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Killer prostitute episode 4


(s£xy 😍 but dangerous 😈)
Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚
Chapter 4
I walked hand in hand with Mark into the restaurant, I carried my heels skillfully that if anyone saw me, he/she would never have thought I haven’t worn they for ages.
We got to a table and he helped me pushe back the chair. I smiled and I sat

down feeling loved.
He sat on the other chair happily and he called the waiter to serve us.
I looked around the restaurant and I noticed we were the only one inside it.
“Where are the people?” I asked looking at him.
They needed to excuse us.” He said grinning.
“Nice.” I replied smiling.
I kept staring at him and questions kept trooping into my head.
“Mark do you plan on leaving this job anytime soon?” I asked as the Waiter served us.
“Babe to be honest, I have been thinking about this. I can’t keep killing all the rest of my life. I need to have my own life, home, family. Tho my family was killed by these bad people, I think I have done enough revenge.” He rapped as soon as the waiter was gone.
“Hmmm” I said zipping my wine.
“What about you? Don’t you wish to stop all these. Become a wife and a mother?” He asked.
“Sincerely I don’t know. Vengeance keeps burning in me. I can’t forget what these bad a**ses did to my parents.” I said sadly.
“Yes but think about it. Your parents wouldn’t love this life for you wherever they are.” He said.
“I think that is enough for now. So why are we here, apart from eating?” I askrd piercing the chicken with my fork.
“Just to have some quiet time with the one I love.” He said and I felt my cheeks heat up.
“Mark you don’t give up.” I said smiling.
“No I don’t. Not when it is about the love I have been Keeping for over three years now.” He said cutting his chicken.
“Three years!” I exclaimed in shock.
“I knew you would be shocked. I couldn’t get myself to tell you because you seemed so focused on this job, and you know the no 1 rule. Don’t accommodate any emotions.” He said sighing.
“Yes but three years is very long. You can’t tell me you didn’t see an ordinary innocent girl out there.” I added.
“Babe do you know how much I love you? If you say you aren’t still ready, I will wait till you are.” He said smiling.
My cheeks went deep red as he kept speaking. Truly, I loved him too but am I ready to leave this job and be with him?
I need to think about that first.
“Mark please

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can you give me some days to think about this? Right now my head is a mess.” I said.
“Sure, I know this is hard and I give you all the time. When you are ready, you will always meet me waiting for you.” He said and a smile curved on my face.
“Thank you so much Mark. For choosing a killer like me, when there are many innocent ladies out there.” I said bowing slightly.
“You aren’t guilty neither, you just need to quench that vengeance burning in you, because I as a person will be leaving after our

next mission and I need you to come with me. I am tired of seeing you pretend to be a prostitute because you want to kill.” He said staring at me.
“I will think about it. Thanks.” I replied nodding.
He stood up and kissed my forehead while I closed my eyes as he did.
“I will be waiting.” He said smiling.
We ate the rest of our food in silence, stealing glances of each other and smiling widely.
He truly loves me, I need to do something about this job as soon as possible. He is saying nothing but the truth.
“I am full already.” I said dropping my fork.
“Okay, I am done too. We need to head back to the factory now.” He said standing up as we both walked out of the restaurant.
We walked to the car when I saw the guard of a man I killed recently walking towards us. I quickly pulled Mark to me kissing him.
He looked at me in surprise as I did but I gave him an eye signal and he played along. The guy moved to the restaurant and I quickly disengaged and jumped into the car.
Mark ran to the driver seat and started the car quickly.
“Babe who is that guy?” He asked as we hit the road.
“One of the guards of the bad a**ses.” I replied sighing.
“Now I understand, you can’t just kiss me because you love me.” He said sadly.
“Its not that Mark.” I said looking at him.
“Its okay, I understand you very well.” He replied staring at the road.
I sighed knowing he was hurt by what I did. I kept quite staring at the road too as we drove off in silence.
We got to the factory and

I got down from the car. He walked out of the car walking towards me.
“I am sorry.” I said staring at him.
“Its okay. I will be in my room.” He said and left me standing.
He is truly angry.

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