Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night Episode 1

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 1
© Rosemary Okafor

He opened the door and found her standing outside all drenched with rain. Her hair w-t and lapped at her skull down to her shoulder like a fine silk with some straying hair across her forehead.

‘‘Can I come in?” she asked, jacking him out of his dreamland.

‘‘Yes, sure” he answered.

She walked pass him in to the sitting room. Her curves were very visible, swinging her buttocks side by side, he couldn’t help but notice the rhythm of her backside, no thanks to the rain, her gown held little or nothing back, as it clung to her body like a body suit.

‘‘Sorry I have to wake you up this time of the night, I was at the neighborhood when it started raining, I don’t have an umbrella with me, and my colleague, Mary, and her family, may not have enough room for me, so i have no option but to come here….but if you don’t want me, I can leav…”

‘‘Oh no no.. you don’t need to go any where”

he interrupted her( rubbing his sweaty palm on his hair so he can get hold of himself, he really might be blabbing and not making any sense

‘‘It’s okay with me.” he pursed

‘‘Please go to the bathroom and change into something dry, you can make do with any or my old shirts. i hope you can still find your way around? “

‘‘Yes, that is if you have not change a lot of things.” she said with an appreciating smile.

She climbed the stairs and he couldn’t help but look at her again.

Grace, she has always been beautiful! She was his pride and the envy of other women in the neighbourhood, his friends used to comment on how lucky he was to marry such a beauty, who could ever believe that they would not make it to their fourth wedding anniversary.

She turned towards his direction and caught him looking at her. he quickly withdrew his straying eyes, ‘‘ ehm… I will go check if there is anything left in the kitchen” he said awkwardly before she entered the guest room and close the door behind her.

That was not the first time she was doing that since their separation, showing up on his door step. married for just 3 years, they noticed their incompatibility and felt they could not go on. she a career driven woman, while he believed family comes first before any other thing.

They talked, dialogged, loosed tempers, accused each other, had heated arguments about her preference for her job until they felt they needed space to sort themselves out. so they went their separate ways.

But she kept coming over the house for one reason or another. either to take a cloth she left behind, or to pick up a doc-ment that belongs to her firm. the last time she said she wanted to check up on him and he has always try to be civil and treat her like a friend without emotions attached. but today, it looks like she came to tempt him, after 5 months of separation, his hormones still responds to this attractive woman that was once his wife.

‘‘Can I help with the coffee ?” she asked from the kitchen door. her voice was like a melody to his ears. She was putting on one of his old shirts, which was hanging loose on her body with nothing underneath, her n-pples were visible on the loosed shirt.

‘‘Ehm… hope what am putting on is okey with you ?” she asked him.

‘‘Ye..yes, never mind me, I have not seen you on those for a long time ” he answered, swallowed and pretended to be busy with what ever he was doing.

‘‘So can I help with the coffee?” she asked again.

‘‘Sure, just come over here and help me with the coffee maker ” she walked towards him to get the Coffee maker, he wanted to get some eggs from the fridge, they brushed against each other and the connection between them was electrifying.

The stood looking at each other for a while, their breath faster than before, adrenaline rose higher, he looked at her l-ips, so soft and inviting, he wanted to draw back from her but the moment was magical, he looked at her eyes daring him to go on. Her cent was intoxicating, her l-ips parted a little as if she wanted to say something, yet not a word came out of her mouth, the silence around them was obvious only the beating of their hearts was heard.

He bent his head a little, she closed her eyes as if she was dreaming, l-ips touch l-ips, she parted her l-ips w¡der, he was lost in the ocean of desire, as she gave her l-ips freely to him without holding back, he took what she offered like a hungry man in need of food. He drew her more close, his hands straying a little here and there. They were brought back from the world of ecstasy by the whistling of the kettle.

‘‘We shouldn’t be doing this,” he said

‘‘We are supposed to be divorced,” she giggled a replied.

‘‘Babe, we can still remarry, just move in with me lets stop this madness” he pleaded

‘‘Let us eat” was all she said.

Through out the night, she didn’t say any thing concerning what happened between then, but she too was considering his offer of remarrying him, she seriously was considering that.


