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Killer prostitute episode 8


(s£xy😍 but dangerous😈)
Authoress Ti Fe💞📚
Chapter 8
“Mark we need to move now. Uncle Ronnie can come here any moment from now.” I said removing the microphone from his ear and destroying it.
“What will he come here to do?” He asked confused.
“He warned me to stay away from you. And during our discussion, the microphone was on.

He would have heard our conversion.” I said trying to stand up.
“Let me help you.” He said quickly sweeping me off my feet.
I could still feel pains in my leg, but it wasn’t like before.
“He would be after your life Mark. Do you think we can survive a fight against Ronnie?” I asked as he placed me in the car.
“I don’t care Babe, I won’t let you ever step your feet in that factory again.” He said sitting on the drivers seat.
“Mark what if…”
“Babe please. I love you, and I will do everything to protect you.” He said as he ignited the engine.
“No turning back Babe. You are mine now.” He said as we started to move in a very high speed.
“I love you too Mark, thanks for coming for me. For waiting for me.” I said smiling slightly ask felt another pain in my leg.
“Once we are our of town, I will take you to a hospital, you can’t keep feeling pains.” He said looking into the side mirror.
“Yes, I pray we get out of town safely.” I prayed sighing.
“We will Babe, nothing will go wrong.” He said smiling.
I nodded and looked out of the car, it was night already and the streetlights made the road very beautiful. It was gold in colour.
I smiled breathing in the fresh air, I was about stretching my hand when I looked inside the mirror and saw a car coming with great speed behind us.
“Mark did you notice that car?” I asked.
“I just did, I think they are following us.” He said firmly.
Immediately I moved my hand to the bag that was at the back seat and brought out a gun from it.
I looked back and I saw a guy standing out of the car window holding a gun.
“Keep driving, I will handle him.” I said corking the gun.
I moved my head out of the window and turned to face the coming vehicle. The guy shot a bullet to me but I dogged it.
I moved again and this time with the gun. I targeted the guy and before he could pull the triget, I shot him right on the chest.
I moved into the car again and Mark looked behind us smiling.
“Good job Babe!” He yelled increasing the speed.
I looked behind

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us and I saw another guy holding a more powerful gun.
“Here we go!” I said rolling my eyes as I moved my hand out of the car again.
And before he could shoot, I shot him and he fell off the car.
I then remembered we had a time bomb in the bag. I smirked and reached for it.
Mark was so focused on the driving and that was the best.
“A lighter please.” I said and he pointed to the back seat. I stretched to take it when I heard them shoot.
The bullets pierced the glass and

I quickly bent down. Some moved out of the car again through the windscreen, while some fell to the chair.
“Okay enough of this play.” I smirked lighting the time bomb in my hand.
I moved out of the window and threw it to the car behind us.
“1! 2! 3!” I yelled happily and immediately the car blew up, scattering its parts all over the road.
We got to the place but we couldn’t find Babe and Mark anymore.
“Shit!” I yelled.
“Track them down now!!” I smacked angrily.
Boss I am sorry but we can’t.” One of the men said.
“What do you mean by you can’t!” I yelled moving close to him.
He then raised up Mark’s microphone, which was crunched already.
“Shit! What of Babe’s own?” I asked.
“We lost contact with her immediately we had a close gunshot. It is possible it fell off.” He answered.
“Shit!!” I yelled holding my head when I remembered I had planted a microchip on her tummy for a very long time.
“Guys, there is a microchip on Babe, I want you to track it down and tell me there location now!” I yelled and they all rushed to the car.
I walked back to the car feeling so angry. So Mark wants to die after all,then I will make it happen.
And for Babe, she will regret ever doing this. I sat in the car anxiously waiting for their report
Boss we found them. They are heading out of town” They said.
“Let’s move now, we cross them from the front.” I said as they ignited the engine, and moved with greats speed.
“Let’s see how this goes Babe.”

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