Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 10

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 10
© Rosemary Okafor

Imelda watched him eat like a hungry lion, like a greedy hyena who was eating up a pray meant for him and others,

“This food sweet die” Ahmad said, making a ‘ piam piam ’ sound as he licked his fingers filled with ‘Ewedu and stew’

He had woken up exactly when Imelda brought down the pot of food down from the stove, he saw her making the ‘Amala’ when he looked in,side the kitchen, with no words, he sat himself down at the dinning, waiting for her to bring the food to him. She always did, especially when she wanted to make him happy after a good s€×.

To Imelda, it was a duty rather than an appreciation, she would have sat down with him to either eat or keep him company, but that night, she stood by the door and watched him. He tried engaging her in a conversation, but she was not in the mood for any conversation, he gave up talking with her when he noticed she wouldn’t join in his chat, nor laugh with him, he eat in silent and she watched him with so much thoughts going on in her mind.

“ohun ti re isoro? You have been acting up since you came back from where ever it was you said you slept last night, you have been ignoring me, ‘kilonshele, s’owa daada?’ I am not understanding” Ahmed said carelessly,

When he finished eating, his boxer was pulled a little down to give his already protruded belly some comfort, exposing the line between his two butt cheeks and the pub-c hair before his joystick. He rested his back on the dinning chair, with a tooth pick in his mouth

“Kosi’yonu ’ no problem, am fine” Imelda replied, moving forward to clear the table

“S’o da e loju ? Are you sure” he asked

She didn’t answer verbally, she nodded in responds, and concentrated on packing the plates from the table to the tray, she picked the bowel that contained the water he used in washing his hands, and went back to the kitchen.

“Of course you will be okay, ara re aya’ after all you are lucky to have someone like me who knows how to make you happy, if I touch you now you will begin to sing my name like a bird, Ahmad o… do me like this o… Bleep me h-rder o…” he laughed with pride.

“Bring me water abeg!” he shouted from the sitting room.

Imelda could hear him smacking his l-ips from the kitchen, she brought the water and handed it over to him without a word. She detested the sound his throat made while he was drinking the water, she didn’t know it would disgust her to listen to that sound, and the ‘krooowww krooooww’ sound his mouth made as it k-ssed the cup.

“Why you dey look me like that? Go keep the cup na” he shouted at her, bringing her back to reality.

She didn’t know she had stood close to him, with the cup in her hand, looking at him like she was just seeing him for the first time.

She kept the cup, she was wiping the table when he brought up the issue of last night again;

“Where you said you sleep last night sef” he asked, chewing the toothpick like a chewing stick

She didn’t answer him, she cleaned the table and left. He followed her to the kitchen, leaning by the door while she washed the dishes.

“Where did you sleep last night?” he asked her again

“I have told you, I was at my Madam’s house” she answered still washing the dishes

“And she allowed you stay? Which kine yeye woman way go allow another woman leave her man like that?”

It was obvious to Imelda that he was looking for a way to draw her into an argument, but she was not ready for that, she was surprised that she wasn’t feeling fearful of him, rather she felt anger building up in,side of her, she swallowed heard trying to suppress the anger with the spittle that went down her throat.

“I no blame am, na you I blame, you way go follow woman way don leave her husband, why she no go advice you make you leave your man? Simple play way I play with you, I drag you go outside say make I know if you go fit endure and wait for me when things bad, na him you follow your ‘ashawo ’ madam go her house” he continued

His last sentence hit Imelda like a bullet, how dare him call what he did to her a ‘play?’ the bruises on her l-ips, the taste of her own blood in her tongue, the look on Malam Isa’s face when he came to urinate and saw her sitting outside, the many eyes looking at her from their windows like night owls, the mockery laughter from the landlord’s wife when she was leaving the compound in the middle of the night, and he called all that ‘a play?’

She folded her arms into a fist, and took enough breath…

“Let me tell you, if you like dey follow women wey no get men for their lives, na you go still regret am o, plenty ladies dey go prayer houses dey look for men, you… you dey play with me here, if not for me eh, no man go look your face…”

“Stop … Ahmad please stop” she murmured, she couldn’t stand his words to her any more

“What do you mean ‘Ahmad stop’? I am telling you the true, Imelda you are nothing without me, forget this little job way you get, your life is empty without me and you know it, how many men will look at your direction, you know now that is why you came back…you have no option than to return, forget that small drama way I act come dey bey you, I know you will come back…”

“Stooppp!!! Ahmad stoooppp!!!” she scre-med

He was taunting her, deliberately hurting her with words, daring her, drawing her to a battle that she may likely have the strength to fight. She has had enough and couldn’t take any more.

“One more word… just one more word… and I promise you, you would not like the new color of your skin by the time this hot water soaks your body” she said with a clinging teeth.

Ahmad was shocked, he was rooted to the s₱0t where he stood, he couldn’t believe that Imelda could point a finger at him after many years of putting her in her place. What was that she said? That she would bath him with hot water? That doesn’t sound like a mere threat, the woman that stood before him few minutes ago looked serious, she was raging mad, this he was sure, something must have snapped in her, something she must have heard from that place she slept last night, and he must found out what went wrong and fix it before Imelda grows wings again.

And something really snapped in Imelda, for as soon as she picked her phone, she dialed the number of that Man who had the voice of many melodies, and the patience of a dove, she called Kolawole.


Grace tossed on her bed, sleep eluded her eyes, she sat down on the bed with her legs folded, she picked her phone, contemplating whether to call ken or not,

“Will he pick my call?” she asked herself

She decided against calling him and opted for sending a text message to him, she typed and wiped words not knowing what to write to him, she was still lost on how best to start the text message when her phone rang. She picked immediately, but was disappointed when she heard another voice instead of that of Ken.

It was Morg-n, checking on her.

“You made my night colorful, I wish we could do this more often” he has said

She wasn’t very excited answering him and as usual, he understood,

“You must be tired, please go to bed, and don’t bother too much about your PA, she will be fine” he said, thinking she was tired, while she was worried about the look on another Man’s face, her ex-husband.

She angrily threw her phone on the bed and it bounced like a ball before dropping on the floor. she couldn’t figure out why it was difficult to write a suitable text message to him.

After many efforts, she finally came up with a text to him;

‘hi K, believe me when I say It was not what you think, I only went out with him nothing more, am sorry for keeping you waiting, if I had known you would be coming I wouldn’t have gone out. Am so happy you finally got what we had wished for, glad to know that our efforts weren’t in vain, I will gladly help any way you would want me to though we are no longer together, but for old time sake let me know where I can help. Once again, I am sorry for what you saw in my place today’

She waited to get a responds from him but none came, she checked her phone at every beep, but it wasn’t his message. Until she slept off


Ken saw her message early in the morning when he woke up to drink water, that had been his routine for years now, he had always kept a mug filled with water for mornings.

He had waited for her call since last night, he deceived himself that he was expecting her call just to congratulate him, while he wanted an explanation to what he saw earlier at her place, to hear from her whether she has actually said ‘yes’ to another Man.

He slept off with disappointment,

“Who am I kidding, she cares nothing about me, she had moved on” he thought

Reading a messag e from her left him more confused

“does she still have anything for me?” he wondered

To be continued

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