Ken sat at the dinning, with his sales records, invoices and his laptop. He was working on his stock records the previous night before grace came in like ‘Amuma’ the goddess of the rain, to send his emotions in turmoil.

Last night was one of those nights his eyes deny him sleep, he was looking at a fly rom-ncing the electric bulb, how alluring the bulb seems to the fly, and the stupid fly was already hypnotized by it.

The dance of the bulb and the fly took him back to scene between him and Grace previously in the kitchen.

“Hmmm…” he turned to the other side, adjusted the other pillow in between his laps.

Her beautiful h¡p when he held her, the way she swung her wa-ist like a maiden with Jigida around her wa-ist, on a dancing ground, was that deliberate? He does not know. Her sensual l-ips, the taste of fresh strawberries from heavenly gardens when he k-ssed her, her n-pples strong and visible in the shirt, looking at him, daring him to touch, to run his fingers on them, to give then sensual bites, to punish her for all the nights he had dreamt of them, to make her scre-m in pleasure like she used to, and in pain for punishing him with her subtle bodily manipulation

“Grace…” he muttered

“I can’t belief she left me over her job, we would have made this work, I was wrong also but … we would have reached a compromise”

He looked at his wrist watch, lying on top of the side stool, it said 4: 47, he realized he would not sleep no matter how long he toss and t-rn on his bed, and the awareness that Grace was just a wall away from him did not help his situation, he gave up the sleep, and decided to at least do something to take away his thoughts from Grace.

He was buried in his work and did not know when the day broke properly.

“I did not know you have upgraded from manual stock taking and accounting to Digital”

Her voice jolted him out of his work, he turned to look at her, she is already dressed to leave, her hair neatly packed up above her neck, and her l-ips glows with red l¡pstick.

“And I don’t know you now wear l¡psticks” he said with a mixture of surprise and bemusement.

“Change is constant, you old model Igbo Man” she laughed

“Well, this old Igbo Man has learned how to use ‘pitch tree’ for his digital accounting” he boasted

Both of them busted in to a hearted laughter together, when their laughter gradually ceased, there was an awkward silence between them for few minutes. Grace was uneasy in his presence, she couldn’t hold the gaze to his face.

“Eeehm… I want to start going now… before ehm.. Mary notices am still here” Grace stuttered

“Won’t you have breakfast? …I can fix you something quick” praying that she would say yes and stay a little while.

“No Ken, I don’t want the Neighbors to see me here, especially Mary, she will definitely start a gossip.”

Ken did not want to show his disappointment. ‘She is still the same alright, she cares more about what others would say about her than how I feel’ Ken thought. But he managed a smile.

“Ok, have a great day at the office” he said


“You are late” Mary Chattered along as Grace pulled files and papers in readiness for the presentation she has that morning.

“The Clients from GrandVills are already hear, the Boss asked you to see him immediately you come in and… I saw your car parked in front of Ken’s house as my husband drove me to work… girl friend … are you getting your groove on without letting me know?’’

“oh my, am roasted…” Grace swore under her breath

Grace dialed her secretary to come over to help her arrange her presentation and get her papers

“Imelda please help me with the last month’s company Promotion sales records, I can’t find it in my Ms Office” Grace ordered her Secretary, deliberately ignoring mary

“Okey Ma’am’’ replied Imelda

“Is the conference room ready for the presentation?” She asked

“Mr Oluwale is on it Ma’am” replied Imelda

“Wow wait a minute! Are you like giving me the ‘Ignore the Chatterbox’ treatment?” Mary cut in

“see , oh girl” she continued “ you owe me this gist o, you are not escaping, just be forming busy, you are giving me this gist as ‘e dey hot’ even if it means squeezing it out of your mouth” Mary said as she stood by the door making it impossible for Grace to leave.

