of my bed. I walked to

the bathroom and had my bath.
I walked out and wore my harmless tube and my jean trousers before walking out.
I walked to the field and I saw Donna and Jasper busy with the rifle training.
“Are you ready?” I heard Mark say behind me startling me a little.
“Oh Mark, yeah I am.” I replied smiling.
“Here.” He said giving me the gun and the glasses.
I nodded smiling as we both walked into the field.

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