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Killer prostitute episode 3


(s£xy 😍 but dangerous 😈)
Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚
Chapter 3
😍 Mark’s POV 😍
I stood at Babe back as she positioned her hand on the gun.
“Can I hold you?” I asked.
“Yes sure.” She said holding up the gun, pointing it to the target which was a shape of an human.
I wrapped my hands around her after wearing my glasses

too. I placed my hands on her as she placed it on the trigger.
“Relax your muscles.” I said into her ears.
She nodded adjusting herself.
“Take a deep breath.”
“Shut all distraction.” I said placing the head set on her ears while I wore mine.
“Now shoot, target the head.” I said and she pulled the trigger.
I traced the bullet and it moved right to the target’s forehead.
“Wow. That was awesome.” I said clapping.
“Yes, I did it!” She said happily hugging me. I furrowed my brows in shock and she quickly left me.
“Sorry.” She said looking away.
“Its okay. Now take the heart, the neck and of course the invisible balls.” I said grinning.
“Okay boss.” She said positioning herself again.
I stared at her watching how beautiful she was as she held the gun. Only if she gives me a chance.
I love her so much.
“I am done! I didn’t miss any!” She yelled jumping jolting me out of my thought.
“Wow you are a genius.” I said smiling faintly.
“Thanks Mark.” She replied smiling.
“Do you mind if we have breakfast together?”
“Please don’t say no.” I added before she could reply.
“I would love too.” She replied smiling.
“Thank you so much, this means a lot to me.” I said happily.
“Don’t be too formal Mark, I am starving already.” She said holding her tummy.
“Oh my bad. Let’s move.” I said smiling as I led the way.
This is so great! I can’t believe she is going on a date with me, even tho she doesn’t see it as a date. I really do see it as one.
We got to her room and stood in front of her door.
“I will change to something better.” She said smiling.
“Okay, I will change too. Tho I will finish before you, I will be waiting at the door.” I rapped without thinking.
“Okay.” She replied sweetly before walking into her room.
“Yes!!” I yelled dashing into my room.
I quickly walked to my closet to pick some nice outfits.
“Should I wear a suit or a round neck? Or a T-shirt?” I thought staring at my closet.
I picked a white fitted round neck that made my muscles visible. I also wore a jean trouser to match. I saw a snicker and wore it too.
I walked out of my room

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and walked to Babe’s which was not far from mine. Her door was still shut so I stood in front waiting for her.
Some minutes passed and I was still waiting anxiously. The door opened and I saw the same beautiful girl I have always been in love with for the very first time in a gown.
“Wow.” My mouth dropped as my eyes scanned her from her head to toe. She even had a medium heel on.
“Weird right. I will change it.” She said turning to leave.
“No please don’t.” I said holding her back.
“You look so

beautiful, I am dazed.” I said smiling.
“Thanks. Just wanted to try something new.” She said shyly.
“It is worth it, you are beautiful as ever.” I said grinning.
“Thanks, can we move now?” She asked locking her door.
“Sure.” I replied nodding.
We moved out ot the factory stealing glances of each other. I have already pictured a very nice restaurant immediately she said yes.
I got to my car and opened it up for her.
“Thanks.” She said sitting in it.
“You welcome.” I said walking to the drivers seat.
I started the car and in no time we hit the road.
There was an awkward silence in the car and I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. I decided to play some music to keep the atmosphere.
I was about playing it when she stopped me.
“I don’t want some. I want to ask you something’s.” She said and I nodded.
“What do you think about this job? I mean killing bad a**es.” She said looking at me.
“I love it, putting bad people in their places is the best thing.” I replied concentrating partially on the road.
“But you know emotions shouldn’t affect it right?” She added.
“I know but that would never stop me from loving you. My emotions for you I don’t know, it is unspeakable, I can’t Kill it because of this job Babe.” I said looking at her and she looked away shyly.
“Here we are.” I said as I drove into the compound of the restaurant.
“Wow this place is huge and beautiful.” She said smiling.
“Just for you Babe.” I replied coming down.
I walked to where she sat and opened the door for her to get down

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