Grace was laughing now, she knew what her friend wants to hear, and Mary would not give up until she is satisfied with the ‘so called juicy story’

“Okey Mary what do you want “she asked with a sigh

“First, what was your car doing in front of Ken’s apartment this morning, second, did you sleep at his place , third how long has this been going on, Forth…”

“slow down girl! Jesus! Your Amebo Antena is already on high frequency this morning” Grace cut her

“Grace Onwuka!” her Boss shouted her name from the Hall

“Coming Sir’’ she called back

She squeezed herself from pass Mary who had that determined look on her face:

“I knew you had some before coming, I could perceive the odor all over you” Mary whispered

“Get out of here…Tatafo republic” Grace responded as she walked down the hall

“Was it super sweet?” Marry shouted back at her

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Grace shouted back, amidst chuckles

* * *

The applauds were resounding,

“congratulations Mr Ogungbeso, we are convinced your company will not let us down” Chief okwudili, Managing Director Sanchez Bank shook hands with the MD of ‘the New Breed Advertising and Promotion Company’

“Oh not at all sir, we have the best brains

around and we will give your company an Image that is second to none in this country” replied Mr Ogungbeso, beaming with smiles

“I hope so friend… ehem…Talking about ‘best brains’ that lady that handled this presentation, she sure knows her onion in this Job, the kind of brain I love working with” Chief said with a smile.

“No chief, don’t go there, we are not letting her go soon” replied Mr Ogungbeso with a warning smile

“Don’t worry my friend, am not ready to charm her yet” they both laughed “am going over to congratulate her for a job well done”

Grace couldn’t contain her joy, she did it again! She wowed the clients and going by the resounding applauds and the peppers and pens changing hands, her company got the one year contract to promote Sanchez Bank both on radio, TV and other social media platforms.

“Young lady, you hypnotized all of us today with your level of intelligence” Chief Okwudili shook her hand with admiration.

“Here is my card, don’t forget to call me if this Man does not give you a raise for this” he joked , looked at her boss and handed her his card

“That’s nice of you sir” she replied amidst laugh

“See me in my Office before you leave today Grace” her Boss said to her and left with his client.

The hall was empty and she was not in a hurry to go back to her office, not to meet Mary and her many questions about last night.

Last night brought back memories, memories of what it used to be between Ken and her. They were passionate about each other, and last night, she knew she still loses her sanity at his touch, she has always imagined him with another woman, the thoughts do give her some stings of jealousy though.

“Is that why I keep going to him?” she does not know

Last night they were close to having it, she couldn’t keep the fact that she wanted him so much, she wanted him to take her anywhere in his house, she wouldn’t have minded that kitchen floor by the way, she wanted to be held by him again, to run her fingers on his head and spank his Unclad butt as he ride her senseless. She wanted his tongue down her wetness while she holds his head and direct his tongue, she suddenly felt cold and shivery as she allowed her mind to wonder;

“Ahrrr…” she muttered, rubbing her hands round her shoulders

“I need you Ken, by God I need you like Mad, but I can’t walk up to you to tell you that” she said to herself

Ken was one crazy lover who is not ashamed of making out anywhere at anytime, at first it amazed her how one man could have such energy and skill when it comes to s€× and pleasuring her, she got used to him, and always dreamed of those moments, until her work started demanding more from her while Ken started getting freer from his, he got more hands to handle sales and branch offices, and she? She stayed late at work, from one meeting to another, she traveled more often and Ken began to complain.

At first, he seemed to understand that she needed to build her career, but in their third year of marriage, Ken could no longer cope with her many travels, his mother did not make issues better, as she was always in the house, telling her what a married woman should and shouldn’t do.

She did not know which misunderstanding that broke the camel’s back, all she remembered was she packed her bags and walked away and never looked back, not until she started missing him and the beautiful experiences he brought to her.

She felt the tingling in her v*****, that’s how he makes her feel each time she thinks about him, that s-nsation that makes her throw her head backward and licks her l-ips as she imagines him doing those beautiful s€×ual things to her…

“Here you are” Mary playfully slams her hand on the table “You think you can run away from me?” Mary said shaking her out of her imaginations

“ Babe! I heard you nailed it as usual!” Mary scre-med happily. Both laughed happily hugged and jumped around like school girls

“I overheard the boss talking about giving you a raise” marry lowered her voice

“ Wow! Are you serious?” Gloria was actually expecting this news

“Of course he has no choice” continued Mary, “Anyways, Lunch is on you today…Lets go” she said dragging Grace along.

To be continued

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