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Killer prostitute episode 5


(s£xy 😍 but dangerous 😈)
Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚
Chapter 5
I watched Babe and Mark from the top of the factory. I have warned her never to have affections but it seems she doesn’t want to listen.
I need to do something about this. She is the best around her i can’t afford to lose her, not now

not ever.
“Call Babe.” I said to the men that stood close to me.
They walked away and I sat on my chair holding up my tobacco. One of my guards helped me light it with a lighter.
I pulled in small and I closed my eyes enjoying it.
“Uncle Ronnie you called for me.” I heard Babe say beside me.
“Where are you coming from?” I asked with my eyes still closed.
“I went out to eat breakfast.” She replied.
“With who?” I asked opening my eyes and looking at her.
“Mark.” She replied bowing slightly.
“Why? Isn’t there a canteen in the factory?” I askrd standing up.
“Uncle Ronnie I just wanted to change my eating environment.” She said shivering.
“Everyone out!.” I yelled and my men left both of us.
“Babe I thought I made it clear to you that you aren’t allowed to be close to any man, talkless of having any feelings towards him.” I said staring at her.
“I know Uncle Ronnie.” She replied.
“Now tell me why you went out with Mark!” I yelled and she flinched in fear.
“I can’t keep killing my own feelings because of this job, not anymore. I love Mark and I don’t see anything wrong in that.” She replied boldly.
“Oh really? Now I am saying this as your uncle, that saved you from the bad asses when they almost killed you, that, stay away from Mark!” I yelled.
“But why? Loving him won’t make me relent in my job. I will always do my best and I would control my feelings.” She said tearily.
“Babe you can’t afford to have any emotions.” I said and I sae her shake her head negatively.
“I am sorry Uncle Ronnie, I can’t stop hurting Mark.” She said and walked out on me.
“Babe!” I called but she didn’t answer me.
Hmm, I know what to do. If she doesn’t see Mark anymore, she won’t think of falling in love, talk less of getting married and leaving this place.
I ran to my room in tears. Uncle Ronnie is so selfish, he doesn’t even care about how I feel. I will quit this job right after this last operation.
I can’t keep my feelings anymore. Mark waited for me for good three years, I can’t because of this job keep him waiting unnecessarily.
There was a

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knock on my door, I cleaned my face before going to get it. I opened up and I saw Mark at my doorstep.
“Hi.” He said smiling.
“Hi.” I replied.
“I am sorry for the way I behaved this morning, wasn’t really happy.” He said.
“Its okay Mark, it’s not your fault. I understand very well.” I replied feeling happy that he wasn’t so mad at me after all.
“We need to go over the plan for the operation tomorrow now.” He said.
“Okay, I will be there in a minute.” I replied and he nodded walking away.
I promise

myself that after this operation and I scale through I am going to quit whether Uncle Ronnie likes it or not.
He doesn’t own my life, my parents wants better plans for my life not this.
I walked out of my room and locked my door heading to Mark’s room.
He had a white board in front of him already.
I stood watching him sketch some things on the board, he didn’t even know I was there.
“Oh you are here, sit.” He said as soon as he looked back and saw me.
I smiled and sat on the stool close to him.
“Now we know that lemon’s weakness is a beautiful lady. And since you aren’t bad, you will have to act like a prostitute. I am sorry for this.” He said narrowing his eyes.
“Its nothing.” I replied smiling.
“There is actually more to it.” He said sighing.
“What?” I asked furrowing my brows.
“He sleeps with everyone woman in his room with at least 5 guards. They are very at alert every minute.” He said sadly.
“Wow that is gross.” I said making an irritating face.
“But it is simple. I will be with the sniper so I will face the 5 guards. The going in is easy but the coming out is the issue.” He said facing the board.
“His guards enters to check on him immediately the Lady is out, and they make sure the Lady is in the house after some minutes.” He said.
“What? He is truly evil. Why all these security?” I asked.
“He doesn’t feel save but he is going down with our team work.” He said boldly.
“No problems, I know how to play my game well.” I said boastfully.
“I know but please be careful, you are the one

going in there. I can’t afford to lose you Babe.” He said holding my hands.
“That would never happen because I have decided to give you all my love.” I said smiling.
“What? Really?” He said smiling.
“Yes Mark. I told Uncle Ronnie already and I have promised myself to quit after this operation. I thought about what you said and I have decided to live like a normal woman.” I said cupping his face in my hands.
“Thank you for making this decision. I didn’t come here in vein.” He said kissing my forehead.
“Wait I don’t understand that statement.” I said looking into his eyes.
“I actually came here to get you out, not because I want vengeance. Your love brought me here, and I am happy you finally loved me too.” He said and tears rolled down my face.
“You came here because of me? Where did you even see me?” I asked and he smiled.
“That is a secret for another day. Please don’t cry.” He said cleaning my eyes.
“I love you.” I said pulling him into a hug.
“I have loved you right from the beginning.” He said hugging me too.

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