Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 14

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 14
© Rosemary Okafor

Chinyeaka couldn’t go to work the next day, finally her body was succ-mbing to the tiredness that besieged her bones, and her eyes were heavy.

She did not sleep last night, she had ran home, blinded by the tears that filled her eyes,

“Aunty easy o, make you dey look where you dey go before motor go Jam you” she had someone said to her as she wanted to cross to the other side before getting to her street.

Her cousin has tried asking her what her problem was, why she came back barefooted, holding only one of her shoes, and her eyes swollen

“Area boys been they pursue me” she had replied,

She didn’t realize how shabby she looked until her cousin looked at her with horror

“Watin happen? Why your face swell like person way jam trailer?” her cousin had asked

She had sat on the floor, at the corner of their room after midnight, with her legs spread on the floor and her head resting on the wall, sleep eluded her, darkness became so beautiful as she sat there, allowing the dark minister to her soul.

The shame in her heart gave way to anger; the pain within her gave way for resentment. Resentment for a woman whom she had not met before, a woman she now saw as a threat that should be dealt with.

The hands of vengeance reached out to her, and like a child eager to be embraced, she welcomed her. It was a night where she became one with her dark side, anger grew like bile and like gushing ocean, it consumed every part of her.

She rocked herself back and forth, humming a tuneless song. Her eyes strayed towards the wardrobe, where a gecko lay in wait for an ignorant c*ckroach, she watched with interest as the gecko waited patiently, while the c-ckroach danced around, then like a flash, the gecko attacked, with one struck, the Gecko had the head of the c-ckroach in his mouth, while the body wiggled helplessly for some time before it lay still.

She smiled with satisfaction, it was a spectacular scene.


She was still lying on the floor when her cousin came out from the bathroom

“You no dey go work today?” her cousin asked

She stood up and walked, walked to the bed and lay down

“I no well” she answered

“Okay o…, make you call your Oga tell am say you no go come work today, you how him dey behave, him fit sack you o” her cousin advised her before she left for her saloon along the street

“Who cares about that yeye work” Chinyeaka hissed.

She didn’t want to see him, the memory of his rejection still hunt her, the shame he made her go through…

She hissed again and stood up from the bed, her cousin has succeeded in depriving her from getting the sleep she lost last night, she was about brushing her teeth when her phone rang.

She saw who it was and ignored the call. She was not ready to tell Zara of her failure. With the toothbrush in her mouth she felt anger for Zara;

“Why she do me this kine thing, she know say that Woman Juju no go work and she carry me go there, why she no tell me watin she do way make Oga Uche love am? I for no even go meet am sef, no be only her Toto water she give the Man chop? I for just do am too, only say I been no dey sure Mtcheeeewww” she said to herself.

It was as if she was transferring her anger to her teeth as she scrubbed with every strength in her hand, making loud ‘cheewww cheeewww cheeewww’ sound and gagging once in a while as the brush touches the inner part of her tongue.

She goggled and spit out some water, drank what was left in the cup and walked back in,side.


‘Hi, how are doing? I would have called you this morning but I rushed out to work as early as 5am, I just got a little free time now, how was your night, hope you enjoyed my food yesterday? I must tell you that I thought about you through out last night, I wish we could see again if you don’t mind, hope you don’t mind if I chat you up on watsapp? Take care of yourself. Kolawole’

Imelda read the Message over again, with smile on her face, she had wanted to call him first, but didn’t want to look like a desperate lady in need of a relationsh¡p.

“I just like him as a friend, and a gentle Man who helped me out when I was in need” she said to herself.

She also loved his company yesterday, he was a great guy to have a decent conversation with, his laughter looked so genuine, she remembered his smiles when he came out from the Kitchen to see her yesterday at his work place.He was wiping his hands on his apron and had this look on his face, she was sure he was a little shy,

“Hope you don’t mind seeing me like this” he had asked pointing at his trouser which had white patches out of baking flour.

“Not at all” she had assured him.

She was excited to know that he wanted to see her again, on the other hand she was scared, scared of feeling too much, scared of allowing her heart the freedom of being loved by another Man, and scared of what Ahmad would do to her if he finds out.

“Young Lady, it seems like you don’t have much work on your table that you are fantasizing and smiling to no one” she heard her Boss said

She sat straight immediately, she didn’t know when he entered

“Sorry sir, I didn’t know when you entered” She apologized, avoiding looking at his face.

She had not been to his office from that day Her Madam and Mary pulled that Stunt on their boss, Mr. Ogungbeso seems to also read the Message and had left her alone for some time,

“What is going on Imelda? You have been avoiding me lately, you no longer come to my office” Mr. ogungbeso asked her, looking around to make sure nobody overheard him

“I have been busy with work sir” She replied

“Forget that thing, I know Grace Put you to this, but you should have some sense of your own, I take care of you very well Imelda, I provide for you and your brother, can she give you the kind of assistance I do give you if you withdraw from me?” He asked her

When she said nothing, he came closer to her, and ran his fingers on her cheek;

“My dear, I have missed you so much, I have missed your l-ips, your body, your tight Honey pot, the way you give it to me, My wife is not half as sweet as you, please don’t listen to these old ladies deceiving you in this office, they are only Jealous of you and I”

He was tracing his way to in,side her top, she courteously removed his hand and shifted her seat away from him.

“Babe please my ‘Rod ’ is hærd for you, come and touch me now, we can do it here sharp sharp and nobody will know” He said, adjusting himself closer to where she was, sweating like a dog in a heat,

Imelda noticed the bulge from his trouser and the plea in his eyes, but she had decided not to do this anymore.

“Sir, I can’t do this please” she said

“Why, we have done it severally in my office table, it’s not different here,… okay… we can go to a hotel, I could make a call to my guest house and you will meet me there if you are not comfortable here” he offered

“No sir, I can’t sleep with you anymore” Imelda said, she had left her sit and was standing, waiting for the opportunity to escape from the door

“You are joking right?” he Boss asked

“See, I am about getting a job for your brother very soon, and I can give you two hundred thousand naira today to take care of yourself, you can’t throw that away” he said, when he saw the seriousness in her face

“My brother no longer needs a job, he has gone back to the village sir” he said to him

She was tired of loosing herself for Ahmad’s sake, she had endured her boss’ insatiable s€×ual appetite because of his Promise to get a Job for Ahmad, and she was not going to continue with that again.

Mr. Ogungbeso stood looking at her with anger, it was obvious to him that Imelda was not ready to cooperate with him anymore, and forcing her would draw the attention of other staff

“You will regret what you just did now, you will come crawling to me then I will have my last laugh at you” he threatened and walked out of her office with his bruised ego and deflected joystick


“Babe you no come show today for line, watin happen?” Zara asked her friend

She had stopped by her house to see her, since Chinyeaka had not picked any of her calls, she was itching to hear the gist about how she was able to carry out the task yesterday.

“Abeg I say make I rest small, person no go die” Chinyeaka said adjusting her buttocks on the bed which serves as cushion for visitors, though they rarely have any

“I don call you tire, you no dey pick call” Zara said stretching her long swollen feet on the bed while supporting her back with the only pillow on the bed. Chinyeaka hated her instantly, she was convinced that Zara did not come to check on her as claimed, but to mock her and rub her own victory on her face.

“I dey sleep since morning” she answered

“Ehen be like say you no sleep last night? Zara pried, giving her friend a suspicious look

Chinyeaka couldn’t get herself to tell Zara that nothing happened between Ken and herself, she knew that was the main reason Zara was in her house, to hear her talk about her shame and failure, but she would not give Zara the pleasure to laugh at her;

“Yes o, that[i] Kaya-mata[/i] na super, Oga Ken no fit leave me alone sef” She lied

“It’s a lie! Tell me something!” Zara shouted with excitement,

Chinyeaka was beginning to enjoy the feel of these lies, even to herself, so she continued;

“If you see how he grab me eh, him no even gree make I remove cloth sef, him almost tear my cloth comot for my body, na for him sitting room we do am” she continued, it was no longer a story to her, she was in that story, and her body was reacting to her imagination

“Watin happen na, tell me something” Zara urged her friend

“Him bigin Bleep me, like him never Bleep any Toto before, dey call my name… Chinyeaka you too sweet, you sabi the thing, you good o… your Toto too sweet… I love you well well… I wan marry you o… ” she was playing the scene in her head while telling her imaginary story, with her eyes closed she was car-ssing her body with her hands,

“Ah ah Chinyeaka! Sure say na only the story you dey tell me abi you dey do the thin for spirit?” her Zara interrupted her, bringing her back to reality

“I enjoy am well well, I wan make we dey do am every day sef” Chinyeaka said with a smile, hating that Zara had to bring her out of the beautiful imagination.

“Watin I go give you and you pikin, today way you come my house” she offered her friend

“Abeg you fit see lacasara but for me, that drink don dey hungry me since.

Chinyeaka left to get the drink  for her friend wishing that she chokes while drinking it.


That night Zara almost bleed to death and was rushed to the hospital

To be continued

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